Latest Winter Hijab Styles For Pakistani Girls 2019

Winters are approaching and we need to keep ourselves warm and protected from changing the weather. Hijab is the best choice to wear in cold weather. It is also followed all over the world by young girls and women alike. The trend of wearing abaya and hijab is increasing day by day and if you wear hijab, then it’s very important for you to know about latest winter hijab styles for Pakistani girls 2019. In Muslim families, parents and elders try to inculcate the concept of covering the head in minds of girls from childhood.

Wearing hijab and abaya has become quite common from past few years, not just to cover head and body but also as a symbol of modernity. Winter hijab styles 2019 can increase the beauty of woman especially young girls wearing hijab. Although, the origin of this beautiful wear-about is from Arabian culture and is liked by Eastern women it is also practised by women of various European countries. Wearing hijab can also make your personality more attractive and make you look stand different in the crowd with more confidence and proud.

Every person has his own choices and different state of mind. Mostly, young girls wear hijab and abaya when they go outside to their homes. It gives the sense of security and makes them feel more comfortable in public places. In winters, hijab also compliments their overall look and serves a purpose to keep safe from cold. Previously, there were just simple scarfs and dupattas for this purpose but with passing time, the concept has changed. Now, there are beautiful hijabs with motifs, beads and floral patterns on them. They not only serve the purpose of covering head but also make you look stylish and elegant. Thus, these religious wears are unique and make you look more beautiful with a touch of simplicity.

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Pakistani Winter Hijab Fashion Ideas For All Face Shapes

Winters are coming and there is a need to get warm clothes out. In cold weather, your dressing matters a lot because you not only have to keep yourself protected from cool blowing winds but also have to look beautiful. In this article, I have focused on different winter hijab styles for ladies 2019.  A Muslim girl has the best choice to cover herself with hijab. Islam is a religion of peace and we must follow Islamic teachings. Our Pakistani traditions and norms are also in line with the beautiful teachings of Islam. It is our moral duty to fulfil them in an efficient way. Wearing hijab is also among the beautiful Islamic teachings.

Usually, Pakistani women wear dupattas, scarfs and stoles to cover their heads. Wearing these items in a simple way is a common practice but when you carry it with style, it makes a difference. Our creative young girls have adopted this attire in a variety of styles. They use hijab in a different combination of colours with stylish abaya designs which make them look simply gorgeous.

You can wear stylish hijab in various elegant ways like with designer abayas and gowns, maxis, skirts, tops, jackets, coats and many other combinations. In winters, mostly full sleeves clothes are preferred as they protect skin from the dry environment. We cannot use summer hijabs in winter so, stuff and colour of hijab matter a lot. The cloth used for winter hijab must be warm and mostly bright colours are preferred. They will provide you with extra warmth on the icy cold day. You can use different coloured forehead fronts in combination with hijab, also called under-scarf caps. They look amazing and give your face a proper look.

While using these forehead fronts, the upper cloth scarf can be loosened and adjusted as required. You also have a choice to use different light weighed attention-grabbing brooches to pin the scarf at its right place. They are also easy to carry due to their lightweight. If you are going to any wedding event, you can wear matha Patti or tikka or even earrings with hijab with little adjustment in styling. It will always add a level of sophistication and glamour to your personality. Young Pakistani girls are also using headbands nowadays with their scarfs and hijabs on parties and also in daily routine get to gathers. Headbands always look so classy!

For everyday use, the simple triangular scarf is very comfortable to carry. This casual try will surely make your day. Those girls who want to try different styling in their hijabs must practice adding whorls to mini shawls and stoles, as it gives volume to it. Multicolored or matching scarf pins are helpful in getting layers fixed. You can look gorgeous with multi-layered hijab carried beautifully. See here multicolored fancy lace abaya designs.

Designers are also trying their best to cater needs of their clients. They have proved their talent by providing best output. Besides designing lavish dresses and other outfits, the increased popularity of wearing hijabs among ladies has made them work on this aspect also. Below are different stylish hijab styles for all face shaped girls. Have a look!!

beautiful casual hijab style for winters

party wear bridal hijab style for winters

winter hijab style with coat for girls

winter long frilled gown with hijab style

party wear hijab with saree latest style

pink kaftan style abaya with hijab for bridals

black abaya with hijab style for university girls

open gown with casual hijab for girls

long coat style abaya with hijab

casual party wear hijab style with skirt

Islamic dresses with bridal hijab styles

jeans with hijab style for modern girls

long maxi with hijab style for parties

simple long skirt with hijab style

stylish fall winter hijab style for office

wedding abaya and hijab style for brides

winter hijab style with jeans for girls

winter long boots and beautiful hijab

new winter hijab style for Pakistani girls

green party wear gown with hijab style

elegant hijab with white trousers and jacket

floral winter hijab style with long dress

loose hijab style for Pakistani ladies

hijab with under scarf for modern girls

trendy hijab style with short frock and jeans

Ladies, do follow trendy hijab fashions in Pakistan and I hope you will enjoy practising these, this winters. They will not only keep you looking cute but also stay warm all season long. Happy Winters!! 🙂

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Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Designs 2019 Latest Collection

In a Muslim country, covering the body is not only a norm or culture but it is the one important decision for girls. Covering the head or body is not an obligation but being faithful Muslim girl, you must have shame and guts to cover up your head and body. In most of the Islamic countries especially like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai girls and women consider it the obligation for them. Abaya has to be most important clothing for Muslim lady to cover her body. The covering body factor is entirely compensated by the use of abaya as it is the best way.

