New Punjabi Patiala Salwar Kameez Designs 2019

We have always found that India and Pakistan have so many similarities. Being neighbor countries, they bear many same things like culture, trends, ethics and then clothing too. Be it clothing of men or women, it is almost same in India and Pakistan. There is just a bit of difference between the dresses of these two countries, and that difference came due to the change of religion. Still culture, ethics, traditions and clothing is somewhat very same between both these countries. Both countries have different provinces and among them, Punjab is the same province. People of Punjab in both countries have so many mutual likes and interests they share. People of Punjab are always found to be fun loving and full of charm in both the countries.

When it comes to the dressing and clothing, India and Pakistan have the almost same interest, especially for girls. There is a thin narrow line difference between the dressing style of both the countries. Indian girls mostly love funky colors with heavy embroidery, laces and stone work whereas in Pakistan girls usually prefer simple yet elegant clothing. Culture and Traditions of both the countries is almost same. Girls of Punjab are so colorful and fun loving so as their dressing is. They always love to do funky and colorful dressing. The famous dress of Punjab girls is Patiala shalwar kameez. This dress is loved in Pakistan and India both because it’s so funky and colorful. The shalwar is loose with fall and with that shalwar you can wear a long or short shirt. The traditional and elegant combination adds elegance to the design. This fashionable dress gives girls pure hot Punjabi look. Infact, Shalwar Kameez has always been a pleasing to eye outfit for Pakistani Girls. 

Patiala Shalwar Kameez Designs 2019 for Pakistani and Indian Girls

Shalwar Kameez is considered as the most astounding and elegant dress to be wear on. The latest fashion of designer Patiala shalwar kameez dress collection is basically for the smart, young and beautiful girls who love to wear traditional attires. The dress consists of flowing drape that fall on the level of hip. Then with that flowing shalwar, you can wear a short shirt below the hip, or you can make one long shirt till the knees. This dress has always been preferred by the age group of young girls like school or college going girls. Girls love to wear Patiala shalwar kameez at weddings, religious omens, parties, festivals and other events. Girls can stitch the kameez in the top form with the straight cut or a line cut. While making this dress, girls also like to highlight their neckline and hemline, so for that, they add embroidery and enhances the elegance.

In terms of fashion, these dress have got whole lot better repute in the fashion industry. Patiala shalwar kameez is known famous in terms of comfort as they are wider, looser and drapey. Along with that, they beat fashion, and they are stylish. You can make these cool dresses look funkier by using vibrant cloth material in it. You can make it in many kinds like with the use of cotton stuff or printed one. You can make printed Patiala shalwar with the plain shirt, and you can also do it vice versa. To add beauty, you can put on printed necklace on the shirt along with plain one colored shalwar. The whole dress can be made using heavy silk and brocade Patiala shalwar suits. You can also pair an alluring embroided jacket with mirror work on it. One can really look cool to wear on such jackets in multi-color paired with Patiala Shalwar Kameez. 

When you come to choose the color for your dress, go for cool, bright and pastel colors. Select the colors like yellow, blue, orange, pink, green and all such bright colors. In the list of pictures below, you can see that all the bright lane cool colors are used. This dress is specifically for Punjabi girls, so it has to be full of colors. You can select one for you from this amazing collection of new Punjabi Patiala shalwar kameez dresses and look attractive.

Here are some of the latest Patiala Shalwar kameez collection. Check out the images and decide the best one for you and enjoy the Punjabi look with vibrant  and amazing traditional dressing!!

Purple and Pink Round Shirt with Patiala Shalwar

Elegant Blue and Purple Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Graceful Royal Blue Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Stunning Fancy Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Traditional Blue and Green Pretty Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Elegant Patiala Shalwar Kameez in Yellow and Purple

Astounding White and Red Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Sleeveless Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Black and Maroon Traditional Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Stunning Patiala Shalwar Kameez

White and Yellow Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Black and Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Peachy Patiala Shalwar with embroided Kameez

Blue and Pink Party Wear Patiala Shalwar KameezLush Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Embroided Blue Kameez with Pink Patiala Shalwar

Purple Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Pink and Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez for kitty Parties

Orange and Green Graceful Shalwar Kameez

Royal Blue and blood red colored Stunning Shalwar Kameez

Pretty Peach Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Maroon Patiala Shalwar Suit

Desi Patiala Shalwar Dress

Elegant Black Chic Attire with Patiala Shalwar

Jamawar Pink Outfit with Patiala Shalwar

Multi-colored Patiala Shalwar Dress

Pink and Green Patiala Apparel

Green Fancy round bottom Shalwar Kameez

Yellow and Magandah Patiala Shalwar Suit

Desi Elegant Pink Shalwar Kameez

Jacket Style Suit with Patiala Shalwar

That’s it from the article Pakistani and Indian Punjabi Patiala Salwar Kameez Suits – Latest Designs!! Go and select your choice before it gets too late to cope up with the latest fashion. Best of luck with your choice. Carry your dress and mark the event with your super-gorgeous attire!


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Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019

MARIA.B is one of the leading designer wear brands of the Pakistani Fashion Industry. Over the past 14 years, it has established a vast retail network that offers a wide variety of designer wear for women’s clothing. She came with the clear vision of revolutionizing fashionable women’s wear retail and allow it’s customers a whole new level of accessibility and convenience. Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019 speaks voluminously about its success. This designer has launched a collection that is just perfect for this winter in all the ways; be it some formal gathering or some casual day at the office , Maria B has something for everyone. In this collection, we can see the use of some dark colours like black, brown and red but hues of pastel colours like rose pink, rust and ivory can also be seen. Acquiring all the skills she needed to materialize this dream of hers, she pursued the right field of education and landed exactly where she needed to be. And since then, the brand Maria B continued to enjoy the joy of success and the appreciation and love that it received from its ever growing customers.

