Latest Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019

Mehndi is one of the eves in the Life of bride when her new journey is about to start and this one would be a celebration of bachelorhood. Well, Every Asian function whether Indian or Pakistani is incomplete without mehndi function where family members and friends are gathered for the celebration. Dance and music are the souls of the function. In this blog, BestStylo would let you know the Latest Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 for the function.

Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

You can see the preparation of ladies and girls with unique henna designs and bangles they are all set to grab the attention of function. Well, here we will discuss the main attention of the function which is none other than the bride. So, Among dresses and other things, bridal Mehndi hairstyle is also grabbing the attention of everyone. Don’t forget to check out our wide range of Latest Wedding Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi hairstyles loose curls


Best Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 In Pakistan

Are you going to bride to be? Want to know some attention to grab hairstyles for your mehndi function? BestStylo is all set to let you know Stunning Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles 2019 for your big day. Try out these and we assure you that you would look different as you should be. Let’s follow some trendy hairstyles for mehndi function.

Mehndi Curls for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Want to have some pathani look for your mehndi function? It might be some new experiment for you but you should try this as well. You can have light curls with this headpiece (Matha Patti) and a Top layer of hairs can be braided for below hair curls. It would be perfect for you just try out and let us know how’s your experience? Grab Indian Lehenga Choli Dresses to make your wedding superb.

Curls with Mathpatti for mehndi hairstyle

  • Floral touch is in trend these days whether you see a print of latest lawn design or shoe styles, you will see flowers everywhere. If we talk about hairstyle, then see the below picture where loose curls along back-combing hairstyle have been beautifully done. Flowers are beautifully adjusted with loose curls. You can have Headpiece of any type and believe me, you will get a stunning and elegant look as well on your mehndi.

Floral braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Do you love hair beads? If yes, then do you know you can have Fish braid? And beautifully embellish the beads of your own choice as it is shown in below picture. Bridal has done a fish braid in her golden dyed hairs on the yellow embroidered dress. She is looking gorgeous for sure as well. Don’t forget to try out our Pakistani Bridal Makeup Step By Step.

Golden Braid for mehndi bridal

  • If you don’t want to open your hairs on your mehndi day, then you can have braid with handmade floral jewellery which is used to make through fresh flowers. Such jewellery gives the best look to braid style. It’s up to you whether you have Fish braid or French braid as you can see in below picture bride is having braid style. Also, have a look at our Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses

Curly Braid for mehndi hairstyle

  • Want to have royal look on mehndi? Well, who doesn’t want to have a royal touch like a queen on her day as you can see in below picture? Bridal is wearing two-legged Sharara dress with loose hair braid to give a glamorous look to her entire look. If you have hair larger than the shoulder, then it would be perfect in black hairs and enhance the look of your whole attire with your mehndi dress and makeup. Also, take a look at Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Messy braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • Are you get tired of same braid look at Mehndi functions? Then you can have light curls in your open hairs. Add jhumar tikka and put the hairs on the right side. it would be appealing to you as you can see in below picture. It would give you unique and elegant look from usual brides on their mehndi functions.

Open hair with jhoomar Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

  • If you have long hairs, then it would be best to have long hair braid and you can have gajras or flowers in your braid to enhance its look. As you can see in below pictures, you are also loving this for sure like me. Have some more braided hairstyle ideas here.

Long braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles


Loose Braid Hairstyles For Mehndi Brides

Have some loose braid and adjust white jewellery piece in your hair if you really don’t like to have floral touch along headpiece style for your hair. It is all about to give you gorgeous look for your mehndi eve. Have a look at below pictures, this one would be a great experience because it’s an elegant style if you don’t want to have too much heaviness for being a mehndi bride.

Matha Patti messy braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Rose Braid for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Wavy Hairs for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Floral bun for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

Open hair for Bridal Mehndi hairstyles

These are some elegant and stylish hairstyle designs for all the brides to be on their mehndi function. It’s up to you what type of mehndi dress you are wearing and what type of makeup you are having? You just need to consider those hairstyles which are accurate as per your personality or you can easily carry. Have fun and look different on your big day. 🙂

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Most Popular European Hairstyles Trends For Women 2019

In this time of the fashion era, every other person around the world is getting highly modern and adapting the new fashion trends. No matter in which part of a world you are living, when you see around you, you will find that everyone is deviating towards the latest styles of a day to day life chores. So, starting from the housing to the clothing, everything is getting lavish nowadays in the world. Especially when we come to Europe, it is the rich and developed country and people there are more towards the adaptation of new styles and trends. All the people in Europe, be they male or female are getting into the development and maintaining of high and lavish personality. They are always into it.

European ladies are always known for their beauty, charm and perfect personality. All over the world, people admire the beauty of these women. They have got fair complexion, glowing skin, slim bodies, tall personalities and above all the best, and the most admirable feature of these women is their hair. European ladies have got beautiful and perfect hair. That is why European hairstyles female have got much fame among ladies all over the world. We have gathered some latest and most popular European hairstyles trends for women 2018 that will let them look stunner. You can look over the collection of our fashion blog, and you will find it very beneficial for you. Lets have a glance at this remarkable collection of European hairstyles for girls.

1. Bob Style

The very comfortable and decent style to be made. Most of the girls and celebrities of Europe got the bob haircut. A big number of women love to carry this European hairstyle as it has boldness and uniqueness factor in it which gives confidence to ladies.

