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7 Best Liquid Eyeliner Styles For Big Eyes


Eye makeup looks incomplete without the touch of eyeliner and that touch is what makes your eyes stand out and be distinctive. You do not even need to add tons of eye make up to be pretty and dressed up. You can just grab your eyeliner and let it shine on your eyes! All of us have spent hours and hours perfecting the application of our eyeliners. And with time we learn how to apply the look that suits our appearance perfectly. Eyeliners come in various colors and consistencies and a vast majority of women out there use and prefer liquid ones. Since they have the neatness and flow which you can’t always get from non-liquid or pencil eyeliners. A single line of this black shiny liquid can change your entire appearance in a matter of seconds.

Just like there are different face shapes, different hair types, different skin types, there are also different eye shapes and any one liner style may not always suit every eye shape. We often use this magic liquid to make our small eyes appear bigger and more defined. And just like that we can also use it to make big and round ones to seem even prettier with the correct style application so that your eyes look the best just like the rest of yourself! First thing you need to keep in mind is that its okay to experiment with various styles as long as you wear the one that suits you best! 7 Best Liquid Eyeliner Styles For Big Eyes  can give you tips and guidelines on how to enhance your appearance according to your features. The most favorite ones include cat, fishtail, retro, winged, 60’s, smudged, flick etc.

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1- Cat Eye Effect

This style is one of the most common and preferred among the rest. This is probably because of the fact that it gives your eyes great definition and shape no matter how big or round your eyes are. You can always count on this style when you need to look edgy and chic! It starts with applying it in a straight tilted line at the edges and fill it to sort of lift the corners.


2- Winged Eyeliner

You can groom your face by applying the winged style that is curved from the center along the lashes and then goes upwards and outwards from the corners where you sort of add a little length to the liner.


3- Smudged Eyeliner

You can also highlight your eyes by gently smudging the applied liner with a small thin brush. This can be done both along the upper lashes as well as the lower ones. It adds layers and depth.


4- 60’s Eyeliner

The 60’s fashion and makeup is what we all love. The sixties was one unforgettable decade and it never really fades away or leaves us especially when it comes to makeup, more specifically eye makeup and liners. Grab yours and fill the space between your lashes and crease and appear amazingly different!


5- Retro Eyeliner

Retro is classy and it is contemporary and vintage! What’s not to love? Its one of the more favorable styles these days for girls. Thick pointy eyeliner with those vibrant colors is just what you should try!


6- Fishtail Eyeliner

Not to forget the fishtail, its not as uncommon as you may think and it suits quite a lot of girls if applied the right way that fits your features!


7- Flick Eyeliner

This one is the most basic and most used. Very easy to apply and it goes with anything and everything. Its a real time saver and one that adds something extra to your simple look!


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