Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019

Recently, with the arrival of winters, you may have noticed many things changing around you. From adding more layers to your wardrobes and enjoying warm beverages, winters don’t necessarily need to be that blue. The latest developments in the fashion industry all around the world when it comes to nail art has also been shaken up with very interesting trends. You’ll see that the most popular trends have revolved around your nails from flashbacks to barely-there tones to soft nudes. Moreover, you’ll find notable vogues like jewel-toned hues, different hues of grey, varying metallic tones and little pops of graphics and chic print and patterns.

The inspirations for the Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019  Fashion Runways. You keep thinking if the fashion of nail has died yet or are we finally going to give it up and moving toward something new. Well, no. That is not the case so far because we are absolutely not ready to give up on nail art yet. You’ll get to see so many big fashion names flaunting the latest trends in the New York Fashion Week Fall. The most popular designs included matte coats, half moons and almond-shaped among many others. Why have we moved to the almond-shape from the previous long square ones? Well, the answer is because the long square ones have been done to death and its high time we moved on to something else. So, the shape to follow in this winter is short and almond-shaped.

Stylish & Most Popular Winter Nail Art Designs 2019

This season packs a little for something for everyone, from nudes to nail art, you name it! So, let’s discuss in a little more depth on how you can catch up on the fall nail trends 2019. The two colours you can majorly focus on this winter would be something dark and moody like hues of grey and deep reds. So, make sure you have them in your nail paint collection! The nudes are usually associate with Spring and Summer, however, that has changed this season and we are warmly welcoming the new nudes which have now become a perma trend. To follow this trend, you’ll need to make sure of a few things. If you have a sheer tone, it doesn’t necessarily need to match your skin tone. But if it is opaque, lighter skin toned women should opt for a whitish nude with a tint of beige, medium skin toned women should go for the shades of apricot beige and lastly, darker skin toned women should go along the lines of brown beige. Get your nails manicure now and do whatever nail paint you want to do.

One of the popping trends this winter is the comeback of the 70’s shades. You will find this winter dominated by a very 70’s colour palette that will include rusts with a bit of fuchsia, purples and burnt orange. And just to add some razzle-dazzle to your look, simply paint your nails in metallic colours with opulent ombre glitter. An easy tip to remove the glitter is by wrapping it in acetone soaked cotton and securing it with tin foil. It will fall away and get off within 10 minutes. Two more trends to try this winter are two-toned talons that are being loved by masses and flip manicures that are one of the more edgy styles of this winter!

Green French nails

Brown Plain Design for nails

Brown and grey nails design

Dark Grey Cuticles trend

White Nails trend

Plain Black Nail Trend

Shimmery Blue Nail Design

Blood red nail trends

Brown edges nail designs

Golden Nail Design

Check Nail design pattern

Grey Floral Beige Nail Designs

Funky Nail Design

Elegant red nail trends

Decent beige nail trend

Ravishing baby pink design for Nails

Plain Black Nail Design

Floral nail design

Sea green Decent nail design

Petal nail Design for casual

Diagonal Blue Nail design

Dual nail Color Design

Plain Black Nail color design

Tri-Color Nail design

Baby Pink French Nail design

Tri-color Nail designs for casual

Vertical Tri-color Nail design

Nail Check patterns for casual

Appealing Nail Designs for Winter Festive Season

Winter season is a festive season as well and despite Christmas eve, holidays parties use to be at peak. So we have brought some of the unique and interesting ideas that can be easily executed for this. Check out below what winter festive designs are ready to spruce up your appearance.

Twinkling Stars

  1. Paint two coats of dark red nail polish
  2. Using thin striper brush dipped into white polish and draw vertical line on nail
  3. Next just draw horizontal line upright to vertical line
  4. Draw another line by using same brush in the intersection of two lines
  5. Another Diagonal line in the opposite direction should be added to draw star
  6. Paint white Dots around the big star

Twinkle Stars for Festive Nail design

Green French nails

  1. You just have to paint deep blue coat over the nail along green polish as well.
  2. Take a thin striper brush and dipped that in gold metallic polish. You just have to start from one side of the nail and paint small line halfway across the nail
  3. Finish the line by starting from one of the nail to another side of nail
  4. Just finish with a clear and glossy topcoat to join the edges of two coats together

Gold French Tips


White Snowflakes

  1. Coat a shimmery polish as your base colour
  2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in white polish and draw three lines on the nail.
  3. For the end of snowflakes just make tiny Vs at the end of each line
  4. If you want to mix up the look then larger snowflakes should be drawn on few fingers just to prominent the look
  5. Draw a hexagon to connect the intersecting lines of the snowflake.
  6. In the end, don’t forget to add tiny dots

Sweet Snowflakes Festive Nail art

Matte Tips nail

  1. First paint your nails a silver shade
  2. To create a horizontal line across the nail. Keep it that a quarter up from cuticle
  3. Top part needs to be filled with navy blue coat
  4. In The End, do apply Matte topcoat over the navy blue section just

Metallic Nail Tip for festive season

String Light Nails

  1. Paint hunter green polish two coats
  2. Paint thin line silver polish to create lights strings
  3. Dab the glue where you want to stick the crystal
  4. Push a tiny nail into the eraser of a pencil to pick up the crystals conveniently
  5. Use Multi-colored flat-black crystals to serve lights

String lights Festive winter designs

These are the tremendous designs for all type of winter festive events. You can have these designs for upcoming winters. It will spruce up nails appearance and for any festive season, you can paint your nails in same designs. The best part of these designs they are easy to implement and you will get the best result in few minutes.

