Tips to get Long and Thick EyelashesOne of the attractive and most loved features of every girl’s face is her eyes. Every girl keeps on trying different tips and tactics to make her eyes look beautiful. At the same time, they take care of their eyelashes and eyebrows. Here are 12 natural ways and tips you can treat your lashes and get long and thick eyelashes at home, especially dramatic ones!

The primary role of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust and other harmful elements. Every woman does special care for long eyelashes as it is considered one of the best beauty enhancers. Long and thick eyelashes act as a beautifier for the eyes.

Most women have thin lashes, so they keep on dreaming about having gorgeous lashes. These ladies tend to use various products to improve the thickness and beauty of lashes. Listed below are the best tips to get long and thick eyelashes naturally at home.

thick lashes remedies and tips

12 Tips to Get Long and Thick Eyelashes Naturally at Home

Some women are blessed with long and thick lashes by birth, and they save the troubles of falsies and lash extensions. Still, some women are not so lucky as their lashes are naturally thin, or they fall off the lashline due to excessive use of mascara or hormonal imbalance. Thick and fluttering lashes are the dream of all women, and they are the accurate representation of feminity.

Lashes instantly lift up the eye look and enhance the features. If you have been living your life thinking you cannot do anything about the natural length and volume of your lashes or have wondered how to grow eyelashes, we are glad to tell you that you actually can. No, we are not kidding. There are natural ways and tips to get long and thick eyelashes and enhance their thickness so you can flaunt them. Batting those bomb eyelashes isn’t a distant dream anymore!

tips for thick lashes

Tip 1: Apply Castor Oil with Ear Bud

Castor oil is no stranger to the beauty world. It is one of the simple home remedies for thicker and longer eyelashes. The girls who have already applied this technique are delighted with it and recommend every other girl. You, too, try it; it is effortless to do. It is the quickest remedy to improve hair growth and get you results five times sooner than any other ingredient. Do it every night before going to bed and wash it in the morning.

castor oil for long lashes

Tip 2: Castor Oil with Almond Oil

Take equal quantities of castor and almond oil in a bowl. Mix them well and apply them to eyelashes. It is also the trendy home remedy to get thick lashes. Using castor and almond on the lids keeps the area hydrated and soft which helps in the overall health of eyelashes. Take a clean mascara wand and dip it in the mixture of the oils. Brush your lashes between strands with it in an upward motion every night before hitting the sack and rinse it off the next day. Run it along your upper and lower lashes every day for the best results.

almond oil for lashes

Tip 3: Rosemary and Castor Oil

The ingredient we have come to love so much, because of its plenty of health and beauty benefits, green tea has yet another gift for you. Using rosemary and castor oil together is another effective home remedy to get lush lashes. Add an equal amount of rosemary and castor oil and apply them gently on your pummels. This beauty elixir has been trusted by many for its daily skin care and hair care regimen, from treating sunburns and wrinkles to preventing premature greying and dandruff. They will get beautiful soon.

rosemary oil for eyelashes

Tip 4: Vitamin E Capsules with Castor and Sweet Almond Oil

This is the excellent mixture, beneficial home remedy it is. Mix an equal amount of all these three things in a palette and apply them to the eyes with a finger or cotton bud. You can keep it stay overnight. Break a Vitamin E capsule and extract the oil. Mix a few drops of castor oil with coconut oil and almond oil. With an earbud or a mascara wand, apply the mixture on the eyelashes to make them thicker.

vitamin E capsules

Tip 5: Another Way to Apply Oils with Vitamin E

Take an old mascara bottle, then wash it out well. Now pour the mixture of tip 4 in it and apply it as you apply mascara. This tip includes some simple ingredients from your kitchen. It is a quick remedy to get your lash game on point. Dip a cotton swab in the extra virgin olive oil and smear it onto the lashes. It keeps the area hydrated, strengthens hair follicles, and makes your eyelashes longer and thicker than ever.

thick lashes

Tip 6: Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly conditions and moisturizes the lash lines, which contributes to the fast growth of lash hair. Applying vaseline petroleum on the lashes every day will give you thicker lashes and prevent them from falling out. You can also use petroleum jelly before applying the best mascara to prevent the lashes from becoming dry and brittle and to make it easier for the eye makeup to come off in one gentle swipe. One of its many benefits is that it does a fantastic job promoting hair growth. Apply it gently on the lashes with the help of a cotton tip.

