Best Summer Eid Wear Kurti Designs For Girls 2023


Eid is five weeks away and we are very excited for all that is to come next! Eid is one of the biggest festivities of the year and it is celebrated all around the world in every country. It the celebration of the beautiful month of Ramadan that teaches us restraint and purifies our soul. Women, men, kids, everyone goes shopping for new clothes and shoes. It just gives us one more excuse to shop and then shop some more!

Since this time, Eid is coming in scorching hot summers, the best outfit to wear in this weather are Kurtis. Kurtis are comfortable and easy to wear. Kurtis are also loose fitted and easy to carry. In short, Kurtis are a great choice for summer clothing! So, we have Best Summer Eid Wear Kurti Designs For Girls 2017  to give you an array of some stunning options to make your selections from! We have summer Kurti collections from three brands this Eid for you. These Kurtis are a must-have this summer! So, check these Kurti designs out and pick out your favorites for this Eid! Let the Kurti mania begin!

Amna Ismail Zuni Kurti Collection By Shabbir Textiles

The first brand we have is Amna Ismail Zuni Kurti Collection By Shabbir Textiles.This brand is a renowned name in the textile industry and captures its share of the market every year. They offer a wonderful variety of customized embroidery work on beautifully printed designs. They are known for their embroidery unit. And the fact that they do their own production makes quality control that much easier for them. They also serve their customers by offering highly customized products tailored according to the needs of the individuals. They comply with global standards of quality and are making a breakthrough into the world of embroidery. Their designs are not only popular here but also in Far-East and European nations. Their Kurti collection this summer for Eid is simply refreshing and very stunning!

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Shaista Lawn Stunning Eid Kurti Collection For Girls

The second brand we have is Shaista Lawn. They also do extensive work in beautiful embroidery on plain and printed fabrics. They are great at combing different color palettes with various prints and embroidery to create eye catching designs that you simply cannot help but get for yourself! This collection consists of both casual and semi-formal Kurtis that would be absolutely perfect to be worn this Eid! There are some very exciting combinations of Kurtis that are bound to look amazing on anyone who wears them! The colors used in this fabulous Kurti collection for Eid are both soft, subtle and lively; a mix that just has to be a part of your wardrobe this summer! So, lets check out what this brand has in store for us on this Eid!

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Bashir Ahmad Textiles Eid Kurti Collection For Girls

The final brand we have is Bashir Ahmad Textiles. This brand is a new comer in the market that was founded in the year 2012. This new name in the fashion and textile industry of Pakistan is slowly showing us that they have so much more to offer and will continue to improve with every passing day. This brand has a bit of everything for all age groups of women. Their prints are a mix of culture and contemporary art. They offer premium quality lawn prints, Swiss Voile, embroidered lawn. Their Kurti collection this summer is just as exciting. These Kurtis pack some stellar styles and colors! Have a look!

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