Latest Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019

Mehndi is one of the eves in the Life of bride when her new journey is about to start and this one would be a celebration of bachelorhood. Well, Every Asian function whether Indian or Pakistani is incomplete without mehndi function where family members and friends are gathered for the celebration. Dance and music are the souls of the function. In this blog, BestStylo would let you know the Latest Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 for the function.

Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

You can see the preparation of ladies and girls with unique henna designs and bangles they are all set to grab the attention of function. Well, here we will discuss the main attention of the function which is none other than the bride. So, Among dresses and other things, bridal Mehndi hairstyle is also grabbing the attention of everyone. Don’t forget to check out our wide range of Latest Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi hairstyles loose curls


Best Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 In Pakistan

Are you going to bride to be? Want to know some attention to grab hairstyles for your mehndi function? BestStylo is all set to let you know Stunning Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 for your big day. Try out these and we assure you that you would look different as you should be. Let’s follow some trendy hairstyles for mehndi function.

Mehndi Curls for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Want to have some pathani look for your mehndi function? It might be some new experiment for you but you should try this as well. You can have light curls with this headpiece (Matha Patti) and a Top layer of hairs can be braided for below hair curls. It would be perfect for you just try out and let us know how’s your experience? Grab Indian Lehenga Choli Dresses to make your wedding superb.

Curls with Mathpatti for mehndi hairstyle

  • Floral touch is in trend these days whether you see a print of latest lawn design or shoe styles, you will see flowers everywhere. If we talk about hairstyle, then see the below picture where loose curls along back-combing hairstyle have been beautifully done. Flowers are beautifully adjusted with loose curls. You can have Headpiece of any type and believe me, you will get a stunning and elegant look as well on your mehndi.

Floral braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Do you love hair beads? If yes, then do you know you can have Fish braid? And beautifully embellish the beads of your own choice as it is shown in below picture. Bridal has done a fish braid in her golden dyed hairs on the yellow embroidered dress. She is looking gorgeous for sure as well. Don’t forget to try out our Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step.

Golden Braid for mehndi bridal

  • If you don’t want to open your hairs on your mehndi day, then you can have braid with handmade floral jewellery which is used to make through fresh flowers. Such jewellery gives the best look to braid style. It’s up to you whether you have Fish braid or French braid as you can see in below picture bride is having braid style. Also, have a look at our Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses

Curly Braid for mehndi hairstyle

  • Want to have royal look on mehndi? Well, who doesn’t want to have a royal touch like a queen on her day as you can see in below picture? Bridal is wearing two-legged Sharara dress with loose hair braid to give a glamorous look to her entire look. If you have hair larger than the shoulder, then it would be perfect in black hairs and enhance the look of your whole attire with your mehndi dress and makeup. Also, take a look at Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Messy braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Are you get tired of same braid look at Mehndi functions? Then you can have light curls in your open hairs. Add jhumar tikka and put the hairs on the right side. it would be appealing to you as you can see in below picture. It would give you unique and elegant look from usual brides on their mehndi functions.

Open hair with jhoomar Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • If you have long hairs, then it would be best to have long hair braid and you can have gajras or flowers in your braid to enhance its look. As you can see in below pictures, you are also loving this for sure like me. Have some more braided hairstyle ideas here.

Long braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles


Loose Braid Hairstyles For Mehndi Brides

Have some loose braid and adjust white jewellery piece in your hair if you really don’t like to have floral touch along headpiece style for your hair. It is all about to give you gorgeous look for your mehndi eve. Have a look at below pictures, this one would be a great experience because it’s an elegant style if you don’t want to have too much heaviness for being a mehndi bride.

Matha Patti messy braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Rose Braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Wavy Hairs for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Floral bun for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Open hair for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

These are some elegant and stylish hairstyle designs for all the brides to be on their mehndi function. It’s up to you what type of mehndi dress you are wearing and what type of makeup you are having? You just need to consider those hairstyles which are accurate as per your personality or you can easily carry. Have fun and look different on your big day. 🙂

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Chinyere Stitched Summer Collection 2019 With Price

Everyone preferred stitched collection rather than rushing to tailor with unstitched designer dresses. Obviously, you also don’t want such type of hustle bustle too. It’s better to opt stitched pret. If you are looking for a high-quality brand that provides best-stitched collection with elegance and classy prints, then here is good news for you, Chinyere got the foothold in the designer industry. Yep, Chinyere latest stitched summer collection 2019 is all set to gear you up this summer. Didn’t try yet, then what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite one. BestStylo is bringing Latest Chinyere Stitched Summer Collection 2019 for all the Pret lovers.

Fly By Night Chinyere Stitched Collection

Chinyere is getting acknowledgement all over the world and now this is not being preferred by Pakistani people only. You would get sneak peek about Chinyere from the foreigner’s community as well. The brand is focusing on its high-quality designs because these days, every brand is putting best to give something new to transform your personality. So, how can Chinyere stay away from introducing something spectacular for you? Take a look at below fascinating designs.