Maria B actually wanted to encapsulate the designer sensibilities but with one very important factor and this is affordability. Because there are tons of brands out there in the market and most of the designer brands are ridiculously high priced. It is all about getting the worth of what you are paying for, and that is a quality that worth the price. It is inspiring to see how a small stitching unit transformed and grew into something as big as what this brand has achieved today looking over the past fourteen years. This label has not only excelled in the categories of the collections they delivered but also have been a notable success when it came to diversifying their product range. This can be seen from their diverse categories in forms of the labels MARIA.B Cotton, Mgirl, MARIA.B Evening Wear, MARIA.B Lawn, MARIA.B Linen, MARIA.B Pashmina (Indian Collection), MKids, MARIA.B Brides and Mbroidered Fabrics.

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Maria B Beautiful Winter Collection For Women

You will find you noting high quality, with the beauty of exquisite designs and patterns, creativity and innovation, and lastly affordability in all the nine labels under this brand name. Their product line is not only limited to just clothing but they also have an interesting range of accessories such as totes, clutches, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Maria B’s vast repertoire of fashion also includes pret a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabrics and cotton. Having found all this under one brand, what else could a girl ask for? One of the things that have contributed immensely to the success of this brand is easy to access through their extensive retail network that is spread across the nation in different cities. And it is not only limited to national boundaries.This is the reason why Maria B has a large number of clients from Pakistan and abroad.

They are actively exploring other international destinations and are exporting to countries including India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE and Qatar. We have all see the works that lit the fashion events and runways on red-hot, sizzling fires when her creations were launched not only in Pakistan but also internationally. Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019  will give you a taste of exactly that in this collection. Packed with warm and comfortable fabrics, best suited for this weather, this exclusive winter assortment by Maria B brings you the latest designs and trends that you need to look out for!

Maria B presents this luxurious linen black dress that has a high neck and lace extension on the border which makes it perfect for any girl day out.

Black Linen dress by Maria b latest linen collection

This bold and beautiful black dress looks heavenly as it has embroidery on the border. The timeless combination of black, dull gold and white looks totally phenomenal.

Embroidered dress by maria b linen collection

This adorable dress is inspired by the vintage designs as we can see the use of vintage and classic prints on the dupatta and on the border of the shirt. Pair it up with flared pants to add a little twist to your style. Take a look at Nishat Linen New Pret Wear Winter Collection as well 🙂

Sea green and mustard dress from linen collection by maria b

Look totally out of this world in this deep red dress that has a pop of blue in it making it look really stylish and stunning. You can wear it for any formal occasion.

stylish maroon dress by maria b linen collection

Redefine style and fashion in this dark brown embroidered dress. Keep the length of the shirt short and pair it up with either bell bottom trousers or straight trousers.

Dark broen embroidered dress by maria b linen collection

Enjoy winter in this rust linen dress by Maria b latest linen collection. Its soft colours will soothe your days and make your winters warmer.

pastel colored dress for winter by maria b linen collection

Brighten up your winter with this rose pink dress by Maria b linen collection. It looks ethereal as it has some light cutwork and embroidery on the border. The trouser of the dress is also embellished with pearls on the sides.

Tea Pink dress by maria b linen collection

This magnificent and floaty dress is perfect for any party occasion. It is styled as short A-line frock and has some adorable and eye-catching details on it. You can pair it up with flared pants.

Black short frock dress by maria b linen collection

Feel awesome and fresh in this super gorgeous dress by Maria b as it has jazzy and bright colours on the shawl and some decent embroidery on the shirt.

stylish embroidered linen dress by maria b for fall

This winter dress to impress in this latest dress by Maria b linen collection. This timeless combination of pink and purple can make you look totally on point. Pair it up with tulips pants and become grab the attention of everyone.
Purple short frock dress by maria b linen collection

This dress has some nice and decent patterns of it making it perfect for casual wear. You can pair it up with straight pants or bell bottom trousers.

Blue embroidered linen dress for fall by maria b

This Embroidered Plum dress is adding aesthetic appearance to your personality. Tassels have been studded to Daman and you can have either straight or tulip pants with this stunning dress

Plum embroidered linen dress by Maria B

Grey short frock is looking superb with grey bell-bottom trousers and it’s up to you if you want to pair it up with straight or ghaghra pants. Excellent choice for casual wear or gatherings.

Grey Embroidered Linen outfit by Maria B

Try out this Royal blue dress for upcoming winters, as you can see studded tassels on open-shirt is enhancing the grace of dress. Pair this dress with straight pants.

Royal blue embroidered linen outfit for Maria B

Black Embroidered outfit with straight pants would look superb on you. Are you looking for something different in black for this winter? Give a try to this outfit. Tiger printed dupatta is giving a new look to the black outfit.

Black embroidered linen outfit by Maria B

Maria B Latest Indian Pashmina Collection

In this beautiful and artistic collection we can see that Maria B has used some bright colours to bring excitement to your everyday dressing styles. She has gone for colours like blue, orange, purple and pink. The length of the shirts are quite long and look best with straight trousers or even choori dar pajamas.

These dresses have embroidery on the neck with symmetrical patterns on the background. This looks best with straight trousers.

Embroidered dress by mariab b indian pashmina

These warmly coloured dresses are there to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. The colour combinations are beautiful and look super nice in this weather.

long length dress by maria b indian pashmina

Whether its a casual day at the office or a random day out with friends, look good in these long length shirts by maria b. There is intricate embroidery on the neck.

Long A line shirts by maria b indian pashmina collection

Feel the freshness of winter with these exotic designs by Maria b. The symmetrical patterns and colour combinations are an eye candy.

Jazzy colored dresses by maria b indian pashmina collection

Go glam with these embroidered dresses by Maria b Indian pashmina collection. You can pair it up with choori dar pajamas.

elegant winter outfit by maria b indian pashmina collection

Enjoy winters with these stylish dresses by Maria b that have embroidery on the neck of the shirt while the dupatta has some trendy patterns on it.

