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Nishat Linen Latest Eid Collection For Women 2017

Nishat Linen Latest Eid Collection For Women 2017

Eid is upcoming religious festival of Muslims so celebrate this event with Nishat Linen Latest Eid Collection For Women 2017. Nishat eid collection has again appeared with a voluminous variety of its kind like ever. The diversity, abide by precise classification of clothing has made the ladies crazy about its collection. You just log on to gallery and can find a range of classification, each enriched with best of the best designs, colors and stuff. At Nishat collection, you will find Nisha (Crystal eminence, Essence of Shimmer, Gold Glory and Summer Splendor) and Pret (Allure, Digital Spring, Eid Classics, Hue and Shades, Jacquard range and Royal Mirage) that illustrates the concept of innovation at the brand and how they have created such a super amazing variety for your eid wears.

Nishat embroidered clothing and beautifully stitched dresses are a source of delight for the fashion lovers. Further, the use of comfortable stuff and amalgamation of art with elegance is really admirable. In the following shared variety of clothing, there are beautiful and eye catching colors. Most of the categories are all about elegance and charming looks that you would love to try. When it comes to crystal eminence, there is again a very fine selection of clothing with front and back prints and designs to make you feel great. The long Dupattas along with Standard length shirts and pencil trousers are the best show of grace, among all the eid collections on display. Nishat Linen eid collection is always liked by women as they deserved.

Nisha Lawn By Nishat Linen Eid Dresses 2017 With Price

As Eid is one of the most awaited festival of all times, every year and it boasts up a natural excitement and desire to prepare well for the event days. And women have been a leading role when it comes to festivity and celebration, as they are more into creating happy moments so it is really needed that they should feel good about themselves as well. Obviously, festivals are not just about cooking food and making things done for all of the people than the women, themselves. So, before we really get into the preparation of Ramadan and the daily responsible routine, must plan a visit to Nishat and probe out their eid series to figure out the best one for you. You can also shop online by clicking this link

But this time, you might feel it difficult in what to chose and what to lose at Nishat collection for it’s all graceful there, all elegant and a good fit for girls and young women. Colors like sea green, maroon, golden, orange, off-white and grey are mixed with each other into combinations that every next item you see in Nishat collection would reflect the perfection for your choice. If you want to order instantly, you can visit the official ordering sites for Nishat collection and simply order what you find best for yourself out of this collection. Because, it’s always a good feel to grab the new trends in the market on the very first place. Also See, Nishat Linen New Summer Collection 2017.

Accra By Nishat Linen

If you are looking for classical yet modern combination, then go for this red and black outfit. The combo makes an energetic and visually enchanting statement. The price of this dress is PKR  5,990/-.

Accra By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Aqua Blue Eid Attire 2017

Skin color goes with all the color family, as this neutral color make combo with any bright as well as with light color. This Aqua Blue outfit can be wear by women of all ages. Old Women can wear this dress on eid as its stylish as well as subtle in color. The price of this suit is PKR 4,990/-.

Aqua Blue Eid Attire By Nishat Linen 2017

Aquamarine Eid Attire

Brown smokey eyes and coral lip shade would go well with this attire. Have you thought of gold or copper accessories with this outfit? This is a bit more ordinary and would go with the makeup. This Aquamarine eid attire costs only PKR 5,990/-.

Aquamarine Eid Wear By Nishat Linen 2017

Aquatic By Nishat

Blue is such a sharp color that you should wear either nude or bronze colored sandals and accessories with it to keep it elegant. The cost of this attire is PKR 2,200/-. Check Here Satrangi Lawn Latest Eid Collection 2017.

Aquatic Eid Outfit By Nishat Linen 2017

Blue Sea Kurta

Eid is coming in scorching hot summer, the best outfit to wear in this season are Kurtis. Kurtis are comfortable and easy to wear. You can pair kurti with any kind of trouser, jeans, leggings and shalwar.

Blue Sea Kurta By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Dark Drive By Nishat

Both black and white colors are without color. They are said to be blank color, on which you can paint anything you want. Both these colors are clear canvasses for designers on which they show their magic.The cost of this beautiful apparel is PKR 4,500/-.