Bee Sting Chinyere Stitched Collection

 Chinyere Ready To Wear Summer Dresses 2019

Chinyere is a brand of exclusive collections containing casual, semi-formal and formal-wear for your elegant look. They are following traditions parallel to latest trends. You will get tradition and panache through this platform. Usually, this is difficult to get both things from the same brand either that would be more traditional or lack of classy prints wouldn’t capture your attention. So, it’s imperative to choose something better that would give your personality a class. Take a look at Chinyere Stitched Summer Collection 2019. Must check Latest Stitching Styles Of Pakistani Dresses.

Folk Night Chinyere Stitched Collection

Chinyere is having a wide variety of tops, maxi dresses, Palazzo and Gharara pant. All our variety is adorned with detail embellishments. So, if you haven’t given a try to Chinyere, then don’t waste time on spending other brands, just pick any favorite piece and you will get to know why Chinyere is getting acknowledgment from all over the world and why people are frequently choosing these designs for any gathering or party? Let’s have a look at ravishing designs by Chinyere.

  • Floral Glass Multi

Get this lawn printed floral shirt. You can see back is also having a print like front one. Beautifully bordered sleeves and daman is increasing its appealing look and what about you, when you will wear this? It will give you a new exciting look if you haven’t tried such designs ever. Grab this outfit at PKR 2,800/-. Have a look at Juggan Kazim Unstitched Lawn

Floral Glass Multi Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • Baroque Bunch Multi

This 2-piece attire is full of floral prints. Most people use to have such printed dresses rather than embroidery. So, for a change, if you want to have such attire, then grab this Baroque Bunch Multi. It will be a unique experience for you and something new addition to your wardrobe. Get this outfit at PKR 4,800/-. Don’t forget to check Latest Gul Ahmed Summer Collection

Baroque Bunch2 Multi Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • Green Grace

This beautiful green having button panels on the left side is increasing the grace of this green attire. You would love this jacquard shirt. It will be a great option for your casual wear. Try boot cut pants with such type of shirt or you can have bell bottom trouser as well in black color. Grab this piece at PKR 2,800/-. Have you not checked BeechTree Festive Lawn Collection? Then what are you waiting for? Click and enjoy. 🙂

Green Grace Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • Hawaii Tales

If you are thinking this one would remind you Hawaii trip or something about their culture, then probably it wouldn’t. You might get an idea from the fabric that prints are somehow related to Hawaii print. Well, for a change and to give something exciting to your personality, this outfit would be the best option for that. Take this piece to your home in just PKR 2,850/-. If you haven’t clicked Zainab Chottani Formal Wears yet, then check it out this one too.

Hawaii Tales Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • Ukraine Red

Looking for something gorgeous in red shade? Then try out this piece, it will give you appealing look this summer. Wavy print with boat neckline is adding a complement to this red shirt. Grab this piece at just PKR 3,500/-. Click  EGO Ready To Wear Summer Dresses.

Ukraine Red Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • White Grid 

Good news for all the white lovers who don’t like vibrant colors, now they can add this white Grid shirt to their wardrobe for their casual look. Beautiful neckline with grid print is enhancing your appearance in gatherings. Try out this piece at PKR 3,200/-. Do check Origins Ready to Wear Summer Dresses

White Grid 2 Chinyere Stitched Collection

  • Fun Print

This shirt piece would give you a feeling of real fun. Check out the amazing color combo of peach and ferozi and other multi shades. The best option for casual wear. You would love the different experiments by Chinyere and yes, it’s the best feature of this brand. Have you seen funky prints on the shirt? Don’t you think this looks amazing for casual wear? Grab this piece at PKR 2,650/-.

Fun print Chinyere Stitched Collection

Some Other Prints From Chinyere Pret Collection

Bohos Art Chinyere Stitched Collection

Folk Night Chinyere Stitched Collection

Golden bee Chinyere Stitched Collection

Ethnic Paradise Chinyere Stitched Collection

Striper Chinyere Stitched Collection

Check out these amazing designs for your casual wear either you are going to a formal meeting or just going to college, these designs are so elegant and can be easily carried in formal routines. Grab your favorite piece and get ready to leave all spellbound. 🙂

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Latest Wedding Rings Collection 2019

A function is incomplete without jewellery similarly your wedding or engagement can’t be completed without rings. This is a tradition of exchanging rings from both groom and bride side. Several brands are already in the market to serve you with their best elegant designs. Everyone has their own choice of having white or yellow gold, platinum, tungsten wedding bands. This is a top priority for everyone to choose a high-quality design to symbolize their love. Best Stylo is presenting Latest wedding Rings Collection of 2019 for you all to make your day marvellous. Your wedding Gown is incomplete without these ring.

Curved Wedding ring


Elegant Wedding Rings Collection

Now you don’t need to worry about how to select a unique and elegant style for your bride. Get the best wedding bands for her. It’s up to you what type of material would be your first preference but the design will steal the heart of many of the people in gathering. Best Stylo is bringing latest Wedding Rings Collection 2019 to give you tremendous ideas for having your ring as a memory of your endless love. Check out the latest ones.

