Bridal Dupatta styles for Fashionable Brides 2019

We always keep on discussing numerous things about brides including outfits, shoes, accessories, jewellery, makeup and other stuff but have you ever give a thought to bridal dupatta style? It might be new for you to discuss but yes this is something which is gaining popularity these days. Bridals are paying their extra attention to dupatta styles as well. Although it is heavy and difficult to carry now tying in a different style would not only shape your bridal outfit also it is convenient for you to carry. Asian brides have their own set of styles for carrying dupatta whether you see Pakistani brides, Indian, Bangladeshi or from somewhere else. You would see something unique in their outfits and dupatta styles too.

Dupatta Setting with Jhumar

In this blog, we have gathered different Bridal Dupatta styles for Fashionate Brides 2019. It doesn’t matter you belong from which country but their unique and elegant style would give you mesmerizing appearance. You will get to know about these specific styles so that y and opt anyone to drape with your wedding outfit.

Top Catchy Bridal Dupatta Styles of Brides

If you are bride-to-be then you would definitely be coming across to various dilemmas or some other stuff then let me tell you setting perfect dupatta with your lehnga will enhance your look to some extent. We have collected top catchy dupatta styles for you on your big day. Although makeup stylist would give you new and stunning bridal look. If you also have your own ideas then freely tell them so they can style you in your desired way. Well, below designs emerge your appearance. Check them

FreeStyle Dupatta Setting

This is one of the traditional styles that we have been seeing for decades. Brides use to opt this style when there were no other options but let me add one thing here. Majority brides whether in Pakistan or India they still prefer this design over other options. FreeStyle Dupatta will give your classy appearance. There is no special method to shape the bride dupatta just Cover the head and leave it ends free from both sides as you can see in the following picture. Stunning Bridal collection of expert designer and this freestyle dupatta look is all set to give you ravishing collection

 Free Style Dupatta

Ghoonghat Style

This one is one of the most catchy ideas for brides where they prefer to cover their face with Net dupatta. If you don’t want to carry heavy dupattas on the head then it can be draped from the backside and both ends can be wrapped in hands. Various brides select this style for their Nikah. I believe Ghoonghat style for the brides is the most classy and elegant.

Ghoonghat Style Dupatta

One Side Dupatta Style

In this style bridal dupatta has been set to one side. As you can see in below picture where one side of dupatta is set to the front side and the other edge is left behind. Brides who are not at ease to carry heavy dupatta they can have this style. By setting one side of dupatta to the shoulder will be easy to carry for brides and they can walk in elegance. So Classy brides should have this style, it will be just wow

One Side Dupatta Style

Punjabi Dupatta Style

This is one of the favourite styles of Punjabi brides where they use to drape dupattas in U or V style. If brides are wearing choker necklace then elegance will be lifted to the extreme level. It doesn’t matter Punjabi brides are of Indian Punjab or Pakistan Punjab they are draping dupatta in same styles in both countries. You can see innocence of bride in the following picture

Punjabi Dupatta Style

Saree Dupatta Style

Indian Brides use to wear saree and they use to drape dupatta in diagonal style. Brides use to cover their heads and wear saree side in a diagonal shape. Numerous brides are wearing sarees or wide ghagras on their wedding day. If you are choosing latest HSY New Bridal Collection Wedding Lehenga then you can opt this style because HSY is known for tremendous Maxi style lehngas who will give you inspirational look on your big day. You will see various brides in Pakistan as well who are draping dupatta in saree style so you can take inspiration from below picture.

Saree Dupatta Style

Stunning Dupatta styles of Asian Brides

You have gone through above dupatta styles that are most common among brides. if you are looking for numerous Asian brides then following pictures are the one who will give you wide array of choice. It doesn’t matter you belong to which area of the world brides have significant importance on their big day. Being bride, if they wear something different then their styles don’t take enough time to become a trend. In our Asian region, Pakistani and Indian brides have the same taste. You would come to know about more in following designs. Check out below

One Side Dupatta Style for Elegant Bride

Gujrati Dupatta Style

Saree Style dupatta for Indian bride

Diagonal Style Dupatta for White dressed Bride

FreeStyle Dupatta of Yellow dressed Bride

V-shaped Dupatta Style

U-Style bridal dupatta

Pink Net Ghoonghat Dupatta Style

Ghunghat Dupatta Style For Nikah bride

Saree Style Dupatta

Red V-shape Dupatta Style

These are the incredible designs for bridal dupatta styles. Choose any one of the above.If you haven’t selected your draping style then these ones would be inspirational for all of you. Various Pakistani brides are opting different styles. These days stylists are paying special attention to dupattas with the wedding lehngas of brides. You can take help of your favourite stylists to get the best look on your big day and give yourself a standout appearance 🙂

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