How To Apply Blush On Perfectly By Yourself Step By Step Tutorial

Makeup can bring an incredible improvement into your look just in the event that it is doing perfectly. In cosmetics, use of foundation on the face is truly a hard occupation because blush on the face looks exceptionally tacky & humiliating. In this way, make a base that is mixed well with your skin tone. Eye makeup & lipstick application is not intense. The blush on is the most important and touch base part of makeup but, unfortunately, much ladies do not know exactly how to apply the right blush. Do not worry dears because today I am going to tell you about how to apply blush on perfectly step by step tutorial for all face structure’s ladies. By following these simple and basic steps, you will be able to use perfect blush on and give a glance in your makeup.

Step 1: Choose the Right Blush On

Blush on can make your delightful face sparkle and look alive. The application is genuinely bright however it’s imperative to hit the nail on the head to abstain from compensating the look. Choose right blush on sort. Powder and Gel are usually useful for sleek skin; cream is best for ordinary to dry skin. Whichever variety you choose, its shade ought to coordinate your regular shading, so attempt to pick one that mirrors your shading when you flushed typically.

Blush On

Step 2: Select the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

Select shading that will highlight your current best facial components and that won’t emerge excessively. Splendid red may not look extraordinary on a pale individual but rather can be fabulous on a bronzed cocoa skin tone. In case, you’re pale, attempt delicate pink shading or perhaps something with a bit tan and pink in it. Contingent upon your skin tone, you may require lighter or darker shading. Dim skin needs a lighter shading while light skin may require more regular shades of blush.

Select the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

It is proposing that to choose the right shading of reddening, make a clenched hand for around ten seconds, and the subsequent screening on your fingers is the shading that you need to coordinate.

Step 3: Pick the Right Brushes

Buy some quality and right brushes. A flushed brush is the best decision; never utilize a little, shoddy brush. On the off chance that you use a shabby brush, you’ll have a shoddy looking result. Stay away from improvised things, as like cotton fleece balls and powder puffs.

Pick the Right Brush for blush

Step 4: Apply Blush with Right Angled Brush

Apply blush on perfectly after you’ve put on all your makeup.  In case, you’re utilizing a powder, daintily remove a medium-sized cushy brush for blush and after that tap it to evacuate any abundance. In case, you’re using a cream or gel, spot a little on your ring finger.

  • Begin with only a small brush flushed it’s less demanding to add more to your face than to take off a lot of it.

Apply Blush On with Right Angled Brush

  • Do a fish confront, and then apply blush on cheeks. This step helps you discover the apple of your cheeks. Try not to grin, those bring your cheeks up, and can make you flushed too low.

Make Fish Face to Apply Blush On

  • The apples are the round ascents where you flush, as demonstrated where the model’s brush is resting.

Apply Blush on the Apple of your Cheeks

  • Apply blush on perfectly by brush to the focal point of the apple on one side of your face, mixing the shading along your cheekbone. In case. you’re utilizing a cream or gel, dab the shading in the first place, then use your finger or cosmetics wipe to mix it in. For the most regular look, dependable focus the covering on the apples of your cheeks and mix well. Also, before mixing, dependably tidy off the overabundance to evade too many ruddy cheeks.

Apply blush on perfectly

  • Make strokes with the brush and apply blush on perfectly from your cheeks (towards your nose) to the side of your face (towards your ears).


Step 5: Apply Translucent Powder On Cheeks

Utilize a perfect brush for blending. The brush is descending toward the end of mixing, to permit the facial hairs to lie comfortably on your skin’s surface.

