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Motifz Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2016 Vol 2 With Prices

Motifz Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2016 Vol 2 With Prices

This brand started out as catering to the niche market in terms of fashion in Pakistan. But soon its work became so appreciated and admired by a so much bigger segment of the market that they started catering to the masses. Yes, we are talking about the brand Motifz. It has always relayed on the Virtues of Pristine Originality as part of its goals and this has been to identify and design the art in its original form of purity and beauty. Their clothing line has evolved so much over the past years and they have continually been giving us more and more improved products by working keenly according to the feedback they receive from their customers. They have not stop creating both aesthetic and innovative designs since the very launch of their label.

The brand Motifz produces everything in perfect unionism and amalgamation of Colors, Needle, and Thread. And this is what takes them one step ahead of so many of its competitors. Their creations are not only exclusive but also beyond stunning. The customers in the market, both current and potential keep on having higher expectations by every passing day. And for designers and brand out there, it become increasingly difficult to keep up with the constantly changing demands of customers. Only those brands make it to the top that are able to adapt to their changing environment and identify the ever-changing needs and wants of its customers who always want something bigger and something better.

Trendy Summer Dresses For Women 2016 By Motifz

They have been serving to various diversified segments of the market and have been successful in developing their own niche in the market. These segments of their customers comprise different societal norms. These can be distinctly classified under the brand name Motifz that produces high quality formal, semi-formal and casual women’s wear. One of the many facilities and services that Motifz offers its valued customers is the convenience of getting the dresses tailored to perfection for each individual customer. These apparel items can easily be customized on the request or demand of the customer. Apart from the line of clothing in their product mix, Motifz now also has a bedding line along with its pret line as well. Both of these labels fall under this brand and have been doing equally well.

They have over 25 different retail outlets all over Pakistan in various cities which provide their customers a one of a kind shopping experience. And for those of you who detest roaming the bazaars on foot, all you have to go is visit their website, by a click of a button and shop right from the comfort of your own home. This summer the brand brings us Motifz Embroidered Lawn Dresses 2016 Vol 2 With Prices. These include both formal and semi-formal three piece dresses in some lovely color combinations. The prices of these dresses range from about 5000 to 6000 rupees per three piece suits that include a shirt, a dupatta and a trouser. You can have them tailored according to your liking and preferences.

3 Pc Lawn Dress By Motifz

Black and red dresses are impossible to ignore. As red is a very important color so,  avoid shadows in green, yellow, blue and purple because they will clash with your dark red outfit. Go for neutral shades like beige, grey, creme and brown. The cost of this ravishing attire is Rs 3,000/-.

3 PC Lawn Dress By Motifz 2016

Beige Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz Vol-2

Beige color is in fashion. Young and aged girls and women are very commonly using this color with other dark shades. Choose  beige or neutral stilettos from Stylo Latest Collection 2016 to look more stylish. The price of the outfit is Rs 3,200/-.

Beige Embroidered Lawn Dress By Motifz 2016

Motifz Embroidered Border Lawn Dress 

White foes with anything. The embroidered panels on trouser and sleeves making the attire more trendy. Young girls can pair this attire with red lip color and heels to make their look hottie. The worth of the attire is Rs 4,990/-.

Embroidered Border Attire By Motifz 2016

Embroidered Neckline Attire By Motifz

Printed border and sleeves with shimmery embroidered neckline looks gorgeous. The black and white beads on the edges of the capri is making the whole dress more astounding. University and college going girls can easily wear this attire on any parties and farewells. You can get this dress only in PKR 3,090/-.

Embroidered Neckline Dress By Motifz 2016

Ferozi Embroidered Lawn Dress 2016

This heavy embroidered lawn dress with bell bottom trouser looks outstanding. As the color is very sharp so, Wear beige, black or brown heels with the dress to look more decent. For more embroidered dresses look, Shaista Cloth Embroidered Lawn Collection 2016. The price of the array is PKR 3,990/-.

Ferozi Embroidered Lawn Dress For Summers 2016

Golden Embroidered Attire By Motifz Vol-2

The heavy golden thread work bottom with embroidered trouser looks astounding. The printed chiffon dupatta is complimenting a lot with this ravishing dress. Go for minimal makeup to not look bold in summers. The worth of the outfit is Rs 4,990/-.

Golden Embroidered attire By Motifz 2016

Knee Length Summer Embroidered Outfit 2016

Long shirts are getting out of fashion and designers are replacing it with knee length shirts. You can pair your short shirts with trousers, cigarette pants, and tulip pants. The cost of the apparel is Rs 2,560/-.

Knee Length Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz 2016

Light Green Lawn Apparel By Motifz 

The short embroidered shirt with simple tulip pant looks stylish and ravishing. This is a semi formal dress as young girls can wear this beautiful dress in parties, birthdays and in weddings as well. The price of the array is Rs 3,490/-.

Light Green Lawn Dress By Motifz 2016

Lilac Grey Embroidered Outfit By Motifz Vol-2

Grey is a lighter tone of black or you can say this color is another beige or brown because it suits with every another color. The fully thread work neckline with motif on the bottom of the shirt looks trendy. Go for Messy Bun Hairstyles with this amazing apparel. The worth of the garb is PKR 2,990/-.

Lilac Grey Embroidered Dress By Motifz Vol 2

Motifz Embroidered Lawn Outfit 2016

The fully thread work shirt with floral cut work on the hemline of the shirt and pair with embroidered motif bell bottom trouser looks astounding. The printed chiffon dupatta with pearl embellishment on the corners are making attire more beautiful. The worth of the dress is Rs 5,490/-.  If you want to get the overview of more embroidered dresses, check Gul Ahmed Embroidered Collection 2016.

Motifz Embroidered Lawn Dress Vol-2 2016

Motifz Red Summer Attire 2016

Red and orange embroidered is best for summers. Many people don’t like heavy embroidery so this dress is perfect for them. You can get the printed outfit only in Rs

Motifz Red Embroidered Lawn Dress 2016

Mustard Lawn Apparel By Motifz

The brand Motifz always come with something new and interesting. The side motif with embroidered border looks ravishing. You can pair this mustard shirt with black or white tulip pant. The cost of the array is Rs 3,990/-. Wear Xevor Jewelry with this attire.Mustard Lawn Dress By Motifz Vol 2

Parrot Green Unstitched Apparel 2016

Parrot green with aqua combination outfit looks gorgeous. The aqua beads on the edges of the shirt looks beautiful. The worth of the array is PKR 3,990/-.

Parrot Green Unstitched Lawn Outfit By Motifz 2016

Peach Lawn Outfit By Motifz

Peach is a very feminine color. This color depicts beauty, joy and happiness. The cut work border with golden balls looks astounding. The white gharara style trouser looks unique and stylish. The tassel embellishment on the corner of dupatta making it a party wear dress. Furnish your look with latest nail art designs 2016. The price of the apparel is Rs 5,490/-. 

Peach Lawn Outfit By Motifz Vol 2 2016

Sea Green Summer Attire 2016

The pink floral thread work on the hemline of the shirt looks outstanding. The printed trouser with embroidered border making the whole appearance more amazing. The belt on the shirt looks ravishing, I love this such a humble little accessory that can completely change the look of a dress. The cost of the array is Rs 4,990/-.

Sea Green Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz 2016

Shocking Pink Summer Embroidered Lawn Outfit By Motifz 2016

The fully embroidered front open shirt with beige bell trouser is perfect for summers. You can get this dress only is Rs 5,900/-. Don’t waste your time and grab this amazing summer collection by Motifz as early as possible.

Shocking Pink Embroidered Lawn Outdit By Motifz 2016

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