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New Summer Nail Art Designs Nail Color Trends

Latest Valentine Nail Art Designs 2019

Hello lovelies!

Here I am back with an exciting article on Latest Valentine Nail Art Designs 2019If you are fashion geek must try these nail art designs in February and make your partner wonder on your creativity. Start trying from simple ones and then go for complex designs. complex valentines nail art design

If you want to turn out your valentine’s day special nail art to be this much perfect as in the image, practice it well before. Use proper brushes for outlining with colours according to choice.
floral nail art for valentines

For rose flower nail art pattern 2019 form base with white nail paint and then make respective flower design with nail art pen which comes in a variety of colours. Take special care and use it when the base gets completely dry. You can also try white flower on pink nail base.

gel polish valentine's nail art

Try this funky nail art design by making different patterns on each nail. You can keep plane nails, make a heart, lips, zigzag or linear pattern. If wanted you can also write something as XOXO written in image. heartbeat stream nail art for valentine

For showing love to your partner draw heartbeat streamline on red painted nails. You can create different texture and effects by using glitters and red valentines nail art design

Kick off valentine’s day by detailing your nails with Eiffel tower print. Use a combination of colours for base coating like white, red and black. Red is colour of love so its addition is necessary with other combinations. love kids valentines nail artThese cute little kids with heart-shaped balloons in hands will look so cool on nails. Must try it with Fine Point Gel Brush. It will help in detailing and creating neat look of nails
lovely valentine nail art design

This brick design with the red heart is looking so perfect to draw on Valentine’s day. For this firstly you have to form black base coat with white stripping for brick outlining and then using nail art stamp draw a heart with red paint. Finish it with scrapping off excess polish from around and apply shiner for a smooth final coat. mix pattern valentines nail art for both hands

For square shaped long nails applying stripped pattern along width will make hands look more beautiful. Keep some nails with a simple coat and some with a dotted pattern having heart mixed with rough leopard style in red and black colour. Do check out the Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step Tutorialsnails art leopard print on valentines

If you don’t want to go for red colour here is the best choice for you. Put white coat followed by pick irregular dotted design outlined with black boundary. This design may resemble the leopard style. You can also go for pink polka dots for keeping it more simple and easy.simple nails art design for valentines

Girls be ready for holding your nail art stamping machines in your hands and trying these mini white heart nail art design. Prepare red colour base coat then upon drying, transfer heart nail art design on nails. These small hearts look so appealing to eyes.simple valentines nail art with hearts

These acrylic nail art with hearts is looking so elegant. It will also not take much time if you try it this Valentine’s day. For this push your cuticles up off the nail plate before doing nail art. This will help to get your polish on the whole nail and prevents the polish from pulling off the nail there. After that form base coat and then use a heart shaped stamping plates or strips and scrap it towards the base in line. 
valentines day nail art design

Make diagonal patterns on nails with contrasting colours. For shimmer add a tint of gold. This elf pink colour nail paint will look so cool to carry with dresses of almost every colour. Wear your dress with style and for a fancier look to your nail art wear midi rings which will look so beautiful.


If you don’t have much time for nail art buy nail art stickers easily available in the market. Such stickers can be bought from the market at very reasonable rates and are much easy to carry. You can try them at any birthday party or wedding.  
valentines love nail art

For this love, nail art design makes sure your nails are all cut and filed into the same shape before applying polish. Always start with the tougher to get the right shape, and then use the smoother fine grain to buff and smooth your nails. Write alphabets as wanted by using strips and remove them after trying to get the desired pattern.


Most of the girls like using red colour on Valentine’s day. This colour has something special in it. For festive preparations adore your long nails with red nail paint and stick some mini diamondties for a luxurious look.

valentines nail art with lacquer for long nails

Get inspired by this wonderful nail art design. Colorful orange and red hearts are having painting effect on nails. Try them with other colours also.

Acrylic nails with heart birds for Valentine’s day is a new and different concept. This unique feature will make your choice customized one among others in the crowd. Must try this straight simple and pretty nail art design.disney nail art

Polka dots with Mickey is wow combo. Disney themed nail art is a right choice for Valentine’s day celebrations and you can also arrange other things with continuity of this nail art design.golden valentines nail art design

This peaceful and luxurious nail art design is a must for Valentine’s day preparations. White with gold colour is looking soothing to eyes and simple unfilled hearts are attracting the viewer towards it. hearts at nails' tip art

Almond shaped nail shape can be transformed like this. Pretty simple but elegant and quite a different idea will fascinate your partner much with your creativity.