  • If you coincidentally implement a lot of powdered redden, spread it with translucent powder to tame the shading. Abundance cream can erase with a tissue. In case, you have applied gel then wash it off and reapply sparingly.

apply powder to tame the blush shade

  • Rehash on your other cheek, taking consideration to coordinate the position and shading of inflaming on both cheeks. You are now all set with the blush.

blush on makeup doneperfect blush on makeup_before and afterblush on cheeks final look

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How To Apply Foundation Base Makeup Perfectly Step By Step Picture Guide

The big trouble and fun for ladies is makeup, Am I right ladies? The major step of makeup is perfect base at which you apply further cosmetics on the face. The truth is using face cosmetics accurately means endowing energy setting up your face for cosmetics and in beside precisely applying your base, concealer, and powder. To do makeup perfectly is an art and primarily using base is the major part of it. But do not bother ladies, we are bringing here very easy tutorial of how to apply foundation base makeup perfectly step by step picture guide.

Some basic things that all women should know are our skin condition can change contingent on a few things. That is the reason we may have a time of days where our typical skin is oilier than regular or the outside conditions may have influenced our skins appearance incidentally. A decent case of this is if maybe we have been on vacation, or swimming, these could bring about our skin to feel somewhat dryer than ordinary. This situation implies that when we are setting up our face for cosmetics we may need to modify our typical routine to accomplish a faultless glance. Now follow these all steps below accordingly to get perfect foundation makeup look.


We can’t stretch the significance of dealing with your skin, because the better skin you have, the fewer cosmetics you’ll require. Put resources into healthy skin items like serums and SPF- rich lotions that work with your skin sort, applying them subsequent to purifying will dependably be your first stride with base cosmetics. For this, you should cleanse your face with good face cleanser. Keep it in your mind that cleanser should be according to your face skin type. In case, you are carrying dry skin then select the hydrating cleanser, but if you have oily skin then prefer the cleanser that is without oil. Cleanse your skin entirely and then wash it with fresh water is the essential step of applying base makeup. Make certain to use in clearing, upward movements to advance tight + taught skin.

Hydrate Your Skin


The first thing you need to do is picking the right shade of foundation for you. There are significant varieties of foundations out there: mousse, powder, matte, tinted creams, gel, and fluid also the stack nonpartisan conditioned shades. I’ve known a few ladies to contrast discovering the ideal base makeup, so here’s a tip on discerning The One: Match your foundation to your neck and decollete so it will mix better all over. When you have one that possesses all the necessary qualities, apply over your face with your fingers, a base brush, base makeup sponge or any way that makes it simpler to mix while upkeep item.

Apply Foundation On Face


Then apply your concealer totally under the eye and down toward the focal point of your face in an upside-down pyramid shape and mix it by tapping your ring finger over the item and squeezing into your skin. The warmth from your fingers will help liquefy the concealer and blend all the more actually with your base shade. Your concealer ought to dependably be a shade or two lighter than your base. The gentility is going to smooth and light up the presence of your skin and lift your whole face.

Apply Concealer Under Eyes


Now the time is to define and enhance your face features with the base makeup. Apply a darker contouring base under the cheekbones and on both sides of nose edges. Further contour below your jawline, and near hairline at your forehead.

Face Contouring

Now simply blend both shades of foundation you have applied on. Blend all edges of shaded parts softly and contoured it well to give it a natural look.

Blend Foundation Properly


In case you have lighter skin, search for one that is opalescent though you have darker skin go for a brilliant highlighter. While you need to up the dramatization regardless of what your skin tone go for a shining highlighter.

Highlighting Face Features 01

Highlighting Face Features 02


Set It: Using powder over any fluid cosmetics is going to keep your base makeup set up. Work this progression into your routine on the off chance that you need a dependable look; however skip it in case you’ve dry skin tone.

Use Face Powder to Set Your Base


Become flushed: Finish your base makeup cosmetics by adding a blush of shading to your cheeks with reddening. Locate the correct spot to breadth it on for your face shape and make sure to blend it very well. You are all done with base makeup now.

Apply Blush On

Base Makeup Final Look

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How To Make Your Nose Look Thinner With Makeup – 5 Easy Steps

Makeup can sometimes do a miracle with your face. Everyone does not have all the perfect features. Some have small eyes and small lips while others have too round or too thin nose. This is where you need makeup to play its role in making your nose look smaller. Instead of using makeup to make you look a puffed pastry use it to enhance your features and to modify them so that you can get a close to perfection look. Too round or fat muzzle does not look magnificent on the face; you can use simple makeup tricks like contouring to make your nose look thinner. Here are some basic steps of how to make your nose look thinner with makeup; with these easy steps you can easily make your nose look smaller with makeup.

