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Best Indian Designers Wedding Wear Lehenga Choli Dresses 2017

Best Indian Designers Wedding Wear Lehenga Choli Dresses 2017

For those of you who love catching up with the latest trends especially when it comes to formal clothing, you must definitely know about Lehenga Choli or just Lehengas. It is one of the classics that have made its way into the modern fashion nowadays. Lehengas are one of the pieces of formal clothing that have the beauty and grace to never go out of fashion, no matter what decade it is. This piece of formal attire falls under the category of Indian wear that is popular all over the world. You will find that the bridal section of any Asian or Middle Eastern country majorly consists of lehengas. And not only for the bride herself but women of all shapes and sizes and also women from various age groups. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a Lehenga, it is a long, foot-length type skirt that is worn under a blouse or a shirt. It is mostly heavily embellished and embroidered with lots of intricate needlework and stonework etc. Though you can also find some simpler versions of a Lehenga intended for a less than formal function.

Lehengas are normally worn with Dupattas which also further enhances its grace and elegance. Since this dress originally came from India, its design and prints are largely traditional and that is one of the things that make it timeless and eye-catching. There are numerous Indian Fashion Designers that have successfully tried their hand at Lehenga creation and have also introduced breathtaking, innovative designs and styles, there are a few that deserve a special mention. These includes Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukerjee, Masaba Gupta, Pernia Qureshi, Nikhil Thampi, Payal Singhal, Neeta Lulla, Anamika Khanna, Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar and Manish Arora among many others.

New Wedding Wear Lehenga Choli Dress Designs 2017

A big part of ethnic wear is attributed to Lehengas. That is because, despite being a piece of traditional formal clothing, Lehengas are actually quite comfortable to wear. And when you know you are dressed in one and how amazing it makes you look, you seem to pay little attention to the extra bit of effort you have to put to carry it well. It is one of the most popular item of Indian clothing and it is not only loved and desired in India only, but there is high demand for it internationally as well. It signifies the cultural and traditions of the Subcontinent and also symbolizes the identity of a Middle Eastern woman. This dress is mostly worn at wedding ceremonies and similar functions, and it fits these occasions perfectly too! The Best Indian Designers Wedding Wear Lehenga Choli Dresses 2017  will give you a clear idea about top Indian Designers and their work.

Best Lehenga Choli Dresses 2017 By Manish Malhotra

You just got a glimpse at Manish Malhotra’s latest lehenga collection from this year. He is one of the top fashion Designers of India and he is much loved by the entire industry. His work is creative, lively and something that truly stands out.





















Best Lehenga Choli Dresses 2017 By Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani happens to be one of the most favorite fashion designers of Indian fashion industry since almost the past three decades. He is also one of Bollywood’s favorite. His work can be seen on many ramps and fashion walk and other big celebrity events.












Lehenga Choli Dresses From Other Top Indian Fashion Designers

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