Bob Cut European Hairstyle

2. Messy Up Do

Messy Updo is another most carried European hairstyle. The busy girls of Europe usually carry this style, it requires only 2-3 minutes to make this style. They just need to get up all their locks and tie them with the help of bobby pins. It’s very easy and striking hair design.

Messy Updo European Hairstyles

3. Loose Curls

A very easy and less time requiring European hairstyle is loose curls. When you wake up to go out just heat up your iron rod for 5 minutes and curls your hair, after that put on hairspray and you are done.

Loose Curls European Hairstyle

4. Short Pixie

This European hairstyle is famous for giving the young and bold look, the looks which every girl wants. So, for this reason, this style is very famous there.

Short Pixie European Hairstyle

5. Low Ponytail with Parted Locks

Wake up in the morning, heat up your straightening rod for 5 minutes. Now straight up your hairs. After that part them in half or side part them from the front and then make a level straight ponytail at the back.

Low Ponytail with Parted Hairs

6. Jasmine Ponytail

Jasmine is the character in the movie Aladdin. The character makes the ponytail in which she wrap ribbons on her ponytail at intervals that gave a voluminous look to her ponytail. It is the most loved European hairstyle.

Jasmine Ponytail European Hairstyle

7. Long Open Bangs

This European hairstyle never goes out of fashion trend. Girls still love to get bangs haircut to give their lock such look.

Long Open Bangs European Hairstyle

8. Twisted Braids

Take one thick bunch of lock from a top of your hairs and twist it around by taking the other hairs. Now it will come in the form of a thick band, after that pin it up at a back and then make ponytail of this European hairstyle.

Twisted Braid European Hairstyle

9. Braided Up Do

As you have made the twisted braid in the above mentioned style, now twist them around your head and at the last make an up do and secure it with the help of bobby pins. It is so easy and elegant style.

Braided Updo European Hairstyle

10. Beehive Style

With the help of backcombing and wrapped out wigs, you can give your hair this voluminous look. It’s a unique hairstyle usually carried at parties.

Beehive Style European Hairstyle

11. Waves

Waves are very simple and most carried style, so this European hairstyle explains itself well.

Wavy European Hairstyle

12. Gelled Up Globes

This design is famous but usually carried by celebrities only. It involves the use of gel and by applying a high amount of gel, take your hair at back and then comb them.

Gelled Up Globes European Hairstyle

13. Retro Style

If you have short length locks, then make this style. Roll up your bangs and the end of locks to achieve this elegant hairstyle.

Retro Style European Hairstyle

14. Mid Length Waves with Fringe

If you have mid length hairs, then go to your hairdresser and ask him/her to cut some fringes. Now open your mid-length locks with the open fringes and look hot.

Mid Length Waves with Fringe

15. Shaved Slides

Just like the males shave their beard, girls can cut their short length locks to adapt this new and unique trend.

Shaved Sides European Hairstyle

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Best Ideas about Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2019

Best Stylo is back again with Best Ideas about Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2019. Be it Indian, Pakistani or any European girl, wedding is the most important day of her life. The celebration of the big day varies from culture to culture.

Every country has a different culture, norms, and traditions. Every nation celebrates the wedding event according to the boundaries set by their society, culture, and tradition. The most important thing on every bride’s mind is how will I look on my big day? So, beautiful ladies that all depends on to get yourself ready for an event. The three major things that contribute and make you look pretty are your dress, your hairstyle, and your makeover.

Backcombing Indian Style

When it comes to hair styling, there are three types of designs which are usually preferred by Indian brides. Those three famous designs are braids, classic buns and curly hair designs. There are many other styles, but these three are the most common and loved by Indian brides. Foremost preference of every Indian bride is these three types.

Indian Bridal jura style

Braided Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Brides

Braided hairstyles are love. Since years, so many cultures like Pakistani and Indian culture has considered this hairstyle as their tradition. The trend of this style came many years ago but in 2019, it is still in trend. Despite so many modifications and so many braid types, girls still love braids for their big day. Have a look our exotic and classy Best Ideas about Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2019.

In India, the usually braided hairstyle is made on the Mehndi and Sangeet event. The girls from South India always make braided style on mehndi event. Some girls also make a braided style like braided updo or bun on Barat ceremony too. Indian girls exactly follow the braid pattern as shown in the pictures below. South Indian brides mostly carry this style. The braided style is very suitable for medium and long length hairs.

Long hair braid Indian wedding style

Exquisite Indian Bridal braid Design

South Indian Braid Style Collection

Messy Bun Jewelled Bridal braid Collection


Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curls and waves are never out of trend, many girls have started loving this style. Being a bride if you like natural hairs on your wedding day then there is no better option than curly hair design. We have gathered stunning curly styles for your wedding day, give them a look. Check out the following collection you will definitely love this.

Curly Hairstyle for Indian brides


braid hairstyles

loose curly hairs indian wedding hairstyle curly indian wedding hairstyle with pouff

Classic Bun Hairstyles for Indian Weddings

The bun and updos are into fashion industry since so many years. But a few years back, Eastern and Western cultures brought some new variations in classic bun look. The new modifications have made this hair design more appealing and attractive. The traditional bridal bun is typical style, but it is very elegant and loved by Indian brides.