Symmetrical designed dresses for fall by maria b indian pashmina collection

These peacock coloured dresses are a must have this winter.They are just perfect for casual wear.
Bright indian pashmina dresses by maria b

Maria B Mbroidered Collection

If you want to know more about styles then no other brand than Maria B is giving such high quality embroidered prints for your all kind of eves. Mbroidered range is another excellence of Maria B. Ladies are just loving these prints for gatherings and wedding functions. You can pair these marvellous shirts with bell-bottom or straight pants. Grab your favourite design below to become a part of Maria B designs family for these winters.

This stunning red blood colour with green pant is looking marvellous. Wear this outfit for any occasion just to give you splendid appearance.

Fuchsia Pink & Gold Mbroidered dress by Maria B

Apple Green and Lilac shades are being admired by everyone so these stunning colours have been infused with embroidery for giving the outfit an amazing look

Apple Green & Lilac Mbroidered outfit by Maria B

Maria B has gone for some ethereal and royal dresses this winter. In her linen collection, we can see how she has balanced the simplicity with some elegance by adding few embellishments to add grace to your everyday dresses. In her latest Indian pashmina collection, she has gone for some bright and versatile colours that are infused with intricate embroidery with a pop of bright colours to make you look totally on point this winter. So ladies rush to your nearest outlet to avail the best of the best or you can visit their web store as well. Enjoy the Winters to the fullest 🙂


Motifz Latest Party Wear Winter Dresses 2019 With Prices

Motifz has made its name in Pakistan’s fashion industry over the past couple of years. They have been able to accomplish so much because of their reliance on the essence and originality of art in its true form and they have successfully transferred exactly that when it came to creating something amazing in clothing. Motifz latest party wear winter dresses for women 2019 have readily kept up the rapidly changing fashion industry and all its trends by enabling themselves to evolve with time and by fostering and delivering the innovative ideas in terms of aesthetics that got them started in the first place. All their creations reflect the perfect fusion of colours, needle and thread.

Motifz repeatedly continues to surpass the elite expectations of their ever-growing customers not only in Pakistan but also outside the geographical boundaries. Motifz caters to a diverse segment of society from the demands of masses to those of niches. They produce clothing which is well suited for a variety of occasions, especially high-end formal wear, semi-formal wear and also casuals. And to make things even better, they also offer to make customized clothing suited to your needs and requirements.

In this designer party wear collection for winters, we can see that they have gone for colours like blue, pink, brown and grey. They are all enriched with intricate embroidery which is adding a lot of grace and charm to it. Motifz is most popular for their designer embroidered and digitally printed fabrics that have always been exquisitely designed. The fact that they have been providing innovative quality products for over ten years is what has helped them in achieving the position that they are at now. This brand has entered the race of becoming a major player in Pakistan’s Embroidery Industry. You can also check here latest stitching styles of Pakistani dresses.

Motifz Party Wear Linen and Karandi Dress 2018 With Prices

Motifz unstitched collection for fall-winter 2019 highlight the essence of keeping the new designs infused with some traditional styles. They have proved their abilities as they provide the best product in terms of quality and fashion. They also have proved themselves capable of understanding the diverse and different requirement of various age groups and they know when to change and what to change to adapt to the changes in the industry as a whole. You can just not resist yourself from buying their dresses once you have a glance at their collection.

Motifz takes pride in their state of the art production facility that holds a hundred embroidery machines that facilitates the application of fifteen embroidery thread colours. Six digital printing machines that allow the application of up to sixteen million colours and a hundred more renowned stitching machines along with related equipment. And so, they are equipped with the latest designed and punching machinery system.

Motifz has always tried to stay updated on the current trends and developments in the international market and mould themselves accordingly to fit those criteria. They exclusivity has greatly been achieved thanks to their strong grasp on originality. Each one of their collections is crafted using unique colours and hues along with sequencing and embroidery.

Motifz has always given a lot of importance and thought to customer feedback as valuable as it is. They have kept the demands and desires of their customers in mind and have launched a collection ranging from knee-length shirts to long gowns. You can pair them up with tulip pants or straight trousers or even bell bottom pants according to your own style statement. And so, this helps them in achieving customer satisfaction.

From the start of the production, till the end product is delivered to your door, Motifz takes great care in not only quality assurance but also in packaging and deliveryMotifz embroidered crinkle chiffon dresses just further add to their amazing collections each season. This beautiful line of winter party wear dresses is priced at PKR 5,490/-. Look Good, Feel Good in these vibrant and stunning dresses by Motifz. Grab the attention of everyone in any party through one of these classy yet modern dresses. You have a whole new set of options for the release of this line that will make you look your best this winter season!

Pink floral Party dress by motifz winter wear
PKR 5,490/-
Embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
PKR 5,490/-
Mint Green party dress by motifz for fall
PKR 5,490/-
Brown embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
PKR 5,490/-
Rich Floral designed dress by motifz for fall parties
PKR 5,490/-
Red Embroidered dress by motifz for fall parties
PKR 5,490/-
Embroidered Linen Party Dress by motifz for fall
PKR 5,490/-
Tea Pink Long Frock by motifz for winter parties
RS 5,490/-
Black Embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
RS 5,490/-
Floral linen party dress for winter by motifz
RS 5,490/-
Short Front Open dress by motifz for fall parties
RS 5,490/-
Blue and Dress by motifz for fall parties
RS 5,490/-
Motifz bottle green embroidered winter party dress
RS 5,490/-
Motifz winter yellow tassel dress with harem pants
RS 5,490/-
Motifz grey winter party dress with bell bottom trouser
RS 5,490/-
Motifz jumpsuit with short gown for winter party
RS 5,490/-
Motifz party wear short gown style dress for winters
RS 5,490/-
Motifz party wear winter dress with flared trouser
RS 5,490/-

Motifz Exclusive Top Trend

Do you want to know what’s in Trend By Motifz? Well, Motifz has something exclusive this season. their Crinkle Chiffon Embroidered variety is on the market to give yourself standout appearance. You can wear these outfits for weddings, kitty party or family gatherings. Motifz is known for high-quality prints and embroidery that you won’t find anywhere. Intricate embroidery on the outfits and studded tassels are enhancing the appearance of dresses. So if you haven’t gotten these stunning dresses for upcoming wedding season then probably you are missing something. Let me tell you, people, one thing, these outfits are not that much experience as people are scared of lavish brands. Motifz is one of those brands who is considering people of all classes, everyone can afford these stunning designs. So get the best one trendy for you. Check out Following

Spanish-Pink Embroidered Chiffon By Motifz

Buff-Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Bone Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

White Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Turquoise-Green Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Ming Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Jet Black Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

This winter, brace yourself for the latest and up to date designs by motifz. They have gone for beautiful and intricate embroidery with embellishments on the border of the shirt and of the dupatta. Their collection shows that they have a strong fashion sense as we can see in their innovative and unique designing.