Pull off your rack having nail paints and must play with all colours to make a variation of combinations having elegant and sober Valentine’s designs. Enjoy dancing with your loved ones at full swing and waving your hands with beautiful Valentine’s nail art at the party. Add more fascination by wearing light jewellery at hangs like rings and bracelets. I hope that you would have liked and will try these nail art designs shown in images after buying all necessary items and nail paints. Cheers! 🙂

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Latest New Year Nail Art Designs 2019

It is said that personality is a reflection of your inner self. Latest New Year Nail Art Designs 2019 is something which can make your personality look better and more stylish. Women take plenty of time and buy different services in maintaining their face and hairs; equal importance must also be given to nails’ shape and adornment because nails look quite prominent. I have shared some of the outstanding and quite easy nail art designs for women and girls 2019 here in this article and hoped that you will like these all.stylish butterfly nail art design

Stylish nail art for long nails having butterflies sticked at a distance will impart terrific, classy look to your hands for the party. You can also wear it at your friend’s party and slay others with the new and different look.golden nail art with shimmery look for hands

Hey girls! Don’t miss this elegant and simple nail art design for your festive occasion. Wear midi rings to add a little bit of more fancy look. You can paint your long nails with plane gold nail colour and can go for shimmery gold paint on any two.  nail art simple design for long nails

Whatever you wear choose it wisely. People will make inferences about your personality based on it. This baby pink and white dotted nail art design will surely make them form a positive image in mind. For this simply coat pink colour first and then repeat the same just till the quarter length of it. Let it dry and then apply a dotted pattern of white paint on the pink base and pink dots on white base already done.cartoon nail art designs for both hands

Hello Tomboys! 😉 If you like doing these kinds of experiments to your nails with outstanding nail art don’t forget to make these little angry birds. For this first of all make a uniform colour base and then give effects with particular black, red, white, orange and blue colours. This nail art style looks so pretty with jeans, tops and sneakers. camouflage nail art design

This camouflage print on nails is simply loved. If you want to show solidarity with Pakistani Armed Forces, apply this nail art on Defense day or Independence Day. Green, brown, off-white, grey and black colour nail paints are required for this lovely nails. Camouflage nail art is not just art, but there is a lot of passion and love of Pakistani girls with Armed Forces which will always be there in every situation.wonderful party floral nail art style

This shady pink nail art design wants a lot of care to be taken while doing it. You will need a sticker of the respective floral pattern which would stick on the first coat of nail paint meant for applying base, upon drying. Apply the colour which you want for floral per choice.luxurious nail art style

This luxurious shiny nail art design with motifs is just perfect to wear on weddings. Brides can also choose it without a second thought. Must try this embellished nail art for your next festive occasion.wonderful nail art for hands

The black colour is always meant for elegance whether it is in dress, any assortment or else. The combo of black nail paint with the golden shimmery look is just a right choice to make your hands look more nail art style for hands

Christmas is on its way. If you are looking for Christmas celebrations, don’t forget this soothing colour sky blue nail paint base with snowmen. I hope that this wonderful unique embellishment will surely make your day.elegant nail art design

There is no end to creativity. Apply this fabric print on your nails to give a different but entirely eye-catching look. All you need is four Nail colours and some paper strips for a neat look and applying lines on nails.minions nail art design for young girls

It is said that there is a child in every person regardless of his age. It is so true. If you are cartoon freak and want to do something exciting here is a good option for you. Apply these minion style nail art designs on your both hands and wear a colourful dress with it to compliment the overall look.moustache nail art design

With changing trends, youth wants to try something new and surprising. Using props in a photo booth is a common thing but applying such props on to nails seems different. So don’t be shy, put this straight simple moustache design on nails and wear it casually.

red lacquer with white chips nail art

Jingle bells are about to ring. Prepare yourself with red towards edges and shiny silver nail art towards roots of your nails. Dance with your friends on dancing floor and let everyone wonder about the beauty of your hands with blood red nail paint.

printed short nail art design

This beautiful mustard yellow with a combination of black nail paint informs about the arrival of spring. Adding colours to life will keep you fresh and lively. You can use square or circular motifs diagonally or in line following each other. You can also choose small delicate spherical beads.leopard print for short nail art

For this nail art design, you have to make the base with nude colour and then draw patches as on leopard’s skin. For patches use brown and black colour.ombre color nail art design

This ombre colour nail paint with black is looking super gorgeous. Wear beautifully beaded wing matching the colours and slay others by the look.floral nail art with motifs

If you are going to party design your nails with floral design. White colours flowers with soothing orange colour base and using beads of both colours will add the fancy look to it. For more prominent look add black outline and some glittery finishing.funky nail art design for hands

Try this wonderful floral print in any event or at Christmas party at your place. Combination of simple look with floral pattern will look so good and appeal to viewer’s eye.tree print on nails

This serene beach view coconut tree nail art design is unique in its look. Form two-colour base with the black representation of trees. It will give a view of the sunset.bridal nail art design for long nails

If you have super long nails must form a golden bow on red nail paint. This gorgeous nail art is quite easy which will not only save your time but also impart your handsome style.

I hope that you have enjoyed all these amazing nail art patterns. Carry everything you wear with some style, and it will make you more confident in your look. Girl enjoys doing such creative things and trying new nail art designs. Must try these patterns in your free time and enjoy your leisure. Have a good day!

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Latest Collection Of Nail Art Designs For Eid 2019

Latest Collection Of Nail Art Designs For Eid 2019  brings you a keenly chosen pattern gallery that you would like opting for. It covers a range of artistic designs and patterns that are suitable for teens, young women, and ladies belonging to any age group. Further, they are well suited to apply with funky, casual, semi-formal and formal makeup. Being young is always a fun. And it never depends upon the age you have. It is reflected the way you deal with things, enjoy different moments and create happiness out of unexpected or ignored things, that others don’t enjoy.

Eid is a festival of happiness and colors. You can add to the colors and joy of this most awaited festival by trying new and different design. Obviously, women are more concerned about looking fragile, elegant and unique on every event, no matter from which age group they belong to. Keeping that thing in view, you will find a different range of recommended pattern for Eid In this article for teens, girls, and women.

