The very popular Breakout came into being in the year 2010. So, its safe to say that it is a relatively new brand. However, from the popularity it has gained over the past few years, you’d never be able to tell that it has not been in industry that long. Breakout is one of the trendiest brands in Pakistan when it comes to casual and fashionable street wear for girls, boys, men, women and kids. It is super funky and highly stylish. And Breakout is one of the hottest brands in the market. They gave their competitors a run for their money soon after they entered the industry. The market for fashionable casual wear and street wear has grown rapidly over the past few years in Pakistan. Earlier, there were a handful of brands who produced this category of clothing and its a huge change to the number of substitute labels now operating in this industry in Pakistan.

Breakout was successful in stealing the limelight and keeping it all for itself. In just five short years, this brand has gone from being unknown to one of the most sought out labels in the country. And how has this been possible, you may ask? Because they paid close attention to what kinds of fashion was preferred by the youth in the region. Breakout brought the fashion from the streets of New York to Pakistan. One of the many wonders of globalization is the blend of many cultures and this is what Breakout did by bringing western wear to our country. They presented western wear with a hint of classics and eastern culture. Breakout can be defined as bold and energetic. Simply stated, Breakout has the spirit and vibe on New York’s street fashion.

Stylish Casual Summer Outfits For Girls & Boys 2015

Young, eclectic, fast, real and all things fun is what Breakout is all about. After basking in the winter trends last season, its time to welcome the reigning styles and silhouettes for summer fashion and embrace them with confidence. Embellishment works and embroidery on tees, tops and big attraction for sporting a young and bold look this season. Shed your summer blues with the new and happening trends to stay in style this summer. Slip into boho look, some comfortable linen fabrics, happening greens, lush greens, bright blue shades and sunset inspired palettes for fabulous fashion staples. You are a few steps away to grab the perfect clothing for a perfect grunge summer.

Breakout Western Wear Casual Summer Collection 2015  features some very trendy and cool designs that you just can’t help but have in your closet this summer. This stylish summer collection includes a variety of jeans, long shorts, t-shirts, tops, shoes paired with some very funky fashion accessories. The colors used in this summer collection has all the hottest shades this season that includes hot pinks, various cool shades of blue, greys, floral prints with a blend of some vibrant summery colors. This summer line by Breakout follows a Bohemian theme and these themed designs will catch your eye in the very first look.


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