From short A-line frocks to long length shirts to gowns, this variety is perfect for any party occasions, depicting a true style statement and meeting the class of the modern era. So, ladies, don’t miss your chance to pick from these fabulous masterpieces. For further details, visit their outlet or their official website.

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Nimsay Exclusive Fall Winter Dress Collection For Women 2019

Despite being a relatively new name in traditionally urban clothing in Pakistan, Nimsay has established itself quite well in the market. They offer a wide variety of stunning designs and patterns in printed and embroidered women clothing that is well suited for both casual and semi-casual events. They are known for their Embroidered Classics, Verve – ready to wear, Parsa, Aura, Digital Prints and Stand Alone among others that they have in store for their customers.This winter  Nimsay Exclusive Fall Winter Dress Collection For Women 2019 has something special for its customers. They have silk tunics and 3 piece dresses that women can wear in winter festivities and parties. We can see the use of adorable embroidery and exotic colours. Keeping up with the changing trends has become quite a task for some women but this task has been made easy by Nimsay. Because with every new season, they introduce exciting new lines of clothing made to perfection.

Digital Printed Silk by Nimsay

If you want to look effortlessly gorgeous when it comes to dressing, Nimsay should definitely be on your list of choices for any given event. Nimsay Exclusive Fall Winter Dress Collection For Women 2019  is packed with the latest trends and designs you need to get your hands on this season. It has everything from digital prints to intricate embroidery and the trendiest styles. This eye-catching and most appealing winter assortment is inspired by ethnic designs incorporated with the latest of styles in the contemporary fashion market. Every one of their pieces is adorned with lovely needlework and artistic embellishments to bring your beauty in the very chic way.


Nimsay Stunning Fall Winter Dresses For Women 2019

Nimsay latest winter collection is easily available at their retail outlets nationwide. But you might want to hurry up and get your hands on your favourites before they run out of stock. You also have the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home through their online shopping store that contains a detailed catalogue with each one of their collections. Almost all the collections that they have launched over the previous seasons have been positively received and greatly appreciated by its customers. And this season’s line is no different when it comes to its popularity and demand. Because Nimsay indeed has become one of the popular brands in Pakistan when it comes to women fashion clothing. This assortment consists of unstitched and ready to wear two piece, three piece and four piece suits.

Digital printed Khaddar Suit by Nimsay

The creativity of their designs and patterns is clearly reflected in their newest collection of the high quality printed and embroidered items of clothing. Only having been in the market for 7 years, they have been able to make a name of themselves by providing high-end women clothing focusing on quality, designs, the latest trends and the prevailing fashions in the industry. They never fail to strike a balance between the old and the new, the classics and the latest trends. This collection includes an amalgam of the newest cuts and styles that have recently been introduced in the market, slightly nudging the previous fashion aside to make way for latest ones. The dresses from their collection can be worn on casual occasions, semi-formal functions to even the ones that are slightly less formal in comparison.

So you’re in for a treat by Nimsay for some vibrantly colourful pieces that add will add life to your winter wardrobe

Get your hands on this exclusive digital printed silk gown in ivory paired with a black undershirt and a trouser which is perfect for any party. It has floral patterns on it which look chic and stylish.

Jazzy Silk dress by nimsay winter collection
RS 6000

An alluring printed silk top with embroidery from the Nimsay Exclusive Collection to make you look stylish and stunning. You can pair this flared pants and different accessories to rock this look.

Floral shirt by nimsay winter collection
PKR 5700

Express yourself with the Nimsay Luxury Collection. Exquisitely embroidered  3 piece suit with pure crinkle chiffon shirt, cambric trouser and silk dupatta. Its soft colours are very eye soothing and make you look elegant.

3 pc peach dress by nimsay winter collection
RS 6800

Embrace yourself in beautiful silk from nimsay’s Exclusive collection and wear it on any party or formal gatherings to look flattering from every angle.

Wild silk tunic by nimsay winter collection
PKR 5900

A stunning embroidered floral shirt, a super fine digital print silk dupatta and complementing pants, what more could a girl ask for. Grab the attention of anyone with this dress in any formal occasion.

nimsay 3 pc mint dress from winter collection
RS 4800

If green is your colour, get this Exclusive top on cotton net fabric with tilla embroidery and get your perfect style with it.Pair this up with black straight trouser or tulip pants.

Olive Green dress by nimsay winter collection
PKR 5400

Look Good Feel Good in this breath-taking embroidered articles on the floaty and flouncy shirt. Pair it up with bell bottom trousers.

3 pc luxury designed dress by nimsay from winter collection
PKR 6200

Inspired by oriental blur theme, this Luxury unstitched 3 piece is a must-have this winter so ladies hurry up and grab this masterpiece.

Oriental dress by nimsay exclusive winter collection
PKR 4800

This is a beautiful silk digital printed top with beautiful blue and red roses on it detailing to add some glamour to your wardrobe.

Digital silk tunic by nimsay winter collection
RS 5700

Blissful honeydew for a lovely evening party in winters. This pastel coloured dress is what girls die for. You can get this look and define your style with soft makeup.