Pink & Butterfly Nails

The choice of colors is a depiction of your cognitive reflection, so have this wide range of nail paints that will suit your eid dresses collection, as well, and make your festival a memorable for coming years. The excitement of designing nail tips is no less than any other relishing activity for girls. For that, it is meaningful to share a special collection for this colorful aspect of making up the girls on the eve of eid.

Simple and Easy Eid Nail Art Designs For Girls 2019

On Eid, this kind of designing is a way to add a young touch in your personality so that you may stand in any age community and share their interest equally. Because you can enjoy an event if you are not well versed in dynamics. And people tend to go for the people they think, will be friendly, resilient or at least neutral towards their behaviors and activities.

Baby Pink Shaded Nail Art

Like any other thing popping up in the market, nail painting is a great focus and different nail paint brands have displayed their collection at stores. So, by the time you go shopping your dresses, or bangles, or shoes or any other stuff, don’t forget to shop for the colors of eid nail paint. This is going to be a complementary touch in the way you’d make yourself up on the day of eid.

Further, the paints also look good with different Eid Mehndi Design Even, some mehndi designs have a well-recommended gallery that would best suit when applied with that specific design. So, girls make a nice choice out of the given patterns and chose what is going to make the best fit with your outfit this festival day. You can also go for choosing a given pattern and making it a good match with your outfit by adding the colors that you are wearing and vice versa. It’s your time to get up and shop for the best available nail paints in the market, that does not fade away with a little dish wash or washing your hands after meals. Take a glimpse of following Latest Collection Of Nail Art Designs For Eid 2019 🙂

  • Matty Purple

Matte Purple shade along with flower art looks appealing and matte shade will also look fabulous. It will give an elegance texture to your nail. Purple is a color of freshness and you will love this shade to have. Darker shades of Mausummery Formal Wear Luxe Pret Collection of this year on eid would look best with this matte purple shade. You ladies can have different color shades with this same design.

Purplish Floral Nail Art

  • Glittery Shimmery Triangle

If you don’t want to have glitter on the whole nail then you can just try out this design as a triangle. it would be enough simple and elegant for your short nails. Go and have it soon from your favorite Nail stylist

Shimmery Triangle Nail Art

  • Glittery Blue

    Blue and white color with shimmery touch would enhance the appearance. Don’t apply glitter with a brush. Just have that with a sponge.

Blueish Glitter Nail Art

  • Baby Pink with White Texture

When you want to have some think really elegant than white and baby pink are both such colors who are being considered for neutral texture. You can have this design easily by adding some fashionable accessories to your hand. Just check it out the Xevor Latest Jewellery Collection for Women to give your hand glamorous appearance 🙂

Stunning Baby Pink Nail Art

  • Peachy Nails

A lot of girls will like a fashion peach nail polish with a soft gloss by its summer freshness and original pattern. Small patterns on a transparent background make up a complex geometric pattern, complemented a strict design. You can do such a manicure to study or work, any festive event.

Peach Nail Art For Eid

  • Red And Black Art

Here is a beautiful classic combination of colors. This nail design is ideal for women and for girls in colorful casual wear. You can try this with Latest Eid Lawn Collections 2019 By Top Pakistani Designers in which you people can apply red and black color with most of the apparels because red and black is hot favourite for girls on this Eid

Red And Black Eid Nail Art

  • Orange Nails On Eid

The combination of black and white colors in manicure has become a familiar classic for a long time, but adding orange color looks fashionable and stylish. Intricate black curls on a white glossy polish add sophistication to the design. Check Here, Easy Nail Designs For Beginners and after that you would be able to learn how to make your orange nails spectacular.

Orangy Nail Art On Eid

  • White Dots Art

The transparent base and bright purple stripe on the tip are separated by the border of the diamond-shaped. Elegant pattern from thin ornament looks stylish, romantic and cool. Check out Top 10 Most Attractive Rhinestone Nail Art Designs and decorate in a pleasant way.

Wite Dots Nail Art On Eid

  • Multi Colors Nails

The Pink, White, and Black are looking trendy together. The whirls on the white paint are adding spice to the design.

Pinky Nail Art For Eid

  • Rainbow Art

All the young girls should try this fancy art on this eid. Just put out different paints and make a perfect range. It is very important to have this collection every time in your hand. It would match with every attire you wear on eid.

Rainbow Nail Art For Eid

  • Sequins Design

This trendy nail design is for the playful and outrageous girls. Mixing in a design with different decorations contrast is bound to attract attention. The ring finger nail is glamorously decorated with sequins in contrasting stripes.

Sequins Nail Art On Eid

  • Butterfly design

This Ombre look nail trick with butterflies on the two middle fingers are looking breathtaking. The Ombre is perfectly done. You can do Ombre nail paint on this eid to give your hands more stylish look.

Butterfly Nail Art On Eid

  • Vivid Pattern

Pink and White go well together. This vivid pattern on the nails can be applied using any net fabric from your wardrobe. Paste it on your nail and apply nail polish over it, let it dry and peel off the patterned fabric from the nail.

Vivid Pattern Nail Art For Eid

  • Romantic Red

The red color is one of the hottest of all colors. A lot has changed about the nail color and one of the recently introduced technique.