Where a girl or woman cover up her body with the abaya, she came under the shadow of goods, and she get safe from evil. Abaya helps her to keep her body covered in the relaxed way as it is comfortable clothing. There is another major point that abaya has become a fashion in Arab countries now, the reason being women are not allowed to go out without covering the body. So, the abaya is a dress code in Saudi Arabia and Dubai too. Since abayas have become a part of the dress so it is considered proper dress. Girls and ladies now spend good money to get their abaya stitched or get it ready made. There are numerous designers out there who have now started making whole fashion line of abayas.

New Designs of Stylish Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Collection

We have always seen that the elegance and decency of this dress code came when it is black color. But gone are the times when this dressing is only seen in black color. With the advancement of fashion and fashion industry, abayas are also getting modernized day by day. Now there is a trend of fancy multicolored abayas, so this year, many designers have showcased their latest collection of multicolored fancy lace abaya designs 2019. The UAE abaya designers like EFFA, Sweety abaya, Al-Motahajiba, Dar Al Hazar, Dar Al Malika, Slouchy’z and Velvet abayas are very famous for making fashion line for this dressing. They have designed fancy lace abayas for the modern girls.

It is usually seen that girls get fed up by covering their body with the same color daily. So, for their comfort, there is now the good range of fancy lace abaya designs. As they have to wear it whole day long so, they also want some variation in their dress. They want some colorful scarf with it or they want any fancy addition like lace, buttons, stones and pearls on their dress. In Pakistan now a trend is started, ladies also get their abayas stitched. As shown in the pictures above and below you can see that you can make your abaya yourself. You just need to get a nice colored stuff for you along with some silk patches and lace pieces. You can give that to your tailor, and he will make one beautiful outfit for you. Keeping in mind the weather of your country, decide the comfortable stuff. You can use various colors like shown in the pictures. Moreover, I feel that as this dress is to demonstrate simplicity so doesn’t use too sharp colors and at the end wear what suits you and make you feel comfortable.

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La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2019

This year’s La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2019 will wonderfully delight you. From wonderfully simple black ones to the fascinating ones with classy color combinations, you will find just about every style and design you need now a days to look absolutely amazing wherever you go.

The trend of abayas and Hijabs have grown so rapidly and so tremendously that even thousands of non-Muslims around the world have started wearing these as a fashion statement if not more. Fashion is all about freedom of expression. It is how one can choose to express their personality and nature in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories; your unique personal style. There is just something very comforting and graceful about wearing these particular type of dresses.

When asked about how abayas make women feel, so many of them said that it made them feel liberated and free, that it allowed them to feel so much more comfortable and safe. And how awesome would it be if we could combine that with fashion to let ourselves enjoy the beauty of dressing? There are thousands and thousands of designs and styles gone in the making of this garment.

As we all mostly see, the base color used in abayas is the bold and beautiful ‘black’. And while black can look absolutely thrilling, the colors used in this are not limited to just black. Now you have millions of marvelous color combinations that you can incorporate with black or you can even leave the black out and go for an entirely different color if that suits your personal style.

La Reine New Abaya Designs for Women 2019

There are so many fabulous possibilities when you enter the fascinating world of abayas. La Reine is one brand that has always been very keen to offer women the kind of abayas that are fashionable yet modest. They have taken it upon themselves to redefine the conventional and traditional abayas into a dress that you would enjoy wearing because it is chic, it is stylish and it is unique!

La Reine pays a lot of attention and puts in a lot of work to ensure that the designs they create fit well into the international world of fashion while respecting and preserving the essence of the Arab Women’s identity and modesty.

La Reine designs its collection specifically to be worn beautifully on a wide variety of occasions. They strive to provide a lavish collection for wedding ceremonies and formal functions, a casual yet classy range for get-together evening parties and a chic collection for trendsetters who want to show a taste of their own unique individuality and stylish personality.

There are fantastic mix of vibrant and royal colors like dark blue, dull peachy gold, classy pink, purple, beige, gray and so many more. You will also find abayas with self-printed fabrics in silk along with net and chiffon. And the best part is that you can get your hands on these magnificent designs because they cater to the international market. So, Hurry up!! Just go ahead and try these beauties on!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

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Top Hijab Styles for Pakistani Outfits 2019

Hijab is for the Muslim community and now this awareness has been spread all around the globe where Muslims are located. These days hijab selection is one of the biggest challenges for all the girls who wear hijab because they have to match their outfits. It needs detail brainstorming if you are going to wrap the headscarf for a wedding, birthday party, Eid or another occasion. Here, in this blog, we have gathered some top-notch designs of hijab for Pakistani outfits. You must be thinking what outfits will give perfect look with hijab? Well, Pakistani culture is full of ravishing dresses who have an incredible identity all across the globe. Check it out our collection of Top Hijab Styles for Pakistani Outfits 2019 that will spruce up your personality. You will get to know how to accessorize your hijab for function with trending ideas.

