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Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps


In Pakistan, generally, the weddings have so many different functions to celebrate including mayon, mehndi, barat and walima etc. On each day, the Pakistani bride look completely different and so does her makeup. Where, the Pakistani brides prefer to have a more natural look which is desirable on mayon and mehndi functions. The bride on the Barat day is expected to wear a heavy look and a soft look for the Walima function. So, here is the Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps  that will guide you to create an extraordinary bridal look for your big day.

Step # 1: Make a Perfect Base

A good base is a guarantee for a long lasting and perfect makeup. As the brides have to attend long hours function, the makeup should be done according to the requirements.

Start with a primer. It will seal the open pores and will control the oil production. Now apply a concealer that should be light-weight and one tone lighter than the skin color. It will hide all the marks and spots on the skin and also the dark circles of your eyes.

After the concealer, apply a loose water base which should be exactly matching the skin color. The quantity of the foundation should be such that the natural look is created. After that a loose powder or a compact could be applied to get a finished base look.Pakistani-Bridal-Makeup-Tutorial-with-Steps-Pictures-1

Step # 2: Contouring

Contouring is another important part of the makeup. The contouring should be done according to the shape of the face in such a way that a special focus should be given on the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and nose area.


Step # 3: Eye Makeup

Here comes the most important part of the Pakistani bridal makeup which is the eye makeup. A perfect Pakistani bridal look cannot be created without a good eye makeup.  For a complete eye makeup, follow these steps:

  • Base Eye Shadow

It is the base color which should be lighter in tone. To make the eyes prominent, apply some base color on the inner area of the eye. After that, some gold, silver or any other color complementing the dress should be applied at the center of the eye. The shimmers are very much in fashion for the Pakistani bridal makeup.


  • Use Darker Shadows

After covering the eye area, use a dark color on the outer corners of the eyes to make them look big and beautiful. The perfect blending is a key factor for doing the best Pakistani bridal eye makeup.


  • Use Silver Color on the Edge

To make your eyes look wider and fresh, apply a small amount of the silver eye shadow right at the innermost corner of the eye.


  • Create the Finished Look of Eyes

The bridal eye makeup look would remain totally incomplete without the addition of some false lashes and mascara. Similarly, perfectly applied eyeliner and a waterproof kajal are also necessary. Apply all these things with great care and create a smudging effect on the lower side of the eyes which look very trendy and classic.


Step # 4: Highlight the Cheekbones

The next step is to highlight the cheek bones with the help of a pinkish or a copper Biro color. It will contribute you a complete gaze and would make your cheekbones prominent.


Step # 5: Apply Lipstick

No Pakistani bridal makeup look is complete without lipstick. The general trend is to wear the darker colors of lipsticks on the Barat whereas the soft shades of lipsticks and gloss are preferred for a Walima Bride, but this is not a compulsory. Changes could be made according to the dress and the weather.

Start by using a lip pencil to create an outline. For smaller lips, the line should be drawn on the outer sides whereas for big lips the line is drawn a bit inside the lips. Using a lip balm before applying the lipstick will make it last for long. To give your lips a more full look, add some gloss in the end.


Inspiring Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas For Wedding

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