Pastel colored party dress by nimsay winter wear
PKR 5400

This Luxury crinkle chiffon with embroidery will take your breath away as it has an exotic black colour that is complimenting the blue embroidered patterns on it. You can wear it on any party in winters.

Black part wear dress by nimsay winter collection
PKR 6800

You will look splendid in this 3 piece suit as it has beautiful and intricate pink embroidered patterns all over it. You can wear it for any formal occasions.

Rust and Pink dress by nimsay winter wear
RS 6990

Get the gleaming unstitched 3 piece Embroidered Luxury article from Nimsay winter collection. Pair up with flared pants to stand out in any gathering.

Black floral dress by nimsay for winter
PKR 6800

Get this elegant raspberry shirt in pure crinkle chiffon with copper embroidery and tissue patch embroidery paired with the perfect printed silk dupatta. This will look best when paired with straight plain trousers.

Pink botanical dress by nimsay for winter
RS 8450

Dress to impress this winter with Nimsay Ready to Wear Art collection. With stunning oriental embroidery, this 3 piece suit is just what you need in this winter.

Rose pink casual wear by nimsay for winter
PKR 3850

Look heavenly this winter with this embroidered shirt enriched in gorgeousness. You can wear it in any formal gathering or party.

Embroidered blue dress by nimsay winter collection
PKR 3500

Nimsay has become a popular brand in such a few time. They have launched a variety of collections which include ready to wear, pret wear, cambric wear and 3 pc unstitched suits. Some of their silk tunics are perfect for evening winter parties while other tops are good for casual wear. Their 3 piece collection is what women have their eyes on because they have embroidery on it which gives an elegant and sophisticated look.

This winter style up with nimsay in some floral. oriental and botanical extravaganza enriched with intricate embroidery and infused in soft colours. For more details visit your nearest outlet.

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Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses 2019

Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dress 2019 are available from the platform of BestStylo. Trends tend to find their way back into our heart every few years. Some trends last longer than others and some do not. Some we want to keep on following while some we do not. The Pakistani fashion designers keep delighting us with new designs and styles every season. As the competition rises every year, every season, designers have brought some new and unique designs that have left everyone amazed. May it be the top designers in the industry or the fresh new entrants, Pakistan is not short of talent in every field out there.

Grey Wedding wear Gown Collection

Every year, you get to experience and see the trends shifting and extending. One trend has surely become more of a stable fashion style now and that is long, lovely gowns. You’ll find them everywhere these days, at parties, casual gatherings, formal functions, weddings and so many more occasions. As it has been seen, women prefer wearing longer shirts and dresses since they are more graceful and elegant. And these full-length dresses are not only loved in the Middle East but it has been part of the western culture for hundreds of years, especially on formal events like evening parties.

Full-length gowns in so many styles are favorite around the globe. And the rich culture of Pakistan makes it all the more interesting. Looking at the gowns that have been trending in the market lately, we have tailed gowns, straight ones, front-open gowns, gowns with jumpsuits, bottom V-shaped gowns, loose-fitted gowns and so much more. Women have started experimenting with colours more now, which has given them the liberty to try out combinations that they thought were risky before.

Black Party Wear Collection

Why go on with the same old boring combos when you can make dressing so much more fun? Blacks and whites are a classic colour that blends in so well no matter whichever fashion comes and goes. However, there are some colours that are not commonly worn by women. And mostly, we see a pattern of similar coloured clothes when we take an occasion in mind. Let’s take a look at the best party and wedding wear collections by top Pakistani designers.Well, that is about to change because you are going to love the stunning fusion of colours in the Pakistani party and wedding wear gown dresses 2019 for women.

Latest Gown Style Dresses 2019 In Pakistan

This year, the designers have gone for a ravishing combination of both soft and warm colours. You can see the lovely vibrancy of hues throughout their collection of latest party and wedding wear gown dresses 2019. Elan stylish and fancy gowns were proposed by the designers this year have beautiful embroidery infused with the essence of modernity by adding embellishments and the high consistency of quality is what assures that you can always count on this brand to make your day.

Wearing long gowns of HSY Bridal Collection or for party wear never go out of fashion and give contemproary appearence.This is an amazing blue gown having intricate embroidery and fine detailed work throughout the gown thus creating a royal and regal look.

party and wedding wear long gown dress

This beige coloured gown with beautiful embroidery throughout the gown looks ravishing when wore with blue shaded green dupatta. The sleeves of the gown are filled with adorable sequins work giving a glitzy look.

Beige wedding wear gown Collection

This breathtaking bridal gown has detailed embroidery. The designer has added a lot of sequins and chandi work which is making it more dramatic and dapper.

Have a look at the bridal lehenga choli dresses

Dull Gold fancy wedding gown

Deep V-necked gown with huge motifs looks really royal. You can wear it with a maxi or with a long shirt to create a sophisticated look.

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Royal blue gown over maxi for parties

Red frock shaped long gown can be your perfect choice for wedding wear. The gown is overall embellished with fancy work and intricate embroidery on the neck and hemline.

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Fancy Bridal Wear Red Gown for Wedding

This fully embroidered floral gown looks heavenly when wore with palazzo pants or huge flared pants. The gown has beautiful meshwork of tilla, sequins, and embroidery.

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Full embroidered fancy gown dress

Dull orange gown with hand embroidery on the entire gown is giving an elegant look. You can pair it up with palazzo pants and short shirt to go to any party or even on a wedding party of your friend.

Heavy embroidered Gown for wedding occasions

This design is a tasteful blend of royalty and grace with a touch of modernity. The cape of the gown has intricate embroidery and is further embellished with buttons. You can wear this dress on formal gatherings.

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Light shaded gown with Short shirt

This off-white gown is perfect for party wear as it has light embroidery on the sleeves and intricate patterns on the entire gown.