Titanium Wedding Ring

  • Want to have a vintage inspired ring? Then this following picture of white gold and glittering diamond would blow your mind. Get this Chic Ring with the modern style. This one is wedding ring of last year so for sure you don’t want to miss this chance. You can also have a look at Latest Engagement Rings Designs For Women

White Gold Diamond ring

  • Most of the brides love to have round shape elegant rings without having any pearl in the middle so see this design has beautifully embellished the sequence of diamonds. Grab this elegant Piece of accessory for sealing wedding vows in the stylish ring. Don’t forget to have French Manicure to wear this wedding band.Round shape Diamond wedding ring


  • Apart from all the rings, this one has a raised Matt central band. I am sure this one would be a marvellous gift for your love. Get this one 0.6 cm in diameter in all normal sizes. Have this stylish ring with your reception dress 😉

Matt polished Wedding ring

  • Do you like to have heart shape ring? I personally love this, especially in rings. Don’t you think it would signify your endless love? Check this design which is having a sequence of glittering diamonds. Sophisticated diamond jewellery for your lady love. These trendiness designs would leave you stunned similar as you used to give beautiful reaction to Wedding Necklace Designs

Shaped Diamond Wedding ring

  • Do you want to have classic style design of wedding ring? Get this 15 points of glittering diamonds. The wedding band is beautifully indulged with diamonds. Without wasting any time get this round shape ring for your big day.

Diamond wedding band

  • This twisted ring with the sequence of glittery diamonds. You can see diamonds are beautifully cut with special precision formula. Also ensuring maximum brilliance in each diamond. You would love this and it would be a precious gift for your loved one.

Twisted Wedding Ring

  • Nothing could be elegant and stylish rather than this wedding ring in gold colour. Glittering diamond would be a great combination of classic and stylish in your hands. Get this slim round shape ring for your wedding day to symbolize your everlasting love.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

  • If you are crazy about heart shape like me then this wedding bad would mesmerize you on your big day. This elegant design would be a feminine top choice for having a classic diamond ring. You can have this in various sizes. For me, you won’t be able to get more than elegance in any of the design. You can have also Latest Bride and Groom Wedding Dress Collection to make your day memorable.

Diamond Heart Shaped wedding ring

  • Are you tired of having slim designs? Then this heavy court style is of 5mm diameter. Get this stylish jewellery to start a new journey of your life. This dreamy ring would be the great element to make your memories ever last.

Gold Super Heavy Wedding Ring

  • Marquise Cut diamonds in round shape ring would give you enchanting feeling to symbolize your new journey. This sophisticated diamond jewellery will be a great experience for women to add style statement in personality.

Marquise Wedding ring

Wedding Rings- Unique Styles

In this Section we have brought a quick view of beautiful wedding rings. These designs are amazing and incredible. If you haven’t decided what design you are going to shop for your better half then following rings would make this job hassle-free. Select your favourite design and make your wedding day memorable.

Sapphire Wedding Ring

Halo Diamond Wedding Ring

White Prettiest Wedding Ring

Square Wedding Ring

Moissanite Wedding Ring

Single Halo Wedding Ring

Heart-Shaped Wedding Ring

Blue Nile Wedding ring

These are the spectacular designs for your big day. Among your wedding dresses you need to have something who will keep your big day memory so don’t forget to have Easy Makeup Tips Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Attractive to give your personality an appealing look from several others. Get these elegant designs for your big day.:)

Don’t forget to check following ones 😉

Kayseria Summer Collection For Women 2019

Renowned Fashion Brand,  Kayseria became part of Pakistan’s fashion industry back in 1985. In a less time period, the brand got its major standing in the market and found its place in Pakistani Women’s wardrobe. Kayseria is not only famous in Pakistan but has an international clientele that looks forward to its collection every season.  From daily routine fabric to semi formals and now other accessories too under its flag, Kayseria has become the brand of fashion for Pakistani Women.  They have not only brought innovation into their fabric designs but they have also managed for an amazing range of accessories in their stores. If you haven’t visited Kayseria store for a while then this summer 2019 is the right thing to do!

What’s new in their store at this time of month? Well, Kayseria has some amazing Summer Collection 2019 on their shelves this time. If you are looking to update your wardrobe this season then Kayseria is a must! Look stylish and trendy in Kayseria with Kayseria Summer Collection 2019.

Kayseria Latest Summer Collection For Women 2019

This collection consists of long and medium length shirts and kurtas with down wear of different types like palazzo, choridaars and trousers. Shirts have floral and classic prints with bead-work embellishments. They have also introduced several floral prints prints with innovations and they look completely stunning and appealing. Embroidery on the neck line is trending this summer at Kayseria. Yes, you can easily wear them in your daily routine or even in semi formal meetups. Laces and patches embellished with stones give a different and beautiful look to the dresses. Clothes offered by this Kayseria are according to latest fashion trends and they will give a stylish look to your personality and are according to every type of customer and are completely comfortable to wear.