Romantic Red Nail Art On Eid

  • Daisy Nails Art

If you want to do something bright but not too loud on this eid, then try this daisy nail decorating technique. Check Here, Neon Nail Art Designs because we know girls prefer to do tricks with their nails and neon design is the best way to give a colorful touch. 

Daisy Nail Art Design For Eid

  • Leopard Nail Art

Leopard prints are a trend nowadays. From clothes to shoes to bags and for manicure leopard nails have been conquering the modern fashion world. This design looks really pretty and fancy.

Leopard Nail Art Design For Eid

  • Glitters On Nails For Eid

Glitters are unique in that they make you feel simply out of this world. It brightens up the move and sends sparkles in dull moments. It’s not that hard to fall in love with glitter on your nails. It’s without a doubt that everyone just adores glitter touch.

Glitter On Nails For EID

  • Hot Pink Nail Art

Hot pink and regular pink nail designs are most popular during the summer. Hot pink nail designs are normally bolder and more daring. Also Check Out, Summer Nail Art Designs and give your hands a ravishing look this summer with following pinkish touch.

Hot Pink Nail Art For Eid

  • Grey And Peach Nail

Eid days are here again. While preparing your best eid dress, you should also try out fun and amazing eid nail paint! A fashion girl is often in a beauty nail. See Here, DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas and you people can design these grey and peach nails as per your choice.

Gray And Peach Nail Art For Eid

  • Matt Nails On Eid

Like Matt Lipsticks, Matt nail paints are also in fashion. They are not glossy at all and give you a little look. Everyone wants to look as good as they can. Girls simply love to stand out and shine brightly from the rest; this is where the Matt designs became a constant favorite.

Matt Nails On Eid

  • Floral Nails

Check out the lovable, quirky, cute and exceedingly precise design that is inspiring the freshest tendencies and inspiring the most well-liked nail art trends!

Floral Nail Art Design On Eid

  • Chequered Nail Art

Beautiful nails might put you in an instant good mood. Well maintained and skillfully painted nails play an important part in enhancing your overall appearance. See Here, French Tip Nail Designs and rejuvenate your hands for a glamorous appearance.

Black Lines Nail Art For Eid

  • Kitty Designs

Light pink nail designs are very effeminate and the designs are normally more floral and dainty but the maroon shade is adding boldness. It is a time of full enjoyment and happiness. Countless nail paints are available in markets. It is up to you which color you like most. All the young girls should try this fancy art on this eid.

Kitty Nail Art For Eid

In the following video, you people would get to know how to do french manicure nail art designs by following simple steps 🙂

You might have seen Latest Collection Of Nail Art Designs For Eid 2019. Don’t forget to apply the spectacular design this eid on your nails and give your hands a refreshing look. Do Tell us what you liked the most and what further designs you want us to add here for you 🙂

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How To Do Nail Art At Home

Every girl loves nail paint and doing different creation with nail colours and experiences on her nails. Not a single girl don’t love painting and designing her nails. A few years back girls only paint their nails with the help of single nail colour. Now with the advancement of the fashion trends, girls have known so many new creative ideas to design their nails in different ways. Among the interests of females, nail art is now famous for clothes, shoes, and hairs. More girls are taking the interest in different type of nail art.

Kitty Nail Art

They want to decorate it with the matching dress. There is a new concept of Do It Yourself (DIY) colouring art. This idea is gaining much popularity among ladies especially girls.A Few years back girls go to beauty salon to get their nails painted in creative ways. But now they can do all this creative stuff at home and make their hands look beautiful. There are so many techniques by which painting art can be done at home with low cost. In our today’s article, we are going to help all beginners to learn how to do nail art at home.

Get to know about Nail Art Techniques

Best stylo is going to let you know about three main techniques. Those are:

  • Transparent tape
  • Bobby Pin
  • Nail Art tools

As shown in the image below is some of the tools are used for this purpose. Before going to know these ones in detail let me tell you what do you need to do first? Take a look

  • Gather all essential stuff that is going to be used in this shade
  • Properly foil your nails, buff them and then moisturize
  • Now make the base coat and keep the tool or bobby pink or tape with you,that you will use for making the creative design.


Nail art with transparent tape

At first, we are going to let you know how to do nail art at home by using transparent tape. It is the amazing way to do creative colouring and designing on your claw. The most important step is the cutting of the transparent tape, and it depends on the design you choose for the decoration of your claw. After that cut the tape carefully according to the design because the whole look depends on the claw design depends on the accurate cutting of tape. You can see the fabulous and superbly crafted claw styles and designs we have added to the article. All these designs are so graceful about tape nail art designs. You can choose the best one for you and without wasting time try it today at home. You can have this art for Summer Nail Art Designs and numerous DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas

yellow Nail tap art Red and blue Nail tap art

Purple and Black Nail tap art

Multi Color Tape Nail art Design

Trio Color Nail Art Tape

Ferozi Tape Nail Art Design

Golden and Purple Nail Art Design

Tri-color Tape Nail Art Design

Glittery Nail Art Tap Design

Dual Color shades Tape Nail Art Design

Nail Art with bobby pin

At second, the other technique is the use of bobby pin for making creative designs. Bobby pin is considered very useful here. The round tip at one side of the bobby pin is very helpful while decorating your claws. You can make any circular design and some other too with the help of bobby pin. You need to handle this with care otherwise whole design will turn into a great mess. The images below consists so many fabulous designs to paint claw. You can decorate your claw from any design that is shown below. All these are appealing designs you can have any of them. Try out this technique Nail Art Designs For Eid or Winter Nail Art Designs