Hijab Collection with Pakistani outfits

Guidelines for Choosing Hijab

Hijab is adding magnificent appearance to your personality. In this section, I am going to let you know what essential factors you people need to consider while choosing hijab. There are many important aspects that need your attention because it will change your entire appearance. Check it out following main points.

  1. First, it’s very important for ladies should have detailed idea about fabric. Make sure what type of fabric you are choosing for scarf must be according to weather. For summers always consider light material stuff which should be airy and when we talk about winter stuff, you should take woollen or warm fabric for the scarf.
  2. Always go for high-quality fabric because your money worth it and whatever you choose should stay long.
  3. Your selected scarf should look good on you and what type of design you have chosen it must best fit with your apparel. Mostly girls use such bold and contrasting colours that don’t look elegant as they should be.
  4. Figure out the outfit for which you are going to wrap scarf. It should be matching with the design. For example, if you are wearing scarf along saree then what type of style hijab will look good.
  5. The scarf shouldn’t be elegant only but it needs to be comfortable as well. It’s quite important for you to best fit. You should be satisfied with it what you have worn.

How to decorate hijabs?

The headscarf is not just for wrapping only if you have to give a trendy look then you must decorate with some other essentials. You might often see girls who have decorated scarves with brooch, clips, bows and other ornaments. Hijabs are adorned with beautiful headbands now earrings are also common with the different type of hijab styles. it’s not to only wear but you need to do little effort for sprucing up this with elegant accessories. Different styling accessories are available in the market for everyone whether you are going to a bride to be. In the next section, we are going to show some ravishing Pakistani outfits with hijabs.

Hijab brooch pin

Latest Hijab Style Collection for Pakistani attires

It doesn’t matter what function or what type of causal look you are going to opt with Pakistani attire all you have to pay attention to your scarf selection. Check it out the following designs that you can adorn with these beautiful headscarves.

  • Check it out this long frock with the grey scarf that will look superb on you. Long yellow dupatta is increasing the grace of the dress.

Grey Hijab with Long frock

  • if you are going to the wedding then the following picture is great inspiration for all the ladies. Embroidered Pakistani short shirt with brown bottom looks fabulous. Don’t forget to try out this wedding season following trendy design

Hijab style for wedding

  • Check it out the pink Anarkali embroidered dress for all the wedding functions and especially where you are wedding guest. Try out this hijab style with such ravishing designs.

Hijab for anarkali wedding frock

  • Hijab with under cap can be worn with sarees as well so what are you waiting for? Check it out this lemon green saree which is simply wow so yes we can say another inspiration for Pakistani ladies 🙂

Green hijab for saree outfit

  • Going to a function or in a mood of draping saree at friends wedding? This one will look elegant in embroidered saree. Check it out the beautiful jewellery is used with this design to adorn hijab in an elegant manner

White hijab with beige saree

  • Pakistani weddings are the hub of trend and fashion so if you have the plan to wear frock then check the following red scarf with a full embroidered frock that will look superb on you. It’s up to you what type of stylish jewellery you will wear with such attire.

Red Hijab with long brown frock

  • Heavy embroidered dresses are being loved by every Pakistani lady and see the following khadda dupatta along the nude colour scarf style. How simply this one has been decorated with jewellery and this is showing complete Pakistani wedding look

Traditional hijab style with full embroidered suit

  • When we are talking about all other functions then how can we forget the mehndi event? See the following mehndi style hijab which is pinned by dupatta and gorgeous makeup will give you a true modest look for any mehndi event.

Pink Hijab for mehndi look

  • Stunning ghararas are on trend now so try out the floral grey embroidered shirt with red on-sided knotted hijab. So if you are unable to decide your look with such lowers then give a try to this design 🙂

Alluring Hijab style with ghaghra pants

  • Long Red frock with pleated loose hijab style looks superb on you. This one is complete traditional Pakistani look which is ideal for wedding functions to give glamorous appearance among gatherings.

Maroon colored hijab with long embroidered frock

  • Take a look at the long green shirt with the printed hijab that will look superb on you.Try out this with jeans to give your casual look

Long green shirt with printed hijab

  • See the following summers lawn look with a beige hijab that can be simply adorned. So you can have headscarf in summer as well for the graceful appearance.

Hijab style for summer lawn

  • Beautiful red long shirt with stunning jewellery look superb with white lehnga that is the centre of attention for every lady in the wedding ceremony. Every Pakistani wedding is incomplete with these traditional lehngas

Hijab style with white lehnga

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Latest Hijab Styles for party Wear 2019

Everyone knows hijab is being considered an important part of every Muslim girl dressing. With the evolution in dressing, every girl is much more aware what to wear and how to dress up? It doesn’t mean girls who are wearing hijab have no right to look trendy. These days we have found girls with hijab are much more trending and elegant. Here, we are going to showcase the most trendy design for those girls who are invited to a party and they are unable to find the perfect look for the particular occasion. Numerous styles are available that can be worn especially for parties and other eves. In this blog, we have gathered Latest Hijab Styles for party Wear 2019 

Long Red frock with Black hijab for party

What would you do if you are invited to any party? The first question that will come to your mind after dress selection will be how to wrap hijab? You might have come across various ideas, it’s up to you what else you will choose to glam up yourself with the right type of scarf selection and accessories. Yes, this is possible to spruce up your hijab with elegant headbands and other accessories that you will take a look further on this blog.

