Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019

Recently, with the arrival of winters, you may have noticed many things changing around you. From adding more layers to your wardrobes and enjoying warm beverages, winters don’t necessarily need to be that blue. The latest developments in the fashion industry all around the world when it comes to nail art has also been shaken up with very interesting trends. You’ll see that the most popular trends have revolved around your nails from flashbacks to barely-there tones to soft nudes. Moreover, you’ll find notable vogues like jewel-toned hues, different hues of grey, varying metallic tones and little pops of graphics and chic print and patterns.

The inspirations for the Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019  Fashion Runways. You keep thinking if the fashion of nail has died yet or are we finally going to give it up and moving toward something new. Well, no. That is not the case so far because we are absolutely not ready to give up on nail art yet. You’ll get to see so many big fashion names flaunting the latest trends in the New York Fashion Week Fall. The most popular designs included matte coats, half moons and almond-shaped among many others. Why have we moved to the almond-shape from the previous long square ones? Well, the answer is because the long square ones have been done to death and its high time we moved on to something else. So, the shape to follow in this winter is short and almond-shaped.

Stylish & Most Popular Winter Nail Art Designs 2019

This season packs a little for something for everyone, from nudes to nail art, you name it! So, let’s discuss in a little more depth on how you can catch up on the fall nail trends 2019. The two colours you can majorly focus on this winter would be something dark and moody like hues of grey and deep reds. So, make sure you have them in your nail paint collection! The nudes are usually associate with Spring and Summer, however, that has changed this season and we are warmly welcoming the new nudes which have now become a perma trend. To follow this trend, you’ll need to make sure of a few things. If you have a sheer tone, it doesn’t necessarily need to match your skin tone. But if it is opaque, lighter skin toned women should opt for a whitish nude with a tint of beige, medium skin toned women should go for the shades of apricot beige and lastly, darker skin toned women should go along the lines of brown beige. Get your nails manicure now and do whatever nail paint you want to do.

One of the popping trends this winter is the comeback of the 70’s shades. You will find this winter dominated by a very 70’s colour palette that will include rusts with a bit of fuchsia, purples and burnt orange. And just to add some razzle-dazzle to your look, simply paint your nails in metallic colours with opulent ombre glitter. An easy tip to remove the glitter is by wrapping it in acetone soaked cotton and securing it with tin foil. It will fall away and get off within 10 minutes. Two more trends to try this winter are two-toned talons that are being loved by masses and flip manicures that are one of the more edgy styles of this winter!

Green French nails

Brown Plain Design for nails

Brown and grey nails design

Dark Grey Cuticles trend

White Nails trend

Plain Black Nail Trend

Shimmery Blue Nail Design

Blood red nail trends

Brown edges nail designs

Golden Nail Design

Check Nail design pattern

Grey Floral Beige Nail Designs

Funky Nail Design

Elegant red nail trends

Decent beige nail trend

Ravishing baby pink design for Nails

Plain Black Nail Design

Floral nail design

Sea green Decent nail design

Petal nail Design for casual

Diagonal Blue Nail design

Dual nail Color Design

Plain Black Nail color design

Tri-Color Nail design

Baby Pink French Nail design

Tri-color Nail designs for casual

Vertical Tri-color Nail design

Nail Check patterns for casual

Appealing Nail Designs for Winter Festive Season

Winter season is a festive season as well and despite Christmas eve, holidays parties use to be at peak. So we have brought some of the unique and interesting ideas that can be easily executed for this. Check out below what winter festive designs are ready to spruce up your appearance.

Twinkling Stars

  1. Paint two coats of dark red nail polish
  2. Using thin striper brush dipped into white polish and draw vertical line on nail
  3. Next just draw horizontal line upright to vertical line
  4. Draw another line by using same brush in the intersection of two lines
  5. Another Diagonal line in the opposite direction should be added to draw star
  6. Paint white Dots around the big star

Twinkle Stars for Festive Nail design

Green French nails

  1. You just have to paint deep blue coat over the nail along green polish as well.
  2. Take a thin striper brush and dipped that in gold metallic polish. You just have to start from one side of the nail and paint small line halfway across the nail
  3. Finish the line by starting from one of the nail to another side of nail
  4. Just finish with a clear and glossy topcoat to join the edges of two coats together

Gold French Tips


White Snowflakes

  1. Coat a shimmery polish as your base colour
  2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in white polish and draw three lines on the nail.
  3. For the end of snowflakes just make tiny Vs at the end of each line
  4. If you want to mix up the look then larger snowflakes should be drawn on few fingers just to prominent the look
  5. Draw a hexagon to connect the intersecting lines of the snowflake.
  6. In the end, don’t forget to add tiny dots

Sweet Snowflakes Festive Nail art

Matte Tips nail

  1. First paint your nails a silver shade
  2. To create a horizontal line across the nail. Keep it that a quarter up from cuticle
  3. Top part needs to be filled with navy blue coat
  4. In The End, do apply Matte topcoat over the navy blue section just

Metallic Nail Tip for festive season

String Light Nails

  1. Paint hunter green polish two coats
  2. Paint thin line silver polish to create lights strings
  3. Dab the glue where you want to stick the crystal
  4. Push a tiny nail into the eraser of a pencil to pick up the crystals conveniently
  5. Use Multi-colored flat-black crystals to serve lights

String lights Festive winter designs

These are the tremendous designs for all type of winter festive events. You can have these designs for upcoming winters. It will spruce up nails appearance and for any festive season, you can paint your nails in same designs. The best part of these designs they are easy to implement and you will get the best result in few minutes.

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