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Off white gown for party wear

This peach coloured gown with finely detailed embroidery further enhanced with sequins, nakshi and beads look amazing. You can wear it with straight cigarette pants or capris. It is perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Fancy Peach gown for wedding party

Orange coloured gown with geometrical patterns is a must have on those casual days where you want to go for a simple yet modern and trendy look.

For evening parties, take a glimpse of Maria B evening wear dresses.

Orange gown for casual and party wear Green coloured gown with front open looks really adorable on the short shirt and you can wear it on regular days when you are going out to a job or any office gathering.

green casual wear gown style dress

Looking for something chic and stylish? Then you should definitely go for this dual shaded gown with beautiful patterns on the border and the intricate embroidery on the entire gown.

gown dress with loose trouser for party wear

This grey coloured embroidered gown looks extremely dapper when it is contrasted with the deep orange shirt. You can wear it for any formal occasions and parties.

Embroidered gown dress for party wear

This super stylish silk gown with black patches and embroidery on the border gives a very elegant look. You can pull this look on any party.

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latest Silk gown for party wear

This floral embroidered white gown looks luxurious and you can wear it on occasions like engagement or Nikkah ceremony. This gown is worn best with bright coloured lehenga.

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Bridal gown with lehenga for walima

Pastel colored short gown on shirt and trouser gives a classy look. It has geometrical patterns on it and you can wear it on any party.

Watch here the new collection of Pakistani party wear dresses and frocks.

Pastel colored short gown for party wear

This soft-toned short gown on a long shirt and straight trousers gives a sophisticated look. You can wear it for any girly gatherings.

stylish party wear gown dress for girls This fresh and vibrant coloured gown speaks voluminously. You can wear it with plain white shirt and trousers to create a chic and classy look.

Colorful floral gown dress for parties

Digital printed gown on the knee-length shirt and trouser looks simple yet versatile and you can rock this dress on casual days where you want to remain in your comfort zone.

Embroidered party wear gown style dress

What a lovely dress it is! Dull gold dress with the cut-work and embroidered dupatta. All the ladies can pull off this look on the weddings.

fancy long gown dress for wedding function

Just look at this elegant bridal look. The latest cut-work is used on the gown and sleeves which have given it a traditional touch.

wedding wear gown dress for bridals

Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses 2019 are really trendy. From wedding parties to straight regular days, you can pull them off with any look. Get your favourite one today and give yourself a promising look on any eve 🙂

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Stylish Indian Umbrella Frock Designs and Churidar Suits 2019

Get the ultimates collection of stylish Indian umbrella frock designs 2019. Pakistan and India are always known to be very famous regarding culture, traditions and norms. Pakistani and Indian ladies always love to follow culture, gauge and heritage. Despite having barriers and border between both the countries, their love for culture is no less than each other. Trends involve many factors like ethics, norms, festivals, ceremonies, structure, food and above all the most vital aspect is clothing. Love of beautiful traditional clothing of both the countries is at the peak. No other country can beat that.

India and Pakistan are counted to be well-known when other countries talk about the clothing. Ladies all over the world, from abroad, come to visit these two countries. On their way back, they always get impressed by clothing and love to make dresses with them to give them cultural look too. Designers of both the countries remain busy in designing uniquely accustomed clothing styles for women. All of these women attires give them flawless feminine look and adds enchantment to their overall personality. In Pakistan, fashion trends have now reached the limits, this thing has given Pakistan and India a prominent place in the world’s fashion industry.

Pink Churidar suit Collection

Mauve Churidar Suit

Purple Churidar Suit

Green Umbrella Frock

Maroon Umbrella Frock

Off white Umbrella Frock

Beige Umbrella Frock

Dark Purple Embroidered Umbrella Frock

White Churidar Suit Collection

Embroidered Yellow Umbrella Frock

Beige Umbrella Frock

Green Churidar Suit

Orange Banarsi Umbrella Frock

Electric Blue Umbrella Frock

Stunning Anarkali Umbrella Frocks For all Occasions

Famous costumiers of India and Pakistan have been working hard, for many years to maintain a dressing heritage of their countries. They are still putting in all their effort by adding innovative ideas in their designing. They are continuously improving their costuming skills so that ladies of their countries always look a stunner. Costumiers adorn such dress with real gems and stones, beautiful embroidery and lace work to make them look elegant and stylish. Among traditional dress, there is classic Indian umbrella frock designs and churidar suits. In 2019, designers have introduced new styles and trends of traditional wear fancy umbrella frocks and churidar suits. These frock style dresses are unique; they got into fashion a few years back. Stylists have lined new looks of this dress. Along with long length umbrella frocks and churidar suits, a short period is also in trend.

Nowadays, designers tackle and evolve fashion in totally new stylish and innovative way. They have given the most creative look to umbrella frock designs and churidars by making them in different colours. The new colours of umbrella frock designs and churidar suits are royal blue, pistachio green, fawn, black, baby pink, sharp green, ink blue and ferozi. These are some new colours that are now on the market. These colours are so unique that they add lovely style if used in combination with other colours. You can look stunning and give yourself alluring appearance by wearing umbrella frock in combinations. You can make combinations of grey, pink, pink silver, red, black, red and green. Some other combinations are the off-white shade with multi colours, ink blue with orange, purple and pink, pistachio green with pink, full yellow or full ferozi colour with fawn and black and white also looks cool. Just give a look to this excellent collection of frocks and try them on the upcoming event. You will surely look amazingly beautiful.

Aqua Blue Umbrella frock

The glimpse of Latest Umbrella Frocks 

Umbrella frocks is in trend these days and ladies who want to look glamorous and yet trendy for any eve they always choose glamorous styles of umbrella dresses. Frocks are being loved by all ladies and if you people are scouring for latest and ravishing designs then check it out the Glimpse of latest frocks. No matters, What function you are going to attend these designs are giving your glorious appearance. In this Section, we are going to showcase the latest Umbrella Frocks in different colours. Check it out!

