Latest Bridal Makeup Trends 2019 For Pakistani Brides

The wedding day is an important day of every bride’s life. Majority brides used to start this struggle a few months ago to plan pre-wedding skins. Everyone wants to look extraordinary perfect on their wedding day. To get an everlasting charm, numerous traditional remedies are tried. Do you know bride looks beautiful in her original look rather than excessive layers of makeup? No one wants to have such layers so most of the girls don’t rely on their makeup artists and scouring the internet to find out their makeup inspirations. What kind of look brides should have and much more things are jotted down earlier by the brides.

Bridal makeup 01

If you are looking for a gorgeous appearance, then BestStylo has brought some glimpse of Latest Bridal Makeup Trends 2019 for Pakistani Brides. You may have come across numerous makeup artist who will try to satisfy you through their exceptional tactics. Being a bride, you need to prefer your original skin with soft and glowing appearance. It’s a wish of every young girl to look at her best on this special day. 

Bridal makeup 02

Effective Makeup Tips For Stunning Look

Before going to take a look at trendy bridal makeup styles 2019, we have collected some of the effective wedding bridal makeup tips and tricks that will help you to have stunning look. So, forget such type of scary makeups that are hard to recognize by bride itself. Take a look at worthy tips below:

  • Smoother Skin

Well, everyone wants to have smoother skin on the wedding day. So, make sure heavy pigmented cream foundation should be used with powder foundation to make your skin smoother. Check it out our Top 10 Best Liquid Foundations

apply foundation on skin

  • Application of Powder Foundation

If you don’t want to have highlighted face, then apply a powder foundation on the whole neck area, ears and chest too.

apply power foundation on skin

  • Application of Concealer

Concealer shade should be similar to the foundation and mix well before applying. Hide eye circles through the perfect application of concealer. Blending is a key factor toward the nose and downward strokes. To have best concealer for your makeup kit, check it out our Top 10 Best Concealers

apply concealer under eyes

  • Foundation Type

If you are going to select foundation, then make sure it should be the same as per your skin type. For a combination skin, the water based foundation would be ideal. For perfect foundation knowledge, check How to Apply Foundation Base Makeup Perfectly 🙂

apply perfect foundation on face

  • Perfect Eye Shape

Make sure small brush is used to blend a medium tone color from below side arch in a semi-circle motion to give your brows a perfect shape. Your whole eye makeup would be wasted if your brows wouldn’t be in perfect shape so this trick will help you to some extent. Our Natural Tips to Get Long and Thick Eyelashes at Home would help you out in having thick lashes before your wedding day. 

tips to get perfect eye shape

  • Opt Easily Blendable Lip Liner

It is suggested to use such lip liner that easily blends with lipstick to give you lustrous look and it will look perfect in photographs too. Thin and small lips would give a rich look with medium lip shades. Fuller lips can use dark shades. Check here our Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step 🙂

bridal makeup for wedding day

Glimpse Of Bridal Makeup By Famous Salons

  • Depilex

Well, you might have heard about Depilex which is famous for a sensational look. 35 years of excellence is the name of beautiful creativity. Brides love to have their wedding makeups from this largest beauty institutes. If you haven’t tried out yet, then what you are waiting for? Go and give a try for standout appearance.

Bridal makeup look by depilex

Depilex Salon Bridal makeup look

Bridal makeup by depilex

walima Bridal makeup by depilex

barat Bridal makeup by depilex

  • Alle’nora Signature Salon

Alle’nora signature salon has high-quality experts around the world. They will give you stunning appearance on your big day. Check out the below traditional looks of brides of 2019. This appearance would leave you to spell bound and it will be a great change in your personality as well. Check these simple ways to make your makeup last longer.

Bridal makeup by alle'nora

Bridal makeup by alle'nora salon

Barat Bridal makeup by alle'nora

Walima Bridal makeup by alle'nora

Mehndi Bridal makeup by alle'nora

  • Kashee’s Salon

Kashee’s has become a huge brand these days. The best thing about this salon is that they not only give you spectacular appearance also they groom you from head to toe. It’s up to you what type of makeup you want but doesn’t forget to try signature looks of their salon. Well trained staff and high-quality equipment are the proof of the salon’s excellence. Check out the Kashee’s latest looks of brides 2019.

Bridal makeup by kashif aslam

Mehndi Bridal makeup by kashee

walima Bridal makeup by kashee

mehndi Bridal makeup by kashif aslam

wedding day Bridal makeup by kashee

  • Madeeha’s Bridal Studio

Are you looking for real trendy makeup? Then don’t waste time and head towards Madeeha’s because they have everything that you want. Perfect look by staying in the style statements of your originality. Have you seen brides of this studio? If not, check the below ones you would get to know why this studio is excelling rapidly. The main reason is only bride glam appearance with a variety of makeup tactics. Have a look at some of the trendy brides of this salon. Click to see Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step
Bridal makeup look by madeeha salon

Bridal walima look by madeeha salon

Bridal makeup by madeeha salon

wedding Bridal makeup by madeeha

walima Bridal makeup by madeeha

Bridal Makeup Looks For Mehndi, Barat, Walima

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 01

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 02

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 03

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 04

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 05

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 06

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 07

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 08

Best Stylo Bridal Makeup Gallery 09

These are some of the glimpses of Pakistan’s best Makeup artist their goal is to put their best to make your day perfect by giving you a glamorous look. Apart from that you have come across several makeup looks, you just need to get an inspiration from these ideas so that you can get the best makeup for your big day 🙂

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Latest Makeup Trends for Fall Winter 2019

In our today’s article, we will focus on the latest makeup trends for fall winter 2019. So, ladies, in 2019, you don’t need to get worried about dryness and dull makeup as we have got many winter makeup tips and ways for you to look amazing. So, as other seasons, you will also look stunner in soothing winter season too.

