Winter is just around the corner and all of us are enjoying the season of Fall these days. Looking forward to snuggling in blankets and snow flakes, let us treat ourselves with something magical! And talking of magical we have for you Alice & Olivia Fall Winter Dress Collection For Women 2014-2015. Yes ladies, Stacey Bendet has outdone herself once again! This talented woman started out her journey into the world of fashion with the label Alice + Olivia. Her aspiration to make trouser pants exciting and this was what led to the launch of her very first collection in 2002 and thus Alice + Olivia came into existence. This brand gained popularity fast and big. Everybody just loved her mindful designs.

The originality of the pants lies in the slim cut that has been greatly loved by women and girls alike all over the globe. Stacey Bendet’s inspiration from vintage fashion, art, music and culture was what allowed her to create something that won hearts all around the fashion industry. Her amazing work is not just limited to pants but it has become a lifestyle empire ranging from gowns, shoes and stunning accessories. This brand breathes life into fashion by introducing fresh and edgy collections each season. And these gorgeous designs are loved by celebrities all the same, some big names include Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Chung and Drew Barrymore.

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Elegant Winter Dresses For Women By Alice + Olivia

Coming over to this years Fall and Winter collection, you’ll see a blast of colors that you did not know could work so well together! When you think of the brand Alice + Olivia you immediately think of all things colorful. Stacey’s fashion sense and her understanding of different colors and shades is what has put her on top with renowned names of the industry. This year’s Fall/Winter collection was actually inspired by the spectacular characters from the fairy-tale books by Benjamin Lacombe. This collection just takes you to a whole new magical world of colors. The amazing dresses were complimented with just the right makeup and hairdos to add a little something special and complete these enchanting looks!

You will find almost every color in this line. May it be the Little Black Dress, a gown, a fur coat, a snazzy pair of pants or a cute little skirt, the collection by Alice + Olivia is definitely worth checking out. And one of the things that stands out in her collection is that you would find so much culture in those dresses. The use of colors and how they are put together will dazzle your mind. The beautiful complexity of big bold colors working so well together and looking completely harmonious is something praiseworthy. So many different fabrics are used, carefully selected after deciding what pattern or embellishments would look good on what kind of material. And it does not just end there. The dresses are accessorized and complimented with just the right elements to add perfection to this work of art. Hopefully, you will love it just as much as everyone else!

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