Laces Bobby Pin Design

Tri-color Bobby Pin design

Pink Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Dual Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Baby Pink Bobby Pin Art Design

Shocking Pink Bobby Pin Art Design

Peach Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Orange Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Orange and Black Bobby Pin Art Design

Dual Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Nail Art with nail art tools

Now the third technique is a use of nail art tools. An art kit available in the market for this purpose. But instead of buying an expensive kit you can try the first two techniques that are cost-effective. If you are very fond of decorating nails with exclusive designs only, then purchase the equipment. Otherwise, you can make many attractive designs only by using first two techniques. We have also gathered few designs that can be drawn using the nail kit. If you have that kit with you, then you can make these styles too. Nail art tools would help you to design your nails to get rhinestone Nail Art Designs and Ombre Nail Art  

Floral Nail Art with tools

Square Nail Art with Tools Pink Floral Nail Art Design with tool

Cool Pink Texture Nail Art with tools

Cheeta print texture Nail art with tools

White Floral Nail Art Design with tools

White Floral and petal Nail Design with Tools

Dotted and Mickey Nail Art with Tools

Red Floral Nail Art Design with Tools

Black Heart Nail Art Design with Tools

Have you checked these ravishing designs of nail art? these designs would leave everyone spellbound and if you ladies haven’t tried yet then what are you waiting for? These design techniques would go well with all types of amazing designs that you want to have on your nails. Get the best one for your nails and this could happen only when you are nail art lover. If it is your ultimate desire to make your nails a centre of attention then do try these methods you gonna love these 🙂

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Top Trending Nail Art Collection for 2017

Every woman wants to look gorgeous on each occasion like eid, parties, home functions, weddings, official celebrations or other events etc and desires to keep herself modern with current fashion.  Best Stylo is giving you exciting range of Latest Nail Art Design Collection 2017 because we know When any event comes then every girl aims to appear perfect than others. A perfect appearance describes overall personality. Nail Art is some kind of fun which is getting popular day by day among the girls throughout the world. It’s a creative task which means decoration of nails with different designs and colors.


There would be no single lady who doesn’t have the craze and passion for decorating her nails because it boost up the beauty of hands or feet. Every woman seems to be conscious about to know the latest trend. Nail Art is always considered as one of the essential aspects of young girls and the best way to enhance the beauty and freshness of hands is nail paint with radiant colors and styles. Check out 30 Most Stunning DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas



Trending Nail Art Design for 2017

There are a huge number of nail art accessories available in the market such as beads, stickers, paint brushes, nail colors, glitters etc and with the help of them, you can easily decorate your nails with various designs.I have decided to share an outstanding collection of Latest Nail Art Collection for 2017Try these astonishing and inspiring nail designs on your  Eid Festival, birthday parties, and other occasions and give you a unique and appealing look.

  • Dazzling Blue Nail Art Design

Just have a look at below Dazzling Blue Nail Art  Collection it looks so fresh. Blue and Black paint are just giving a soothing texture for your nail and in summer if the color combination has such kind of refreshing appearance it would look classy. Don’t forget to click at Top 10 Most Attractive Rhinestone Nail Art Designs To Try Out

Dazzling Blue Nail Art

  • Lemon Yellow Nail Art Design

Semi combo of two colors if you just take a look yellow color have been used in semi portion and then white have used to make it exquisite. In the middle of the design triangles, texture is giving some kind of unique appearance for your nails.

Lemon Yellow Nail Art

  • Cute Kitty Nail Art Design

You may have seen several girls accessories are inspired by kitty. Similarly, we can resist ourselves to introduce Cute Kitty nail Art Design for all the kitty lovers. just have a look how much cuteness is being reflected through your nails. Also, have a look at Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps 


Cute Kitty Nail Art

  • Combo of Heart and Bow Nail Art

Check this out funky and super amazing nail art with more than half of soothing white texture and tips are containing dots as well as Bow touch. You can design heart as well along dark blue linings.


Bow Style Nail Art

  • Stunning Black Nail Art Design

Stunning Black is all about to give you elegant look you can have a full black design on your nails or you can apply white motifs carefully on your nail paint like below picture. It would be super glamorous for your personality. Do click Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2017

Stunning Black Nail Art

  • Criss Cross Black Nail Art

If you want to do something unique then this criss-cross style will take your design to another level. just apply any soothing or light color first and then make the criss-cross design as per your choice. you can have this design on green, blue, Red and White as well. It would be amazing. Click at JAPANESE 3D NAIL ART for more ethnic touch

Criss Cross Nail Art Design

  • Petal Glaze Nail Art Design

Dark brown color and tips are embellished with beautiful floral texture nothing would be more classy and attractive than this design. It would be best for a night out parties and this one is going to enhance your hand’s look. Check out the Cool &Trendy Neon Nail Art Designs

Petal Glaze Nail Art

  • Tri Color Nail Art Design

just have a look tri-color nail art lemon yellow, white and gray color is giving your nails perfect summer look. How beautifully these colors have been applied on nails. Do try this design

Tri-Color Nail Art Design

  • Lush Combo Nail Art

This design is not about the single color pattern. Apply polka dots on one nail, just give a shimmery texture to another nail and similar each individual design will have a different and lush look for your nails.

Lush Combo nail art design

  • Mild Net Pattern Nail Art Design

You may have seen the Net pattern on your dresses, bags, and shoes but this time is to give a mild texture to your nails. Check out the white Net pattern on your nails for more glamourous look

Mild Net Texture Nail Art

Colorful Nail Art Gallery

Don’t forget to check out these ones too 😉

30 Most Stunning DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas

Gone are the days when ladies hesitate putting up nail colors on their hands. It’s the new era with new fashion advancements, so every woman and every girl love putting on nail color regular. With the improvements in fashion trends, now women and girls have got nail shades of numerous hues. They keep on changing the colors. Instead of putting on only one color, they put nail color with mix and match shades. They have started painting their nails in various ways that’s why in our today’s article, we have got 30 most stunning DIY nail art designs and ideas for you. A beautiful nail color will make your hands look pretty. Along with that if you paint it in various ways using different colors then it will make your hands, even more, appealing.

Imagine you wearing a colorful dress with matching shoes and accessories, and then you put on nail paint with the unique design on your hands, this is going to be a full beautiful package. Like you dress up yourself considering it your right same as it is the right of your hands to be decorated. Nail painting is the decoration of hands. Isn’t it awesome to know stunning DIY nail art designs for your hands? We have got some best DIY nail art designs for short and long nails.

There is nothing complicated about nail painting you just need to be creative enough; else we have some creative ideas for you at our fashion blog. So, ladies, you don’t need to go to parlor for nail painting. Now there are several ways to color nails, and you can do it yourself at home. This task is quite easy, and it will pinch very less cost if you do it yourself. So, just need to unleash your creative self and play with your nails by trying different colorful designs. Isn’t it an excellent idea? You get beautiful hands with almost no cost invested.

Simple and Easy DIY Nail Art Designs Step By Step

Girls always check attractive painting designs on the internet, but always think that it is so difficult to do. They always think how to start doing it. So, no worries, now we have got step by step ideas and designs for you. You just need to make sure that you have all the essential nail art accessories with you like polishes, a bobby pin, some pointed stuff, transparent tape and paint remover. These few things are needed to beautify your nails and hands.

In the images shown above and below, there are various striking colors like yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, black, etc. have been used. The more appealing and bright color you use, the more charming it will look. When you paint with the help of transparent tape, just keep in mind that remove the tape after the color dries well. Otherwise, it will ruin your creativity. The first and most important step for a decoration of nails is to do it carefully. I suggest you to try all these creative nail art designs and get gorgeous hands at home.

Top 10 Most Attractive Rhinestone Nail Art Designs To Try Out

It looks very trendy and beautiful to decorate your nails with different types of accessories. Accessories of various kinds have always been in fashion and rhinestones nail art are one for the nails. They make your nails appear just incredible by adding some glittery effect to your nails. There are many different designs that you can create using rhinestones, elegant and classy, chic and colorful. Rhinestones Nail art can be used to make your nails look beautiful on any occasion, whether it’s a daily routine, party time or even weddings. We have come up with top 10 best and most attractive rhinestone nail art designs that will guide you about how you can play with rhinestones nail art to make your nails outstanding. Lets have a glance at this astonishing rhinestone nail art gallery.

Style # 1: Animal Print

Animal Print Art has always been in high demand. Whether it is in clothes or anything else, it always look trendy. You can also make it on your nails using different colors of nail polishes. Adding stones to this design will make it look even more fabulous. If you don’t believe us, try yourself.

Animal Print Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Animal Print Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 2: Elegant Design

Some women do not want to have a massive gaze on their nails with a lot of colors as well as stones. They can only use a light shade of nail color, for a plus you can add a little decorative pattern and then accessorize it with some rhinestones but avoid making it crow-die.

Elegant Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Elegant Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02


Style # 3: Solid Color

This style always looks classy and is very easy to make. You can use any solid color like purple, orange, red, etc. and then embellish it by adding rhinestones to it. Believe me they will look super cool for a casual night out.

Solid Color Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Solid Color Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 4: Multi Design

It is one of the most popular nail arts of the current time. Young girls love to give their nails a pinky look with some hearts. If they add rhinestones to it, it will look trendier rhinestones nail art.

Multi Design Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Multi Design Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 5: Decorative

Some functions like weddings allow you to wear a bulky look in makeup, jewelry, dresses and even nails. You can take full advantage of such occasions and could use a lot of rhinestones in the most decorative way to give it more formal look. Just try not to make them look like too much.

Wedding Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01 Wedding Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02


Style # 6: Floral Design

One of the most adopted and most admired nail designs is the floral design. There are many different ways in which you can make flowers on your nails by using your nail paint and then to enhance its beauty; you can decorate it with rhinestones.

Floral Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Floral Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 7: Colorful

Colorful designs always look beautiful. You can use many vibrant colors of rhinestones that are readily available and make your hand nails look outstanding and bold. You can create many fun looks with colorful rhinestones.

Colorful Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01 Colorful Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 8: Sophisticated

When you use light and fresh colors of nail paint like soft pinks and pastel colors and then decorate it with small sized rhinestones, you will get surprising results.

Sophisticated Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Sohisticated Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 9: Patterned

For hand nails to appear unique and perfect on a daily basis, try making some fantastic patterns by using nail paints of different colors and rhinestones with them.

Patterned Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Patterned Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 10: French

The soberest and elegant way to utilize rhinestone is to use it with French style. Even though no color added except white, but it still look the best.

French Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01French Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

These are some of the best designs of rhinestones nail art using that you can give a new glance to your nails and make them naturally beautiful and different.

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps & Pictures

Art of hand nail is a technique which is getting very popular since the past few years. If you know how to create different looks with this art, you can simply play with wide range of colors to give new style to your hand nail every day. There are special brushes that are available in the market and also the embellishing accessories. You can easily purchase them and use them in a creative way to make your hand look beautiful. If you want to know how to do a beautiful art at your home using a really simple technique, then you definitely need to read this. Here you will find Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps & Pictures that can really make your nails look stunning. This technique is especially useful in case you are wearing a dress with contrast colors.

Things Required For Ombre Nail Art:

It is a very simple art of ombre form that can be done using:

  • Two paints of different colors
  • A toothpick
  • A makeup sponge
  • Remover
  • A topcoat
  • Brush to be used with nail polish remover

Ombre Nail Art Tools


Step # 1: Apply Your Favorite Color

In the first step of ombre nail art, apply one color of polish on your nails. If you are using a dark and light combination of two polishes, use the light one in the first step and let it dry completely.



Step # 2: Add Small Quantity Of Colors

Now on a plain surface, add a small quantity of both colors close to each other. Try to not mix them.



Step # 3: Mix the two Shades

Now use a toothpick and mix the two colors on the area where they meet. If you want slight gradient then mix the colors in smaller quantity otherwise you can mix them together completely with the toothpick creating some swirls.



Step # 4: Tap Sponge On Mixed Shades

Now use the sponge and tap it slightly on the mixed colors.



Step # 5: Tap Sponge On Your Nails

Then use that sponge on your hand nails and slightly press it on them until an Ombre effect of your choice is created. Instead of rubbing it on the nails, simply tap it in up and down direction. Do not repeat the taping unless the first layer is dried. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the desired effects on your hand nails and it would all get smudged.



Step # 6: Apply the Topcoat

Now to create a smooth surface of the same place, apply the topcoat as many times as required. Using the sponge can make the surface of the hand nail polish quite rough, so, most of the times you may need more than one top coat to level it out.


Step # 7: Remove Extra Nail Paint

The rest of the nail paint on the skin around the nail can be removed by using remover with the help of a plain brush.




And as simple as that, your Ombre nail art is completed. You can even use more than two colors but that requires a lot of time as well as skills to do that. You can also use glitter colors to have shiny and shimmery hand nail effects.




You can use any color of your choice and according to your outfit, then simply follow these steps you can even add some glitter and shimmer at your nails.

10 Basic Nail Art Accessories You Need To Design Your Nails

There are a few basic nail art accessories that should be in your possession if you wish to do your nails yourself. Gone are the times when you had to wait hours in the salon and spend tons of money on pricey manicures that you could have easily been doing at home. I know it looks daunting to take this task upon yourself but it actually not that hard. 10 Basic Nail Art Accessories You Need To Design Your Nails  are mentioned below which will make this task unbelievably easier and you’ll be able to pull off any design you want!

1- Dotting Tool


A dotting tool is one of the most important tools that you could ever need. It can even make the effort of a beginner look like a pro. You can find them in different sizes. A dotting tool can be used to draw and create different patterns and designs on your nails.

2- Striping Brush


If you want to be able to have more options when designing your nails, you should have a stripping brush at your disposal to do this job. It can be used to make the most detailed of designs and patterns. All you have to do is dip it in the nail polish and let your fingers work the magic.

3- Stamps


Do you ever look at a design and think it is way too difficult for you to manage something so intricate on your own? You would be pleased to know that it is quite doable. A stamping tool will allow you to create everything from floral designs to waves to animal print to any other design you can think of with minimum effort.

4- Wax Pencil


You may not know this but a wax pencil should definitely be on your list when you go shopping for these accessories. Wax pencils allow you to pick any possible size of stones you could want to put on your nails, especially the ones which are nearly impossible to handle by tweezers.

5- Tweezers


Tweezers are an absolute essential when it comes to nail art that involves jewels, embellishments, 3-D art pieces, stones etc. The best ones for this job are usually a pair that has a pointed tip with a curved neck. They allow you to place the accessories carefully and exactly where you want.

6- Stickers


When talking of nail art decorations, these stickers can go a long way to give you the look you desire. They come with a strong adhesive backing that allows them to stick your nails well. Just apply them on dry nails and then apply a top coat to them off in place.

7- Embellishments


There is almost an infinite number of nail art embellishments that you can choose from. It encompasses all items ranging from rhinestones to all kinds of beads to all kinds of glitter and the list goes on endlessly. These decorations bring a bit of glitz and glam to your nails and fancy them up.

8- Topcoat & Basecoat


Doing your nails is incomplete without the application of the topcoat and basecoat. Make sure you choose fast dry and good quality top and base coats to your stash. Always apply a basecoat according to your nail health before doing your nails and don’t forget the topcoat because that is what gives it shine and makes your handiwork last longer.

9- Q-Tips / Cotton Swabs


Q-Tips and cotton swabs are a lifesaver when it comes to such disasters. These are used to clean up mistakes and tidy up your fingers after you are done doing your nails. If you use cotton swabs, make sure they are lint-free so the cotton fibers don’t stick.

10- Nail Polish Remover



This is a big must have in your tools. It is used to remove excess polish and color to give your nails a neat look. It would be best if you can get your hands on an acetone-free formula since acetone is quite harmful for your nails.

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