Dark circles are the dark color blemishes that appear under or around your eyes. They mostly become prominent with age but there might be other reasons also for dark circles. These blemishes do not look good and every one having them wants to get rid of the dark circles in the easy and effective ways. A large number of creams and other products are now being made available in the market to help people in removing these blemishes from around their eyes.

Best Tips To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

While performing any remedy for removing blemishes, it is necessary to keep your eyes at rest for some time. This helps you in getting fast and efficient response of the remedy. Here are mentioned some of the easy and most effective tips for getting rid of blemishes.

  • Eye serum is one of the latest products being used for eliminating blemishes. This serum consists of 10 ingredients designed especially for not only clearing away the dark circles but also for effective and fast De-aging of your eyes. This serum also helps in increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin under your eyes.
  • Cucumber is an effective tip for removing these circles and other unwanted blemishes from face and most particularly from the eyes. Putting slices of cucumber on eyes for over 15 mins can effectively remove them.
  • Pigmentation is one of the major causes of dark circles. In this case, most effective remedy can be the use of potato juice. This potato juice contains special bleaching functions to remove the pigmentation of eyes. The best way of using it is to extract the juice of potato in a blender, soaking cotton in juice and letting it stay over the blemishes for 20 mins.
  • Applying almond oil over the blemishes is another commonly used remedy for removing them under eyes.
  • Applying lemon juice over the area of circles for 10 to 20 mins can also help in getting rid of them easily at home. Even the mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice is a good way of treating these blemishes.
  • Another great idea in regard of removing these circles is to use the tea bags or the mint leaves. You just have to place the tea bag or mint leaves over eyes and leave them for some time. This can be done in routine to get better effects.
  • However, the best tip for eradicating blemishes is to get proper rest and proper sleep to avoid even getting these blemishes on your eyes.


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