Step # 1: Apply Foundation

The best way to start making your muzzle thinner is by applying foundation. You can implement it at the end as well, but it is better to use it in the beginning to have a clear idea of the final results that you will get after contouring.


Apply Foundation On Nose

Step # 2: Use Contour Powder or Cream

Next step in making your nose look thinner is, you will have to take a contour powder or a contour cream to draw a thin line on both sides of your muzzle. You can also use a 2-3 tones darker foundation as well. For the beginners, it is best to use powdery products instead of cream as they are easy to handle.


Use Contour Powder or Cream

Step # 3: Draw Line According to the Requirement

Not all the types of nose contour require a same direction in which the line could be drawn. If the muzzle is wide overall, you will have to make a line along the nose starting from the nape of the nose to the end of the brow.


Draw Line According to the Requirement


Sometimes people have even a wider bottom of the nose; in that case, you should make an outward line at the nostrils.


Draw an outward lines at the nostrils


If the tip of the nose is broad, then draw an inward arrow-shaped line with concealer to make your nose look thinner.


Draw an inward arrow-shaped line

Step # 4: Use a Highlighter

Get the highlighter brush and cover it with, either a liquid or powder highlighter, depending on which one you can handle easily. Then highlighted a line in the center starting from the forehead and ends at the tip of the muzzle. In case you have a wide bottom, avoid using a full line of the highlighter.


Highlighting Nose

Step # 5: Blend the Lines

You can use a clean brush or a sponge to blend these lines separately so that you get a subtle look and no fine sharp lines at all. Try to keep it natural with a thorough blending.


Blend the Lines

And it’s all Done!

You will get a perfect look of thinner muzzle using just a simple trick and without spending any money on reshaping plastic surgery. Just for a little bit of fine tune, try using makeup to cover up the slight defects of your muzzle. Using simple makeup technique and by adding a little bit of makeup, you can make your nose look thinner. Through makeup, you can quickly cover up your little bit defects in features.


Contour Nose - Final Look


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How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly At Home – 10 Easy Steps

Getting the perfect shape of your eyebrows at home is a really tricky and challenging job and everyone cannot do it without making any mistake. But, it is necessary to take great care while shaping your eyebrows as they define the whole structure of your face and look very prominent as well. Here are the 10 Easy Steps To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly At Home. You can easily shape your eyebrows with the help of this tutorial. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1- Choose Your Tweezers Carefully

It is very important to have the right kind of tweezers for getting perfect shape of eyebrows. The tweezers should be sharp and slanted. They would not pinch your skin like the pointed ones.


Choose Your Tweezers Carefully

2- The Best Time to Tweeze

Tweezing after the shower is the right time as after taking the shower the follicles get open and the hair area becomes soft which make it easy for the hairs to leave the place.


The Best Time to Tweeze

3- Reduce the Pain

If your plucking area is causing you a lot of pain, it is necessary to first apply a numbing gel so that you won’t feel much pain during the process as it could affect the shaping process.


Reduce the Pain

4- Use Plain Mirror Instead Of Magnifying One

Using a magnifying mirror will never make you stop tweezing as you will always see some extra hair left on your brows. So, instead of using the magnifying side of your mirror, try using the regular one. After all no one is going to see your hairs with a magnifying glass.


Use Plain Mirror Instead Of Magnifying One

5- Learn About the Right Limit Of Your Arch

It is important to know how and from where to shape your eyebrows, you will need to have the arch. The eyebrows should start right from above the inner corner of the eye and should end where the angel of the eyebrows become 45 degrees from the outer corner. Do not exceed this limit, otherwise it will give you very sharp and unnatural look.