As Indian brides have to cover up their head according to their tradition, so classic bun is the best choice for their wedding day hairstyle. Indian brides also add flowers and jewelry accessories on the bun to make it more awesome. These classic Bun styles will give you stunning look at your important day.

Trendy Bun for Indian Brides

Indian Reception Bridal Hair Style

Jewelled Messy Bun Indian Wedding Hairstylecurly indian wedding bun with back coming

Some Other Indian Wedding Bridal Hairstyles Pictures

Other than these three famous styling types, Indian brides have also found carrying some other fabulous hairstyles. We have compiled some for you too. You can have a look at the images below. These designs are beautifully carrying Indian brides and these will change their look too. if you are a bride to be and you are looking for a wide collection of hairstyles as per your long hairs and short hairs, curly one and much more style we are offering the extensive collection to make your life easier.

wedding hairstyle with loose curls and fringe side bun indian bridal wedding hairstyle loose side indian wedding braid with half partingindian wedding hairstyle fresh flower updoindian side parting curls for wedding bride

New Popular Summer Hairstyles For Girls 2019

There are several trendy and stylish hairstyles for girls in summer 2019. According to personality and face shapes, there are many kinds of hairstyles. Most of the styles are for round face shape while others are for flat and oval shapes. The skin tone sometimes matters a lot to grant best style choice. Especially in summer, most of the teens are in trouble for grabbing the hair styles having shoulder length. You can also have beautiful and cool hairstyles for summer in a wide range. The layered hair style is selected by most of the women and its demand is very high by young girls and women. Layered hair style grants a classy look to the girls and it grabs the placing bangs choice as well. Bob haircut is another leading style of summer fashion.

When the season changes, the trends following hairstyles for both women and men also changes. There are basically short hair styles selected for summer which includes formal, casual, long, short styles and many more. Bob haircut is called to be the most favorite hair style for women in the 21st century. The ponytails, braids, and buns are popular these days in summer fashion. Long hairstyles for some occasion include curls, straightening and funky patterns on your curls to have a different look.

Best Summer Hairstyles For Young Girls 2019

Summer season is a great time for trying a new look which can include braids, curls, funky styles, buns and much more. Hairstyle plays a very important role for changing one’s personality whether male or female. Simple designs include simple straightening that grants fabulous look. Updo hairstyles are getting much popularity day by day and it is an ideal choice for those women that have long hairs. These designs are very easy to hold, you can tie, curl and fold them whenever you want in various forms, shapes and designs. There are also many variations available that you can do by pin pearls in the curls, you can highlight your hairs with some decent dye, adding glitter gel and you can also tie some fresh or artificial flowers to make it beautiful, unique and attractive.

On the other hand, back combing have always been a top favorite choice for women on many occasions. There are many new variations edited in this style by the expert stylist. Firstly, this style was a tie at the back but now these days it is left to open and hang down to straight them. New Popular Summer Hairstyles For Girls 2019  also includes classic dumpy women hairstyles which are very amazing up-to-date fashion. There are various kinds of attractive hairstyles available also for medium hairs. Beautiful styles and designs are promoted at every age of girls. Shoulder length hairstyle includes the step cutting and you can highlight your hairstyle by making it bold and colorful. You can also learn the latest collection for hairstyles by following magazines and websites where you will get best hair designs suitable for skin tone and face forms.



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Eid Special Hairstyles For Short & Long Hair 2019

If you haven’t decided yet what style you are going to have this Eid then probably you are going to miss something gigantic. We are making this problem easier for you. We are bringing Eid Special Hairstyles For Short & Long Hair 2019. Without managing hair, you can’t outshine any event even though your dress wouldn’t be so appealing without proper hairstyle. So for keeping your personality, this happy Eid remarkable try out most authentic hairstyles by several stylists who keep on working to make your Eid eve super best.

Beads Style Braid Eid Hairstyle

Hairs are the most important body part that defines your personality. Many people may ignore their importance and concentrate solely on their face and body, but in reality, your look will remain incomplete even if you have got the perfect skin and body but terrible hairs. So, paying attention to your hairs is equally important and necessary. Hair requires a lot of your attention, and if they are treated roughly, they may get damaged and uncontrollable. Many of you are might be searching  Common Causes and Remedies for Hair Loss in Females and that can keep them resisted to search hairstyles because of inappropriate length.  Many products are available in the market to make your hairs look beautiful and lively. So, if you want a perfect look, focus on your hair as well besides your skin.

Flowery Braid Eid Hairstyle

Eid is a festive occasion for Muslims around the world. On this particular occasion, everyone, especially the females, seems busy shopping for fancy eid dresses, jewelry, Eid makeup, shoes and much more. Every girl wants to look beautiful and perfect on this day. So, for such look, you should make every aspect of your beautiful. Looking beautiful does not require you to have the perfect slim and smart body, flawless skin and perfect hair, but it needs you to carry yourself best with whatever you wear.


Marvelous Collection Of Hairstyles For Eid 2019

The importance of a perfect and inspiring hairstyle to give you an outstanding look on Eid day cannot be denied. It is necessary that your hairstyle should complement perfectly to your Eid dress. So, if you want to know which hairstyle will go perfectly with your dress, keep reading as there are some great ideas for hairstyles in this article. The Eid of 2019 is in summers, so it would be suggested that you should try to have some hairstyles with tied hairs like ponytails and different kinds of braids.

