Asim Jofa was initially known for his successful family business of jewelry while he carried forward his family’s legacy about 12 years ago. But now he is popularly known for these amazing creations in the world of fashion. Asim Jofa brought an element to the industry that people rarely have. He started in clothing business and recently he launched his enthralling range labeled as latest Asim Jofa summer tunic collection 2017 which got real success.

His intuitiveness and understanding of the dynamics of the fashion allows him to realize his dreams in this line of business. He not only successfully recognized the needs and wants of the market but also fulfilled them and delivered exactly what people hoped for and better. His background reflects why he has been such a hit in the industry since he has been qualified and certified for renowned fashion institute that further honed and polished his natural skills.

Asim Jofa made a grand entry and never let the fire fade of the blazing trail that he left behind him as he sped to the heights of success in this business. He was not only highly appreciated by the people of Pakistan but his work has also been showcased and well received in the fashion capitals around the globe.

He has also been presented with various prestigious awards and honors for his work in the fashion world. For anyone one to reach the heights of success, that person have to be on an endless mission to improve and learn from past mistakes and inefficiencies and that is exactly what this designer has been doing since he made his banging entry on the fashion scene. He has always been one of the few that broke stereotypes in the fashion industry and created immense hype when it came to designer women wear with his fabulous collections. You can also check another New Lawn Collection 2017 By Asim Jofa.

Asim Jofa Tunic Collection For Girls 2017 With Price

Asim Jofa’s signature work is mostly Pret Line which is his most prized and precious collection and is also highly appreciated and desired by his clientele not only locally but also internationally in cities London, US, Canada and UAE. He works with the richest and finest of fabrics in all his creations, while keep high quality among his most important principles. Asim Jofa’s work has already received standing ovations in the fashion districts around the world. His signature style is inspired by all things regal and royal.

You can almost feel the extravagance oozing off of his collections. Asim Jofa tunic collection 2017  combines eastern royalty with a modern day approach with subtlety that it all seems flawless and absolutely magnificent. And because he has had so much experience in designing some exquisite pieces of jewelry, his attention to details and intricacy of design that add more beauty and uniqueness to his collections. See here Junaid Jamshed Latest Summer Collection 2017.

Asim Jofa certainly has brought back the limelight on the traditional eastern aesthetics designed according to the latest trends in the industry. His amazing work that highlighted the beauty of the Sub-Continent with a modern outlook is what he was greatly acclaimed for. This season Asim Jofa Summer Tunic Collection 2017  contains some very exclusive and limited edition designs that you just must have! It is the perfect combination of colors, cuts, designs and style. You can see the latest tunic designs for girls by Asim Jofa  in the images below.

Black Roaring Style Tunic

Black color always makes you look perfect. This dress from Asim Jofa tunic collection 2017  will add roaring charm to your personality. In this design, along with 2.5 meter printed shirt you will have printed sleeves, embroidered neckline and embroidered shirt border. You will get all this in PKR Rs 1999 only. This price is reasonable for this stylish tunic.

Asim Jofa black roaring style tunic

Quirky Chic Print Tunic

Chic print tunic consists of ultra fine embroidered features merged with quirky pattern. This contemporary tunic design is especially made for chic. The design along with 2.5 meter shirt includes sleeves and two embroidered motifs. You can get all these for PKR Rs 1999 only.

Asim Jofa tunic quirky chic print

Sublime Impact full Tunic

Delicately designed tunic complements the sublime style. This embellished tunic with minimal yet impact full print will surely bring praise your way. Along with 2.5 meter shirt, this amazing design also consists of separate sleeves and two embroidered motifs. Price of this sublime design is PKR Rs 1999 only. See here Shariq Textiles Latest Summer Kurti Collection 2017.

Asim Jofa tunic sublime impactful print

Wonders Of Nature Tunic

The tunic is designed by taking inspiration from the wonders of nature. This glamorous style possesses a magic which will surely transform your personality into modern look. The tunic design, along with 2.5 meter shirt, consists of 1 meter sleeves and one embroidered panel. It is available at outlets and online store for PKR Rs 1999.

Asim Jofa tunic wonders of nature

Embroidered Neckline

Your days of worry regarding what outfit to wear are now over as Asim Jofa has got full package tunics for you. Now buy this delectably attractive print and rejuvenate your wardrobe this summer. It consists of embroidered neckline, printed sleeves and embroidered border along with 2.5 meter shirt. All this is just for PKR Rs 1999. Check here New Warda Summer Collection 2017.

Delectably attractive tunic by Asim Jofa

Colorful Digital Printed Tunic

This one is surely a crowd admirer print which will make you under limelight. Digital print combined with embroidery makes this tunic best to wear at any type of event. The package includes one embroidered panel, sleeves and obviously more than enough shirt fabric. It also cost you PKR Rs 1999.

Digitally colorful tunic by Asim Jofa

Eclectic Tunic Print

The eclectic design tunic is made for the ladies who are history, art and travel lovers. Their love for art will depict when they will wear this design. It consist of 3 meters front and back fabric, sleeves along with embroidered panel and border. It’s price is also PKR Rs 1999. See here Khaadi Latest Lawn Collection 2017.

Eclectic design tunic by Asim Jofa

Kaleidoscope Of Hues

Fascinating kaleidoscope of hues with so stylish embroidery will make your style quotient sky high. This colorful tunic will make your personality joyful. The package consists of two embroidered brunches, sleeves and one embroidered border. All this available for PKR Rs 1999.

Fascinating kaleidoscope of colors tunic

Green and Purple Combo

The contrasting mix of green and purple is very unique and it gives powerful design as whole. This unique color combination will make you attractive among the entire crowd. The package of this design consists of embroidered bunches, one embroidered border and sleeves. It is available for PKR Rs 1999 which is very economical for this unique print. See here Motifz Latest Crinkle Chiffon Collection 2017.

Green and purple contrasting tunic by Asim Jofa

Playful Printed Tunic

The digitally printed design will let you welcome colorful summers open handed. The playful tunic will add vivacious factor to your personality. The pack consists of one embroidered panel with sleeves. It’s price is PKR Rs 1999.

Playful printed tunic by Asim Jofa

Travel Bug Style Tunic

Take on to the world with this amazingly spectacular travel bug style apparel. It is especially made for fun and travel loving ladies and girls. The masterpiece consists of 3 meter front and back fabric, one embroidered panel, embroidered border of shirt and sleeves all in PKR Rs 1999.

Asim Jofa Travel bug style tunic

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