Learn About the Right Limit of Your Arch

6- Draw the Shape Of the Eyebrows

The best and the easiest way to get the perfect eyebrows is that before starting to pluck, draw a shape with the help of a brow pencil. This will help you in the removal of only the excessive hairs.


Draw the Shape of the Eyebrows

7- Handle the Red Skin

Sometimes, the sensitive skin gets red right after tweezing. For such skin, it is better to either use an ice bag or some healing lotion.


Handle the Red Skin

8- Use the Brow Brush

A brow brush or brow gel can be used to shape the arch. The correct method for styling the arch is that all the hairs above the arch should be brushed upwards whereas the rest are brushed downwards.


Use the Brow Brush

9- Fill in the Empty Spots

Some spots that get created in the eyebrows do not look good and hence, should be filled in using an eyebrow pencil matching the color of the brows.


Fill in the Empty Spots

10- Let them Grow

In the beginning, you may not be able to get the idea of the right amount of the hairs that need tweezing so, you may end up over-plucking them. Do not try to cover it up by even more tweezing. The best way is to simply let them grow.


Let them grow


These are the simple ways using which you can easily pluck and shape your eyebrows perfectly at home without paying the parlor bill.

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How To Do French Manicure At Home – Detailed Steps With Pictures

Wearing a single toned nail polish is an easy task. Almost all girls can easily pull this off. But a more sophisticated, somewhat natural and totally chic way of wearing your nails is undeniably the French manicure. And our love for this style does not stop here. We love it because, unlike colored nail polishes, a French manicure goes with every outfit, regardless of its color and matching/contrasting issues. It is a great way of giving your nails a very groomed and clean look and no matter what your skin tone is, a Frenchie will fit right into whatever you’re wearing and carrying.

We usually end up spending hours at the beauty parlor waiting to get our nails whenever we want a French manicure. Wouldn’t it be totally amazing if we could skip all that hassle and just do it at home ourselves? It would not only cost less, it would also take less time and once you get a grip on it, you wouldn’t need to wait in line for your turn! How To Do French Manicure At Home – Detailed Steps With Pictures  will give you a step-by-step play on how to get this daunting task done quite easily.

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Things Required:

You can get yourself a French manicure kit from the market and if that is not possible at the moment, all you need are the following items:

  • Nail Filer
  • Scotch Tape or Nail Guide
  • Cotton Buds
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Matte White Polish
  • Sheer Pink Polish
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat

Step # 1: Soak Your Hands


Wash your hands properly and make sure your nails are clean of any sort of previous polish or color. Be careful not to use Acetone based nail polish remover because it is really bad for your nails. Soak your hands for 15 minutes in a mixture of lukewarm with 1 tsp of shampoo and 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide.

Step # 2: Apply Cuticle Oil Around Nails



Dry your hands lightly and apply cuticle oil on the area around your nails. Massage with it for about 10 more minutes. Then you need to start sweeping off your cuticles and drying your nails and hands before you start the next step.

Step # 3: Trim Your Nails


Now you need to file/trim your nails evenly into the shape you want whether they are squares, rounded or pointy nails. Though it will be easier if you stick to a shape closer to a square with rounded corners since most French manicures are done like that.

Step # 4: Apply the Base Coat


What you need to do next is apply the base coat. A single coat would be enough. This base coat should preferably be a light color like a pink or creamy/milky tone. Wait for it to dry off completely.

Step # 5: Apply the White Nail Polish


Next you need to apply the white nail polish at the nail’s tips with the help of a nail guide or some scotch tape. When the nail guide or scotch tape is firmly in place, apply two coats of white nail polish. Once the white matte polish is completely dry, carefully remove the tape or nail guide.

Step # 6: Apply the Top Coat


Then you will apply the sheer pink nail polish to each of your nails, covering them completely, OR you will apply the top coat. The top coat is basically a transparent nail enamel that makes them all shiny and glossy.

Step # 7: Done!