Braids and you people can learn The Super Easy Waterfall Braid & Step By Step Hairstyle Tutorial in our blog that we have arranged only for those who find difficulty in making braids. By reading this blog braids are no hassle for them anymore. These are very much in fashion in 2019, and they can make a perfect Eid look of yours as well. Here are some easy Eid Special Hairstyles so that you can have them on the auspicious occasion. Best Stylo has brought Eid Special Hairstyles For Short & Long Hair 2019

Further in this blog just take a look at these stunning designs and try to implement today so you can easily get to know how much time you all need to surf this Eid on hair.

You can have these styles without considering weather conditions. Eid is going to be observed in heating summers, but it doesn’t mean you are going to compromise with your hairstyles. Following pictures are all set to give you some unique and styling ideas for dressing up in elegant ways for your Eid get-together either you are having long hairs or shorter ones. You can utilize any hair gels or sprays which will keep your hair organized in case you have curly or dry hairs. Just follow top trending European hairstyles that are super easy and for short hair because ladies over there don’t keep long hair and hairstyles are not time-consuming.

Braid with open hair for Eid

Braid Style Poni for Eid Hairstyle

Stunning Designs for Eid Hairstyle

Braided Bun for Eid Hairstyle

Braided bun Hairstyles for Girls on Eid

Braided Joora style for Eid

Easy braid style with long hair for Eid

Braided Pony for Eid

Layered Braided bun For Eid

Sided Braids For Eid


Some girls do not like to have braids and tied hairs, for them giving nice simple curls Just visit the Top Trendy Long Curly Hairstyles For Women to figure out how much this is simple now putting curls in hair or blow dry will work perfectly fine. You can use your hair straighteners and curlers to give you a soft and classy hair look on Eid day. Even simple straight hairs will look good. But you should take great care in this regard as Eid is a traditional and classic event so, do not spoil your look by making complex hairstyles on Eid.

Braided pony Hair Style For Eid

Curls For short hair

Braided Hairstyle with curly hair

Light Curls hair style For Eid

You can also accessorize your hairs with some classic and light accessories that are available in the market. You can choose among the wind range of hair accessories that will make your hair beautiful But do not over accessorize your hairs as it will not look nice. Hairstyles would be attractive only if they are simple enough as you can see in Easy Hairstyles For Eid Step By Step Tutorials that are super easy and you don’t need to spend more than 4-5 minutes on each.

Here are some of the suggestions for the inspiring collection of hairstyles that you can have on Eid 2019. You can choose the one that fits your needs. You should take care before choosing the hairstyle as every hairstyle does not suit on every face cut.

Open hair with some Light curls For eid

Straight Hairstyle for Eid

Braid hairstyle for Eid

Ladies boy cut hair style for Eid

Simple Straight short boy cut hairstyle

Bow hairstyle For Eid

Loose braid Hairstyle For Eid

Braided Bun Hairstyle For Eid

High Bun Hair style For Eid

Tripple Braided Hair style For Eid

Elegant braided Hairstyle For Eid

One sided braid Hairstyle For Eid

Above Eid Special Hairstyles For Short & Long Hair 2019 pictures all about to groove you this Eid with these most fashionable designs. You can have these designs by following pictures. These were supposed to be tough once, but now you can have these styles within a minute either you are having long hairs or shorter ones. It’s up to you  How will you manage your hair beautifully by having these ravishing designs for an adoring look which is going to be loved by most ones 😉

Check out below ones for Your exotic Eid Eve:

Easy Hairstyles For Eid 2017-2018 Step By Step Tutorials

Eid is a religious Festival of Muslims and everyone is busy in preparation for Eid day. Eid is another name of emotion, happiness, enjoyment or fun. All the Muslim girls and boys try their level best to appear stylish and stunning on this lovely event. They desire to be dressed up just like princess and prince. Eid dress has its own value but if you have chosen an outstanding hairstyle that fits you, then I must say that you have celebrated your occasion with passion and style.

Many people neglect their hair and pay focus on their clothes, jewelry and makeup. They think that good hairstyle is not so important because it will not make them more beautiful. But they are wrong! Your hairstyle can make or break how you look. Nobody will look good even in the most fabulous dresses if their hair is greasy and unwashed. All hairstyle not suits with your face shape. It’s better to make hairstyle that looks perfect with your whole appearance. And for making your Eid easy, we are here to discuss some of the Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Eid 2017-2018 Step by Step Tutorials.

Latest Eid Hairstyle Tutorials for Girls and Women 2017-2018

Hairstyles play an important role to enhance the beauty and it also reflects the personality of every person. On any event, girls will be concentrated more on makeup, dress, jewelry etc but forget to focus on hairstyle. This mistake badly affects on their personality and gives them dull look. So, don’t ever forget to style your hair. There are many types of hair such as long, short, curly, frizzy and wavy. Each and Every hair type want different and unique hairstyle. Braids are making appearance on the fashion market. We are watching the braid style both on and off the fashion shows.

Now I am going to present you an awesome collection of new hairstyles 2017 for short and long hair which you can wear on your Eid festival with additional confidence of beauty. The following mentioned step by step hairstyles for eid 2017 can aid you in demonstrating real glamorous look on this wonderful event. Have a look on the picture gallery below! 🙂

1930s Curly Bun Hairstyle 2017

This chic, trendy hairdo has remained popular for years and decades. It’s very easy as young girls can do it at their homes as well.

