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Sapphire Lawn 2017 Unstitched Collection With Prices

Sapphire Lawn 2017 Unstitched Collection With Prices

With the days passing summer is getting eerie, sun is getting brighter. Ladies have started beating the heat with amazing and colorful dresses. All the famous brands have broadcasted their fresh and latest summer collection in the market. The market of lawn collection is getting competitive and it’s broadening the selection choices for ladies.

Every brand has showed up with so amazing lawn prints that ladies can’t resist buying them. Among all the famous brands, one genuine and new name is Sapphire. Sapphire is the new brand in the market, but in very less time, Sapphire conquered the heart of ladies by out casting fabulous prints every season.

Along with other famous brands, Sapphire also launched their latest summer lawn collection. They unveiled Sapphire Lawn 2017 Unstitched Collection on February 27. Their new collection is full of fresh, colorful and elegant designs I have seen yet.

At our blog, in out today’s article, we have assembled all the fascinating and marvelous prints Sapphire has released this summer. Women always go for vibrant and appealing dresses and this time, Sapphire perfectly came up to the expectations of ladies. Ladies like colorful yet decent lawn prints, and the brand has launched such patterns which every lady will love buying.

Sapphire Chinese Chintz Summer Lawn Print Sapphire Lawn Collection Bohemian ikat Sapphire Lawn Collection Alluring Spring Sapphire Lawn Chinese Chintz and Hanging Lantern Sapphire Indian Tapestry Lawn Print Sapphire French Renaissance Lawn Print Sapphire Lawn Collection Ethnic Fable Sapphire Lawn Collection Ornate Glance

Sapphire Lawn Collection Vintage Trellis Sapphire Lawn Floral Accent and Victorian Cage Sapphire Lawn French Renaissance and Chinese Artistry Sapphire Lawn Hanging Lantern and Uzbek Suzani Sapphire Lawn Porcelain Summer Print Sapphire Lawn Print Majestic Rose Sapphire Lawn Print Silhouette Painting Sapphire Lawn Prints Exotic Rose and Majestic RoseSapphire Latest Summer Collection 2017 Vol 1 Catalog With Prices

Khadijah Shah, designer of Sapphire brand, always merges decency and elegance in such an amazing way that ladies love it. She always focuses on filling up the whole print with floral touch and that’s look very sophisticated. Floral touch in any dress always make that dress look cool and along with floral patterns, the designer also prefer dazzling hues. The designer always introduces designs with feminine style, aesthetic shades which got immense appreciation every year.

She always adds up life to dynamic patterns. Most of the dresses in this collection are embroidered. The touch of eastern embroidery adds up more beauty in the dress. Working ladies always prefer wearing embroidered dresses as they also gives impact of semi formal dressing. Sapphire has introduced lively collection with bold and vivid color schemes. All the designs by Sapphire represents the class and the ladies who wear Sapphire genuinely look classy. The price of all the dresses is mentioned on each image.

Sapphire Lawn Prints Exotic Rose and Tropical Bloom Sapphire Lawn Prints Indian Tapestry and Oriental Splendor Sapphire Lawn Uzbek Suzani and Bohemian ikat Sapphire Lawn Victorian Cage and Tropical Bloom Sapphire Oriental Splendor Summer Lawn Print Sapphire Summer Lawn Ornamental Garden Sapphire Summer Lawn Ethic Fable Print

In the latest summer collection, they have single shirt, 2 piece suit and 3 piece suits too. They have also got large range of stitched collection usually for girls. Single shirts are just printed without embroidery, but 2 piece and 3 piece dresses are with embroidery. The price range is very economical and affordable by middle and high class ladies. They are charging higher prices for some dresses but those dresses totally worth high price as they are embroidered and above all they represent class.

The price range starts for PKR Rs 500 for single shirt and for 2 piece suit, they are charging from PKR Rs 1200 to PKR Rs 1600. The range of 3 piece dresses starts from PKR Rs 2000 to PKR Rs 6000. But to me, Sapphire is the brand of class. All the ladies out there should visit its outlet or you can order online. Happy Shopping Ladies! 🙂

Sapphire Summer Lawn Chinese Artistry Sapphire Summer Lawn Alluring Spring Sapphire Porcelain Summer Lawn Print Sapphire Summer Lawn Ornate Glance Sapphire Summer Print Floral Accent Sapphire Summer Print Ornamental Garden Sapphire Summer Print Silhouette Painting Sapphire Summer Print Vintage TrellisAlso Check Out:

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