Winter is the season of dullness and calmness. Because of the cool cold breeze and blowing weather, everyone feels so relaxing which in turn leads to calmness and relief mode. It is the sweat-less season that is the most amazing factor about winters. Everyone can dress in whatsoever way they want but they just need to cover them up with those cozy sweaters and long coats. Along with so many amazing factors, winter also come with the most disturbing factor for women which is dryness.

The calm weather, cool breeze leads to dryness of skin, be it women or men, everyone faces dryness in winters. Unfortunately, it is big problem for ladies they get really worried when they face dryness on their skin. The skin dryness ruins their makeover. But you don’t need to worry ladies, our fashion blog have got solution of all your problems. [Read Also: Winter Skin Care Tips]

Best Fall Winter Makeup Trends 2019

Winter is the season of light and medium toned makeover. But recently, there came some amazing change in winter makeup trend that now ladies have started wearing a bit dark makeup in winters too. Especially those working women who always keep them up to date are more concerned about bold makeover in winters.

At our fashion blog, we have gathered images for dull and nude winter makeup trend as well as sharp and bold winter makeup trend. Give a look to the images below and check which type of winter makeover appeals you more and then implement it on yourself. [Read Also: How to Apply Perfect Base Makeup]

fall winter very light makeup look easy winter party makeup by Eyekandy nude winter lipstick trend brown hair brown eyes party makeup Nanette lepore fushcia lipstick winter makeup Trends nude winter makeup trend perfect winter look with latest winter makeup trend smooth and decent winter makeup trend perfect winter makeup trend red eyeshadow dusky pink lips and a light contour for winters apple cider vinegar for face wrinkles orange lip color winter makeup dull blusher for winter makeup

new winter trend makeup

How to Do Winter Makeup – Tips and Tricks

Now I will tell you some winter makeup tips which are also shown in the images below. These tips will surely going to add glamour in your winter makeup and you will look beautiful when you apply makeup considering these tips.

When you do mild makeover in winters, then first of all come the application of foundation. Remember, whenever you start, first moisturize your skin with lotion as skin gets dry in this season. Use liquid foundation and for better blend, add few drops of lotion in liquid foundation and then apply it gently on face. Now put on some face powder it will make best base.

Winter makeup is mild so it involves not so many things so next step is eyes. I suggest you to apply mascara only on eyes with lighter touch of white eye pencil below eye. It will give decent look in this calm weather.

After that, apply your lip color. You can apply light or dark lip color as per your choice. According to latest trends, some sharp lipstick shades are inn nowadays as shown in the images below. You can apply fuchsia, red or maroon lip color but with that use lighter blusher. A dark blusher will sharp lip shade will not give decent look.

You can apply medium toned eye makeup with sharp lip color that sounds good. But never apply dark blush on with dark lipstick. If you love wearing red lip color, then use peachy blusher on cheeks and only mascara on eyes with little Kajal. [Read Also: How to Apply Blush On Perfectly]

We have also shown winter party makeup in some images, so if you have plan to go to get together, then you can do such party makeover by following same tips. You will surely look charming with all decency and grace. Enjoy winters looking decent !!

latest winter lipcolors bold eyes and lips winter party makeup Chanel winter makeup trend Dark maroon Lipstick For winters deep red winter makeup latest makeup trends dark lipstick shades latest makeup trends light lipstick shades Lip Gloss winter makeup trends red lip color with perfect eye liner winter trend red lipstick winter makeup trend sharp lipstick winter makeup trend three types of winter makeup looks winter makeup trend of dark lip color and light eyes winter trend makeup black tone lip shades dark pink lip makeup for winterssmokey eye makeup trend for winters smokey eyes with nude lips winter makeup winged eyeliner with matte lips winter makeup golden eyes winter makeup with glossy lips

10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival

Every woman is looking for simple and alluring makeup ideas and tips, which they can easily use and make their festivals more special. Eid festivals are mostly observed at the daytime and doing the right kind of makeup at the daytime is really very necessary and tricky as well. So, here are some great 10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival that will surely do the work for you and make you look ravishing on the upcoming Eid festival.

Bobbi Brown

 Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.  

We can’t underestimate the need for Makeup for festive occasions because we know ladies do tremendous efforts on just their look. Cosmetics products give them encouragement to choose the best products for their skin. It doesn’t matter you have oily or dry skin we all have to follow some tips and important guidelines just take a look at Top 10 Best Makeup Ideas And Tips For Oily Skin Face to rejuvenate your skin. Ladies would get a vast range of makeup tutorials and ideas through our platform but let’s get back to our main discussion for makeup ideas for a festive occasion

1-Use Of Natural Base

Applying a base is one of the most important parts of the makeup. You ladies can take a look at the pictorial tutorial that we have just arranged for your skin where you will get to know How To Apply Foundation Base Makeup Perfectly Step By Step Picture Guide. For every occasion, you ladies have to come across this dilemma so its better if you get to know initially about its do’s and donts. Instead of creamy sticks and other bases, go for natural loose powders and liquid bases matching your skin tone that would not only look nice but will last for long. 

