Gone are the days when ladies hesitate putting up nail colors on their hands. It’s the new era with new fashion advancements, so every woman and every girl love putting on nail color regular. With the improvements in fashion trends, now women and girls have got nail shades of numerous hues. They keep on changing the colors. Instead of putting on only one color, they put nail color with mix and match shades. They have started painting their nails in various ways that’s why in our today’s article, we have got 30 most stunning DIY nail art designs and ideas for you. A beautiful nail color will make your hands look pretty. Along with that if you paint it in various ways using different colors then it will make your hands, even more, appealing.

Imagine you wearing a colorful dress with matching shoes and accessories, and then you put on nail paint with the unique design on your hands, this is going to be a full beautiful package. Like you dress up yourself considering it your right same as it is the right of your hands to be decorated. Nail painting is the decoration of hands. Isn’t it awesome to know stunning DIY nail art designs for your hands? We have got some best DIY nail art designs for short and long nails.

There is nothing complicated about nail painting you just need to be creative enough; else we have some creative ideas for you at our fashion blog. So, ladies, you don’t need to go to parlor for nail painting. Now there are several ways to color nails, and you can do it yourself at home. This task is quite easy, and it will pinch very less cost if you do it yourself. So, just need to unleash your creative self and play with your nails by trying different colorful designs. Isn’t it an excellent idea? You get beautiful hands with almost no cost invested.

Simple and Easy DIY Nail Art Designs Step By Step

Girls always check attractive painting designs on the internet, but always think that it is so difficult to do. They always think how to start doing it. So, no worries, now we have got step by step ideas and designs for you. You just need to make sure that you have all the essential nail art accessories with you like polishes, a bobby pin, some pointed stuff, transparent tape and paint remover. These few things are needed to beautify your nails and hands.

In the images shown above and below, there are various striking colors like yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, black, etc. have been used. The more appealing and bright color you use, the more charming it will look. When you paint with the help of transparent tape, just keep in mind that remove the tape after the color dries well. Otherwise, it will ruin your creativity. The first and most important step for a decoration of nails is to do it carefully. I suggest you to try all these creative nail art designs and get gorgeous hands at home.


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