  •  Net Umbrella Frock looks ravishing. Its Banarsi patch is increasing its appearance. You can wear this long flare frock at all events. So get your own frock in the same design. It will give you standout appearance in gatheringsNet Sea Green Umbrella Frock
  • Aqua Blue colour with backless brown blouse frock will give you stunning appearance. Just have this design for any event. You would just love this because various designers are offering an extensive range of umbrella frocks for all eves.

Aqua Blue Umbrella Frock

  • Check this teal pink large flare frock would give you stunning look. if you want to have any glamorous look in gatherings or parties then this one is a perfect outfit for girls and ladies. Just keep your wavy hairs open and don’t forget to try traditional jewellery for sprucing up your appearance

Tea Pink Umbrella Frock

  • Dark Sea green Umbrella Frock is looking decent. The black embroidered bodice is increasing your elegance appearance. This attire is all set to accomplish your causal goals. Wear this long flare frock at any event. It’s up to you what hairstyle you would prefer either you will go for ponytail of for long hairs. Check out the Latest Fashion Maxi Dresses and Anarkali Frocks

Dark green Umbrella Forck with full embroidery bodice

  • This Long orange frock will be an ideal choice for any wedding. Try the floral bun to give your hairs a traditional look. Don’t forget to try long heels and traditional jhoomar and other classy jewellery. It will give you magnificent appearance.

Orange Umbrella Frock Collection

  • Green embroidered Long Frock is adding magnificent appearance to your personality. perfect outfit for parties and events. Style up your hair in your own style and get the perfect makeup that suits you.

Green Umbrella Frock Collection

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Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Haute Couture Fall Winter 2019

Being a French Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the top names in the international fashion industry. He has also held the position of the creative director of Herm¨s. One of the things that stood out about his career was the fact that he never received any formal training nor did he get enrolled into a fashion school. Instead, he started out by sending his sketches to famous couture designers from very early in his career. And that is what caught the eyes of many top designers and stylists and one of those were Pierre Cardin who was also struck by the talent that was Jean Paul Gaultier. This great impression made Pierre Cardin hire him and the following year he also worked with Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou.

He launched his first individual collection in 1976. He came to be known as the ‘enfant terrible’ of the French fashion industry because of being a successful, unorthodox, striking and rebellious genius. While his haute couture collections are formal yet unusually playful, his other collections have been inspired by pop culture and streetwear. Huge celebrities have found his work something to be desired and those big names include Melka Trenton of Elle, Catherine Lardeur of French Marie Claire, Claude Brouet and Madonna. They were all greatly impressed by his creativity, innovation in tailoring, design and styling.

New Winter Dresses For Women By Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier has always been using different ways to shock and unusually surprise his audience and one of the ways how he did this was by having non-conventional models for his fashion shows. And actions like this what made him popular even at the expense of some criticism. Gaultier active labels are Jean Paul Gaultier, Eyewear Gaultier, Junior Gaultier, Gaultier Argent, Gaultier PARIS (which is a couture collection) and former JEAN’S Paul Gaultier. But the label that brought fame, recognition and great success for his immense success was a haute couture line. It was this collection that allowed him to fully express his talent and creativity inspired by various diverse cultures that were incorporated in that line.

From some royally formal ones to magnificently chic pieces, this year’s collection showcases some exquisite high fashion items. While furs are almost the first things that comes to your mind when someone talks about hi-fi winter wear, this collection also showcases one of the best dresses in velvet fabric. Moreover, the stunning styling with leather gives your formal look an extra edge that everyone desires. With bold and beautiful colors like gold, black and red, this year’s fall and winter line is something to look out for. The magnificent combinations combined with the right type of fabrics and styling has made this range an absolute treat for the shopaholics. And to take the haute couture master pieces one step further, here is Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Haute Couture Fall Winter 2019. So, go on and have a look at this gorgeous collection and hit the stores to get your hands on these masterpieces!

18 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

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Kayseria Summer Collection For Women 2019

Renowned Fashion Brand,  Kayseria became part of Pakistan’s fashion industry back in 1985. In a less time period, the brand got its major standing in the market and found its place in Pakistani Women’s wardrobe. Kayseria is not only famous in Pakistan but has an international clientele that looks forward to its collection every season.  From daily routine fabric to semi formals and now other accessories too under its flag, Kayseria has become the brand of fashion for Pakistani Women.  They have not only brought innovation into their fabric designs but they have also managed for an amazing range of accessories in their stores. If you haven’t visited Kayseria store for a while then this summer 2019 is the right thing to do!

What’s new in their store at this time of month? Well, Kayseria has some amazing Summer Collection 2019 on their shelves this time. If you are looking to update your wardrobe this season then Kayseria is a must! Look stylish and trendy in Kayseria with Kayseria Summer Collection 2019.

Kayseria Latest Summer Collection For Women 2019

This collection consists of long and medium length shirts and kurtas with down wear of different types like palazzo, choridaars and trousers. Shirts have floral and classic prints with bead-work embellishments. They have also introduced several floral prints prints with innovations and they look completely stunning and appealing. Embroidery on the neck line is trending this summer at Kayseria. Yes, you can easily wear them in your daily routine or even in semi formal meetups. Laces and patches embellished with stones give a different and beautiful look to the dresses. Clothes offered by this Kayseria are according to latest fashion trends and they will give a stylish look to your personality and are according to every type of customer and are completely comfortable to wear.

The hues used in this clothing are fresh and light colors that blend properly in Summer.  The quality of every kind of material used is very high and reliable. For Kayseria Summer Pret Collection 2019, the stitching is highly professional and precise which gives a perfect and stylish look to the dresses. These dresses are available in every outlet of this brand if you are going for the shopping for summers and spring then they will be the best choice for your wardrobe and personality as well. If not, you can also shop online via their website and enjoy it from home. So rush to grab the things according to your choice without any waste of time. You can also order the dresses on the official website of Kayseria.