Using Natural base for Eid Makeup

2- Do Light Contouring

Contouring defines your looks, but it is not necessary to always do a heavy contouring. Try to keep it simple yet covering the important areas that need it. Party makeup is considered to be incomplete without contouring. Just check Best Party Wear Makeup Tutorial Step By Step in which contouring hacks are mentioned for rejuvenated skin. Don’t forget to follow these instructions and give yourself a prominent look this eve.

Light Contouring for Eid

3- Soft Blush

Your makeup won’t be completed without a nice blush that enhances your cheekbone. Use rosy pink or other tones of pinks to make a complete yet settled look. More details are waiting for your attention in our blog where we are going to let you know How To Apply Blush On Perfectly By Yourself Step By Step Tutorial because I believe blush is the important part of every makeup and this guide would make you blush pro.

Applying Soft Blush For Eid

4- Soft Eye Makeup

There are various ideas that you could use while doing the eye makeup.  Did you check our Easy Makeup Tips &Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Attractive?  Because eid festive is all about trendy and experiment look so if you are tired of applying same eye shades then follow these tricks we are all set to give your eyes a new look.this eve. Of course, eye makeup is an important part. Use some pastel shades, like nude tones and soft shades of pinks.

Applying Soft Makeup for Eid

5- Smokey Eyes

Some girls are really fond of Perfect Smokey eyes but are afraid to do it in the daytime. For them, here is an idea. Instead of using too much blackish tone, go with dark browns. It will give you a smoky effect and will also not look too heavy and perfect for an Eid look. Give a try and do let us know in the following comment section how was your experience with this.

Using Smokey Eyes For Eid

6- Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner is very much in these days but if you ladies are not good in this then we have also gathered some easier tips for making you perfect in eyeliner. Just give a look at our 5 Different Eyeliner Styles For Beginners Step By Step.You can apply it on your Eid day as well. It looks good on almost all shapes of eyes and also makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Application of Winged Eyeliner For Eid

7- Use Of White Under Eye Liner

This is another idea for a perfect Eid day look. It will make your eyes look broad open and will go you a refreshing look. You can use a white or silver eye pencil for this purpose.

Application of White Color under Eye

8- Add Light Glitter

Glittery eye makeup always looks good but may not look that good at day time. You can add glitter in the form of a glittery eyeliner that will do the work. Ladies or girls who are obsessed about their makeup and want to know about some tricks then Best Makeup Ideas For All Occasions is our best attempt for all the fashionistas.

Application of glitter For Eid makeup

9- Add Water Proof Mascara

Mascara completes your eyes look. Look for the brand that gives a perfect waterproof long eyelashes mascara. Applying mascara is not tough these days just check our How To Apply Mascara Perfectly that will give a boost to your lashes and you will definitely stand out this Eid.

Application of water proof mascara For Eid

10- Soft Lips

Doing a daytime makeup, especially the summer makeup you should never opt for too bright and vibrant lip colors. Don’t miss out Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands this Eid that will give a classy look with your favorite attire

Soft Lips Makeup For Eid

Useful Tips For Perfect Makeup On Eid

These are some makeup tips that will make you look fresh and keep it last long on Eid festival.

  1. Use light tone colors and pastel tones both in eyeshades and blush.
  2. Use a concealer one tone lighter than your skin. It will hide all the dark circles and spots on your skin.
  3. Use a primer before applying base as it will close the pores and will reduce oil secretion from the skin.
  4. Instead of creamy products, use powdered form cosmetics.
  5. If you are going for dark eyeshadows, keep your lip color soft in particular otherwise it will look too heavy.

Trendy Look For Eid day

These are some 10 Alluring Makeup Ideas & Tips For Eid Festival that will make your Eid look really special and would give you a perfect look for the special day. Enjoy Your day and look glamorous.

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Best Party Wear Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

In today’s article, we have got best party wear makeup tutorial step by step for you by copying you can have quality time with your fellow friend on the upcoming kitty party. Wearing beautiful clothes, putting an outclass makeover and classy look that’s all a lady want nowadays. It is the society of ladies now and day by day women are getting more dominant. The glimpses of girls, their personality and above all their makeover makes them dominant and unique in society. Nowadays, makeup is considered as the fundamental necessity among ladies. Makeup always adds up more charm to a women’s personality. With the dominance of females in society, ladies get together, and parties are also increasing. Every other woman wants to have a stunning look at the kitty party.

The first step is to apply moisturiser on your face.