The hues used in this clothing are fresh and light colors that blend properly in Summer.  The quality of every kind of material used is very high and reliable. For Kayseria Summer Pret Collection 2019, the stitching is highly professional and precise which gives a perfect and stylish look to the dresses. These dresses are available in every outlet of this brand if you are going for the shopping for summers and spring then they will be the best choice for your wardrobe and personality as well. If not, you can also shop online via their website and enjoy it from home. So rush to grab the things according to your choice without any waste of time. You can also order the dresses on the official website of Kayseria.


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Latest Engagement Rings Designs For Women 2019

No Eve is complete without Jewelry and Rings are the essential part of every eve whether it’s your wedding or engagement. BestStylo is bringing you Latest Engagement Rings Designs 2018 for all valuable readers. Engagement is being considered a start of new relationship journey so it is being presented as a memory to both bride and groom to keep their memory until many years after the wedding too. This trend was the origin of foreign countries but here people in Pakistan, India and other Asian countries are getting aware of this fashion. Jewelry designers have introduced several latest designs to make your day memorable.

Engagement Ring


Engagement Rings Collection 2019 In Pakistan

Now engagement rings are not just in round shape as it was earlier who just have a sphere in the center of the ring. BestStylo is showcasing latest engagement rings for women 2018 which is a different collection that includes Solitaire, Halo, Vintage, Sapphire Side stones, Three-stone, diamond preset and Gemstone Preset. It is up to you whether you choose Gold ring or diamond for your day. Several jewelry Designers are showing up new uniquely crafted rings for you.

Engagement ring latest Collection

Rings are of different prices and they make sure one thing, each ring piece should be in the range of everyone. Get ready to know about the latest collection for your jewelry. If you are wearing maxi and gownthen you can choose ring as per your outfit otherwise white would be perfect. Don’t forget to have manicure of your hands. Because it is all about to make your hand prettiest so nothing should be missed. Go ahead and get your nails art as well by following our top trending nail art collection

White Gold Engagement Ring

  • Hand-Engraved Solitaire Ring

The uniquely crafted platinum solitaire ring would look best on your finger. You can have this ring for your big day. The everlasting shine of the ring would definitely mesmerize you and you want to have it at any cost.

Hand-Engraved Platinum Engagement Ring

  • Four Stone Emerald Diamond Ring

When you are hunting for elegance and style, then don’t forget to have this four stone Emerald ring for your day. Each side of the diamond is perfectly visible, cut and complementing your choice.

Four Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

  • Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring

A pair of tapered baguette-cut side Diamond in Platinum style would look stunning in your finger. Get this classic ring for your big day. Timeless shine would be amazing.

Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring

  • Retro Vintage Engagement Ring

Get this Retro Vintage Ring Which is featuring bezel set of diamonds in round shape. Approximately it would be of 1.10 carat weight. Without wasting time, get this beautiful ring which is unique and elegant for carrying in casual as well.

Retro Vintage Engagement Ring

  • Quad Cut Engagement Ring

Get ready for the Quad Cut engagement Ring for starting new journey so how can you compromise on design and price so take away quad cut engagement ring for your lady love.

Quad Cut Engagement Ring

  •  Round Cluster Engagement Ring

Round shape diamond with white stone color and Gold metal type is all set to give you ravishing look on your fabulous day. 14K carat gold has been used to give you perfect and unique look among all.

Round Cluster Engagement Ring

  • Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

This gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring never give you tired feeling ever from seeing this piece. Nothing would be precious than this for your big day. Just give it to your lady love for feeling special on her big day.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

  • Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Whether you have blue sapphire or pink one, both would give your hand a splendid look. Pink Sapphires among the centerpiece of diamond would give lavish look and round shape of ring would be easy to adjust in finger.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

  • White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring

This white gold blue sapphire ring is having only circular shape sapphires along the central diamond are beautifully adjusted and timeless shine would appeal you to have this immediately for your day.

White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring

  • White and Rose Sapphire Diamond Ring

Ravishing White and Rose Sapphire Diamond Ring would make you glamorous and your hand would complement this ring on your big day. Have party gown of rose color will make your outfit best with this ring. Hurry Up and grab this ring.

White and Rose engagement Ring

  • White Gold Floral Shape Engagement Ring

Beautiful floral shape ring is having a flowery shape and diamond is in the center would give you elegant look on your engagement. 14K white gold has been used in this ring. Make it fast and have this ring for your fiance. She would love this for sure.

Floral diamond shape engagement ring


A Glimpse of Latest Collection Of Engagement Rings


Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Stunning Rhoddolite Engagement Ring

White Gold Engagement Diamond Ring

Give your fiance a spectacular gift on the engagement day when you people are about to start your new journey. It would give a special feel and confidence too. I am pretty much sure this ring will complement your dress as well. Try out these beautiful engagement rings designs 2019 along with earrings and necklace to make your look complete with stunning soft party makeup. Check out our engagement dress designs too that would help you to figure out your engagement look.

