Generally, there are four types of skin which includes dry, normal, oily and combination with the addition of sensitive skin having one of the four types. The weather effects skin a lot due to environmental pollution and other harmful substances.

Best Summer Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types  involves the following:

Tips For Normal Skin:

normal skin

  • Normal skin changes with season as in winter it becomes dry and in summer it become oily. There are many best treatments and tips available for making your skin perfect. Use rose water and non-greasy cream which is a natural product free from petroleum.
  • Before sleeping, wash face with mild soap as best one is goat milk soap. Other best tip is to use oil-based cream as nourishing applied especially around the eyes.
  • Once in a week, use egg yolk mask which is non-drying mask for your face. For the whole body, everyday after shower use moisturizing lotion for making it healthy and supple.
  • There are many best cleansers which are available in the market for normal skin type. Apply hydrating toner with alcohol free wipes on all over your face.

Tips For Dry Face:

dry skin

  • Another major problems due to weather are observed on dry skin in which dehydration is found most. It also lacks oil and elasticity and it is very sensitive to wind, sun and cold temperature. Use undiluted coconut oil, Shea butter or other oil which are homemade. Apply these products twice a day that can absorb moisturizing and nourishing ingredients from the oil.
  • Wash your face must with sparkling water rather than tap water.
  • Clean your face by using mild herbal infusions or cleansing milk.
  • Both in winter and summer, must get humidifier that is best air conditioner dries your skin everyday.

Tips For Oily Face:

oily skin

  • Oily skin creates pimples, black and white heads formation. Use mild soap almost twice a day otherwise more sebum production will be observed by the oil glands.
  • Make use of non-greasy moisturizers and keep your face tone better with herbal tonics which are alcohol free or ice-cubes that can restore your skin balance.
  • Make best masks by using ingredients papaya, yogurt and clay. Apply this mixture at least once in a week and rinse face with cool water after 20 minutes.
  • If you have acne problem then don’t use carbohydrates and sugar in your diet and not eating the processed food.

Tips For Combination Skin:

combination skin

  • Combination skin consist of two extreme skin present on one face. It occurs when there is too much oil accumulated in one area and the other area surrounded by dryness. Use mild cleanser or facial for your face and wash your skin with this twice a day.
  • On the oily part, use toner that reduces oil production and shine.
  • For the T-zone area, use light moisturizer that will keep that zone oil and shine free.
  • Use face scrubs in nose, forehead and chicks once in a week.

Tips For Sensitive Skin:

Sensitive Skin

  • Sensitive skin is very irritated and dry and to get rid of it use essential fatty acid, protein organic in nature, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to not use petroleum products and eliminate from your diet the processed food.

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