Tips to use foundation for party Makeover

In our today’s article, we will tell you how to apply foundation and concealer before doing the makeover. While doing party makeover,

  1. The first step is to know your skin type and skin colour. According to your skin tone, use a foundation that suits best on your skin.
  2. If you are facing the problem of dark circle around your eyes or you have two-toned skin then apply foundation and concealer as shown in the images below. It’s the first step, and your entire look at the party depends on how you do this step.
  3. With the application of foundation, another significant step in party makeup is contouring. Contouring is done to equal the uneven skin tone. Contouring is done on nose, cheeks and forehead is usually. We are here to provide you tips just follow the steps displayed beneath in the pictures to apply foundation, and I am sure you will get every eye attention at the event.

foundation for cheeks and nose party makeup foundation contoring for party makeup full face foundation application for party makeup perfect foundation light party makeup maroon lipstick party makeup foundation and highlighter application for party makeup

Tips for eye makeover

The second step is to make your eyes beautiful with makeup.

  1. For that, first, you need to apply eye primer on the eyelid.
  2. You can also apply concealer if you don’t have eye primer. Then comes the application of eyeshadow, and for that, we have gathered step by step images for you to copy. You can do Smokey eyes with the blend of any shade that you have in your dress.
  3. After applying eyeshadow, apply highlighter on the top part of your eye below the eyebrow. It will add shine to your eyes.
  4. The important factor which adds splendid beauty to eyes is mascara. A good mascara is all you need to give a puffy look to your eyelashes.
  5. Before applying mascara you can also use an eyelash turner, and after that apply mascara, this tip will surely give splendid beauty with perfect eyelashes.

kohal kajal party eye makeup

blue party eye makeup with yellow touch light yellow party eye makeup smokey eyes party makeup glittery blue party eye makeup perfect smokey eye makeup for party blend of silver purple black eye makeup copper party eye makeup light copper eye make up for party shimmery silver party makeup



Different ways to apply eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is the part of eye makeup, but it is a mission for every girl. Every time you use a liner, there comes slight difference among both eyes. So, we have got some bright easy to put the best eyeliner with the best wing tip. Try these ways on the images below to make perfect eyeliner.

Best party makeup-eye liner 1 winky eye liner for party thick party eye liner long tip party makeup eye liner party eye makeup liner for small eyes

Tips to apply lip color

  1. If you are going to the evening party, then employ sharp lip colour. And if an event is going to happen in the daytime, then prefer putting light lip colour.
  2. Always choose lipstick according to your complexion. The images below show step by step tips to apply perfect lipstick.
  3. If you want that your lipstick stays longer, then we tell you one handy tip.
  4. Employ one coat of lipstick and then place tissue paper between your lips, apply other coat then. Do this for three times, and I assure your lipstick will stay longer.

pink color party makeup lipstick red lip color party makeup orange glossy party make over lip color red matte party makeup lipstick tip for long lasting party makeup lipstick

Tips to Apply blusher

  1. Now the last step is the application of blusher. Without blusher, I think the whole makeover is useless. Blusher adds glamour.
  2. So, to get best of it, choose the right shade for your cheeks. Selecting the shade for blusher very much depends on your dress colour.
  3. Preferably, I suggest going for pinks always, because pink blusher still looks good on parties.

party makeup blusher contouring Best party makeup blusher right way to apply blusher for party makeup light color blush on for party makeup dark pink party makeup blush on Best party blusher

Get to know about Concealer Application

Concealer is for hiding all blemishes. You will look magnificent if you have right foundation and concealer in this world.It’s important to get to know about its application. Here in this section, you will come to know following tips for applying concealer, and in the following video you will come to know how to apply

  1. Avoid using same concealer
  2. Select right time for applying concealer
  3. Opt right colour to deal with dark circle
  4. Don’t rely on only fingers
  5. Don’t set concealer with powder

Concealer Application

A glimpse of Party Makeups By Professional Artists

There we are going to let you know people what perfection is being shown to you ladies by professional makeup artists. They are giving best to give you all new look. Take the following makeup ideas as an inspiration for your upcoming party plans. Once there was a time when we all might have no idea about makeup, but now everyone is know about do’s and donts. Check it out the following party looks and steal the show.

Decent party makeup look

Soft Party makeup with white dress

Dark party makeup with red lip shade

Light makeup tone for party

Ravishing Party Makeup look

Day Light party makeup

These are the makeup ideas that everyone should have either they are going to small parties or some most significant event. Every lady should know how to get prepared appropriately according to function. Don’t forget to comment on how were these? And what else you want to see further in other makeup tutorials. Feedback is appreciated. Stay pretty all the time 🙂


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Top 10 Best Moisturizing Winter Creams For Men & Women

Proper moisturization of skin during winters is just as important for men as it is for women. Our skin usually dries out during the winter season and it gets damaged enough to crack our skin too. And wrinkles get visible. Apple cider vinegar for face wrinkles is an effective remedy that u can use with dryness. This kind of dryness can cause long-term damage which is not good for us. So, no matter if you’re a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, you need to understand the importance of proper and regular skin hydration especially during seasons like winter. Your body is not the only thing that needs covering and extra layers of protection, your skin does too. One of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways of moisturizing is through the application of winter creams and lotions. Top 10 Best Moisturizing Winter Creams For Men & Women will guide you regarding the best options available at your disposal.

 Vaseline Total Moisture Intensive Care

Vaseline Total Moisture Intensive Care

This winter cream comes in three amazing flavours; oats, aloe and cocoa. Each one of these is loaded with the goodness of cocoa butter extracts, aloe vera extracts or pure oats extracts and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex. It moisturizes from deep within skin.

Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich

Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich

This product replenishes your skin and makes it supple, soft and hydrated. It is enriched with the goodness of proteins, watermelon, urea and lychee extracts. And so it benefits you by creating a sustainable moisture layer on your face so that it remains healthy.

 LOreal Triple Active Moisturizer

 LOreal Triple Active Moisturizer

All LOreal products are high quality and highly effective and this one here is no exception. It is based on the benefits of vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin B5 and also packed with omega ceramides, glycerin and UV filters to give you a long-lasting hydration.

Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer

Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer

This little wonder here includes sea whip extracts, caffeine, UV filters, barley and wheat germ extracts to re-hydrate and nourish your skin. It gives you the protection you need in these cold harsh winters that dry the life out of your skin.

Vichy Aqualia Serum

Vichy Aqualia Serum

This product provides you with a 24-hour protection by diffusing moisture deep into the layers of your epidermis and protects you against the winter blues. Its Active Hyaluronine content ensures that your epidermis is thoroughly hydrated and moisturized.

Olay Active Hydrating Cream

Olay Active Hydrating Cream

Slathering this ultra-moisturizing cream and fight the harsh winter effects. Olay Active Hydrating Cream moisturizes, improves and restores your damaged and dry skin by making it softer and smoother. Just like all Olay products, this one will also delight you after use.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel

This cream hydration oil-free formula moisturizes skin for 24 hours. Its antioxidant fruit waters, vitamin E and non-comedogenic qualities ensure that moisturize are locked in the skin and it remains smooth, soft and hydrated throughout the day.

 Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

 Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream is packed with the benefits of 10 skin nutrients and moisturizers. That is why its one of your best choice in cold season. This will not only moisturize, nourish and protect you against the cold winters, it will also make your skin soft, supple and radiant.

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Cream

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Cream

Nivea is definitely out go-to winter cream no matter what age or gender we are. This cream has been protecting and moisturizing our skin from decades and decades ago. It is suitable for application on your whole body may it be your hands, feet, legs or arms.

Dove Moisturizing Lotion

Dove Moisturizing Lotion

This special winter care cream combination will give your skin exactly what it needs in the cold, dry season. Its deep care formula will leave your skin feeling thoroughly hydrated and nourished. So, you don’t have to worry about dryness from winters anymore!

Check out these creams and apply as per your skin conditions. If you are still confused what to do then do consult skin experts. They will suggest you the best option. Let me tell you, people, one thing, these moisturizing creams for winters are affordable. Have them of your favourite choice and Enjoy winters to the fullest 🙂

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How To Do Skin Whitening Facial At Home Step By Step Tutorial

Hey Beauties! 🙂 Are you tensed or worried for your sensitive skin and you don’t know the techniques of how to do skin whitening facial at home? Just stop worrying about it now!  Below is the step by step tutorial regarding whitening facial treatment at home that will assist you out for the care and protection of your skin in this scorching summer season.

Skin is a beautiful gift from God that safeguards you from alters in the outdoor environment and also it’s the most prominent and sensible feature of your body. Skin protects you from dust, pollution and intense sunlight so in order to keep it fresh, you need to take special care of your facial skin. We recommend you to always use good quality whitening creams or beauty products for your skin preservation. You can also use whitening face packs or homemade night creams for brighter, healthier and glowing skin.

The Best Facial Products You Need:

Listed below are some of the best facial products by top cosmetic brands. You can opt for any one of them as per your choice.

  • Garnier Facial Kit
  • Lofty Facial Kit
  • Janssen Facial Kit

Things You Will Require For Homemade Facial:

For performing whitening facial at home, you will require the following things:

  • Hair band
  • Cotton Balls
  • Hot Cloth or Towel
  • Blackhead Remover
  • Milk Cleanser
  • Face Scrub
  • Facial Mask
  • Skin Toner
  • Moisturizer

Homemade Whitening Facial Method Step By Step Guide

The word ‘Facial’ means rubbing the skin with some good quality facial products in such a way that it gets clear, shiny and tight. The step by step whitening facial tutorial will provide you with effective facial techniques for the home facial cleansing. Facial or face massage helps in whitening your skin, tightening your skin and glowing your facial skin. The herbal beauty tips for glowing skin will aid you to glow your skin within a very short time. 

Every girl wants her face to look fresh, soft and smooth but working ladies and female students require it more due to long outdoor working hours for the whole day. Easy and effective home facial cleansing is available for you here. Also, take excessive water, fruits, vegetables, fresh juice and milk that will work best for your skin.

Now the wait is finally over! Scroll down to examine the whitening facial steps and follow them to brighter your skin tone!

Step 1: Wash Your hands With Soap

Commence with washing your hands completely using hot water because bacteria and dirt may cause irritation to your skin. Avoid the use of fragment soap as they can cause allergy to the sensitive skin. 

Wash your hands with soap

Step 2: Tie A Hair band 

Use a hair band to hold back your short forehead hairs that may cause irritation later on. Be relax and comfortable to begin cleansing. 

Tie a hair band to grip your hair

Step 3: Remove Makeup By Using A Cotton Ball

Skin is a very delicate feature so with the use of a wet cotton ball remove any makeup from eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead and neck. 

Remove makeup from your face using cotton ball

Step 4: Start Applying Milk Cleanser To Your Face

Put the milk cleanser on your palm and run both of your palms with each other to distribute the product evenly on your skin. Normal, oily, dry, sensitive and acne-prone are various cleansers. You can use one according to your skin type to avoid any skin problem later on.

