Borjan Shoes Summer Collection 2023 For Men &Women


Borjan is one of the renowned brands in Pakistan that with time has proved its quality and style in shoes, bags and accessories considering the taste and feasibility of its customers, so brace yourselves for Borjan’s new summer collection 2017. This unique-styled shoe brand was founded in the year 1995 and since then it has formed quite an impressive repertoire of different labels under its brand name. This range mainly consists of the four special labels that include Skywalk, Gig, Digger and Matilla, followed by the seasonal and occasional collection of Casual, Formal, Fancy footwear options. Each of the four collections targets a different segment of the market and its items are customized accordingly. These four ranges adds to the diversity of the brand that makes it stand out. While the seasonal and occasional footwear collections by Borjan caters to a much larger audience encompassing most segments in the market.

Borjan has always come up with different and unique footwear ideas. To say that they have brought back the soles and wedges back in the latest trends, won’t be wrong. Borjan prides itself in having the highest number of launches in sole designs in the country. They also put in a lot of work in the R&D department and are keen on familiarizing the hottest shoe trends from all over the world, especially Europe and Asia. This brand has been successful from the past twenty years in establishing itself as a high-end, world class manufacturer and retail distributor of branded shoes in Pakistan. Shoes by Borjan does not only feature quality private labels but also provide value for your money by offering adequately priced options for its valued customers.

Beautiful Summer Shoes Collection 2023 By Borjan

The brand is all about beautiful amalgamation of creativity, innovation, technology combined with skilled hand-craftsmanship and an old-fashioned work ethic. They also take their quality control very seriously and claim that their shoes withstand the test of time. This also contributes to customer satisfaction and appreciation.

The way they experiment contemporary style with a hint of former hits always have worked for the brand. They have erected an impressive network of about 80 retail outlets in more than 50 cities of Pakistan which is also a feat within itself. This brands mission and vision revolves around providing its customers with Comfort,Quality,Choice, Value and Class.

The brand very well understands that whatever you wear is a reflection of your personality and it is also a way of self-expression. And they have been doing their best from the past two decades to bring you fashionable shoes that are beautifully crafted, urban and cutting-edge for both men and women.

Elegant Summer Shoes For Women 2023 By Borjan

“Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world” Here borjan comes up to the statement and provides the trend conscious people the best and stylish foot wear.

Elegant Borjan Summer Heels 2023

Do you want a funky classy heal? go to the nearest borjan outlet and get these amazing funky heels. You can wear it casually or on any outdoor event. It appears beautiful as it is one of the Borjan latest fashion footwear summer spring collections.


Foot-friendly anatomic summer heels 2023

Yes you are trendy! Give yourself a complete updated appearance by buying the affordable shoes from the Borjan latest collection of 2017 for women,ladies and girls. If you are searching a best ever heel, this foot friendly anatomic heels are best for the purpose.


Anti-fatigue cute heels by Borjan 2023

You wanna be sassy and sizzling these springs? Buy these ultimately fantabulous borjan shoes. being wedges, they are anti fatigue and comfortable. It is probably the best one in borjan fashion footwear 2023.


Iconic wedges by Borjan 2023

Try these fresh-colored iconic wedges and be the show stopper!


Perky heels for women

How cool are these perky heels. A wide choice of colors in same design is a plus. You don’t have to miss your favorite designs.


purpose heels 2023

How chic is this duo of shoes and bag, carefully crafted for the taste of their valued customers. You can rock these shoes with party as well as casual wear.


Colorul summer sandals

You can try comfortable black sandals by borjan 2023. The latest summer spring collection by borjan brings to you the best black sandals. Rock the floor with the best latest shoes by borjan.


Pastel sandals by Borjan 

When in doubt, wear pastels. They are never out of fashion and can make you stand out. Carry them with the jeans and a funky top to make yourself more glamorous than ever.


Stylish Summer Shoes For Men 2017 By Borjan

Dapper sandals for men

The brand comes with the most comfortable men wear. If you want to make a choice for your casual wear try these as they really appear endearing in the summer.


Durable and elegant summer collection for men

If you are a party freak, You can try these too! Go for these if you go to parties more than often. These men shoes by the particular brand appear amazing with the best t-shirts and any attire you like to have on!


Dapper for men

Have a look on the following men foot wear and make yourself modified according to the fashion and weather.


Odour-resistant Spring shoes

In summers you aspire for the odour-resistant shoes. The following one will really go upto the mark. You can wear it as casual wear by borjan.


Long-lasting Flexible Men shoes

Grab flexible khairees from the nearest borjan outlet and rock the floor with your best appearance. You can get these on an affordable range yet they appeal the eyes!


Borjan Summer Collection For men and Women 2023

One of the best things about the services Borjan provides its customers is that they happen to one of the very few brands, if not the only, who settle Returns on the spot. They do this to provide superior customer care and customer service and for their peace of mind. This summer season, Borjan brings to you an exciting collection for men and women that will perfect on you considering your comfort and style. Borjan Shoes Summer Collection 2017 For Men & Women  has some exciting new designs and style for you in store this season. You will be able to make the most of this summer by enjoying this amazing collection that will make you want to pick every one of this new line!

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