10 Beauty Secrets from Grandma for Flawless Skin

It is always said that pearls of wisdom passed on generation to generation. It is true, grandparents always wish good for their upcoming generation so they keep on passing their experiences and their tips to next generation. Grandparents, especially grandma is always so much concerned about their grand kids so they keep on advising them. As grandma give other advises to grand kids same as they provide them beauty tips especially to her grand princess. She is so concerned about her beauty and her flawless skin.

10 Beauty Tips and Tricks from Grandma for Beautiful Skin

Our today’s article will focus on all those beauty secrets which are experienced by grandmas and they love to tell those to grand children. When we talk about the beauty secret, there are so many natural remedies but at our blog, we will tell you about 10 useful beauty secrets from grandma for flawless skin. You must read them and after that I assure you will get amazing flawless and clear skin.

Tip 1: Lemon, An Amazing Natural Beautifier

The most useful tip grandma gives to her grand princess for her flawless skin since years is use of lemon. You just need to take one lemon and cut in half, then rub it all over your face. You can rub lemon on your face daily; it is very effective as well essential to nurture your skin. Lemon is effective to get rid of acne and fresh skin. It is antibacterial and it also help to get rid of pimples.


Tip 2: Olive Oil

Olive oil is not good for only cooking, but it is also effective to get immaculate skin. Grandma suggests olive oil because it consists of antioxidants which fight against skin damage because of dust and pollution. When you come back home daily, apply some olive oil on your face with the help of medicated cotton and you will see amazing results.

Olive oil beauty secret by grandma

Tip 3: Rosewater & Glycerine Spray

Grandmas always prefer using rosewater. You only need to get rosewater and glycerine from market in very pure form. Mix them in equal quantity and apply it on your face with the help of medicated cotton. This mixture exfoliates your skin gently and keeps it soft and clear always.


Tip 4: Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is the oldest natural skin remedy. Turmeric is called anti bacterial and antiseptic too. It is very useful to get rid of scars and dark marks on skin if applied regularly. You just need to mix some turmeric powder in milk and apply it once a week for fairer and brighter skin.

Beauty secrets by grandma turmeric face mask for clear skin

Tip 5: Potato Peels for Dark Circles

Potato peel is the best remedy to get rid of dark circles and puffiness around eyes. You need to slice the potato and keep the peel under both eyes for 5-10 minutes. You must do it twice a week because it’s very effective.

grandma tips potatoes for dark circles

Tip 6: Multani Matti Paste

Multani matti is being used by females since years. It is very pure and natural ingredient to achieve clear acne less skin. You just need to add multani matti in water and blend it until you get a paste. Apply it on face and let it dry and then wash it after sometime. You will achieve oil-less skin after using this beauty secret by grandma.

multani mitti face pack beauty secret by grandma

Tip 7: Tomato and Honey Paste

For this amazing beauty secret from grandma, you just need to make tomato paste. Grandma suggests adding honey in the tomato paste and then applying it for 15-20 minutes on your skin. This will give you glowing skin.

Honey and tomato paste mask by grandma for glowing skin

Tip 8: Eat 5 Healthy Fruits

Granny suggests kids the best of best beauty secret for flawless skin. This secret is to eat these 5 fruits daily. Strawberry, orange, mango, papaya and banana are those miracle fruits which gives you beauty. You can eat them according to the season.

Beauty secret of fruits by grandma for clear glowing skin

Tip 9: Oatmeal, Honey and Milk Paste

You can make this paste by adding some oatmeal in boiling milk. For best result, you can also add honey in this material too. Leave the oatmeal mask on the skin for 10 minutes and see the effect after sometime.


Tip 10: Take 8 Hours Sleep Every Night

The most important advise granny gives to adults is to sleep well. 8 hours sleep every night will automatically relax your body and skin which will bring glow to your skin too.

Important beauty tip by grandma-beauty sleep

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