Apply milk cleanser to your face

Step 5: Remove The Cleanser From Face

After 10 minutes of applying milk cleanser, remove it with the help of cotton pad or washcloth from your face. Use a dry towel to dry your skin. 

Remove the cleanser from face

Step 6: Apply An Exfoliating Face Scrub

Now, put the exfoliating scrub on your palm and run both of your palms with each other to distribute the product evenly on your skin. Apply the scrub in a circular motion on the face and neck properly. 

Apply an exfoliating Face Scrub

Step 7: Steam With A Hot Cloth

Place a hot cloth on face after washing it in hot water. The steam will help to remove dirt particles from your face by softening the skin layer. 

Steam your face with a hot cloth

Step 8: Rinse The Skin Using Cotton Pad

With the help of a soft cotton-pad, rinse the skin without forcefully. Also, use a clean towel to pat the face. 

Rinse the skin properly

Step 9: Apply A Whitening Facial Mask

Apply a light and even layer of whitening mask on your face by avoiding the delicate part of eyes. Choose the scrub according to your skin sensibility depending on the oily and dry skin. 

Apply a Facial Mask

Step 10: Let The Mask On The Skin For 15 Minutes

Let the mask sit on your skin for approximately 15 minutes, depending upon the mask that you are using.

Let the facial mask on skin for 15 minutes

Step 11: Remove The Mask From Skin

Gently remove the mask with a wet hot wash-cloth. After removing, clean the skin using dry towel leaving the skin slightly moisturize.

Remove the mask from skin

Step 12: Rinse And Apply Skin Toner

Gently sweep a wet cotton properly across the whole facial skin. Then, remove the blackheads using blackhead remover if any. After that, apply toner to your skin that helps to restore and mend the skin depending on the suitability of toner on your face.

Rinse and tone your skin

Step 13: Upward Apply A Moisturizer

Finally, apply any good quality moisturizing cream upward from the base of neck to the forehead of your face. This massage will help in circulation of the blood that will refresh your skin. Moisturizer without chemicals are recommended by Dermatologists. So, try using moisturizer without SPF. 

Upward Apply a Moisturizing Cream

Important Note: After this whitening facial treatment, your skin gets sensitive so better try to stay at home for one day avoiding weather, dust, pollution and intense sunlight. Skin is sensitive better not to apply makeup after treatment as your skin also need to breathe to look fresh. Repeat this whitening facial treatment at least once in a month to ensure well-being of your facial skin. 

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8 Quick Makeup Tips for College and University Girls

Student life is the confusing life for the girls. They are always confused for whether to do sharp makeover or light. At this phase of age, doing sharp makeover daily will make them look mature and more than their age. So, college and university going girls always keep on finding perfect ways for doing daily makeover.

At our blog, in today’s article, we have got 8 quick and easy makeup tips for college and university girls, these tips will surely help them in coming out of confusion. Scroll down to get best makeup tips for college and university students.

Tip 1: Always Apply Light Tone Makeup

Tip 1 is focused on the use of light tone makeup. It’s the most important tip to be considered. Sharp and dark makeup will make you lost your innocence because it will give you mature looks. Sharp makeup sometimes makes you look more than your age. So, in your student life, always prefer light tone makeup it will make you look pretty with all your innocence.


Tip 2: Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important to be used daily. Moisturizer hydrates the skin well and after application of moisturizer, your skin becomes so soft and get ready for makeup items application. Always prefer more intense moisturizer for better results.


Tip 3: Choose one BB Cream according to your Skin Texture

Using BB cream daily will take you away from tanning. Tanning is the common problem of girls. They have to stay outdoor so they get expose to sunlight which results in tanning. Girls must use good BB cream on daily basis. BB creams consist of sun screen which give amazing results. BB cream by Garnier is very effective, you must buy that or you can choose any brand according to your skin type.

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Tip 4: Get an Eyelash Turner and Mascara

Putting on mascara daily is not a good practice. But if you want curled lashes, we have one solution to this issue. Get an eyelash turner from any beauty shop. This tool is amazing, you just need to know how to use it. To get sharp curls, you can also apply mascara after curling lashes with eyelash turner.

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Tip 5: Use Best Kajal Inside Eyes

Kajal will make your eyes prominent. It gives attractive look to girls. Trace the kajal at the inner rim of eye and it will give fuller look to your eyes.


Tip 6: Use Black Gel Eyeliner or Eye Pencil

Your eyes will look sleepy if you haven’t had enough sleep last night. To cover up these sleepy eyes, you can apply peculiar black gel eyeliner or eye pencil on your eyes.  If you have class early in the morning, just use a peculiar liner that maintain your innocence.

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Tip 7: Brush On Some Blusher

A light tone blusher is very important to give whole cute look. Take very light shade of pink and apply it gently for glowing makeover. It will add shine to your attractive features.

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Tip 8: Moisturize your Lips with Lip Balm

Lip balm is the must in makeup. You makeup looks incomplete if your lip color or lip balm is missing. Apply light decent shades of lip balm. There are many brands offering good lip balms, but to me, the best one is of Maybelline.

