Winter is the season of style. Although girls love to do fashion every season, however, winters always come up with new trends and styles. Therefore, here are some trendy winter nail art designs that girls would love to do at home. Moreover, we have picked unique winter-themed nail designs that can reveal your creativity.

The latest developments in the fashion industry worldwide regarding fingernail art are shaking up with diverse and exciting trends. However, the most popular designs include matte coats, the addition of glitters, two shaded coats, and many more.

This blog is about winter nail designs for girls that will look elegant and lovely when girls apply them well. Moreover, these creative winter nail designs are versatile, on-trend, and easy to do at home by yourself. Also, these designs will enhance the attraction of hands.

winter nail art designs for girls

Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs and Nail Color Fashion for Women

The nude shades usually have an association with Spring and Summers. However, this thought no more exists in these days. Therefore, we are warmly welcoming the new nude shades, which have now become an everlasting trend. Using glittery shades and colors are fundamental trends for winters as they seem relevant to the snow. Here is the list of some fantastic fingernail art designs for winters.

Light Shaded Winter Fingernail Art Designs

People say that light shades suit girls with fair skin tones. However, this is somehow correct. But, many girls do not care about their complexion. Instead, they prefer to follow the trend. Therefore, these light-shaded winter cute nail art designs are for the trend-followers and the fair skin-toned girls.

funky nail art styles for girls

  • Matte Light Shaded Fingernail Designs

However, the trend of mixing up the shades has gained many girls’ attention. Applying two light shades and making designs over the fingernail increases the funky looks of the girl. Moreover, some girls love to embellish their nails by adding pearls, flowers, and different configurations.

decent light shaded nail art

smart grey light shaded nail art

elegant light shaded nail art

  • Delicate Light Shaded Designs with Glitter

Glitter increases the attraction of hands. However, applying glitter on just one finger while keeping the other fingernails plain-matte adds style to the personality. In this year, this trend has become so famous that many girls wish to follow it to look trendy and stylish.

glitter on one finger - nail art

light shaded nail art

light glittery nail art for winters

light shades and glitery nail art design for winters

Stunning Dark-Shaded Winter Nail Art Designs

In winter, hands already look dry and dull because of the cold weather. However, applying dark shades enhances the glow of hands and helps them look better. Therefore, here are some dark shade fingernail art techniques that girls must follow in winters. These techniques will help those who like to track trends and have a good fashion sense. Check here a complete tutorial onĀ easy nail art designs with step by step instructions.

  • Plain Dark Shaded Nail Designs

Some girls like to apply dark colors without any fancy allurement or style. These plain shades look graceful and smart when a girl do matching with her clothes. Furthermore, black and red are the trendy dark shades that never go out of fashion. Applying just darker shades will help girls getting their desired appearance of hands.

dark shaded winter nail art

dark blue nail art for winters

  • Glittery Dark Nail Art

Also, some girls like glitters on nails. Adding a glitter over a dark nail polish looks more attractive. However, there are different fashions of applying glitter. Some girls use glitter on all the nails, while some like to apply just on one or two nails. Besides, both look adorable.

glittery dark shaded nail art

exclusive purple glittery dark nailpaint

  • Black and Red Nail Art Designs for Valentine

Subsequently, some girls like some funky or jazzy embellishment on nails by applying pearls or different printed designs on their hands to look smart and fashionable. These stylish and lovely black and red nail art designs will surely steal many girls’ hearts on valentine’s day.

stylish dark shaded nailpolish with golden design

dark shaded nail polish

  • Double Contrast Nail Art Designs for Girls

Applying double shades of nail paint is the favorite fashion of many girls. However, applying the excellent two in one shades techniques on hand nails is unique and appealing. Therefore, here are some dual shaded designs of nail-art that will look gorgeous on girls.

dual dark shaded nail paint

black-red stylish fingernail polish for girls

Appealing Winter Nail Art Designs for Christmas Holiday

Winter season is a festive season as well, and despite Christmas eve, holiday parties use to be at the peak. So we have brought some of the unique and exciting ideas that you can quickly execute for this. Check out below what winter festive designs are ready to spruce up your appearance.

ferozi nail design

  • Fancy Twinkling Stars Nail-Art

The twinkling stars fingernail art is an innovative style appropriate for winter because it resembles a magical night with beautiful stars. However, to do this nail art at home, you need to paint two dark black nail polish coats. Then, Use a thin striper brush and dip it into the white polish. Then make star-like designs on the nails. However, one can also use multi-color nail polishes to look more glamorous.

twinkling star design for winter

  • Lovely White Snowflakes Design

The white snowflake design resembles the snow. However, snow appears to be of white or light-blue shades. Therefore, the white snowflakes design of nail art includes white and ferozi shaded designs. First of all, apply light blue nail polish on your nails. Then, merge the nail polish with some white shade to create a sky-like color on the nails. Finally, use a thin stripper brush and dip it into the white nail polish and make the snow style designs.

perfect dual shaded nail paint

white snowflake nail polish design for winter

  • String Light Design for Christmas Eve

The string light is the best nail-art design for Christmas eve. The pattern of this design is entirely like the Christmas decorations. Perhaps it is a bit difficult to make this design, but once a girl succeeds in making it, it would be the best design so far. Moreover, the girl should have basic fingernail art accessories to perform this task at home.

string light nail art design for christmas

Some Trending Winter Nail Polish Shades/Colors

Here are some latest and trending nail polish colors that will look perfect on your hands. Winter is the season of dryness and you need to beat the dryness in any way. However, applying the darker or prominent shades will surely help you do that. Here are some trendy nail polish recommendations.

  • Elite Nail Polish in Plum Color

Plum color is a rare shade for applying it to the studs. However, it looks much trendy and modest when a girl applies it to her hands.

Elite nailpolish in plum

  • Violet Femme Nail Polish for Winter

The Violet color seems so rude. Therefore, it adds the ego to the personality when a girl applies it. Moreover, this dark shade looks funky and jolly on the hands when ladies use it well.

violet femme nailpolish for winter

  • Peacci Royal Navi Shade for Winter

This shade is one of the trending dark shades that many girls prefer to apply. However, it adds the darkness to your cosmetic closet and gives you the modest looks.

peacci navy blue nailpolish for winter

  • Green Olive Shade for Dark Complexion

Green olive shade is basically for the girls with a slightly dark complexion. This shade increases the grace of a lady and helps in beating the dull look of the hands.

green olive nailpolish for winter

  • Nude Nail Polish Trends for Fall-Winter

No matter how many trendy fingernail art styles come, plain and nude shades always look glamorous on the hands. Therefore, these light shades will be the perfect choice to apply in winters for those girls who like to look decent and elegant.

light shaded nail art colors

elegant light nail paint

These are some fabulous designs for all types of festive winter events. So, you can easily have these designs for the upcoming winter season. It will enhance your elegant nails appearance, and for any festive season, you can paint your nails in the same techniques. The best part of these nail-art designs is that they are easy to implement, and you will get the best result in a few minutes.


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