‘Calvin Richard Klein’ was born in a northern part of New York called ‘Bronx’ on 19 November, 1942. He studied fashion designing from New York’s ‘Fashion Institute of Technology’ and become graduated in 1964. He is a widely recognized American Fashion Designer who launched his own firm that would later called as Calvin Klein Inc. which is one of the most prominent fashion house and marketing studios throughout the world. This organization is headquartered in the most famous City of United States known as New York which is now operated by ‘Phillips-Van Heusen’. It sells and designs branded collection of men and women apparel and huge variety of other products which are fabricated and advertised by using a comprehensive system of licensing contracts and other schemes worldwide. Product series under the several CK brands consist of men and women  footwear, apparel, swim-wear, eye-wear, sleepwear, coats, bags, socks, belts, suits, jeans, cosmetics, watches, fragrances, jewelery as well as home products.

Calvin Klein Resort Collection 2014 for Women


Calvin Klein is an International Fashion Brand that brings Latest Collections with unique and elegant styles every year which is always loved by men and women both. ‘Francisco Costa’ who is Women’s Artistic Director recently introduced Calvin Klein Resort Collection 2014 For Women that consist of 21 stunning looks. A real charm, beauty and affection is observed inside this range from zip up tops and buckled trousers for day wear to long coats and belted skirts for evening wear. This collection is an innovative mixture of chic new styles and soft colors like skin, blue, white, black and many more that is simply mind blowing. This beautiful range characteristics mainly include sophisticated long coats and gorgeous buckled dresses which are very prominent in the collection. The fine coats are the ideal match for the belted skirts and abdomen tops of this line that will give you a quite hot and sexy look. The white dresses in this assortment are magnificent and will give you a incredibly fresh look. The outfits in brown, blue and green are just fabulous and will provide you a bright and glowing effect. Ladies!! Hurry up!! Try these remarkable dresses and give yourself an exclusive and modern touch!!

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