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Top 10 Best Foot Creams for Dry Cracked Heels

Foot creams are the thanks gift for all those people suffering from dry and cracked heels. Foot creams are the solution to many problems as these emulsions recover dry, dull, dark and rough skin. Every single girl obviously loves wearing heels and beautiful sandals, but all the grace of shining heels and charming sandals goes in vain when you have got cracked or rough heels.

From now onward, you don’t need to worry about cracked or dry heels, just wear all those heels confidently. Get through the list of top 10 best foot creams for dry cracked heels and choose the one with best features and buy for yourself. Say NO to dry and cracked heels by using best foot care creams and lotions.

1. Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream

Himalaya is the famous Indian brand being used by many women all over the world. The brand provides affordable products and among them one amazing product is their best foot care cream. This emulsion is best selling and available in very economical price. Above all its results are also amazing.


2. Eucerin Intensive Repair Foot Cream

Eucerin manufactured a cream which provides intensive repair treatment. It’s a lotion type cream which is easy to absorb and will help you to get rid of dry heels. This lotion consists of alpha hydroxyl acid which makes it economical and effective. For perfect results, apply it on feet heels before going to bed every night.


3. Burt’s Bees Foot Cream with Vitamin E

It’s very pure and luscious moisturizer. This demulcent is made up of sunflower oil and grape seeds which will soothe your split heels very soon. Burt’s bees products are always made in pure and natural way, this is the reason these products recovers the issue soon.


4. Neutrogena Foot Cream for Dry Rough Feet

Neutrogena is the old and very renowned brand in the market. Ladies love using products of this brand. Neutrogena is slightly expensive but it is worth each penny. They manufactured heavy duty foot emulsion which recovers sun burned toes too along with callused and chapped toes. It’s worth buying.


5. Loccitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

This famous brand is actually best selling. There are high quality hand and foot creams of Loccitane available in market. They are highly effective for dull and dry skin. Along with reducing the dullness, it also brings softness to your skin.


6. Bliss Foot Patrol Exfoliating Cream

Bliss is the luxury spa item, now available for you too. The mixture of peppermint and enriched oils in the cream make it awesome luxury item. This foot demulcent is famous because of its fragrance, as it is said that it has fragrance which make women feel stress free. Along with that, it exfoliates very well.


7. Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

Clarins brand is always on top when it comes to beauty care. Clarins foot product exfoliates very well as its ingredients consist of shea butter along with amazing cashew nut oil. Both the ingredients are best for soft skin.


8. Deborah Lippmann Steppin Out Foot Cream

The toe demulcent by Deborah is enriched with kokum butter, olive oil, aloe vera and acai berries. All these ingredients make this lotion astounding enough to get soft and soothing skin.


9. The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion

Every other person is aware of the name Body shop. Body shop has manufactured peppermint and menthol oil enriched toe lotion for you guys. It’s among one of the best foot lotions for cracked heels. The soothing fragrance of peppermint and soft texture is enough to make this product famous.


10. Barielle Total Foot Care Cream

Barielle is the new brand in market but its highly effective foot care cream enriched with vegetable protein is attracting majority of the women because of its excellent results.


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10 Beauty Secrets from Grandma for Flawless Skin

It is always said that pearls of wisdom passed on generation to generation. It is true, grandparents always wish good for their upcoming generation so they keep on passing their experiences and their tips to next generation. Grandparents, especially grandma is always so much concerned about their grand kids so they keep on advising them. As grandma give other advises to grand kids same as they provide them beauty tips especially to her grand princess. She is so concerned about her beauty and her flawless skin.

10 Beauty Tips and Tricks from Grandma for Beautiful Skin

Our today’s article will focus on all those beauty secrets which are experienced by grandmas and they love to tell those to grand children. When we talk about the beauty secret, there are so many natural remedies but at our blog, we will tell you about 10 useful beauty secrets from grandma for flawless skin. You must read them and after that I assure you will get amazing flawless and clear skin.

Tip 1: Lemon, An Amazing Natural Beautifier

The most useful tip grandma gives to her grand princess for her flawless skin since years is use of lemon. You just need to take one lemon and cut in half, then rub it all over your face. You can rub lemon on your face daily; it is very effective as well essential to nurture your skin. Lemon is effective to get rid of acne and fresh skin. It is antibacterial and it also help to get rid of pimples.


Tip 2: Olive Oil

Olive oil is not good for only cooking, but it is also effective to get immaculate skin. Grandma suggests olive oil because it consists of antioxidants which fight against skin damage because of dust and pollution. When you come back home daily, apply some olive oil on your face with the help of medicated cotton and you will see amazing results.

Olive oil beauty secret by grandma

Tip 3: Rosewater & Glycerine Spray

Grandmas always prefer using rosewater. You only need to get rosewater and glycerine from market in very pure form. Mix them in equal quantity and apply it on your face with the help of medicated cotton. This mixture exfoliates your skin gently and keeps it soft and clear always.


Tip 4: Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is the oldest natural skin remedy. Turmeric is called anti bacterial and antiseptic too. It is very useful to get rid of scars and dark marks on skin if applied regularly. You just need to mix some turmeric powder in milk and apply it once a week for fairer and brighter skin.