What Type of Hijabs is available for Parties?

Hijabs have totally revolutionized itself globally, now ladies of Muslim countries including Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Dubai, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Pakistan are much aware how to cover their heads with these Trendy hijab styles. Passion for hijab has been founded in another part of the globe as well where Muslims are living. No worries, if you are invited to your friend’s party and you are confused how to wear hijabs then let me add one thing here, there are multiple fabrics and styles are already available in the market. From plain scarf to fancy scarf with different fancy accessories are on the market just to give all the girls a trendy look.

Long embroidered grey frock with hijab for party

It’s difficult to imagine but yes, endless ways have been generated for ladies who want to wear hijabs on parties and much more to come. Hijabs of different material are also available form cotton, silk, linen to wool. It doesn’t matter which season party is awaiting you, everything is now predefined for every occasion. You just need to dress up yourself in an elegant manner.

Get to know about Hijab Accessories

There are multiple scarf accessories which will be helpful in enhancing the appearance. For the plain outfit, you can embellish clips or brooches with hijab for real charismatic party look. these decorative ornaments for hijab will give the glamorous appearance and add more beauty to the scarf that you have never imagined. You can also wear fancy headbands on the hijab, even though these days earring are being worn with different hijab styles as well. I must say these trendy designs will leave a great impression in gatherings and you are going to have great fun. Don’t miss out the following section of gorgeous party designs. Stay Tuned!

Latest Collection of Stylish Hijab for Party Outfits

Stylish Scarves gives trendy look with a right choice of party wear. Here check it out what we have gathered for a party look.

  • This double shirt light purple and white is giving you complete party goals.As you can see scarf is tightly wrapped. Give yourself a complete look by wearing heels

Double Shirt Party look with white hijab

  • Greyish platted Frock on which embroidery has been done over the sleeves looks fabulous for the party along white headscarf. Don’t forget to click on New Stylish Abaya Designs For Girls

Grey Frock with white hijab for party

  • Check out the winter party look where white headscarf is knotted from every side and black frock is looking glamorous. As for winter parties, you can adorn yourself with woollen jacket but don’t forget to accessorize yourself

Dazzling winter party look with hijab

  • Light Brown hijab looks superb with long red frock along white check shirt. High heels in red would add glamorous feature to your appearance

Red skirt with white hijab for part look

  • Summers are ideal for parties and below picture is giving you complete look especially. White scarf and shirt are looking perfect with yellow lowers. Just complete your look with heels or shoes whatever you want to wear.

Elegant summer party look with hijab

  • Aqua Blue gown look superb with black loose hijab. If you think to wear something classy for the party then try out this style with any deep long frock.

Long Blue scarf with Black hijab for party

  • Just try out this casual one-side knotted scarf with bottoms for parties. As you can see headscarf is wrapped around the neck and one side is left.

Grey hijab with causal outfit for party

  • Just check it out this long pink frock with pleated blue scarf where one edge is unwrapped. This one is the perfect style for an evening party

Blue scarf with pink long frock for party

  • If you are invited by your friend in summers for beach party then you must be thinking what look will best fit personality. See below design with brown short frock and brown hijab style along white tights. Don’t forget to opt this style for upcoming summer parties

Short Brown frock with brown hijab for party

  • This green shirt with printed green hijab looks just wow. Wear jewellery piece with your shirt to give yourself a splendid look

Casual party look with green hijab

  • Dark Blue hijab which is worn in pleated style along short frock is perfect look for summers so if you are scouring for summer parties look then don’t forget to check it out this one 🙂

Dark blue hijab with light blue short frock for summer party

  • White shirt and the grey sleeveless coat is adding appearance to black chiffon scarf. Complete your party appearance with sneakers. Trust me this one look perfect for the party.

Dazzling black scarf for causal party look

  • Accessorize your headscarf with this stunning headband and scarf is knotted beautifully with help of under cap. Short A-line shirt is looking just wow with the necklace worn over the top

Beige A-line shirt with brown plain hijab for party

  • Check it out this long purple frock with black half-knotted hijab is looking stunning. You ladies can adopt this style for evening or lunch parties.

Long purple frock with black hijab for party

  • Take a  look at grey belt frock with the beautiful grey scarf which is knotted from one side and embellished with gorgeous headpiece. it’s difficult to resist this beautiful attire and hijab style

Belt Blue frock with grey fancy hijab look for party

These are some amazing designs that will enhance your appearance among gatherings. Don’t forget to adopt above-mentioned styles for upcoming parties and do let us know in below comment section. We care about your appearance and we know how this is important to spruce up your personality with these ravishing designs 🙂

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Latest Turkish Hijab Style 2019

Being a Muslim girl hijab is an important part of the female outfit. Different Islamic countries are following unique patterns of wearing hijabs. In this blog, you will get to know about latest Turkish scarf. We all admire Turkish culture and we know it is leaving significant impact today’s generation. So if you are looking for Turkish Hijab fashion then you need to know their specific headscarves Styles. You must come across several ways of wearing hijabs to add elegance to your personality. Before going into detail of Turkish Hijab let me tell you one thing here Turkey is one of the Muslim countries which is known for different hijab designs where Muslim females feel their selves complete with scarf.