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Juggan Kazim Unstitched Lawn Collection 2019 With Price

Who is not aware of ravishing and stunning Television host and actress Juggan Kazim? She is back with a bang this time with its Summer Unstitched Lawn Collection 2019. If you are looking for soothing colors and high-quality lawn dress, then I would suggest no one will give you better than Juggan’s Pret. Yes, excellent and exquisite colors would leave you spellbound and you will wish to have that one to your wardrobe. The brand is all set to ride with their valued clients in the roller coaster of the modern and trendy design of lawn for all the girls and women.

Russian Black Summer lawn Collection by Juggan


Juggan’s Summer Lawn Collection 2019 Catalog

Starting summer leaves everyone in dwindle situation where they could get the best lawn with full of elegance and style so only for you people, BestStylo is back with Latest Summer Collection 2019 by Juggan Kazim. Grab your favorite lawn at an affordable price. The brand aim is to give their respective clients 100% pure fabric with a unique design to give you splendid look for the summer. You can also check here Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Collection. Let’s have a look on latest eye-catching prints by Juggan Kazim.

Juggun's unstitched Lawn Collection

  • Mixed Mono Unstitched 3-Piece 

We are all tired of seeing the blend of only 2-3 common colors but juggan’s brand has succeeded in creating a glorious blend of colors as you can see in below dress. Get this beautiful color combination of blue, white and orange with chiffon dupatta. This article is available at PKR 4,500/-. Click must at Sapphire Unstitched Lawn Collection

Juggan's Mixed Mono Unstitched 3-piece lawn

  • Glided Glamorous 3-Pc Lawn

Get this glided glamorous dress of amazing natural color touch. You can see digitally printed lawn shirt of beautiful and soothing colors along with dyed cotton trouser that would give you attractive look this summer. This dress is available at PKR 4,950/-.

Juggan's Glided Glamous Unstitched 3-piece lawn

  • Blue Delight Unstitched 3-Piece 

Digital printed lawn shirt along with white trouser is all set to give you delighted feeling this summer. If you are sick of same old color combinations of other brands, then don’t forget to have this dress to your wardrobe. This dress is available at PKR 4,200/-.

Juggan's Blue Delight Unstitched 3-piece Lawn

  • Chinese Blossom 3-Piece Lawn

This Chinese blossom unstitched 3-piece is all about stunning color combinations. The dress is beautifully designed with amazing digital prints which would give you feeling of blossoming season. Dyed Cotton white trouser along with chiffon dupatta would add a complement to your dress. This dress is available at PKR 4,920/-.

Juggan's Chinese Blossom Unstitched 3-piece Lawn

  • Cockatoo Unstitched 3-Piece Lawn

This mixed navy blue with floral print looks stunning along blue trouser and chiffon dupatta. Embroidered Patti is available with the dress. Have this dress in your wardrobe to make you spectacular look. Get this dress at PKR 2,730/-. Check out Khaadi 3-Piece Lawn Collection

Cockatoo Unstitched 3-Piece Lawn by juggan

  • Floral Queen Unstitched 3-Piece Lawn

Wanna be a Queen? Have this dress which is a mixture of floral print along printed glamorous chiffon dupatta with black trouser. Embroidered neckline would give a complement to your dress so without wasting time, get this dress at PKR 3,220/-. You can have a look at Shaista Cloth Embroidered Lawn Collection

Floral Queen Unstitched 3-piece Lawn by juggan

  • Floral Cage Unstitched 3-Pc Lawn

This turquoise blue digital printed shirt with chiffon dupatta give you striking look for this summer. To get rid away of summer’s heat, this fresh color would give you rejuvenate feeling. This article is available at PKR 2,940/-. Check out Satrangi Summer Affair Lawn as well.

Floral Cage Unstitched 3-piece Lawn by juggan

  • Ravish Unstitched 3-Piece Lawn

This ravishing 3-piece lawn is having floral digital prints along with embroidered neckline. You can have this fern green shade this summer. Chiffon dupatta design is hard to find from any other brand. Grab this dress for this summer to give yourself a pleasant look. It is available at PKR 2,940/-. Also, click at Zeniya Lawn By Deepak Perwani.

Ravish Unstitched 3-piece Lawn by juggan

  • Roman Garden Unstitched 3-Piece Lawn

In Summer, we all rush to the natural design especially want to have greenery and garden print in every dress because we know the green color is the symbol of freshness. This Roman garden design is fabricated by keeping these elements in mind. Grab this dress at PKR 2,940/-. Don’t forget to click at Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Collection

Roman Garden Unstitched 3-piece Lawn


Juggan’s Lawn – Symbol Of Elegance & Style


Juggan's Mud Sand Unstitched Lawn Collection

Juggan's Floral Premium Unstitched Lawn

Silver Stone Unstitched Lawn by Juggan

Juggan’s Summer Collection 2019  is the proof of dedicated hard work of designers for their valued customers. So, this is the time to acknowledge their effort fora unique and classic dress for you ladies. Yes! Brand has superbly done an effort with perplexing designs. So, without wasting time, hurry up and rush to Juggan’s Outlet or Online order through Website and their Facebook page. Brand is ensuring high quality and 100% pure fabric as well. Go and get your favorite design before its too late. 🙂

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Latest EdenRobe Waistcoat Designs 2019

The waistcoat is the 3rd part of 3 piece suit. So by keeping your choice in our first priority best stylo is back with Latest EdenRobe Waistcoat Designs 2019. It is often taken as a vest although the tailoring communities and menswear were using it as a knit garments and sweater know using it as a vest for both men n women. Men usually have these to look elegant and stunning and it is usually a great addition to their shalwar kameez. Several brands are in the market who are all set to give you spectacular look either on wedding function or Eid but EdenRobe has already won their customer’s heart through incredible and colour combinations. A wide range of colours for waistcoat has been introduced with different colours.