Beauty secrets by grandma turmeric face mask for clear skin

Tip 5: Potato Peels for Dark Circles

Potato peel is the best remedy to get rid of dark circles and puffiness around eyes. You need to slice the potato and keep the peel under both eyes for 5-10 minutes. You must do it twice a week because it’s very effective.

grandma tips potatoes for dark circles

Tip 6: Multani Matti Paste

Multani matti is being used by females since years. It is very pure and natural ingredient to achieve clear acne less skin. You just need to add multani matti in water and blend it until you get a paste. Apply it on face and let it dry and then wash it after sometime. You will achieve oil-less skin after using this beauty secret by grandma.

multani mitti face pack beauty secret by grandma

Tip 7: Tomato and Honey Paste

For this amazing beauty secret from grandma, you just need to make tomato paste. Grandma suggests adding honey in the tomato paste and then applying it for 15-20 minutes on your skin. This will give you glowing skin.

Honey and tomato paste mask by grandma for glowing skin

Tip 8: Eat 5 Healthy Fruits

Granny suggests kids the best of best beauty secret for flawless skin. This secret is to eat these 5 fruits daily. Strawberry, orange, mango, papaya and banana are those miracle fruits which gives you beauty. You can eat them according to the season.

Beauty secret of fruits by grandma for clear glowing skin

Tip 9: Oatmeal, Honey and Milk Paste

You can make this paste by adding some oatmeal in boiling milk. For best result, you can also add honey in this material too. Leave the oatmeal mask on the skin for 10 minutes and see the effect after sometime.


Tip 10: Take 8 Hours Sleep Every Night

The most important advise granny gives to adults is to sleep well. 8 hours sleep every night will automatically relax your body and skin which will bring glow to your skin too.

Important beauty tip by grandma-beauty sleep

Top 10 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos for Men and Women

Dandruff is the worst problem faced by almost every other person all over the world. Lucky are those people who remain dandruff free in all seasons. It’s quite natural and happens with many folks. Dandruff occurs due to dead skin of the scalp which causes itching sometimes. Along with itching, it comes with embarrassment as it become unable for you to wear your favorite black outfit for party or outing because dandruff gets more obvious on black color. But with the passage of time and new technology, now there is cure for this weird problem.

There are various imported shampoos available in the market which will act as the best anti-dandruff shampoo for colored, dry and oily hair. With vast research, at our fashion blog, we have gathered top 10 best anti-dandruff shampoos for men and women which are highly effective to get dandruff free scalp. Have a look!!

1- Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy

Clear nourishing shampoo is the best for the clear dandruff free scalp. This is the amazing soak as it contains nutrium 10, vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients are always found very effective when it comes to the nurture of hairs. It will help to remove the dead skin cells and also remove the oil from skin. It’s really helpful so you need to try this out.

clear scalp and hair beauty shampoo for dandruff

2- The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo

This product is considered a blessing for all facing dandruff. Ginger is the best ingredient which helps to get smooth scalp skin. When you will start using this soak, then gradually your dandruff will fade away. It will also give you relief from itchiness due to dry skin.

body shop ginger shampoo for dandruff removal

3- Avon Naturals Anti Dandruff Shampoo

This shampoo is made up of all purely natural ingredients like tea tree and thyme. With the mix of some silicone and SLS, this product give better results. Along with removal of dandruff, it soothes the scalp perfectly. After every use, you will feel softness and soothing in your scalp.


4- Cipla 8x Shampoo with ZPTO

Cipla is a dermatologic brand and recommended by dermatologists. Along with the aloevera extracts, this mop includes cicloprix and zin pyrthtione which is also good for conditioning of locks. This shampoo also removes the itching of scalp and dryness.

8x with zpto shampoo to get rid of dandruff

5- Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo

Garnier fructis fortifying shampoo is highly recommended for the people who have oil-flaky scalp. The oil will make your hair looks dirty even when you wash it. But this shampoo will give best results to those who have oily fleece.


6- Nizoral A-D Ketoconazol Shampoo

Along with flake removal, this soak is the best fungi killer. This shampoo contains an anti fungal chemical called ketoconazol which helps as fungi killer. When flakes occur on oily skin, then it becomes reason of fungus on scalp, so this soak is the best fungi and dandruff killer. Buy it if you ever face such a miserable condition.

Nizoral A D anti dandruff shampoo

7- VLCC Natural Herbal Rosemary Shampoo

This is the rosemary flavored flake removal shampoo. The ingredients of this product include gooseberry, hibiscus flower, margosa, tea tree oil and the most important thing rosemary. It is highly effective and highly recommended for dandruff-free and clear skin.

VLCC natural herbal anit dandruff shampoo

8- Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Pantene is good old name in the shampoo industry. This version of Pantene includes PRO-V complex and ZPT which is recommended for clear and smooth head skin. It helps prevent dandruff and reduces damage.


9- Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Anti Hair Fall

Head & shoulders is one of the best shampoos for dandruff and hair fall. It actually works that’s why several people are using this since long. It is the gentle serum with good fragrance and it cleans dead skin thoroughly.

Head Shoulders Anti Dandruff Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

10- Matrix Biolage Fibrestrong Anti Dandruff

This sock is composed of Pyrithione Zinc and Bio Cushion Complex. These agents help to cleanse head skin and it will remove pollutant which in turn uproots the dandruff issue.

Matrix Biolage Fibrestrong anti dandruff shampoo

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