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Arabic Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures


Arabic bridal makeup is all about dramatic eyes, shimmery cheeks and subtle lips. You will find a lot of shimmery and dark shades in Arabic bridal makeup. It is safe to say that Arabic Bridal makeup is all about the eyes which are dramatically and extravagantly outlined and paired up with shiny cheekbones and soft lips. In Arabic makeup, you will find an array of metallic shimmery colors like golden, silver, black, blue, dark green, purple and pink etc. Here the best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures  will walk you through the entire process and you will easily become well acquainted with the essentials of the best kind of Arabic makeup for wedding brides.

Step # 1: Prime Your Skin


To start off with Arabic Bridal Makeup or makeup of any kind, you need to make sure your skin is properly clean before starting any kind of makeup. The first thing you will do is use a primer on your face to make sure your makeup sets evenly and lasts longer. Once you have primer your skin, you will apply a layer of foundation and concealer on your face, also covering the area around your eyes. Dust your face with a little translucent powder then.

Step # 2: Matte Eyeshadow


Once you are done prepping your skin and laying the foundation for your makeup, the next step in doing Arabic makeup would be to do your eyes. Eyes are the most important part of an Arabic Bridal makeup. Use a windshield brush to apply a matte shade of eyeshadow on the crease of your eyes and not around it.

Step # 3: Lighter Eyeshadow


Take a lighter color of eye shadow, preferably off-white/pearl/silver and apply it on the inner corner of your eye to dramatize and make them stand out more. Then take golden or some other shimmery shade and apply it on the center over your eyelids and move out to the surrounding area in a subtle motion to make sure the shade is applied evenly.

Step # 4: Darker Eyeshadow


Once you have shined up your eyes, it is time to go on the dark side. Take a bronze shade and apply it near the outer corner of your eyes. Then take black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner in a cat-eye/winged fashion, much like a smokey eye application. Now blend these shades softly.

Step # 5: Thick Eyeliner


Apply a thick line of eyeliner, always black, on your eyes. This will also be applied in a cat-eye/winged style. Make sure to extend the liner both end a little longer. Use a liquid liner for maximum effect. Finish off by applying fake lashes, curling them and applying a double coat of mascara.

Step # 6: Highlighter On Brow Bone


Finish off your eyes by applying highlighter along your brow bone and right along the bottom of your eyebrow. Blend your eyeshadow to remove any harsh lines and make sure the colors look seamless yet defined. Dust your skin off with some powder to remove fallen particles on your face with a brush.

Step # 7: Highlighter On Cheekbones


Time to work on your cheeks. Apply some highlighter on the top of your cheekbone to make them stand out and shine. Then take a shade of a soft pink blush and apply it on your cheeks. You can use a matte blush because it seems more natural but you can also go with something a little shimmery.

Step # 8: Lipstick


To finish off the Arabic makeup, pick a color along the lines of something pink or peachy to apply on your lips. You may apply a lip concealer before applying lipstick to make it look even and last longer. Once you are done, add a bit of gloss to your lips if you are not going for pastel lips. And you’re done!

Best Arabic Makeup Ideas For Wedding Brides

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