White Turkish Hijab

You will definitely know How to wear hijab in a simple manner to give yourself an elegant appearance. When it comes to Turkish culture it has several ways of styling according to everyone’s choice. Like other cultures, Turkish women also wear a special cap on the head under the hijab to avoid the chance of scarf sliding off from the head. Twisted scarfs and knotted scarfs are the different ways of shaping your scarf in decent and religious manner. Several types of accessories are available to tie hijab neatly.

Grey Turkish Hijab

Numerous clips and embellished laces are adding grace to your hijab. Among all of this, you need to focus on the style of wearing hijab. If you didn’t follow proper wear attiring method then you are about to devastate your personality. You will get a different diversity of hijabs in the market these days including net and sequin scarfs, triangles and many others. You would get these scarves in stitched and in other stuff like cotton and silk. Through different surveys and from several fashionistas we come to know that these scarves are perfect for round shapes. Females love these type of scarf styles because it helps them to enhance their features.

Navy Blue Turkish Hijab

Tutorial of Turkish Hijab Style in simple steps

  • Wear Head cap First
  • Now fold the scarf into triangle shape
  • Place scarf on head with one side large and the other one keep short under the chin
  • You need to pick longer side and then wrap that around the head and bring to the other side
  • Pin the scarf on head and shoulder

Make sure while wrapping hijab you don’t need to hide their forehead. Camel hump style and African style with stiff folding are used to avoid. Just accessorize these hijabs to give yourself new appearance. Do check Latest Hijab Styles for party Wear  to get to know about further styles

Guideline while wearing Turkish Hijab


  1. If your forehead is wider than your chin area then properly adjust forehead width with scarf
  2. Go for such style that fits best with your face shape
  3. Use any kind of broche would adjust scarf neatly
  4. Make sure your selected hijab should match with your dress code.

Latest Turkish Headscarves for all kind of occasions


Turkish Hijabs with Winter Outfits

These headscarves goes a well with winter outfits. Have you ever seen females who are wearing jackets and blazers with Turkish hijab? Yep, Turkey style scarf would look best on all females especially in winters too. You can select bright and colourful prints it a will enhance your hijab appearance. Take a look at below pictures on winter dress code. You can easily figure out what type of design would increase your appearance.

Blue Turkish Hijab with Black Long Coat

Red Turkish Hijab with Black Long Coat

Turkish Hijabs with Accessories

Embellished your hijabs with different accessories. You must be thinking why you need to do this? Well, this is essential to enrich the Turkey culture and if you wouldn’t hold the clutch in your hand and wear a different type of jewellery then you are must be missing out something. Try out these with Stylish Party Wear Formal Abaya Collection

White Printed Hijab

Purple Turkish Hijab

Turkish Headscarves for Brides

Turkey culture is having broad diversity for wedding Hijabs. If you have to go to a wedding or you are bride then Turkish designers have brought a special range of such floral borders and fancy detailing. You can opt these designs for your big day. Get to know about latest hijabs for brides are given below. Have a look at some glimpse from 2019 and try out these scarves with Designer Wedding Abaya Dresses for Bridals

Embroidered Turkish Hijab for wedding

Blue Embroidered Turkish Hijab for brides

 Turkish Hijabs in Front Knot Style

Turkish scarves give elegant appearance with front knot style as well. It would look best with long coats, especially for working females. Try out any of the below design and enhance your appearance

Red Turkish Hijab Knot Style

Blue Turkish Hijab Knot Style

Turkish Hijabs with Under scarf caps

Turkish formal hijabs are incomplete without under scarf caps look below at these caps that are properly maintaining your appearance and hairs are not visible that is the main thing. These type of headscarves are the optimal choice for girls with latest Stylish Abaya Designs For Girls

 Grey Turkish Hijabs with Under scarf capsOrange Turkish Hijabs with Under scarf caps

Printed Silk Turkish Hijabs

If you haven’t tried out printed scarves yet? Then Turkish culture has a wide range of Printed silk hijab that will give you exquisite appearance. Turkish hijabs are known for vibrant of colour prints on fabric. You can opt anyone design or fabric as per your wish. Take a look at Slik prints below

Blue Printed Silk Turkish Hijabs

Off white Printed Silk Turkish Hijabs


Hijab with earrings

It must be new to you when you will get to know you can wear earrings with Turkish hijabs well this one would be a unique experience for your glamorous look. It would give you standout appearance in every function whether you are at a formal party or a special gathering for any occasion. You can wear these scarves with Latest Abayas and Gowns Collection

Blue Turkish Hijab with earrings

Printed Turkish Hijab with earrings

We have collected some top designs of Turkish headscarves that will definitely leave you to spellbound. These would help you to groom your personality by living in your religious beliefs. Choose any of your favourites design in elegant prints.Spruce up your style in a graceful way 🙂

Check out the trendy Designs below 🙂

Multicolored Fancy Lace Abaya Designs

La Reine Latest Abaya Designs Collection

Fashionable Hijab Styles and Designs for Different Face Shape Girls

Latest Elegant Office Wear Hijab Collection 2019

You must be exhausted while working daily 8-9 hours at the workplace. It’s really important to keep yourself fresh and elegant whole day so if you are hijabian and use to wear a headscarf in office too then how can you stay away without making yourself glamorous? Looking for hijab variety for your workplace? Hijab gives iconic personality to all the Muslim females you around the world. Various designs are available to style. You can opt any look as per your choice. It’s really important to wear hijab according to your preference.

Yellow Office Wear Hijab Collection

Office going females can wear headscarf neatly by wearing a cap under the hijab so they can prevent scarf slipping from the head. It would be awkward to set hijab again and again so the cap is for this purpose to keep the hijab balance. Accessorize your scarf with different pins and brooches, clips and much more. Try out different funky things but it wouldn’t be suitable for office going lady. So don’t forget to carry your professional look. Just match your dress tone with a scarf or match hijab tone with your dress to maintain your graceful appearance. Proper Workwear outfits could give you stylish appearance with Hijab if you choose them in a proper manner.

Blue Office Wear Hijab Collection

Choose Right One for your Personality

This is essential for all those hijab lovers to choose right one because it will add elegance and style to Muslim girls’ personality. It’s difficult for all the Muslim females to compromise with its style. Are you looking for latest hijab styles for your workplace? Well, choosing the right way of styling hijab is imperative. If you want to have some variation in your personality then don’t repeat the same style. You should keep on changing numerous hijab styles on daily basis.

Off White Office Wear Hijab Collection

Different manufacturers are offering stitched and unstitched scarves just to make your life easier. For modest professional personality, you should try different colour combinations according to an outfit. In This blog, we are going to show you some incredible ideas of wearing hijab at your workplace that will enhance your personality. Rather than buying branded scarves you need to do perfect coordination with your dress. It doesn’t mean branded scarves would give you stylish appearance. You just need to know how you will carry.

Traditional Off white Office Wear Hijab Collection

Office environment although a dry and bright colours wouldn’t be suitable for that so we are suggesting you neutral colours or some sophisticated prints. Vibrant wouldn’t go well at the workplace.Your elegant look would give you several opportunities to prove yourself through your expertise and by the sophisticated look that should be balanced with neutral colours. It’s imperative to gain attention at the workplace and elegant dress code could be the reason. Get ready for us Best Stylo is showing classy and elegant styles to wear hijabs at the workplace.

Printed Office Wear Hijab Collection

Latest 2019 Hijab looks for workplace

  1. See the below Picture where black maxi is looking appealing with Blue Head scarf. Blue is one of the elegant colours that loved by various office going females. So if you haven’t tried out yet then give a try, it would best for formal meetings 🙂

Dark Blue Office Wear Hijab Collection2. Brown colour never gets old and rendition of brown colour keeps on introducing latest designs. if you wearing plain white or black with jeans then Brown hijab will give you an appealing look. Last but not the least Heels would compliment your whole outfit 🙂

Dark Brown Office Wear Hijab Collection

3. Embroidered hijab with fancy embellishments doesn’t prefer at the workplace. Plain neutral colour hijabs are everyone’s choice. If you wearing a top with jeans then try out this Hijab and don’t forget to hold a classy handbag that would add significance element to your personality.

White Office Wear Hijab Collection

4. Below design would go perfectly for winters.You can try out this type of Hijab with a long coat and none other than handbag would give you complete glamorous appearance for your workplace.

Navy Blue Office Wear Hijab Collection

5. Silk hijabs are being preferred by several working ladies. They used to wear these type of scarves with black under caps. You can try out these hijabs with an embroidered gown or short frock as you can see in below pic. It would give you complete formal appearance for office.

Orange Silk Office Wear Hijab Collection

6. Check out the below design that will give you another inspiration for your workplace. You can have a necklace with such type of Frocks. Knot Style hijab goes well with gowns and maxis.

Closet Mix Office Wear Hijab Collection

7. Mustard colour Hijab with Goggles is giving a modest professional look. If you haven’t tried out this look for your workplace then let me add here you can try out this style for an elegant appearance.

Mustard Brown Office Wear Hijab Collection

8. It is complete winter formal look where you can try out this blue shade with neutral colour hijab. It’s up to you completely what type of accessory you would wear but trust me it will give you glamorous appearance 🙂

Seaweed Office Wear Hijab Collection

9.Off-white hijab with long maxi gown would give you standout appearance for your office. If you want to try out something new rather than trying out gown or tops and jeans with hijab. This one would be the best option

Seashell Office Wear Hijab Collection

10.You must be thinking what you need to do for formal parties or meetings where you have to look cool with all elegant factors? Well, this type of frock with Sophisticated hijab would give you spectacular appearance at your workplace for sure. You can try out brown hijabs with such type of sophisticated outfit.

Coffee Brown Office Wear Hijab Collection

These were the trendiest designs of your formal wear with Hijab. Now you can add elegance in your style by styling beautiful Headscarves at your workplace. Rush to the Market and grab your favourite Scarves and don’t forget to try out as per your choice 🙂

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New Stylish Abaya Designs For Girls 2019

All the famous designers worldwide are designing unique and latest abaya designs for girls 2019 with different patterns and in different colors. Since, in the beginning, the main color of abaya was black and they were just made in black color. A simple black cloth was used without any design. But now the trend is changing, various other colors and cloth materials are being used for designing stylish abayas designs 2019. The only thing used for abaya designing in the past was the black simple buttons on the front side without any other designing. Now, many different stylish folds are being added to enhance the designs.

Latest Abayas are the real elegance and beauty of a girl and it is the thing that covers the beauty of a woman. The new abaya trends 2019 was started in Arab in the beginning, and now it is spread all over the world. Women throughout the world now love to wear beautiful abayas collection with pictures. In fact, the abaya is now being used not only to cover the body but also for fashion and styling. Many different types of simple and fancy abayas are available in the market for ladies.

Saudi Arabia and Dubai Abaya Designs 2019

The new exclusive and stylish burqa designs for girls 2019 are being based on embroidery and motifs along with many other unique ideas. Beautiful embroidery works are embellished on the necklines and cuffs of abayas in various patterns and colors. There is extensive use of elegant colors like gold, silver and copper color in the thread work done on them. The embroidery work abaya designs 2019 is even more enhanced by the use of beads and diamonds on it.

In the latest designs of abayas 2019, the use of laces is also very common in various ways like laces are used on the borders all around. It is a fact that abaya is nothing without a hijab or scarf. Hijab is an essential part of abayas and needs to be as elegant as the abayas. Designers are now focusing on the hijab as well and make many types of scarfs that can be used with abaya. A number of brooches are available with the abayas that can be used to tie the scarf and look very elegant and shiny. Take a glimpse of the huge collection of fashionable abaya styles for modern girls!!

kaftan style abaya design for girls
embroidered abaya design for girls
latest lace abaya design for girls
kaftan style lace abaya with hijab
kaftan style chiffon abaya design
red lace abaya for modern girls
black kaftan abaya design with motifs
simple frilly abaya style with hijab
black and golden open abaya design
unique dubai abaya design for girls
new floral lace abaya design for girls
saudi arabia abaya with fancy sleeves
gray belt style printed abaya for girls
red and black frilly abaya with hijab
fancy front open abaya design for girls
simple black abaya style for girls
casual wear abaya design for girls
dubai abaya fashion for modern girls
blue and black dubai abaya with hijab
fancy abaya design for formal wear
saudi arabia latest abaya fashion
stylish abaya design with hijab style
embroidered abaya design with hijab
fancy abaya design for modern girls
printed abaya style for casual wear
simple casual wear abaya design
fancy black abaya fashion for girls
new dubai abaya design for formal wear
simple frock style abaya for girls
latest embroidered lace abaya fashion
saudi arabia fashionable abaya design
simple casual wear black abaya design
party wear stylish abaya with hijab
black and gray abaya style for girls
kaftan style brown printed abaya design


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New Styles of Top Designer Abayas and Gowns Collection 2017

Being Muslim, it is a religious responsibility of every girl or woman to carry abaya or gown. In the Islamic religion, the abaya is considered to be essential as to cover your body. I believe that if every Muslim girl and women wear abaya then no one can tease her, and she will feel safe and religiously pure. In Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, the abaya is considered as a part of their norm and it is one obligation for them.

No single or married girl or woman can leave her home in Arab countries and Saudi Arabia without wearing an abaya. It Is considered an obligatory part of their dressing and overall personality there. In Pakistan, wearing an abaya is not deemed to be an obligation still girls and ladies cover them up with hijab or other means. And then, there are women in Pakistan who also carry abaya in their daily routine.

Red Bordered Hijab along Black Designer Abayas

With the passage of time, ladies all over the world have started liking and wearing abaya so much that now there is proper abayas and gowns collection in the market. Many famous designers have also launched a fashion line for abayas and gowns collection. With the emerging likeliness for abayas and gowns, the ladies who already wore it are now getting various designs.

They always wanted to get new styles from a market, but they were unable to get as fewer people wear it, so market demand was also little. But with the passage of time, ladies have started feeling the importance of these two items of clothing. Muslim girls now know the importance of covering the body. Especially in Pakistan, due to an adverse environment, covering of Muslim girls body has become necessary.

Black Designer abayas with hijab

Golden and Pink Lace Black Designer abayas

Green Hijab with Beige Designer Abayas

Pocket Style Designer Abayas

Golden Hijab with Black Designer Abayas

Golden Pattern Hijab with Black Designer Abayas

Embroided Net Border Designer Abayas

Black Sleeves and Body Style Designer Abayas

Floral Bell Bottom Style in Plain Designer Abayas

Bail Style Embroidery Designer Abayas

Orange Body Light Black Designer Abayas

Cheeta Print Sleeve Style and Brown Designer Abayas

Yellow Hijab with Floral Embroidery Black Designer Abayas

Latest Abayas & Gowns Designs with Hijab Styles 2017

Abayas and gowns are first related to the Arabic culture, so in Pakistan, there are new fashion trends according to the trends followed in Arab countries. In Arabs, they are sensed as the long dress that covers all the body parts. Hijab is the clothing that only covers the head and hairs, but they are long ones, so they cover the whole body.

Abayas and gowns are now available in many fascinating styles in the market. You can get ready made too and you can get it stitched for you. When you get it stitched for you, you get the margin to add whatever design or piece of cloth you want to add.

By just looking at the abayas and gowns collection of our blog, you will get many designs and styles to get your abayas stitched. You can see the images to get an idea and then get it stitched in the style you feel comfortable. Nowadays fancy and multicolored abayas are also available. With the increasing demand and increased fashion trends, they are also getting modernized.

Now you can see that designers have added buttons and colorful motifs and embroideries in the new collection. By giving a look at these pictures, you will get to know about the attractive and innovative emerges in abayas and gowns designing. Modernizing the trend of Hijab and Abaya, artists have also made a fashion line to select from them. Choose the suitable one for you and cover yourself in a decent manner!!

Plain Black Kaftan Style Designer Abayas

V-Neck Plain Black Designers Abayas

White and Black Pattern Sleeves Designer Abayas

Simple Black with Green Hijab Designer Abayas

Light Beige Designer Abayas

Blue Long length Designer Abayas

Chocolate Brown with Blue Hijab Designer Abayas

Blue Designer Abayas with Cheeta Print Belt

Pink Embroided Black Designer Abayas

Block Print Body Designer Abayas

Green Coat Style Designer Abayas

Black Frock Style Designer Abayas with Belt

Dark Chocolate with White Chain Belt Designer Abayas

Coal Color Closed Style Designer Abayas
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Designer Wedding Abaya Dresses for Bridals 2017

Our today’s article is all about designer bridal abayas for a wedding. We will confer you some fabulous designer wedding abaya dresses for bridals 2017. Despite the advancement in the fashion industry, there are numerous ladies in the world which are getting more conscious about housing up themselves. Various new styles and trends of abaya dress are coming up on the market. Ladies who do hijab and cover up their body always feel conscious of the fact that they are not looking modern. But we will show you many new styles of making abaya that will also let you look modern.

Abaya is elegance adding a factor that boosts the charm of a women personality. It adds natural beauty to a personality of any girl or lady. Pakistani women started abaya and hijab according to the way Arab women do. The trend of abaya started from Arab countries and by time spread all over the world in Muslim countries. According to Islamic practices, the abaya is perfect as well as splendid looking for every Muslim woman. In the countries like Saudi Arab and Dubai, ladies always wear abaya before going out because it’s the compulsory outfit there. The women in these countries always feel comfortable because their body is covered.

Black fancy wedding bridal abaya dress Arabic Style Kaftan Bridal Abaya With Hijab Designer long red kaftan style bridal abaya Designer wedding bridal abaya dresses arabic wedding bridal abaya dress with hijab beautiful frock style bridal abaya with hijab Easy bridal hijab style for wedding elegant hijab style for brides beautiful new style long bridal abaya fancy Hijab Style For Brides Fancy Red Bridal Abaya For Girls Frock Style Long Bridal Abaya with Hijab full fancy bridal abaya for wedding Hijab Styles For Brides Designs Lace-Beaded Elegant Champagne Bridal Abaya Lace-Appliqued Blue Arabic Bridal Abaya kaftan style wedding bridal abaya Islamic Bridal Abaya Dress for WeddingModern Abaya Designs for Wedding and Bridal Hijab Styles 2017

The months like November-December and year start month January is always considered the season of weddings. Every girl has the equal right to look modern at the marriage function. But when a girl goes for covering her body, then she got some limitations. While wearing the other fancy dresses, girls can easily wear any fancy dress and with that, they can also make good hairdo that will make them look modern. But a girl with abaya can’t wear modern dress, and she can’t do beautiful hairdo as she has to wear hijab.

So, for all such girls, we have gathered some amazing abaya designs and styles. By copying these designs, they can also seem modern. For the brides, fancy maxi style, and kaftan style abayas with contrasting hues are also available. Some brides get maxi style abaya stitched and wear it as their wedding dress. But some brides make the fancy wedding dress and an elegant abaya too, after the event end, they wear the abaya. Brides are also now getting more concerned about hijab.

In the Muslim countries around the world, like Malaysia, most of the brides make maxi style dress and on top, they carry hijab in very decent and beautiful way. We have also assembled some trendy hijab styles for brides that will help you to take hijab in a fashionable way. Now covering up a body at the wedding is not a problem for girls as you can see the vast collection of latest bridal abaya designs displayed above and below for yourself. The compilation consists of all the colorful, embroidered and fancy abayas. You must check out all these designs at our blog and get the best one for you for the upcoming wedding function.

Latest Fashion Fancy Bridal Abaya latest Hijab Style for wedding brides longtail Bridal abaya dress for wedding modern hijab style for bridal moroccan kaftan bridal abaya design red bridal abaya with hijab for wedding pink-fancy-lace bridal abaya style peach Bridal abaya dress for walima open shirt style new bridal abaya New-style bridal Hijab and abaya dress Royal Blue Fancy Bridal Abaya Wedding Bridal Abaya with Hijab Wedding Hijab Style For Brides stylish fancy and different hijab for girls stylish hijab style for wedding bride wedding wear black bridal abaya and hijab wedding wear pleated bridal abaya and hijab trendy arabic style bridal abaya dress trendy hijab style for wedding bride wedding wear red bridal abaya with silk hijab