Styling Method:

  • Just wash your hair well, put curlers in your locks and spray them and leave for 2-3 hours. You will get perfect curls. Don’t comb your hair now as the waves will get loose. 
  • After that, section your hair into two halves and start rolling your hair from forehead till the back of your neck.
  • Make a messy bun at the back using bobby pins. Leave 2-3 strands of your curly hair out of the bun so that it looks flirty and stunning.

Do 30s-style makeup with this hairstyle and your look is now complete. Visit long curly hairstyles for women 2017 for more hairstyling ideas.

1930s Curly Bun Hairstyle Tutorial For Eid 2017

Bow Style Eid Hair Tutorial 2017

This hairstyle is very easy as teenage girls can also make them by their own. All you need is a pony, some hair pins and hair settling spray.

Styling Method:

  • Begin with taking two portions of your locks from the front part of the head. Tie them together with an elastic pony.
  • Don’t pass out your hair from the pony to create a loop that is shown in the picture below.
  • Divide the loop into two halves and clip each of the part with bobby pins.
  • Pick up the remaining ends of the ponytail and wrap them up and around the elastic to hide it.

Bow style Eid Hairstyle Tutorial 2017

Braided Side Bun Tutorial 2017

Braided buns are the best choice on this summery Eid as they look stylish and trendy. Follow the step by step tutorial to achieve this amazing side bun hairdo.

Styling Method:

  • Section your hair from the left corner of your head.
  • Now, divide the right part into three sections and start crossing them by taking the single strand of the hair from the side hair.
  • Repeat adding hair and crossing section.
  • When it reaches at the end of your hair, tie it with an elastic band.
  • Now, start rolling it up and secure the bun with the bobby pins and hair spray.

Check Short Messy Updo Hairstyles for more bun styles.

Braided Side Bun On This Eid For Long Hair

Curl With A Hair Straightener Tutorial

If you want good bouncy curls on this Eid, then try to curl your hair with a hair straightener. Just follow the steps below!

Styling Method:

  • First comb your hair with brush.
  • Then, tie your hair on the top of the head by leaving one section behind.
  • Now take your straightener fairly close to the scalp, press the iron closed and turn it back on itself a half turn and run it to the down to the ends of the hair.
  • If you want a tight curl, turn the straighteners to the full turn.
  • For holding, put some hair spray all over your curls so that they stay longer.

Latest Curly Hairstyle Tutorial For Eid

Double Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

This hairstyle is best for hot summer days when you want your hair up from the neck. Follow the below mentioned steps to achieve your desired hairstyle look.

Styling Method:

  • For this style, you just have to divide your hair form the middle of your head and start with a three stand braid.
  • After that, loose them so that they look big and bouncy.
  • Repeat the same process on the second section of your hair.
  • Then, wrap the two braids around the elastic of the ponytail and secure with some bobby pins.
  • To hide the pony, take strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band.

Now you are ready for all eid gatherings and parties. Check Latest European Hairstyles 2016 for more unique styles.

Double Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial For Eid 2017

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial 2017

Ponytail Hairstyles always stays in fashion. To accomplish this hairdo, just follow the steps listed beneath!

Styling Method:

  • Section the hair from the center of your head and start backcombing your hair from the roots at the top of your head.
  • After that, take your front hair section back with full care so that your front head looks neat and decent.
  • Position your pony at the back and tie the front part hair around the elastic band.
  • Finish off the look by using hair spray.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle For Eid 2017

Pin Up Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

Long hair are a blessing from God and you can do whatever you want with it. You can make braids, long ponytails, loose curls and simply just straight your hair, the choice is all yours! The hairstyle given below is very simple. You just have to follow the steps beneath to accomplish this look.

Styling Method:

  • Divide your hair from the crown part of your head and start backcombing your hair with the help of comb from the roots.
  • Once your hair gets volume, neatly fix your hair at the back with bobby pins.
  • Now it’s your own choice to curl or straight the remaining hair.

Eid Special Hairstyles For Long Hair 2016 gives you more ideas of styling your hair on this eid.

Eid Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

Curly Hairstyle Step By Step Tutorial

If you want professional curls on this Eid 2017, use these curlers to get the perfect look. Have a glance on the following steps to get this curly hairdo!

Styling Method:

  • First spray mousse or hair spray all over your hair.
  • Then, roll your flicks or band so that they do not disturb you again and again.
  • Roll all your hair using curlers.
  • Wrap them tight to prevent hair from loosening while you sleep.
  • Now, remove the curlers gently and style your curls as you like.

Eid Hairstyle Tutorial For Long Hair

Messy Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step

If you want messy yet trendy hairstyle on this Eid, try this one. Follow the steps below to get this catchy style!

Styling Method:

  • First curl your hair by using straightener, curling rod or curlers. This gives volume to your hair.
  • After that, backcomb your hair from the crown part of your head.
  • Now, make a simple loose braid from the front part of the head and tie it at the back using hair pins.

The beautiful hairstyle is ready for eid to make you stun. For more trendy hair looks, check Emo Hairstyles 2017 for Medium Hair.