Navy Blue Waist Coat Eden Robe Collection

EdenRobe Waist Coat Design 2019

Waistcoat served to emphasize the new popularity of the cinched-in waist for males and became skin tight to emphasize the figure: broader shoulder, a pouting chest and a nipped in waist.It also serves to hide a gut, mask ill-fitting shirt or frankly serve as a figure-enhancing the piece.It’s a kind of men’s wear version of “Spanx”.

Waistcoat comes in many different cuts and style. The Classic Waistcoat, The Donegal Tweed Waistcoat, The Hopsack Waistcoat, The Windowpane Waistcoat, The Notch Lapel Waistcoat, The peak lapel Waistcoat, The Double-Breasted Waistcoat, The Double-Breasted Waistcoat, The DB Shawl Collar Waistcoat, The Low Cut-Formal Waistcoat, The Leather Waistcoat, The Quilted Waistcoat.

Black Pattern Eden Robe Collection

Every Country, State, City have their own dress code with the little bit different on waistcoat or dress like In Asia waistcoat is used with a different combination. the waistcoat is used as a traditional dress code in Pakistan.In different areas waistcoat is used as casual wearing and in some parts, it is used as a formal.Most people in every province carry waistcoat with shalwar Kameez. if you want something traditional in wedding or party you can wear it easily.It’s totally up to you which look you want if u want a western look u wear it with jeans shirt dress paints T-shirt and if u want the eastern look to carry it with Shalwar Kameez. There are several famous Designers and Brands which are working on traditional dress codes like Eden robe, Amir Adnan, Gul Ahmed, Ijaz Aslam, Deepak parwani and so on.

As everybody knows that Eden robe is a well-known Brand in Pakistan which is working with different targets like men, women, and kids.It is working on both traditional, eastern and western.As Edenrobe is working on waistcoat because it’s important parts of men’s wear, which is always in trend with the slight differences. Edenrobe had work done on it and launched its new designs with different looks and colour combination which will play a big role in the improvisation of your wardrobe and enhance your body and personality.So we can have a look at few numbers from Edenrobe.

We have collected Edenrobe latest collection for you at our platform

Edenrobe Beige Waistcoat

Reinvent your sharp formal dressing with this waistcoat from Eden robe. Its Nehru collar accentuates its urbane class and it’s cost Rs 4,000/-

Edenrobe Beige Waistcoat

Edenrobe Grey Waistcoat

Styled with a classy stand collar and sharp notch front hem, this Grey waistcoat from Eden robe will add vintage charm to your corporate outfit. Flaunting slim silhouette and assuring optimum comfort. Price is Rs 3,800/-

Edenrobe Grey Waistcoat

Edenrobe Brown Waistcoat

Lend your formal outfit a vintage-inspired modern look with the striking self-textured tiny motifs of this Brown waistcoat from Eden robe. It cost Rs 4,000/-

Edenrobe Brown Waistcoat

EdenRobe Sea-Green Waistcoat

Look your best at a party tonight wearing this Sea green coloured waistcoat for men from the Eden robe. This slim-fit waistcoat will keep you comfortable all day long.It’s cost Rs 5,400/-

EdenRobe Sea-Green Waistcoat

Edenrobe Dark Grey Waistcoat

The geometric-patterned ethnic motifs of this Dark Grey waistcoat from Edenrobe will add a vintage vibe to your modish outfit. Finished with a stylish raised collar, this waistcoat will cost Rs 4,300/-

Edenrobe Dark Grey Waistcoat

Edenrobe Mehndi Waistcoat

Edenrobe presents this Mehndi coloured waistcoat, which is finished with neat and refined solid pattern and you can buy it in Rs 5,400/-

Edenrobe Mehndi Waistcoat

Edenrobe Light Grey Waistcoat

Edenrobe presents this grey waistcoat that showcases clean, structured cuts and a slim silhouette, making it the apt pick for the fashion savvy man. While the V-neck and five buttons placket lend it a sharp look, the pointed front hem and three pocket design give it a classic touch.

The price is Rs 3,800/-

Edenrobe Light Grey Waistcoat

Above you see the new collection of waistcoat from Edenrobe and there are we have more combinations of this brand which will excite you.It will help you to select right and perfect thing for your self and you can also gift it to your family members and friends.