Lastly, clean up if there are any mistakes. You can use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover to do this job. Once you are done with this, you can sit back and enjoy the effort you just made in such little time and for so much less money!

How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly – Detailed Steps With Pictures

One of the first things you notice when you meet someone are their eyes. And that is exactly what holds your attention. You may find brown eyes looking back at you, or green, blue or just beautiful black eyes. There are a number of things we can do to make our eyes more captivating. There are a number of makeup tips that almost all women know. One of the very first eye makeup mostly start off by is applying eyeliner. It usually does the trick to make your eyes look more defined and beautiful. But is there something else you can do that won’t require a lot of time or effort to enhance your pretty eyes? Yes, you can! And that can easily be done by applying eyeshadow.

Now girls mostly dread the task of putting on eyeshadow because they assume they would not be good at it or would not know how to apply it perfectly. Well guess what, girls? There’s a first time for everything. By the time you are done reading How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly – Detailed Steps With Pictures, you will find yourself flawlessly applying eyeshadow once you practice as described here. Lets start!

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Step # 1: Wash Your Face Properly



Start off by washing your face properly. Make sure you get rid of any residual make up or anything else from your face. Then apply a mild moisturizer to your face and massage it gently on your skin.

Step # 2: Apply Concealer Around Your Eyes



The next thing you need to do after applying moisturizer is apply a bit of concealer if you feel the need. If you do, you will apply it on the top of your eyes and right above your eyelids. Then dust it off with a little powder.

Step # 3: Apply Primer On Your Eyes


Moving on to a very important part, you would need to apply some primer on your eyes, especially your eyelids. These first three steps would ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place and lasts longer.

Step # 4: Select the Base Color


Once you have applied the primer, you need to decide a base color for your eyeshadow. Remember that the base color is always one of the lighter tones like off white, cream, beige or a lighter shade of any color that you wish to apply.

Step # 5: Apply Lighter Base Color On Eyes



Apply the base color you have chosen from the eyeshadow pallet with the help of an eyeshadow brush and pay special attention to the application around your eyelids. Also, be careful not to get any eyeshadow fall on your cheeks or under your eyes.

Step # 6: Apply Darker Base Color On Eyes


Then you will go for a darker shade to pair up the base with. You may go with a darker tone of the base color that you chose or you can opt for a different one depending on the look you are going for. Since this is for beginners, we’ll hold off on experimenting with different shades for now.

Step # 7: Wet the Eye Brush Slightly


From the application of the chosen color this time, you will wet your brush slightly with rosewater or even water, whatever is conveniently available for you. After wetting the brush you will put eyeshadow on it and start working it on your eyes

Step # 8: Apply Your Eye Shadow Color


To do this, you will take the brush and start by applying the color to the outer corners of your eyes and you would need to do this slowly so that it does not end up near or over the eyelids. You can also add a dash of white/silver/off white shade in the inner corner of your eyes to pop them out a little.

Step # 9: Apply Eyeliner Neatly


Once that is done, you can go on applying this shade by putting a little more eyeshadow just above your eyelashes. Then take some eyeliner and neatly apply it on your eyelids. Make sure it is applied evenly on both sides. .

Step # 10: Apply Mascara On Your Eyelashes


Finish it off by applying a double coat of mascara on each of your top and bottom eyelashes to complete the entire look. Make sure the mascara is applied properly and doesn’t stain.

Once you have perfected this task, you can feed on your imagination and play around with more colors. You can also go with different styles incorporating a number of shades and you can also add some black to further intensify your eyes.

How To Apply Mascara Perfectly – Step by Step Picture Guide

You know what brings life to your eyes and make them pop out? Its mascara, undoubtedly! When you feel that you need just one push to make your eyes work their magic, well that one little but oh so big push would be applying mascara! You may not realize it but the correct application of mascara can do wonders for your entire appearance!

Step By Step Guide To Apply Perfect Mascara

How To Apply Mascara Perfectly – Step by Step Picture Guide  will teach you just how to do that.