petroleum jelly for lashes

Tip 7: Aloe Vera Gel, Castor, and Vitamin E Oils

Long lashes enhance your peculiarities, not to mention they look incredibly gorgeous. Get a tiny amount of aloe vera gel from the market, or get it straight from the leaf. Now add few drops of it in the mixture of castor and vitamin E oils and then apply it to lashes.

aloevera with oil for lashes

Tip 8: Castor Oil with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also very beneficial for eyelashes. You can mix it with castor oil and then apply it with mascara to get better results in no time. We have concluded that Castor Oil is the main ingredient in all the serum that helps getting beautiful pummels. This oil is enriched with Omega 6, proteins, and vitamin E. The oil will quickly get absorbed in the hair of lashes and then locks in nutrients. The other very useful ingredient is almond oil, which will act as nourishing and moisturizing for pummels. Then comes vitamin E, along with moisturizing it will help strengthen lash hairs.

castor & coconut oil for long lashes

Tip 9: Eye Massage

Women of all ages do everything under the sun but refuse to live with short and limp lashes. However, you’d be glad to know you can get those natural bomb lashes too. Eye massage is a tried and tested method to boost eyelash growth is to treat it with eye massage. Celebs like the Kardashian sisters have confessed to be using this technique.

You can get thicker lashes just by gently massaging the eyes using any oil of your choice. Rubbing your lids and under your eyes with fingers in a circular motion will improve blood flow that will help in the growth of the lashes, and also, it will get rid of dark circles for you. Massage the lids lightly with fingertips for 5-10 minutes and apply some on the lashes daily. It helps with blood circulation and thus better hair growth of the lashes.

Tips to get Long and Thick Eyelashes

Tip 10: Biotin Supplements

Some lucky women are just blessed with long, luscious eyelashes, and then some have to resort to falsies, coats, and coats of mascara, lash extensions, and whatnot to get their eyelash game strong. Biotin is a powerful ingredient to thicken their brows and lengthen their lashes. If despite trying all the above-mentioned remedies to increase eyelash growth don’t work, then you can start consuming biotin supplements after speaking with your doctor.

It is a powerful tonic that increases hair growth and strengthens the lashes and prevents them from shedding. This is because biotin deficiency is touted to be the number one cause of hair fall, which includes loss of eyebrow and eyelash hair as well. Taking these supplements will help thicken your lashes over time and make them appear long and strong.

biotin supplement Tips to get Long and Thick Eyelashes

Tip 12: Eyelash Serums

Don’t you hate it when your boyfriend has longer, thicker lashes than yours? Or when you see a girl who doesn’t need mascara every day because she’s got naturally voluminous lashes? It makes you wonder why life is so unfair. Eye serums are effective and they are reliable for getting thick and long lashes. Many makeup brands have launched their eyelash serums, you can choose whichever suits you well.

lash serums Tips to get Long and Thick Eyelashes

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Myths About Eyelashes

The above tips to get long and thick eyelashes are very effective but still, women have many doubts regarding ingredients and their effectiveness. Here are some frequently asked questions and myths about eyelashes that you should know and take care of your eyelashes without any doubts in your mind. If you have any other doubts contact us or comment below in the comment section.

thick lashes for women

  • Which oil is best for eyelashes?

The best oil for eyelash growth is castor oil. It is proven that it makes lashes thicker and longer just within days of usage.

  • Why eyelashes fall off and get thinner?

Whatever the reason is, you can rely on home remedies to grow your eyelashes back and get fuller, fluttery lashes in no time.

  • Are eyelash serums good or bad?

Yes, if you are having problems with your eyelashes, we would highly recommend you invest in a good quality eyelash serum for longer, stronger, and thicker lashes.

  • Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Eyelash extension is a lot safer than it was earlier. Getting eyelash extensions every once in a while is good but ensures that the weight from the eyelash extensions could permanently damage your lashes and make them fall out.

  • Is it normal to lose eyelashes every day?

Yes, it is completely normal to lose eyelashes every day. On average, it is completely normal to lose about one to four lashes.

thick lashes remedies

So, girls, if you want easy ways to get your eyelashes thicker fast, try all these home remedies. These tips to get long and thick eyelashes are very effective. All this stuff and tips work. You can apply all these tips for a longer time. Before going to bed, apply any treatment and then with the things on. When you get up in the morning, wash your face and eyes. Do any of these remedies for three days, and you will see visible effects; your eyelashes will grow a lot.


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