10 Most Effective Homemade Fairness Tips For Oily Skin

Skin is the most important asset of a person and this is a trend that everybody wants to look fair and want a glowing and healthy look and for this everybody is ready to do anything even the people having fair complexion try to look fairer and want more glow. This trend is more common among women as they are more conscious about their complexion than men.

Skin is of different types like dry and oily and each type has its own problems. If we talk about the oily one then pimple, marks, patches etc. With such problems, it loses its beauty and glow and the individual losses her confidence and do not want to go for parties and get together because everyone wants to look beautiful and dazzling on such events. In such situation, we mostly go for the creams, tonics and other medicines full of chemicals because we all have a general concept that they have a spontaneous and good effect but actually although they have a spontaneous effect but this is temporary and they do more harm than the benefit. While the home made remedies although take long time to show their effect but they are the only good way to cure such problems as they have no side effects and also have no cost.

Natural Beauty & Fairness Tips for Oily Skin
Natural Beauty & Fairness Tips for Oily Skin


Best & Most Useful Fairness Tips For Oily Skin

Here are 10 most effective homemade fairness tips for oily skin:

1:  Honey is the most effective thing found almost in every house. For a fair complexion, just take a teaspoon of honey and apply gently on your face for a few minutes. Massage it gently in circular pattern. If you do this twice a day you will feel the difference within two or 3 weeks.

2:  Second thing is to take a proper diet and drink a lot of water and wash your face with cold water.

3:  For instant fairness take cucumber juice and add honey in it. Apply this mixture on face and wash it on drying.

4:  Take 1 cup of tea water, 2 spoons of rice flour and 1/2 spoon of honey. Make a mixture and apply it. Wash it on drying and feel the difference in few days.

5:  Mix yogurt, almond powder, lemon juice and turmeric powder and apply it on face regularly for few days.

6:  Take half banana and an egg white and then make a mixture and use for a glow.

7:  Take almond powder of 4 almonds and make a paste of it with milk. Apply this mixture on the face for overnight and then wash with cold water in the morning.

8:  Coconut oil is also good for skin.

9:  Rose water gives a glow to skin and also clean the dust.

10:  Add potato juice and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply it.

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