Eid Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step

Four Strand Braid Tutorial For Short Hair 

Braids are the ones that always looks great and never went out of fashion. Just follow the steps beneath to attain this braided look on coming eid.

Styling Method:

  • Taking your front bangs out, take four strands of hair and starting with the side closest to your face, cross the outermost strand over the section next to it then under the next piece.
  • Now starting from the other side, cross the outermost strand under the section next to it then over the next piece.
  • Repeat the same process till the end of your hair and tie it with clips.

For more short hair looks, see New Short Hairstyles for Summer 2017.

Four Stranded Braid Hair Tutorial For Eid

Flowery Hair Bun Tutorial 2017

If you want to make your hair up from the neck in this summer and not interested to make that old messy bun, try this one girls! 

Styling Method:

  • Start making dutch braid from the forehead of your head.
  • Rotate the direction of your braid form the crown of the head to make some space for the flower bun.
  • Repeat the process till end and tie it with elastic band.
  • Now, loose the braid with your full potential.
  • Roll up your braid and fix it with big bobby pins.
  • On the middle of the bun, you can insert flower, pearls or diamantes to make it more gorgeous.

Flowery Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step For Eid 2017

Headband Updo Hairstyle 2017

This rolled up hairdo also has a classic feel. Follow the step by step tutorial below to get this classy headband updo.

Styling Method:

  • Take a circular elastic band and put it in the top of your head by taking the flicks aside.
  • Now, starting from the front, take small section of your hair and roll it inside the band.
  • Repeat on the both sides, the hair will cover the band and look almost like a braid.
  • Roll your back hair gently because they will come out again but don’t get panic, they will good rather disheveled. Now your summer hairdo is ready!

Headband Updo Hairstyle Tutorial For Eid 2017

Simple Front Braid Hair Tutorial

This style is one of the best teenage girl hairstyles 2017. The young teenage girls can easily make this simple braid without much effort. Just follow the method to attain the following style!

Styling Method:

  • First of all, take 3 strands and by taking the side hair in each section, make simple braid till the end of your hair.
  • After that, knot the braid with elastic band.
  • Now, comb the remaining hair neatly and you are done.

Latest Braided Hairstyles 2017 offers you some more elegant braid looks.

Simple Front Braid Hair Tutorial For Eid

Straight Hair Tutorial For Eid 2017

Straight hair is the wish of every single girl and they always looks good and decent on everyone. So, girls if you want to acquire straight hair, just follow these simple steps listed below!

Styling Method:

  • For simple straight hair, first wash your hair and comb the wet hair well.
  • After that, blow dry your hair.
  • Now, section your hair with sectioning clips.
  • Apply heat protecting spray all over your hair so that they don’t get damaged.
  • Hold your straightener firmly and straight your hair.
  • To finish the look, gave some shine spray to make your hair shiny and silky.

You can also try these hair straightening remedies at home to get your hair straight naturally.

Straight Hair Tutorial Step By Step For Eid

Waterfall Braid Step By Step Tutorial

Waterfall braid is also very simple as well as trendy. Follow this step by step tutorial to attain the stylish hairdo.

Styling Method:

  • Comb your hair and make sure it not tangled.
  • Divide your hair into two sections and twist them two times.
  • Now, take another section and place it in between the first two.
  • Then, twist the first two sections to secure the third part.
  • Repeat the process in the same way.
  • Use bobby pins to tie your hair.

The super easy Waterfall Braided Tutorial guides you the easiest way to make this beautiful braid.

Waterfall Braid Step By Step Eid Tutorial

Mermaid Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

This is one of my most favorite hairstyle. The mermaid fishtail braid is a perfect way to pull your hair back, yet keeping a classy elegant look.

Styling Method:

  • Divide your hair into two equal portions.
  • Now, start taking thin strands from hair and combine it with the other section in the same way that one strand from the other section and mix it with the first portion.
  • Repeat the same process till the end of you hair and knot it with elastic band.

Fishtail Braid Tutorial Step by Step for Eid

Half Up Hairdo Step By Step Tutorial

Girls who want to look simple on this eid, try this half up and half down hairstyle and make themselves decent and stylish.

Styling Method:

  • Section the hair from the front part of your head.
  • Now, start backcombing your hair.
  • After backcombing, tie half of your hair up and leave the remaining ones down. You are done!

Girls try these simple hairstyles for eid 2017 on this special event and make yourself more gorgeous and good looking.

Half Up Half Down Hairdo Tutorial For Eid 2017

Done with reading the articleEasy Hairstyles For Eid 2017-2018 Step By Step Tutorials’? Now it’s time to pick your favorite hairstyle and get ready for the auspicious occasion of Eid. You can carry any one of these hairstyles on eid ul fitr and eid ul azha both as well as on weddings and parties too.

At the end, we wish you all a very very Happy Eid Mubarak! 🙂 Have Fun! 🙂

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Trending Hairstyles For Festive Season 2017

The best part about being a woman is that how we get to play with everything we are blessed with.  We get to play with colors, dresses, makeup, hairstyles and whatnot. Every girl wants to look perfect whether she is a bride or attending a party, For which reason, we have come up with latest trends in hair styling for the party season.