EdenRobe Blue waist coat

EdenRobe Check Blue waist coat

EdenRobe green waist coat

EdenRobe Light Blue waist coat

EdenRobe white waist coat

EdenRobe Navy Blue waist coat

These are the top collection of edenrobe If you haven’t selected yet, then go ahead with these waistcoats and add to your wardrobe. They have all potential elements to give you classy and ethnic look at any event.

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New Arrivals Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2019

Sawan is a mid-summer season which is known for lots of rain and you can’t resist wandering to different places with your fellows and loved ones. Peak season of shopping and ladies are also looking for some lively designs to keep them in style. Good news for all the ladies who were already in search to have such designs. Orient textiles are back with their Sawan Collection 2019. The true sparkling designs and amazing colors are all set to give you rejuvenate feeling this season. Grab your favorite outfit from Orient Textiles Latest Sawan Collection 2019.

Black orient sawan Collection

The brand is aiming to excel the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, greater value and improving operation efficiency. Orient textiles have launched in the year 2000 when we started our operations. Gradually increasing their sales and making the foundation strong, the company finally decided to grow at international level. Orient Textiles is involved in every stage from cotton selection to final packed goods. Dealing all over the world to strengthen the position of an international platform. Don’t forget to take a look at Orient Textiles Winter Collection

Orient Mid-Summer Sawan Collection 2018

Check out the latest Orient Sawan Collection 2019 for glamorous personality. It’s a time to revive your summers with ravishing designs of Orient textiles. They are serving their valuable customers across the globe. Without wasting any time, have these dresses for Sawan season and give a glamorous touch to your personality. Grab your favorite designs to make your summer fresh and cool. These prints are giving you standout appearance in gatherings. Let’s take a look at Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2019 along with price detail.

  • Look at below beige color design to boost your personality this summers. The new version of vibrant color with embroidered Daman is looking so elegant. Peacock style design on Daman is enhancing beige shade gorgeously. Have this dress at PKR 4,200/-. Click to see Nishat Linen Sawan Collection

Beige Orient Sawan Collection

  • Looking for something in blue? Then have this dress for adding real summers touch to your wardrobe. Floral printed dupatta looking so beautiful. Embroidered Daman with floral pattern is all set to enhance your personality. Get this dress in PKR 3,900/-.

Blue by Orient textiles Sawan Collection

  • If you haven’t get purple dress for this summer, then check out the grey and purplish color fusion by orient. Printed dupatta with cambric grey pants will look gorgeous on you. Try out this dress with high heels and you will look glamorous for sure. Get this dress in just PKR 2,675/-. Don’t miss to check Khaadi Mid Summer Collection

Purple Orient Sawan Collection

  • Light green shade with a beautiful combination of yellow will give you stunning appearance this summer. Yellow color has all the elements to boost your personality and you will have a gorgeous appearance in gatherings. Get this piece in just PKR 2,675/-. Don’t forget to click on Kayseria Summer Pret Collection

Light green Orient Sawan Collection

  • Are you crazy about shocking orange shades? Put them aside, Orient Textiles have light and dark orange color that will boost your personality this summer. Beautiful floral prints are enhancing dress appearance and you will definitely love this attire. Don’t forget to have this stunning piece for this summer in just PKR 2,675/-. Check out Sana Safinaz Summer Ready To Wear Dresses

Orange Orient Sawan Collection

  • Who can resist having lime green this summer? Obviously, no one! Get ready and have this beautiful green shade. Check out the floral print on the front side of the shirt with white trousers. You would definitely love that outfit. This outfit is available in PKR 2,675/-.

Lime green Orient Sawan Collection

  • Blue is one of my favorite colors for summer, so if you haven’t tried yet, grab this outfit from orient outlets. Zig-zag white print on sleeves and dupatta is giving a new touch with blue shirt and pants. Border line is looking beautiful on Daman and sleeves edges, so I don’t think you will get such exquisite designs for summers at an economical price. Get this dress at PKR 2,675/-. Must check Satrangi Summer Affair Lawn

Blue Orient Sawan Collection

  • Zig-zag prints are quite in these days and most of the summer designs are having zig-zags on shirts. Orient has something new for you despite having same zigzags on the shirt. They have utilized this approach on sleeves and dupatta. Have a look at the beautiful combination of red, white and black. This dress is available at PKR 2,675/-. Check out Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection

Red Orient Sawan Collection

  • Dry Henna shade is one of my favorite colors. It’s really awesome that orient has chosen such type of unique color combinations for their Sawan collection that will mesmerize you. It’s difficult to keep yourself resisted without having these shades. Beige cambric trouser and aqua blue floral prints look stunning on the shirt. This dress is available at PKR 3,400/-. If you haven’t check yet, then do click at Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Collection

Floral Orient Sawan Collection

  • Teenagers and office girls choose to have decent prints in their outfits. Lining blueprint with a mixture of white and floral prints will give you a gorgeous look this summer. You can see beautiful prints on trouser as well. If you haven’t tried out this before, grab this for coming Sawan season. You would definitely love this. Have this outfit at PKR 3,500/-.

