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10 Steps To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly At Home |

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly At Home – 10 Easy Steps

Getting the perfect shape of your eyebrows at home is a really tricky and challenging job and everyone cannot do it without making any mistake. But, it is necessary to take great care while shaping your eyebrows as they define the whole structure of your face and look very prominent as well. Here are the 10 Easy Steps To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly At Home. You can easily shape your eyebrows with the help of this tutorial. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1- Choose Your Tweezers Carefully

It is very important to have the right kind of tweezers for getting perfect shape of eyebrows. The tweezers should be sharp and slanted. They would not pinch your skin like the pointed ones.


Choose Your Tweezers Carefully

2- The Best Time to Tweeze

Tweezing after the shower is the right time as after taking the shower the follicles get open and the hair area becomes soft which make it easy for the hairs to leave the place.


The Best Time to Tweeze

3- Reduce the Pain

If your plucking area is causing you a lot of pain, it is necessary to first apply a numbing gel so that you won’t feel much pain during the process as it could affect the shaping process.


Reduce the Pain

4- Use Plain Mirror Instead Of Magnifying One

Using a magnifying mirror will never make you stop tweezing as you will always see some extra hair left on your brows. So, instead of using the magnifying side of your mirror, try using the regular one. After all no one is going to see your hairs with a magnifying glass.


Use Plain Mirror Instead Of Magnifying One

5- Learn About the Right Limit Of Your Arch

It is important to know how and from where to shape your eyebrows, you will need to have the arch. The eyebrows should start right from above the inner corner of the eye and should end where the angel of the eyebrows become 45 degrees from the outer corner. Do not exceed this limit, otherwise it will give you very sharp and unnatural look.


Learn About the Right Limit of Your Arch

6- Draw the Shape Of the Eyebrows

The best and the easiest way to get the perfect eyebrows is that before starting to pluck, draw a shape with the help of a brow pencil. This will help you in the removal of only the excessive hairs.


Draw the Shape of the Eyebrows

7- Handle the Red Skin

Sometimes, the sensitive skin gets red right after tweezing. For such skin, it is better to either use an ice bag or some healing lotion.


Handle the Red Skin

8- Use the Brow Brush

A brow brush or brow gel can be used to shape the arch. The correct method for styling the arch is that all the hairs above the arch should be brushed upwards whereas the rest are brushed downwards.


Use the Brow Brush

9- Fill in the Empty Spots

Some spots that get created in the eyebrows do not look good and hence, should be filled in using an eyebrow pencil matching the color of the brows.


Fill in the Empty Spots

10- Let them Grow

In the beginning, you may not be able to get the idea of the right amount of the hairs that need tweezing so, you may end up over-plucking them. Do not try to cover it up by even more tweezing. The best way is to simply let them grow.


Let them grow


These are the simple ways using which you can easily pluck and shape your eyebrows perfectly at home without paying the parlor bill.

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