The Beautiful collection mainly consists of up dos, curly or wavy down dos, French twists, buns, half up and half down style, high or low ponytails, slicked back dos, knots and the most trendy one is bob or pixie haircut. The important thing is that while choosing your hairstyle you must keep in your mind about your facial details, wedding dress, theme and hair nature. Don’t forget to highlight it with any of the subsequent bridal accessories like headbands, pins, veils, clips, flowers or combs.

Wedding Bridal Hairstyles 2017
Wedding & Bridal Hairstyles 2017

Wedding Hairstyles | Bridal Hairstyles | Wedding Hair Ideas 2017

Trending Hairstyles For Festive Season 2017 gives you remarkable ideas on how you can put together your whole look. I hope you will get inspired by these cool and trendy hairstyles and after seeing them you will definitely say “wow”. These celebrity hairstyles will surely help you to pick an ideal one for you. At the end, I have nothing to express rather than wishing you a remarkable and memorable wedding day !!

Top 10 Fall Winter Hair Color Trends 2016 For Women

Dying hair has now become the style statement among ladies. Women are usually very conscious when it comes to their hair. They just cannot compromise on their hair color. With the advancement in the fashion industry, now more women are getting their hair dyed. In our today’s article, we have gathered top 10 fall winter hair color trends 2016 for women. In winter, you can see that more ladies get their hair dyed. Women want to add fresh look in their personality in this calm and soothing weather.

To add a remarkable change in your personality, hair color is the best option. Hair length, haircut, and color represent a women’s personality well. So, girls and ladies, you too try a new hair shade this winter season to bring the right change in your overall look. A change in hair color will surely add more beauty. Just give these top 10 most popular fall winter hair color ideas a look and then choose the best shade to get your hair dyed.

1. Dark Chestnut

This shade is a combo of dark brown and golden brown. It’s the best combo of browns. It suits more on the cool and fair complexion. But if you have the dull skin, still no worries, you can dye this shade too with good enough makeup. It is best for every lock type and length.

dark chestnut 1

2. Radical Red

Radical red is the latest winter shade. The intensity of this shade varies from burgundy shade to intense red shade. It is the blend of these two colors. It also goes well with fair complexion. When it comes to lock type, radical red suits more on wavy and curly hair.

Radical Red 2

3. Dark Blonde

Blonde is the evergreen mop shade. It is the best hue preference for ladies of fair and dark complexion. Women with both complexions can carry this lock color. It goes well with every hair type.

Dark Blonde 3

4. Icy Blonde

It’s the new blonde shade for winters. This hue brings versatility among blondes as it is different. Icy blonde flatters every complexion. But keep one thing in mind that to get this shade on your hair, you must have thick, healthy locks. Apply it only if you have healthy locks.

Icy Blonde 4

5. Auburn

Auburn is also one different color. It is the blend of black and golden brown. Auburn comes when you add a warmer color with the brunette ones. This dye suits more on dark complexion, but you can carry it if you have a fair skin. It goes well with middle mop length.

Auburn 5

6. Caramel

Caramel will give you wild warm look in winters. It is soothing one, so it is great for a winter season. Girls believe that this dye scheme looks killer on curly and wavy locks. When you dye your mop in caramel shade, then you must put on fabulous makeover while going out. It will add more spark to your personality.

caramel 6

7. Brombre

Brombre is the blend of soft blonde and thick brunette. Brombre dye is part your lock into two shades. You can keep the upper part black and color the lower part in Brombre shade. It goes best for warmer skin tones, and it looks great with all hair types and lengths.

brombre 7

8. Rich in Red

Rich in red is the mixture of the soft layer of warm brunette with vibrant red. This blend will add contrast finishing to your locks. Personally, I think it’s the cool color to bring innovation to your look. The warmth of rich red goes fine with fairer skin tones. And this color seems great at every hair length.

rich in red 8

9. Strawberry Blonde

Blonde now comes in so many types. Strawberry blonde is one of the freshest blonde type getting very popular among new fashion trends for hairs. It goes great with all hair types and with cooler skin tones.

strawberry blonde 9

10. Copper

Copper is the new red blonde. It is the cozy hue for a winter season. It seems great for all hair types, but it appeals fairer skin more.

copper 10










11. Reddish Cinnamon Hair Color

Reddish Cinnamon hair color is the best option for winters. This color giver you a very sharp and attractive look especially when done with smokey eyes and light pink lipstick.
















12. Butterscotch Hair Color

This color has been women’s most favorite this year. As shown in the picture, this color looks great on silky straight hair.



Top 10 Most Stunning Messy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Have you got short hairs? Styling them sometimes get really tricky and challenging, but you do not need to get bored with your short hairs because here are Top 10 Most Stunning Messy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair to create a new look every day.

1- Messy Loose Bun

It is so simple and easy to make. First make a high center puff from your front hairs and then gather the rest of your hairs loosely upwards and then create a loose bun for messy updo hairstyle.

messy loose bun 01 messy loose bun 02


2- Side Pinned Bun

Another great style for the short hair can be created by simply combing all one side and then roll them to create a bun. Save this bun with simple pins just below the ear.

side pinned bun 01 side pinn bun 02

3- Simple Braid Updo

For this look, simply make a three strand braid on each side of your dome. Now from the center part, make a slake bun and then cover the bun with the braid from the opposite sides. Keep your front bangs loose to get a more ravishing messy updo hairstyle.

