Calvin Klein is bound by no introductions. This is one of the top brands that is internationally desired. It was founded by the fashion designer Calvin Klein himself. It is an American fashion house headquartered in New York City, currently owned by Phillips-Van Heusen. To treat us this winter, we have Calvin Klein Autumn Winter 2014-2015 RTW Collection For Women  to sate all our fashion desires and needs in the most stylish way possible. And textured knits was how Calvin Klein launched their latest autumn/winter collection this year in the New York Fashion Week 2014. It was not only delightful to watch, but it also gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling making us imagine how lovely it would be to snuggle up in this super comfy yet super fashionable and chic collection in the freezing cold winters.

Women often consider their winter attire to be a lot more limited as compared to summers but there is so much that you can not flaunt e.g jewelry and other accessories to enhance their appearance. And you have to stay all covered up from head to toe to protect yourself from the cold and you mostly end up dressed colorless and uninteresting. But the creative director Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein has made sure this season that this winter is not boring it all. In fact, it has a wonderful splash of colors that go so well with the weather. You get this very warm, soft and craftsy vibe from collection. Costa said that this year’s line was inspired by Loretta Lux’s photos of kids and also from the idea of a gypsy and something cooler and urban. These sweater dresses were really something to look at.

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These warm dresses were so inviting that it wanted to make you jump into any one of them and look as fab as ever! It has taken comfortable fashion to a whole new level and that says a lot about the fashion by Calvin Klein. Thanks to this collection, we don’t only have long furry coats, but we can actually enjoy the luxury of fashionable furry dresses! About 85 percent of this year’s line was comprised of knits and sweaters. But not your usual winter wear, something classy, chic and so comfortable ticking away all the right C’s! The exquisite use of colors in this range was gorgeous, the peachy pinks, the gradient colors, warm hues of brown and green, mandarin red and navy among others.

Cosa didn’t use buttons, but instead she used large pins in their place very interestingly. The dark colored boots complimented each dress exceedingly well. The combinations used was also one of the thing that stood out and quite unusually so. The blacks, grays and whites were ever so gracefully used in this line and gave it a sophisticated look. The patterns and styles were newly found concepts and ideas that breathed more life in the collection. This is definitely going to be one of the most favorite ones for all the women out there. So, go on and grab what you love because it is going to be pretty hard to choose!

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