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Stylish Party Wear Formal Abaya Collection 2016-2017 Latest Designs

Stylish Party Wear Formal Abaya Collection 2016-2017 Latest Designs

The ladies practicing Islam consider veiling as paramount. Covering up the body has to be the most important thing for every female. Women get the sense of security and comfort when she gets herself covered. For Muslim women and girls, veiling and doing hijab should not merely an order from the Prophet, but it should be an obligation. Islam does not force you to do hijab; it’s the inner self of any lady that forces her to cover her up. This very secure and modest dress keeps every Muslim woman away from many worldly troubles and mainly keeps you safe from evil dirty eyes. The dress that is used to cover up a body known as Abaya.

At our blog, in this article, we will emphasize on different types of abayas that you can carry according to your daily life routine. We will show you some stylish party wear formal abaya collection 2016-2017 and all latest designs in this article. There were times when taking the decision of wearing abaya and covering body was difficult. Girls have to move around according to the fashion trends in society. Few years back, the concept of abaya was only to wear it in plain black shade stitched in very simple way. But with the advancement in the trends of the fashion industry, now there are numerous types of abayas available. There come so many designs, styles, and multiple color selection when you choose an abaya.

Fancy and Embroidered Party Wear Abayas and Hijab Styles 2016-2017

In other Muslim countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, they have got very vast variety of stylish party wear formal abaya collection 2016-2017 in latest designs. In these countries, wearing abaya is a compulsion for ladies. So, for that matter, there are abaya fashion designers there too as this is the whole dress of women there. Abaya represents the personality of women in these countries. In Pakistan, wearing abaya is not a compulsion, but some ladies love wearing it. Such women always complain about the very less variety in Pakistan. But now the trend is different, many ladies are doing this business in Pakistan too. They import high-quality fancy, colorful and alluring abayas from UAE and Saudi Arabia. Some local businesses are emerging in the market as the provider of latest hijab collection.

Now the most recent trends for covering body are so colorful; they appeal those women too who don’t cover up. Hijab dresses are now available in many colors. The most useful hues are green, dark blue, white, pink, tea pink, light yellow, red and many more. Women avoid using shocking colors in their abaya as it attracts men. Ladies now prefer making abayas in a way that they add any nice color with black or they make entirely colored abaya with lace on it. When going to party or any gets together, they can wear a full black abaya, so they add silk or lace in their abaya to make it more mesmerizing. In this way, they look beautiful by covering up their body. Abaya always adds beauty to a women’s personality. It’s a misconception that says that covering body will not let you look stylish. Now you can cover up your body yet you look fashionable you just need to design a colorful dress or buy it from the market. You can see all the latest collection we have shown on our blog. You can take ideas from here and look beautiful.

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