Simple Braid Updo 01


Simple Braid Updo 02

4- Top Knot

This messy updo hairstyle is equally popular among the females of all ages, especially in summer. It looks both trendy and classy and also very simple to make. All you need to do is to comb on the top of the head and then create a bun using elastic or pins and it’s done.

top knot 01


top knot 02

5- Messy Bun Using Ponytail

This look is very easy to create at home by using your short hairs. Comb and gather your hairs on the top of the head just as you do in the ponytails. Now twist your hairs and create a bap. Lose the tips to create a messy appearance, with this, lose your knocks and outer edge too. It will give you classier look of messy updo hairstyle.

messy bun using ponytail 01 Messy bun using ponytail 02

6- Side bun

It is also very simple messy updo hairstyle that is also in trend now a days. You basically require to go over your hairs at one side of your head and then gather them as you do for a ponytail. Now roll the hairs to create a bap. The front bangs would really complement this style.

side bun 01


side bun 02

7- The Quick Twist

It looks really good even for the formal occasions. For this hairstyle, make two sections at the back of your head. Twist one section and pin it on the other side of the head. Now, take the second section and twist and pin it on the opposite side and you are prepared. You can similarly embellish it to style, it look more graceful.

the quick twist 01 The Quick Twist 02

8- Twisted Bun

It looks difficult to make, but it’s actually not. All you need to do is to section your hairs at the back of your head. You should make slightest three segments. Then and there proceeds one section and spiral it and trundle it until you get a coil shape, then secure it using specific bobby pins. Organize the identical with the respite of the segments. Make sure that no gap comes in between the three coils.

twisted bun 01


Twisted Bun 02

9- Curly Side Bun

This messy updo hairstyle is really easy to make but looks very stylish. Using a curling rod, curl all your hairs. Leave the front ones there and gather the remaining at the side of your pate. At this time, organize them in such a manner that it forms a bun effect but leave the tips loose.

curly side bun 01 Curly side bun 02

10- Braided Updo

Make three sections to make another messy hairstyle. On or after the central section, make a ponytail. By means of the respite of the two fragments at the side, create a simple braid from each. Now pin the braid on opposite sides of the head. Make a third braid from the rest of the hairs and tuck them in to made bun.

braided updo 01 Braided updo 02


These are the most simplest and amazing hairstyles that could be made using short hairs. I hope you people will find it interesting. Let me know about your views and thoughts via comment section below. 🙂

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Top 10 Best Gorgeous Wedding Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

The hairdo of the bride is just as important as the dress for that big day. All married women must know the agonizing hours spent in relentless shopping looking for that perfect dress and the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. And they also must know how big of a part the wedding hairstyle plays in completing your look. Having long hair gives women the advantage of a lot of variety when it comes to styling their locks. Every woman undeniably wants to look her best on the big day and hairstyles are a total game changer. The Top 10 Best Gorgeous Wedding Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair  will give you ten of the very best hairdos that you can choose from on your wedding.

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1- Loose Curls



The classic and classy loose curls are a must-have on every amazing wedding hairstyle list. This style is undoubtedly many women’s first choice and it is also a rather safe choice because you simply cannot go wrong if you decide to go for this do!

2- Waterfall Braid


This may look tricky but it is actually not so hard to pull off. You just need to work your magic fingers into making the perfect waterfall braid and you can also compliment it with curls or waves or you can have it done with straight hair, whatever you think will go best with your wedding look.

3- Messy Do


This pretty little messy bun of hair looks chic and absolutely stunning. These kind of hairstyles bring a softer look to your appearance. You can pair this hairdo up with either embellishments, accessories or flowers. This is definitely one of the newer styles you need to try!

4- Sleek Rolled Tuck


In contrast with the messy do, if you want to go all sleek and clean, sleek rolled tuck should be your choice of wedding hairstyle. It is simple yet beautifully elegant and has a sense of modesty and grace to it. It is one of the cuter hairstyles that you will come across.

5- Wavy Side Low Pony Tail


This timeless hairstyle can be found in most wedding magazines, functions and such events. The reason for loving this style is quite obvious; it is simple divine and looks sophisticated and lovely at the same time. You will come to see that it is one of the timeless hairstyles.

6- Sleek Center Braid Bun


You must have seen this up-do on Kate Middleton since she has been seen sporting this beautiful hairdo. This gave us idea which successfully turned out to an amazing choice for women to have it done on their wedding day. It looks amazingly stunning!

7- Half Up Bun


If you are not sure about whether to tie your long locks up or leave them down, you can just find some middle ground and go halfway with the half up bun. It will give your face a softer look and it is very easily to pull off. So, give it a try if you are looking for something lovely!

8- Low Knotted Bun


If you want to look elegant and sexy, you definitely need to give this hairdo a try! Talk about grace and beauty, this hairstyle speaks for itself. Any girl would love to go for this one if they decide to do their hair up and if you don’t want to do a high bun, do try this one out!

9- Side Braid



This absolutely lovely side braid looks like a dream on any wedding dress. No matter what shape or style your wedding dress is, this will totally look amazing if you want to try some hairdos in form of a braid. To take it to the next level, you can also accessorize it and see the difference!

10- Hair Bow


This bow bun is as pretty as a picture. And contrary to what you may think, it is not so difficult to make this. This is one of the more unique styles that you can go for and it would undoubtedly stand out and compliment whatever style of wedding dress you are wearing!