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Saheli Couture Indian Party Wear Frocks Collection 2019

Saheli Couture is one of the stylish, as well as well known designer, emerged in the world of fashion industry. The latest frocks of Saheli Couture 2019 are being launched which are stylish, fancy and traditional. Women who love traditional designs would love to wear an outfit of Saheli couture latest album. You will find some amazing variations in Saheli Couture Indian Party Wear Frocks Collection 2019. The dresses launched this year are found to be in different variations of colors and motifs. The ladies can buy them for different occasions. From simple to fancy, you will find several charming styles in this collection.

The Saheli Couture collections contains stylish shirts, flawless frocks, charming tops, beautiful sarees and classy maxis. You may also find clothing gowns that can be used for evening functions. The album include a good collection of eye touching and attractive colors. This collection is totally lovable and you will love to see such amazing designs that are absolutely stunning. The dresses leave spectacular impressions and contain stylish cuts. You can find these eye catchy designs in famous outlets and wear them to amaze the audience. You can also see this wonderful collection online and choose your favorite designs and buy them online. All of its collections are available in exclusive styles that you may not have seen with any other designer.

Saheli Couture Indian Party Wear Frocks 2019

This designer collection of 2019 brings you with elegant dresses. The cuts, motifs and styles you will see in these designs are classy and fabulous. Most of the artists and actresses are found wearing the Saheli collection because this designer album is worth wearing. The designers and actresses appreciate the quality designs and the styles. This brand has kept in consideration same reputation and has brought many beautiful designs in the world of fashion for the fashion seekers.

If you love wearing the newest designs and look for new styles, these collections of 2019 are the perfect choice for you and family. You can wear this designer dress and look graceful in the event you walk in. Saheli collections 2019 contain fancy and admirable designs that most of the women would love to wear. Unlike all other designers and brand, this brand maintains its design patterns with traditional looks. To find the best outfit for yourself, you can view the collection in any of Saheli outlet and find the best outfit for your event to look charming and elegant.





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Latest Designs Pakistani Fashion Short Frocks With Capris 2019

If you want to wear new and stylish dresses, you must remain update with the new fashion trends. Nowadays, the latest Pakistani fashion short frocks with capris 2019 is common in our society especially among teenage and young girls. Girls are very enthusiastic in this regard and they don’t want to remain behind anyone following fashion trends. Our fashion industry has revolutionized a lot in past few years. We can see amalgamation of the Western wears in our traditional Eastern designs.

Unique cuts and careful selection of colors have made our Pakistani designers best in world of fashion industry. They have not only proved their metal all around the country but also have remained successful at international forums. Their marvelous work speaks for the effort they put on bringing the customers with best end products.

Frocks are among our traditional wear outfits but when we decrease their length, these frocks come in range of traditional modern wears. This touch of modernity is also main cause of their popularity in new generations. Pairing of these frocks with capris or cigarette pants add to this reason. It is a most fascinating combination which not only aspire Pakistani girls but is also famous in neighboring countries. You can look extremely smart with modest look. This attire can be worn with versatility when adorned with various tailoring applications.

If you want to select any stylish knee length short frock with capri for an upcoming event and have a little bit confusion about it, don’t worry. Here is a complete guide for you regarding latest short frock styles and stylish capri designs.

Pakistani Knee Length Frocks 2018 Party and Wedding Dresses

Here I have put down my little effort to make you know about the new designs of Pakistani knee length short frocks 2019 with capris. There are lots of stitching styles of Pakistani dresses using variety of techniques to transform a simple cloth in a perfect attire to wear. Latest Pakistani knee length frock styles are also among such creative products which can be worn as formal, semi-formal and casual wear. These frocks suit best on any birthday celebration, friend’s gathering, hangouts, hiking, and even on wedding functions.

A little effort to make your entire look a ravishing one, you can grab everyone’s eye in the event. Beside the selection of perfect outfit other adornments like handbag, jewelry, heels, hair accessories and hairstyle must compliment the overall look. These all combinations will adore you with chic and modern look.

Frocks are most commonly known Asian wear dresses and are liked by women of all ages. Our weddings are incomplete without it. There is range of frock styles which you can wear with modern capris. Dazzling colors look so fresh and give an indication of spring. Floral prints in frocks are most famous among girls. They can be further embellished with laces, patches, stylish waist belts, fancy motifs and sequences. Fabric used in stitching of frocks matters a lot. Women like to wear chiffon, georgette, crepe, silk, pashmina and net in frocks.

There are various styles to add flares, umbrella style frocks, straight maxi style and also with wide ghera and large volume. The capri can be of plain stuff or variety of other options are also available like banarsi, linen and cotton fabric. Banarsi cloth is available in printed form which gives most fancy look to your outfit.

If you want to pair your simple short frock with light work with this banarsi capri having silver or golden print, believe me you will look super gorgeous. Capris can be further enhanced by hanging buttons in a line at ponchas or by sticking heat sensitive fancy stickers. For selection of both, frock and capri always select that stuff which suits your look and can make you feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable with your dress, you can never enjoy the function at its best and regret at it later on. So, be careful in this regard!

Have a look below at the given range of frock dresses paired with capris and cigarette pants. Hope you will enjoy these. 

pakistani short fancy frocks with capris for wedding

knee length frock with floral embroidery and capri

white short frock with motifs on border

colorful embroidered gold short frock with capri

fancy pink frock with sequences at neckline and border

off-the-shoulder stylish frock with capri

fancy party wear net short frock paired with capri

front smoking design short frock paired with plane white capri

Nadia Farooqi open gown style dress with capri

tunic style frock paired with jamawar capri

colorful embroidered flared frock paired with capri

short frock embellished with sequences paired with capri

printed formal war frock with simple capri

Elan fancy wear short frock and capri

elegant formal wear frock with capri

formal wear gown style frock with embroidery on capri

wedding wear sull sleeves fancy frock with capri

floral front and sleeves tail frock with capri

fancy light color frock with dark dupatta and capri

capri with short purple frock

To meet your desire of looking beautiful, hurry up and go for shopping short fancy frocks and pair them with stylish capris. