How To Apply Blush On Perfectly By Yourself Step By Step Tutorial

Makeup can bring an incredible improvement into your look just in the event that it is doing perfectly. In cosmetics, use of foundation on the face is truly a hard occupation because blush on the face looks exceptionally tacky & humiliating. In this way, make a base that is mixed well with your skin tone. Eye makeup & lipstick application is not intense. The blush on is the most important and touch base part of makeup but, unfortunately, much ladies do not know exactly how to apply the right blush. Do not worry dears because today I am going to tell you about how to apply blush on perfectly step by step tutorial for all face structure’s ladies. By following these simple and basic steps, you will be able to use perfect blush on and give a glance in your makeup.

Step 1: Choose the Right Blush On

Blush on can make your delightful face sparkle and look alive. The application is genuinely bright however it’s imperative to hit the nail on the head to abstain from compensating the look. Choose right blush on sort. Powder and Gel are usually useful for sleek skin; cream is best for ordinary to dry skin. Whichever variety you choose, its shade ought to coordinate your regular shading, so attempt to pick one that mirrors your shading when you flushed typically.

Blush On

Step 2: Select the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

Select shading that will highlight your current best facial components and that won’t emerge excessively. Splendid red may not look extraordinary on a pale individual but rather can be fabulous on a bronzed cocoa skin tone. In case, you’re pale, attempt delicate pink shading or perhaps something with a bit tan and pink in it. Contingent upon your skin tone, you may require lighter or darker shading. Dim skin needs a lighter shading while light skin may require more regular shades of blush.

Select the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

It is proposing that to choose the right shading of reddening, make a clenched hand for around ten seconds, and the subsequent screening on your fingers is the shading that you need to coordinate.

Step 3: Pick the Right Brushes

Buy some quality and right brushes. A flushed brush is the best decision; never utilize a little, shoddy brush. On the off chance that you use a shabby brush, you’ll have a shoddy looking result. Stay away from improvised things, as like cotton fleece balls and powder puffs.

Pick the Right Brush for blush

Step 4: Apply Blush with Right Angled Brush

Apply blush on perfectly after you’ve put on all your makeup.  In case, you’re utilizing a powder, daintily remove a medium-sized cushy brush for blush and after that tap it to evacuate any abundance. In case, you’re using a cream or gel, spot a little on your ring finger.

  • Begin with only a small brush flushed it’s less demanding to add more to your face than to take off a lot of it.

Apply Blush On with Right Angled Brush

  • Do a fish confront, and then apply blush on cheeks. This step helps you discover the apple of your cheeks. Try not to grin, those bring your cheeks up, and can make you flushed too low.

Make Fish Face to Apply Blush On

  • The apples are the round ascents where you flush, as demonstrated where the model’s brush is resting.

Apply Blush on the Apple of your Cheeks

  • Apply blush on perfectly by brush to the focal point of the apple on one side of your face, mixing the shading along your cheekbone. In case. you’re utilizing a cream or gel, dab the shading in the first place, then use your finger or cosmetics wipe to mix it in. For the most regular look, dependable focus the covering on the apples of your cheeks and mix well. Also, before mixing, dependably tidy off the overabundance to evade too many ruddy cheeks.

Apply blush on perfectly

  • Make strokes with the brush and apply blush on perfectly from your cheeks (towards your nose) to the side of your face (towards your ears).


Step 5: Apply Translucent Powder On Cheeks

Utilize a perfect brush for blending. The brush is descending toward the end of mixing, to permit the facial hairs to lie comfortably on your skin’s surface.

  • If you coincidentally implement a lot of powdered redden, spread it with translucent powder to tame the shading. Abundance cream can erase with a tissue. In case, you have applied gel then wash it off and reapply sparingly.

apply powder to tame the blush shade

  • Rehash on your other cheek, taking consideration to coordinate the position and shading of inflaming on both cheeks. You are now all set with the blush.

blush on makeup doneperfect blush on makeup_before and afterblush on cheeks final look

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Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step By Step Guide

Smokey eyes makeup have always been in fashion. They look very charming especially in the night functions, but people carry this look even at the indoor functions of the daytime. Smokey eyes makeup is all about bold and prominent eyes. This smokey eye style is equally popular for all the occasions whether it is wedding or a party. So, here is the most inspiring and Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step By Step Guide, through which you can create flawless Smokey makeup.

Step # 1: Start with a Primer

Smokey look for eyes with lines and smear definitely does not look good. The primer is more important for the smokey eyes makeup than all the others. So, start by applying primer on and around the eye area.


Apply Primer On Eyes

Step # 2: Use Concealer

Of course, you do not want to make your dark circles seem even more prominent with smokey eyes makeup. So, apply a good concealer to hide them properly. Apply it properly on the upper and the lower area of the eye using your fingers that will give you perfect blending in this sensitive area. Now, apply a small amount of powder compact to give it a finished style.


Apply Concealer On Eyes

Step # 3: Apply Dark Shadow

After preparing the base for your eye, now apply a dark shade along the lash line to the outer corner of the eye and blend it. It is not necessary to always use black and brown to create a smokey look for eyes, you can play with colors in this makeup as well.


Apply Dark Eyeshadow For Smokey Look


Step # 4: Blending & Smudging

The most important part of creating the perfect smokey look is proper blending. Use a smudging brush to do this work. It will help you to blend the shades properly, leaving no dark lines. You can also add a little bit of another color except the one that you had used before to get a finer blending and effect as well.


Blending and Smudging

Step # 5: Apply a Liner

Now that you are done with the color application, add some eyeliner to your look. It is preferred to have a black liner either a creamy or the liquid one as per your comfort. You could likewise practice an eye pencil as a substitute. If you want to glamorize it a bit more, add another layer of shimmery eyeliner to it.


Apply Eyeliner

Step # 6: Use Some Highlighter

To get an even look that is not all dark, add a little bit of highlighter on the brow bone. It will enhance the beauty of your makeup.


Apply Highlighter On Brow Bone

Step # 7: Add Some Kajal

The lower side of your eye will not complement the upper area if left ignored. So, finish the look with some kajal or a colossal pencil for creating a full look.


Apply Kajal In Eyes

Step # 8: Curl & Add Mascara

The ultimate stage is to coil your lashes by using a lash curler and then apply a thick coat of mascara so that your eyelashes long elongated and also suitable for this kind of heavy makeup.


Apply Mascara


So, these were the simple and easy steps to create a perfect smokey eyes makeup that could go with any dress and for any function.

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Best Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide

The use of right lipstick on your skin has the power to make you look beautiful and also give your makeup and style a complete look. Every season has a certain trend of lipsticks, sometimes the dark lip colors are in and sometimes the soft pastel lip and nude colors. But besides the trend, weather plays a great role in defining the types and colors of lipsticks to be used. Usually in summers, girls prefer to have soft makeup and soft lips and what else would be better to give you that look besides the pastel lip makeup. Pastel lip tones always remain in fashion in all weathers. Here is a Best Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide, so that you can easily get a perfect soft lips style.

Step # 1: Prepare a Base For Your Lip

If you have a very dry lips, start with using a lip scrub on your lip and then apply a balm to make your lips look even and soft for the perfect pastel lip way.


Apply Lip Balm


After that put some concealer and foundation on your lips and finish the base by applying some compact on it.


Prepare a Base for Your Lip

Step # 2: Apply Creamy Lipstick

The next step is to apply some creamy lipstick of the shade of which you want to create a perfect pastel look. Most girls prefer pinky soft pastel lip makeup, so in that case, use a dark and creamy pink lipstick with a brush or simply with your finger. In case, you do not have a creamy lipstick, you can simply use a creamy balm as well.


Apply Creamy Lipstick

Step # 3: Apply Concealer

The next step is to apply either a liquid or a cream concealer on your lips. The concealer should be of a lighter tone. Apply just a small quantity of concealer with fingers or a brush but do not fill your lips with it. Then blend it properly.


Apply Concealer


Step # 4: Add Some Gloss

You can use either a brush or could simply use your fingers to blend the concealer with your lipstick so that an even shade could be created. Once it is done, apply a small amount of transparent gloss on your lip to get the beautiful glossy stylish lips.


Add Some Gloss


Step # 5: Create a Matte Look

All those girls who want to carry a soft and matte look do not need to add extra gloss. They can just pick one of the shades of matte blush or eye shades that they have that match the color as well and could simply apply it on with the help of a brush and they can get a matte pastel lip makeup look at once without any difficulty.


Create a Matte Look


And this is it, you are done with creating a perfect matte pastel lips makeup that are best for your wonderful summer look. You will not only look fresh but also different than your routine. Try using some different techniques and styles to create a new style of yours and you will definitely going to like the change that these pastel makeup will bring in your final summer trend.

Inspiring Soft Pastel Lips Makeup Step By Step

Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial Step By Step


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Inspiring Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide

There are different kinds of Indian Bridal makeup looks like Tamil, Bengali, and Punjabi etc, but with a minor difference in the final look, the basic way to do the makeup remains similar. To help you do the Indian bridal makeup on your own, here is a Inspiring Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Guide.

Step # 1: Cleanse Your Face

The first step for all the Indian bridal makeup looks including Indian remains the same that is to cleanse the skin with a good cleanser and then make the skin hydrated.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 1

Step # 2: Use Primer & Concealer

Now start by hiding any kind of scars, dark circles or acne spots by using a concealer which is one tone lighter than your actual skin tone. The best concealer is the one that is in liquid form and is light-weight. Also apply a primer to cover the open pores. The primer will also help to keep your makeup last for a long time for a long wedding day.


Step# 3: Foundation Base

The next step of Indian bridal makeup which is the application of the foundation is the actual start of application of the makeup. Use the foundation that matches perfectly with your skin tone. If the foundation of one shade does not match your skin color, use two colors of foundation and mix them to get the desired result. The heavy stick foundations are out of fashion. Use a moose which is a light-weight, water foundation base. Now apply a loose powder or a compact powder with the help of a brush to fix the foundation.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 3

Step# 4: Contouring & Highlighting

The next step is to enhance the face structure by doing contouring. Highlighting the cheekbones by using the soft tones of blushers is also very important. The proper contouring of the forehead, chin, and the jawline areas should also not be avoided.


Step# 5: Eye Makeup

Now start the eye makeup. The eye makeup is the most important part of the Indian bridal makeup to create a most stunning look. To create a Bengali or Punjabi bride look, use dark eye shades.
Start the eye makeup by applying a base color which should be a really soft color like pink, soft brown etc.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 5

Now apply the first color matching the dress. The most common eye shadow that could be used on the center area of the eye is the copper color.



Some brides also prefer smokey eyes. The black or brown would be the main colors for creating the smokey effect and also special focus should be given on blending.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 7

Now highlight the corners with the help of a dark color. The dark corners have the ability to enhance the beauty of your eyes.



The next step in the eye makeup is the application of the false lashes with the help of glue. Once they get properly stick, apply mascara on them.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 9

To give a finished look to your eye makeup, use eyeliner and a little bit kajal in your eyes.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 10

Step# 6: Apply Lipstick

The final step is to apply lipstick. First draw an outline with the help of a lip pencil and make the shape of your lips. For long lasting lipstick, use a little quantity of the lip balm before applying the lipstick.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 11

Now with the help of a lipstick brush, apply the lipstick fully on the lips. Mostly the dark tones of lipsticks especially the red and dark shades of pink are used.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 12

For Bengali Indian brides either a big teeka or decoration on their forehead is a must element for the complete look.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 13

And it’s done. By following these easy steps, you will get a complete ravishing and beautiful Indian Bridal look.

Best Indian Makeup Ideas & Looks For Wedding Brides

Best Makeup Ideas for the Indian Brides 4


Best Makeup Ideas for the Indian Brides 5


Best Makeup Ideas for the Indian Brides 8


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Best Makeup Ideas for the Indian Brides 25

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps & Pictures

Art of hand nail is a technique which is getting very popular since the past few years. If you know how to create different looks with this art, you can simply play with wide range of colors to give new style to your hand nail every day. There are special brushes that are available in the market and also the embellishing accessories. You can easily purchase them and use them in a creative way to make your hand look beautiful. If you want to know how to do a beautiful art at your home using a really simple technique, then you definitely need to read this. Here you will find Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Detailed Steps & Pictures that can really make your nails look stunning. This technique is especially useful in case you are wearing a dress with contrast colors.

Things Required For Ombre Nail Art:

It is a very simple art of ombre form that can be done using:

  • Two paints of different colors
  • A toothpick
  • A makeup sponge
  • Remover
  • A topcoat
  • Brush to be used with nail polish remover

Ombre Nail Art Tools


Step # 1: Apply Your Favorite Color

In the first step of ombre nail art, apply one color of polish on your nails. If you are using a dark and light combination of two polishes, use the light one in the first step and let it dry completely.



Step # 2: Add Small Quantity Of Colors

Now on a plain surface, add a small quantity of both colors close to each other. Try to not mix them.



Step # 3: Mix the two Shades

Now use a toothpick and mix the two colors on the area where they meet. If you want slight gradient then mix the colors in smaller quantity otherwise you can mix them together completely with the toothpick creating some swirls.



Step # 4: Tap Sponge On Mixed Shades

Now use the sponge and tap it slightly on the mixed colors.



Step # 5: Tap Sponge On Your Nails

Then use that sponge on your hand nails and slightly press it on them until an Ombre effect of your choice is created. Instead of rubbing it on the nails, simply tap it in up and down direction. Do not repeat the taping unless the first layer is dried. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the desired effects on your hand nails and it would all get smudged.



Step # 6: Apply the Topcoat

Now to create a smooth surface of the same place, apply the topcoat as many times as required. Using the sponge can make the surface of the hand nail polish quite rough, so, most of the times you may need more than one top coat to level it out.


Step # 7: Remove Extra Nail Paint

The rest of the nail paint on the skin around the nail can be removed by using remover with the help of a plain brush.




And as simple as that, your Ombre nail art is completed. You can even use more than two colors but that requires a lot of time as well as skills to do that. You can also use glitter colors to have shiny and shimmery hand nail effects.




You can use any color of your choice and according to your outfit, then simply follow these steps you can even add some glitter and shimmer at your nails.

Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps

In Pakistan, generally, the weddings have so many different functions to celebrate including mayon, mehndi, barat and walima etc. On each day, the Pakistani bride look completely different and so does her makeup. Where, the Pakistani brides prefer to have a more natural look which is desirable on mayon and mehndi functions. The bride on the Barat day is expected to wear a heavy look and a soft look for the Walima function. So, here is the Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps  that will guide you to create an extraordinary bridal look for your big day.

Step # 1: Make a Perfect Base

A good base is a guarantee for a long lasting and perfect makeup. As the brides have to attend long hours function, the makeup should be done according to the requirements.

Start with a primer. It will seal the open pores and will control the oil production. Now apply a concealer that should be light-weight and one tone lighter than the skin color. It will hide all the marks and spots on the skin and also the dark circles of your eyes.

After the concealer, apply a loose water base which should be exactly matching the skin color. The quantity of the foundation should be such that the natural look is created. After that a loose powder or a compact could be applied to get a finished base look.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 1

Step # 2: Contouring

Contouring is another important part of the makeup. The contouring should be done according to the shape of the face in such a way that a special focus should be given on the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and nose area.
Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 2

Step # 3: Eye Makeup

Here comes the most important part of the Pakistani bridal makeup which is the eye makeup. A perfect Pakistani bridal look cannot be created without a good eye makeup.  For a complete eye makeup, follow these steps:

  • Base Eye Shadow

It is the base color which should be lighter in tone. To make the eyes prominent, apply some base color on the inner area of the eye. After that, some gold, silver or any other color complementing the dress should be applied at the center of the eye. The shimmers are very much in fashion for the Pakistani bridal makeup.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 3

  • Use Darker Shadows

After covering the eye area, use a dark color on the outer corners of the eyes to make them look big and beautiful. The perfect blending is a key factor for doing the best Pakistani bridal eye makeup.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 4


  • Use Silver Color on the Edge

To make your eyes look wider and fresh, apply a small amount of the silver eye shadow right at the innermost corner of the eye.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 5

  • Create the Finished Look of Eyes

The bridal eye makeup look would remain totally incomplete without the addition of some false lashes and mascara. Similarly, perfectly applied eyeliner and a waterproof kajal are also necessary. Apply all these things with great care and create a smudging effect on the lower side of the eyes which look very trendy and classic.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 6

Step # 4: Highlight the Cheekbones

The next step is to highlight the cheek bones with the help of a pinkish or a copper Biro color. It will contribute you a complete gaze and would make your cheekbones prominent.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 7

Step # 5: Apply Lipstick

No Pakistani bridal makeup look is complete without lipstick. The general trend is to wear the darker colors of lipsticks on the Barat whereas the soft shades of lipsticks and gloss are preferred for a Walima Bride, but this is not a compulsory. Changes could be made according to the dress and the weather.

Start by using a lip pencil to create an outline. For smaller lips, the line should be drawn on the outer sides whereas for big lips the line is drawn a bit inside the lips. Using a lip balm before applying the lipstick will make it last for long. To give your lips a more full look, add some gloss in the end.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Steps & Pictures 8

Inspiring Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas For Wedding

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 1

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 2

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 3

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 4

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 5

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 7

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 8

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 9

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 10

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 11

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 14

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 15

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 16

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 17

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 18

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 19

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 20

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 21

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 22

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 23

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 24

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 25

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 26

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 27

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Ideas 28


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Arabic Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

Arabic bridal makeup is all about dramatic eyes, shimmery cheeks and subtle lips. You will find a lot of shimmery and dark shades in Arabic bridal makeup. It is safe to say that Arabic Bridal makeup is all about the eyes which are dramatically and extravagantly outlined and paired up with shiny cheekbones and soft lips. In Arabic makeup, you will find an array of metallic shimmery colors like golden, silver, black, blue, dark green, purple and pink etc. Here the best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures  will walk you through the entire process and you will easily become well acquainted with the essentials of the best kind of Arabic makeup for wedding brides.

Step # 1: Prime Your Skin



To start off with Arabic Bridal Makeup or makeup of any kind, you need to make sure your skin is properly clean before starting any kind of makeup. The first thing you will do is use a primer on your face to make sure your makeup sets evenly and lasts longer. Once you have primer your skin, you will apply a layer of foundation and concealer on your face, also covering the area around your eyes. Dust your face with a little translucent powder then.

Step # 2: Matte Eyeshadow


Once you are done prepping your skin and laying the foundation for your makeup, the next step in doing Arabic makeup would be to do your eyes. Eyes are the most important part of an Arabic Bridal makeup. Use a windshield brush to apply a matte shade of eyeshadow on the crease of your eyes and not around it.

Step # 3: Lighter Eyeshadow


Take a lighter color of eye shadow, preferably off-white/pearl/silver and apply it on the inner corner of your eye to dramatize and make them stand out more. Then take golden or some other shimmery shade and apply it on the center over your eyelids and move out to the surrounding area in a subtle motion to make sure the shade is applied evenly.

Step # 4: Darker Eyeshadow


Once you have shined up your eyes, it is time to go on the dark side. Take a bronze shade and apply it near the outer corner of your eyes. Then take black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner in a cat-eye/winged fashion, much like a smokey eye application. Now blend these shades softly.

Step # 5: Thick Eyeliner


Apply a thick line of eyeliner, always black, on your eyes. This will also be applied in a cat-eye/winged style. Make sure to extend the liner both end a little longer. Use a liquid liner for maximum effect. Finish off by applying fake lashes, curling them and applying a double coat of mascara.

Step # 6: Highlighter On Brow Bone


Finish off your eyes by applying highlighter along your brow bone and right along the bottom of your eyebrow. Blend your eyeshadow to remove any harsh lines and make sure the colors look seamless yet defined. Dust your skin off with some powder to remove fallen particles on your face with a brush.

Step # 7: Highlighter On Cheekbones


Time to work on your cheeks. Apply some highlighter on the top of your cheekbone to make them stand out and shine. Then take a shade of a soft pink blush and apply it on your cheeks. You can use a matte blush because it seems more natural but you can also go with something a little shimmery.

Step # 8: Lipstick


To finish off the Arabic makeup, pick a color along the lines of something pink or peachy to apply on your lips. You may apply a lip concealer before applying lipstick to make it look even and last longer. Once you are done, add a bit of gloss to your lips if you are not going for pastel lips. And you’re done!

Best Arabic Makeup Ideas For Wedding Brides



















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Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – Step By Step Tutorials

Nail art is one of the ways in which our creativity flows from our minds onto our nails by drawing different designs and patterns. It is how we accessorize and decorate our nails. May it be our fingernails or toenails, this has become a fashion that is here to stay. You may think that nail art is a newly found concept but that is not the case. Its actually quite old and dates back to ancient time where people used to color their nails with kohl and henna and later they started adding more colors like gold and silver along many others. In those times, nail art was actually used to represent class and the social status but later it became a craze for everyone to follow when women started painting their nails with single colors in the late 90’s.

But it was only in the 2, 3 years when this actually became a worldwide trend. And to some women, it has become as important as makeup and hairdos, especially to teenage girls. Just because nail polish did not sate our creative cravings, we just had to move on to attractive and innovative decoration to add more life and glitz and glam to them! There are many different ways we go about this, nail polish is not always shiny, its also matte or textured different according to the design and style you have chosen to decorate and accessorize them. You can also opt for artificial nails. They are not replacements, rather extensions.

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Step By Step Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

Ready to wear nails have an advantage or saving time and effort where you do not have to go through the hassle of doing every single step yourself. Also, if you want to wear more intricate designs that you believe you will not be able to do yourself, you can opt for ready-made ones. Even though you can get accessories to add on and compliment the simple nail paint, it takes the personalized and customized element away from the whole thing. Now nail art can as complex and as detailed as you may like, but for us beginners its better to go with baby steps until we get better and better at it. First, we should start off by deciding the color or combination of different colors that we would like to go for. There are some glamorous combinations that look absolutely amazing when done together, there are endless possibilities when you let yourself enter the world of colors.

Once you are decided upon the color scheme that you are going to follow, you decide which tools and accessories you may need to materialize the design in your head. And sometimes, one design may look complex but if you look closely step by step, they may not turn out to be as difficult as you first perceived them. Then you start drawing the design and patterns you have in mind, doing them step by step at a steady pace. The basic idea is to take things slow and not panic if your first few attempts are not as neat or spot on. Practice makes perfect, you’ll get there in no time! And to start you off, here are some Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – Step By Step Tutorials. Take a look!


How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly – Step By Step Picture Tutorial

Round eyes are usually big and large and women take time to apply liner on them. Sometimes, women find difficulty to makeup their eyes and elongate them by using liquid eyeliner. However, with some tips and bit of care eyeliner can be applied on eyes efficiently.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly – Steps

1- First of all, you have to apply a light shadow with an eye pencil on your eyes. Use a color tone of your own choice.

2- Then, take a medium sized brush and medium shade color. Now apply this shade closer to the eye lash and elongate or extend it.

3- Now, its the time to take liquid eyeliner. For a beautiful outlook, make a wing at the end of the eyes.

4- To achieve this look, first start left from the outer corner with thick line and move towards the center.

5- Make sure your line should be thinner when you reach the center of the eye and then after that move towards the inner corner with thin line.

6- After completing the upper part of the eye now come towards its lower part. Again draw a line close to your eye lash. Draw a thinner line at the center. Extend this line to the outer surface and finish it at the same line where you finished the upper line.

7- At the end, apply mascara on your lashes.

8- That’s all you have done!!

how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly-steps
Eyeliner Steps

Precautions Before Applying Eyeliner

There are few precautions regarding the use of eyeliners that are as follow:

  • You need to check the applicator when you buy the eyeliner. Always buy a brush that is thin and not very chunky. Liquid eyeliners are difficult to apply, the bad applicator can make difficult for you to get a proper shape.
  • The consistency of the liner is important as well. Liquid eyeliners are particularly runny and make sure that it is not to such an extent that it will be hard for you to end with raccoon eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed during application and even do not blink.
  • Do not open your eyes until the eyeliner is dried out.

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The Super Easy Waterfall Braid – Step By Step Hairstyle Tutorial

Hey Girls!! Today I have come up with “The Super Easy Waterfall Braid – Step By Step Hairstyle Tutorial ” to let you know how to create this stunning hairstyle. In order to achieve this look, just abide by the steps given below and I hope you will absolutely love this hairstyle.

Ten Easy Steps:

  • Get started with french plait or braid above right ear as shown in first picture.
  • Now begin the waterfall section by tugging the left hair strand into the center.
  • From top of the head, get hair and tug it in the center similarly as done in second step.
  • On right side, pick up the strand and fall it downwards.
  • After that, grab the area of your hair which is exactly in the back of strand you fallen.
  • Next, position this area into the center portion of braid, then ongoing this procedure functioning in the direction of left side of your scalp.
  • After you arrive at left side, shed the hair strand down on right side same as told in fourth step.
  • Now cover the left hair strand above the center part.
  • With the help of bobby pin, safe the strand in its location.
  • Lastly, conceal the pin with the help of some other hair and you are done!

See the image below to understand well about the steps mentioned above.

Step by Step Waterfall Braid Tutorial
Step by Step Waterfall Braid Tutorial