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8 Quick Makeup Tips for College & University Girls |

8 Quick Makeup Tips for College and University Girls

Student life is the confusing life for the girls. They are always confused for whether to do sharp makeover or light. At this phase of age, doing sharp makeover daily will make them look mature and more than their age. So, college and university going girls always keep on finding perfect ways for doing daily makeover.

At our blog, in today’s article, we have got 8 quick and easy makeup tips for college and university girls, these tips will surely help them in coming out of confusion. Scroll down to get best makeup tips for college and university students.

Tip 1: Always Apply Light Tone Makeup

Tip 1 is focused on the use of light tone makeup. It’s the most important tip to be considered. Sharp and dark makeup will make you lost your innocence because it will give you mature looks. Sharp makeup sometimes makes you look more than your age. So, in your student life, always prefer light tone makeup it will make you look pretty with all your innocence.


Tip 2: Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important to be used daily. Moisturizer hydrates the skin well and after application of moisturizer, your skin becomes so soft and get ready for makeup items application. Always prefer more intense moisturizer for better results.


Tip 3: Choose one BB Cream according to your Skin Texture

Using BB cream daily will take you away from tanning. Tanning is the common problem of girls. They have to stay outdoor so they get expose to sunlight which results in tanning. Girls must use good BB cream on daily basis. BB creams consist of sun screen which give amazing results. BB cream by Garnier is very effective, you must buy that or you can choose any brand according to your skin type.

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Tip 4: Get an Eyelash Turner and Mascara

Putting on mascara daily is not a good practice. But if you want curled lashes, we have one solution to this issue. Get an eyelash turner from any beauty shop. This tool is amazing, you just need to know how to use it. To get sharp curls, you can also apply mascara after curling lashes with eyelash turner.

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Tip 5: Use Best Kajal Inside Eyes

Kajal will make your eyes prominent. It gives attractive look to girls. Trace the kajal at the inner rim of eye and it will give fuller look to your eyes.


Tip 6: Use Black Gel Eyeliner or Eye Pencil

Your eyes will look sleepy if you haven’t had enough sleep last night. To cover up these sleepy eyes, you can apply peculiar black gel eyeliner or eye pencil on your eyes.  If you have class early in the morning, just use a peculiar liner that maintain your innocence.

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Tip 7: Brush On Some Blusher

A light tone blusher is very important to give whole cute look. Take very light shade of pink and apply it gently for glowing makeover. It will add shine to your attractive features.

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Tip 8: Moisturize your Lips with Lip Balm

Lip balm is the must in makeup. You makeup looks incomplete if your lip color or lip balm is missing. Apply light decent shades of lip balm. There are many brands offering good lip balms, but to me, the best one is of Maybelline.

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