Dark Drive By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Embellish Eid Wear

Purple color is my favorite color. Its really a great color to use in this upcoming eid. Although this color seems puzzling, but enthralling at the same time. The cost of this stunning attire is only PKR 4,990/-. You can also see Gul Ahmed Festive Eid Collection 2017.

Embellish By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Fuchsia Flora Eid Attire 2017

This Fuchsia Flora printed dress is looking very enchanting. Girls grab this beautiful attire and make your eid more appealing. The cost of this stunning attire is only PKR 4,500/-. See, Needle Impressions Fancy Eid Collection 2017.

Fuschia Flora Eid Wear By Nishat Linen 2017

Gray Night By Nishat

Women above 40 can easily carry this dress on eid 2017. You can wear this color with so many variations. You can pair sky blue, white or pink shalwar with it, but it looks bright and freshen with bright color. The price of this dress is PKR 2,200/-.

Grey Night By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Jasmine Eid Apparel

White is a color that can convey simplicity and elegance. This front embroidered purple neck line is simple, but looking very decent. I will not prefer this dress for girls as it’s very sober, but yes, women of all ages can wear this outfit. The cost of this dress is PKR 2,200/-.

Jasmine Eid Outfit By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Mint Green By Nishat Linen

I can not get enough of this fresh color! You will seen this minty fashion everywhere from clothing to accessories. This Minty dress is just breathtaking. You can also wear this trendy attire on any holy festival as well as on formal parties. The cost of this dress is PKR 3,675/-.

Mint Green Apparel By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Mystic Eid Outfit 2017

White and skin color makes a glamorous and high contrast look. Girls who wants to wear subtle color on this eid can grab this outfit from Nishat Linen Eid Collection 2017. The cost of this white soul apparel is PKR 5,990/-.

Mystic By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Nishat Linen Santorini Eid Wear

This time Eid collection 2017 is rupturing with floral prints. Floral patterns are sharp, bold and colory but you can easily subtle your floral print by adding a little bit of grace that ace your look. For Example, a floral dress with light color pants and cigarette trouser. The price of this apparel is PKR 2,600/-.

Nishat Linen Santorini Eid Attire For Eid 2017

Nishat Linen So Blue Eid Attire

You also get confused of which lip color can be used with blue dress? Blue dress compliments well with a pink lip shade that looks ravishing on flawless skin. The worth of this beautiful dress is PKR 5,990/-.

Nishat Linen So Blue Eid Attire For Eid 2017

Orange Flowery Eid Wear

Orange is connected with definition of success, motivation, improve, health, contentment, fun, enjoyment and passion. Orange color looks good with neutral color like White, Beige, Peach etc. The Price of this dress is 2,200/-.

Orange Flowery Eid Wear Shirt By Nishat Linen 2017

Petals By Nishat Linen

Tulip trousers are in fashion now a days. They are easy to wear and compliment the new fashion trend. Many designers are pairing their dresses with tulip pants to give them a stylish and dapper look. The price of this suit is PKR 2,200/-.

Petals By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Radiant Gold By Nishat Linen

This Knee length Shirt with Straight trouser is looking mind blowing. Girls please hurry up, get out of your beds and grasp this dress for Eid 2017. The price of this chiffon dress is PKR 4,700/-.

Radiant Gold By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Red Color Apparel

This two dark and light color combo creates a classical look. Young girls could opt this attire for the upcoming celebration. The cost of this dress is PKR 4,990/-. Also check out Junaid Jamshed Latest Eid Collection 2017.

Red Color Apparel By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Scarlet By Nishat Linen

Scarlet is a derivative of red and brown color. The designers have cleverly given this dress a popping look. Fashion lovers girls can wear this trendy dress on the coming holy festival. The worth of this attire is PKR 2,600/-.

Scarlet By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

Tipsy By Nishat Linen

The elegance and decency of Nishat Linen cloths are enough to judge the brand. This brand always takes first priority of their customers while designing the attires. Girls what you are waiting for? Just go and grab your favorite dress from Nishat Linen Outlet. The cost of this attire is PKR 4500/-.

Tipsy By Nishat Linen For Eid 2017

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