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10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival |

10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival

Every woman is looking for simple and alluring makeup ideas and tips, which they can easily use and make their festivals more special. Eid festivals are mostly observed at the daytime and doing the right kind of makeup at the daytime is really very necessary and tricky as well. So, here are some great 10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival that will surely do the work for you and make you look ravishing on the upcoming Eid festival.

Bobbi Brown

 Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.  

We can’t underestimate the need for Makeup for festive occasions because we know ladies do tremendous efforts on just their look. Cosmetics products give them encouragement to choose the best products for their skin. It doesn’t matter you have oily or dry skin we all have to follow some tips and important guidelines just take a look at Top 10 Best Makeup Ideas And Tips For Oily Skin Face to rejuvenate your skin. Ladies would get a vast range of makeup tutorials and ideas through our platform but let’s get back to our main discussion for makeup ideas for a festive occasion

1-Use Of Natural Base

Applying a base is one of the most important parts of the makeup. You ladies can take a look at the pictorial tutorial that we have just arranged for your skin where you will get to know How To Apply Foundation Base Makeup Perfectly Step By Step Picture Guide. For every occasion, you ladies have to come across this dilemma so its better if you get to know initially about its do’s and donts. Instead of creamy sticks and other bases, go for natural loose powders and liquid bases matching your skin tone that would not only look nice but will last for long. 

Using Natural base for Eid Makeup

2- Do Light Contouring

Contouring defines your looks, but it is not necessary to always do a heavy contouring. Try to keep it simple yet covering the important areas that need it. Party makeup is considered to be incomplete without contouring. Just check Best Party Wear Makeup Tutorial Step By Step in which contouring hacks are mentioned for rejuvenated skin. Don’t forget to follow these instructions and give yourself a prominent look this eve.

Light Contouring for Eid

3- Soft Blush

Your makeup won’t be completed without a nice blush that enhances your cheekbone. Use rosy pink or other tones of pinks to make a complete yet settled look. More details are waiting for your attention in our blog where we are going to let you know How To Apply Blush On Perfectly By Yourself Step By Step Tutorial because I believe blush is the important part of every makeup and this guide would make you blush pro.

Applying Soft Blush For Eid

4- Soft Eye Makeup

There are various ideas that you could use while doing the eye makeup.  Did you check our Easy Makeup Tips &Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Attractive?  Because eid festive is all about trendy and experiment look so if you are tired of applying same eye shades then follow these tricks we are all set to give your eyes a new look.this eve. Of course, eye makeup is an important part. Use some pastel shades, like nude tones and soft shades of pinks.

Applying Soft Makeup for Eid

5- Smokey Eyes

Some girls are really fond of Perfect Smokey eyes but are afraid to do it in the daytime. For them, here is an idea. Instead of using too much blackish tone, go with dark browns. It will give you a smoky effect and will also not look too heavy and perfect for an Eid look. Give a try and do let us know in the following comment section how was your experience with this.

Using Smokey Eyes For Eid

6- Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner is very much in these days but if you ladies are not good in this then we have also gathered some easier tips for making you perfect in eyeliner. Just give a look at our 5 Different Eyeliner Styles For Beginners Step By Step.You can apply it on your Eid day as well. It looks good on almost all shapes of eyes and also makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Application of Winged Eyeliner For Eid

7- Use Of White Under Eye Liner

This is another idea for a perfect Eid day look. It will make your eyes look broad open and will go you a refreshing look. You can use a white or silver eye pencil for this purpose.

Application of White Color under Eye

8- Add Light Glitter

Glittery eye makeup always looks good but may not look that good at day time. You can add glitter in the form of a glittery eyeliner that will do the work. Ladies or girls who are obsessed about their makeup and want to know about some tricks then Best Makeup Ideas For All Occasions is our best attempt for all the fashionistas.

Application of glitter For Eid makeup

9- Add Water Proof Mascara

Mascara completes your eyes look. Look for the brand that gives a perfect waterproof long eyelashes mascara. Applying mascara is not tough these days just check our How To Apply Mascara Perfectly that will give a boost to your lashes and you will definitely stand out this Eid.

Application of water proof mascara For Eid

10- Soft Lips

Doing a daytime makeup, especially the summer makeup you should never opt for too bright and vibrant lip colors. Don’t miss out Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands this Eid that will give a classy look with your favorite attire

Soft Lips Makeup For Eid

Useful Tips For Perfect Makeup On Eid

These are some makeup tips that will make you look fresh and keep it last long on Eid festival.

  1. Use light tone colors and pastel tones both in eyeshades and blush.
  2. Use a concealer one tone lighter than your skin. It will hide all the dark circles and spots on your skin.
  3. Use a primer before applying base as it will close the pores and will reduce oil secretion from the skin.
  4. Instead of creamy products, use powdered form cosmetics.
  5. If you are going for dark eyeshadows, keep your lip color soft in particular otherwise it will look too heavy.

Trendy Look For Eid day

These are some 10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival that will make your Eid look really special and would give you a perfect look for the special day. Enjoy Your day and look glamorous.

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