Lining Black Orient Sawan Collection

Some Other Prints From Orient Sawan Collection

Yellow Latest Orient Sawan Collection

OffWhite Latest Orient Sawan Collection

Black Orient Sawan Collection

orange Latest Orient Sawan Collection

Check out the whole Orient Sawan Collection 2019 that is all set to leave you to spell bound. If you haven’t tried these designs yet, then don’t waste your time with other brands, just grab these before it ends. Orient has wide range of colors to mesmerize your summers with their unique and sophisticated designs. 😉

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Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Designs 2019 Latest Collection

In a Muslim country, covering the body is not only a norm or culture but it is the one important decision for girls. Covering the head or body is not an obligation but being faithful Muslim girl, you must have shame and guts to cover up your head and body. In most of the Islamic countries especially like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai girls and women consider it the obligation for them. Abaya has to be most important clothing for Muslim lady to cover her body. The covering body factor is entirely compensated by the use of abaya as it is the best way.

Where a girl or woman cover up her body with the abaya, she came under the shadow of goods, and she get safe from evil. Abaya helps her to keep her body covered in the relaxed way as it is comfortable clothing. There is another major point that abaya has become a fashion in Arab countries now, the reason being women are not allowed to go out without covering the body. So, the abaya is a dress code in Saudi Arabia and Dubai too. Since abayas have become a part of the dress so it is considered proper dress. Girls and ladies now spend good money to get their abaya stitched or get it ready made. There are numerous designers out there who have now started making whole fashion line of abayas.

New Designs of Stylish Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Collection

We have always seen that the elegance and decency of this dress code came when it is black color. But gone are the times when this dressing is only seen in black color. With the advancement of fashion and fashion industry, abayas are also getting modernized day by day. Now there is a trend of fancy multicolored abayas, so this year, many designers have showcased their latest collection of multicolored fancy lace abaya designs 2019. The UAE abaya designers like EFFA, Sweety abaya, Al-Motahajiba, Dar Al Hazar, Dar Al Malika, Slouchy’z and Velvet abayas are very famous for making fashion line for this dressing. They have designed fancy lace abayas for the modern girls.

It is usually seen that girls get fed up by covering their body with the same color daily. So, for their comfort, there is now the good range of fancy lace abaya designs. As they have to wear it whole day long so, they also want some variation in their dress. They want some colorful scarf with it or they want any fancy addition like lace, buttons, stones and pearls on their dress. In Pakistan now a trend is started, ladies also get their abayas stitched. As shown in the pictures above and below you can see that you can make your abaya yourself. You just need to get a nice colored stuff for you along with some silk patches and lace pieces. You can give that to your tailor, and he will make one beautiful outfit for you. Keeping in mind the weather of your country, decide the comfortable stuff. You can use various colors like shown in the pictures. Moreover, I feel that as this dress is to demonstrate simplicity so doesn’t use too sharp colors and at the end wear what suits you and make you feel comfortable.

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La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2019

This year’s La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2019 will wonderfully delight you. From wonderfully simple black ones to the fascinating ones with classy color combinations, you will find just about every style and design you need now a days to look absolutely amazing wherever you go.

The trend of abayas and Hijabs have grown so rapidly and so tremendously that even thousands of non-Muslims around the world have started wearing these as a fashion statement if not more. Fashion is all about freedom of expression. It is how one can choose to express their personality and nature in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories; your unique personal style. There is just something very comforting and graceful about wearing these particular type of dresses.

When asked about how abayas make women feel, so many of them said that it made them feel liberated and free, that it allowed them to feel so much more comfortable and safe. And how awesome would it be if we could combine that with fashion to let ourselves enjoy the beauty of dressing? There are thousands and thousands of designs and styles gone in the making of this garment.

As we all mostly see, the base color used in abayas is the bold and beautiful ‘black’. And while black can look absolutely thrilling, the colors used in this are not limited to just black. Now you have millions of marvelous color combinations that you can incorporate with black or you can even leave the black out and go for an entirely different color if that suits your personal style.

La Reine New Abaya Designs for Women 2019

There are so many fabulous possibilities when you enter the fascinating world of abayas. La Reine is one brand that has always been very keen to offer women the kind of abayas that are fashionable yet modest. They have taken it upon themselves to redefine the conventional and traditional abayas into a dress that you would enjoy wearing because it is chic, it is stylish and it is unique!

La Reine pays a lot of attention and puts in a lot of work to ensure that the designs they create fit well into the international world of fashion while respecting and preserving the essence of the Arab Women’s identity and modesty.

La Reine designs its collection specifically to be worn beautifully on a wide variety of occasions. They strive to provide a lavish collection for wedding ceremonies and formal functions, a casual yet classy range for get-together evening parties and a chic collection for trendsetters who want to show a taste of their own unique individuality and stylish personality.

There are fantastic mix of vibrant and royal colors like dark blue, dull peachy gold, classy pink, purple, beige, gray and so many more. You will also find abayas with self-printed fabrics in silk along with net and chiffon. And the best part is that you can get your hands on these magnificent designs because they cater to the international market. So, Hurry up!! Just go ahead and try these beauties on!

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