Step # 1:


The first step and the prerequisite for applying mascara would be applying the other makeup and getting done with that first. Make sure your face is squeaky clean before you apply makeup. Wash and cleanse it. Then apply oil-free moisturizer, foundation, blush, powder, etc. Then move onto the application of concealer, eye primers, eyeshadow base and eye shadows.

Step # 2:


The next step would be to curl your eyelashes. Use an curler to do this. Make sure that you do this carefully when putting the curler at the base of your lashes without touching your skin. Then press and hold it for about 10 seconds. You won’t achieve the desired effect if you don’t curl your lashes. You may use a slightly heated eyelash curler, whatever floats your boat.

Step # 3:


The next important step is to apply the eyelash primer. This makes sure that it holds longer and it just magnifies the effect of your lashes on your makeup. Some people don’t realize its significance and skip this part. If you want your eyes to stand out, you definitely need to follow this step.

Step # 4:


Now you need to start applying the mascara while the primer is still wet. So start off by taking the mascara brush out of its container before slightly swiveling it inside but be sure not to pump it! Hold the brush horizontally at the base of your upper lash and gently glide it against your lashes upwards to the tips. Do a wiggly or zig-zig movement to avoid clumping. Make sure that the movement of your brush is upwards and outwards so they fall in your curled lashes and help them retain their shape. Don’t blink until it has fully dried.

Step # 5:


You will also need to apply mascara on your lower lashes to create a balance. For this, hold your brush vertically at the base of your lower lashes look downwards and swish it across your bottom eyelashes gently. Make sure your movements are outwards and downwards.

Step # 6:


Another simple but important step. After applying mascara, make sure its still wet when you do this otherwise it will flake and fall on your face. Grab a lash comb and place it at the roots of your lashes, gently pulling it upwards. This will not only separate your eyelashes to give a more definitive look but also prevent them from sticking together and clumping.

Step # 7:


To finish it off, you can go for multiple applications depending on the depth and thickness you require. But before you apply your next coat, you need to make sure that the first once has dried completely otherwise it will make your lashed clumpy. Lastly, remove any residual smudges by gently rotating a cotton ball on top of it until it disappears. Reapply makeup to that area if need or just dust it off lightly.

Step # 8:

And you’re done! See the finished look.

Some Tips & Advise Before Applying Mascara

  • Be careful not to scratch your cornea while mascara. In case that happens, wash your eyes right away.
  • Try using different mascaras for more volume. Like using a lengthening one first and then a thickening mascara to finish it off after the first coat dries.
  • Never pump the mascara brush inside its container. This ruins your mascara by making it dry, flaky and clumpy.
  • Always apply mascara on your upper lashes first to avoid tiny black stains under your eyes.
  • Use baby shampoo, baby oil, Vaseline or castor oil etc to remove mascara and other makeup. Always clean and wash your face entirely before going to sleep.
  • Don’t wear too much mascara if you already have naturally long lashes.
  • Avoid fiber glass mascara if you wear contact glasses/lenses to save yourself from irritation.
  • Replace your mascara at least every 4 months to avoid eye infections. Also, avoid sharing them with others.
  • Pick your mascara brushes according to your lashes and the look you are going for.
  • Use clear and base mascaras that match your skin tone for a natural effect.
  • Before application, wipe your brush with a tissue paper to get rid of excess material in order to avoid clumping.

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How To Get Thicker Eyebrows – Easy Homemade Tips & Remedies

Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were found fashionable. They are so out of the picture and we are simply loving these thicker, fuller and volumized brows! From celebrities to all the women around the globe, you can see everyone wanting to blend in this trend. Thicker eyebrows give more definition to your face and enhance your overall appearance. And you can get exactly the shape you want when you have thicker eyebrows, though that wouldn’t be the case if you had pencil-lined thin brows!

Thin eyebrows just makes your face look bare and uninteresting. Our natural eyebrows often make us look the most beautiful. Some people have naturally thicker eye brows while others don’t or their growth has deteriorated. To get fuller, thicker and broader eyebrows, there are many things you could try. This guide “How To Get Thicker Eyebrows -  Easy Homemade Tips & Remedies ” will give you a few amazing ideas.

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1- Coconut Milk


Coconut milk has been known for ages to provide nourishment to our hair, skin and body. You can benefit from it by applying coconut milk on your eyebrow and you feel see how this nourishes the hair growth in that specific area.

2- Onion Juice


You can also try onion juice though it has a very strong smell but it is effective in thickening your eyebrows. You may use cotton balls to dab the onion juice onto your eye brows and rinse them off with cold water after 15 minutes.

3- Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is also one of the first options when it comes to hair care and skincare. It is a great revitalizer that can boost growth. To enhance your eyebrow, massage them with lukewarm coconut oil and feel the difference in just a few days!

4- Hibiscus


Hibiscus is an evergreen flower and it is widely used in home remedies to rejuvenate our skin and hair. You can rub hibiscus powder mix for great results too since it has shown success when it comes to this!

5- Almond Oil


Almond oil is at the top of the list for hair care and also skincare. Almonds themselves are exceptionally healthy for our body. You can massage almond oil on your eyebrows for fuller and thicker brows and notice the difference just in a couple of days!

6- Fenugreek Paste


The benefit of fenugreek are endless. And you can take advantage of these benefits for thickening your brows. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and make a paste by grinding them in the morning. Apply them for a couple of hours before rinsing your eyebrows off.

7- Sliced Lemon


Lemon has been previously used for healthier hair and healthier skin and this citrus fruit jumps right into the race when it comes to rejuvenation. You should rub sliced lemon on your eyebrow to get thicker, broader brows!

8- Egg Yolk


May it be just plain eggs, egg whites or egg yolks, eggs have been providing the nourishment we need for us in so many ways from the beginning of time. Use cotton balls to apply egg yolk on your eyebrows to make them healthier and fuller. This has proven to be very effective!

9- Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly has so many moisturizing and revitalizing properties. And the best one in the market for a very long time has been Vaseline. Apply this petroleum jelly twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to make your hair lush and lustrous.

10- Olive Oil


Olive oil is a tried and tested remedy for hair growth. Apply it on your brows regularly to enhance the growth. You can also add a little Kohl to it to darken and thicken your eyebrows. When used together, this combination can work miracles for your eyebrows.

11- Castor Oil


Castor oil has been used for centuries and we have been utilizing its benefits till this day. You can apply castor oil twice a day on your brows to thicken and broaden the hair around that area as it boosts hair growth very well.

12- Whole Baby Milk


Milk carries so many nutrients and minerals. It is packed with the goodness of nutrition that is so important for our good health. Usage of whole milk to broaden the growth of eye brows has also shown great positive results. Apply this with cotton balls and give this remedy a try!

13- Aloe Vera


Aloe vera gel is another wonder plant that is essentially good for our health. It helps in unblocking follicles to facilitate hair growth and remove excess sebum. So this also helps in thickening your eye brows.

Some Other Useful Products For Thicker Eyebrows

You can also try a different range of eyebrow enhancing products to facilitate the growth:

  • Rapid Brow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
  • Li Brow Eyebrow Growth Serum
  • Latisse
  • Professional Bro
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced
  • Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel
  • Koga Herbal Eyebrow Thickener

And you can also opt for pencil shading to fill the gaps between the hair on those areas and shape your eyebrows. Always use one shade lighter than your real eyebrow for best results.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly – Step By Step Picture Tutorial

Round eyes are usually big and large and women take time to apply liner on them. Sometimes, women find difficulty to makeup their eyes and elongate them by using liquid eyeliner. However, with some tips and bit of care eyeliner can be applied on eyes efficiently.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly – Steps

1- First of all, you have to apply a light shadow with an eye pencil on your eyes. Use a color tone of your own choice.

2- Then, take a medium sized brush and medium shade color. Now apply this shade closer to the eye lash and elongate or extend it.

3- Now, its the time to take liquid eyeliner. For a beautiful outlook, make a wing at the end of the eyes.

4- To achieve this look, first start left from the outer corner with thick line and move towards the center.

5- Make sure your line should be thinner when you reach the center of the eye and then after that move towards the inner corner with thin line.

6- After completing the upper part of the eye now come towards its lower part. Again draw a line close to your eye lash. Draw a thinner line at the center. Extend this line to the outer surface and finish it at the same line where you finished the upper line.

7- At the end, apply mascara on your lashes.

8- That’s all you have done!!

how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly-steps
Eyeliner Steps

Precautions Before Applying Eyeliner

There are few precautions regarding the use of eyeliners that are as follow:

  • You need to check the applicator when you buy the eyeliner. Always buy a brush that is thin and not very chunky. Liquid eyeliners are difficult to apply, the bad applicator can make difficult for you to get a proper shape.
  • The consistency of the liner is important as well. Liquid eyeliners are particularly runny and make sure that it is not to such an extent that it will be hard for you to end with raccoon eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed during application and even do not blink.
  • Do not open your eyes until the eyeliner is dried out.

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How To Do A Professional Manicure & Pedicure At Home – Steps

Maintaining beauty and style are the common and most important issues of the present world and all girls want to look beautiful. People notice every part of your body and everything is included in your personality. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the beauty and styling of every part of your body. The beauty of nails is becoming equally important as any other part. Many latest nail art ideas are being introduced for fashion conscious ladies. The two most common ones are manicure and pedicure which are done to make hands and feet look tidy and beautiful. But the question is how to do a professional manicure and pedicure at home? No need to be panic at all!! Here are mentioned the things required and simple steps for doing professional manicure and pedicure at home.

Things Required

  • Warm water in bowl
  • Nail cutter
  • Foot filer
  • Nail filer
  • Cotton pads
  • Massage lotion or cream
  • Wood stick
  • Nail polish remover
  • Transparent nail paint
  • Hand towel
  • Finger brush
  • Sponge or pumice stone

Steps of Manicure

Follow the following easy and simple steps to get professional manicure at home:

  1. Wash the hands.


  2. Remove the old nail polish with the help of a good nail polish remover and cotton balls. Use moistened cotton balls to wipe it away.


  3. Use a nail cutter and then nail filer for cutting and filing the nails.


  4. Buff the nails appropriately. Avoid too much buffing as it can make the nails thin and weak.


  5. Get some warm water in a bowl and add some shampoo in it. Massage your hands with cream and then soak the hands in warm water having shampoo which softens the cuticles and helps in removing them easily.


  6. After soaking hands, softly rub your hands with the help of sponge to remove any dirt or dead skin.


  7. Now dry your hands by using towel.


  8. With the help of wood stick, smoothly push the cuticles in backward direction.


  9. Apply the base coat on nails.


  10. Apply the desired color in two thin and proper coats. Let it become dry and then apply the top transparent coat on nails.


  11. If there are color smudges, then clean them up with cotton balls or tissue.


  12. The manicure is done and completed.

Steps of Pedicure

  1. Fill some warm water in a bath tub and add some shampoo in it. Along with shampoo you can also add some salt, vinegar and lemon juice. Soak your feet in this water for almost 15 minutes.


  2. Remove the old existing nail paint if any of it is present.


  3. Cut your nails and then trim and also buff the nails.


  4. Use a filer or pumice stone to file the heels and give them a neat look.


  5. Soak the feet in the warm water containing shampoo for some time. If the nails are yellow, you can also add some oils and lemon juice, but this depends on the requirements of your feet.


  6. Wipe and clean your feet and push the cuticles behind. Use a stick to remove dirt from the nails gently and softly.


  7. Use a good massage cream and massage your feet for about 10 to 15 minutes or more as per requirement of your feet.


  8. Apply a single coat of the desired nail paint, and let it stand for drying.


  9. Apply the second coat and then apply top transparent coat.


  10. The professional pedicure is completed.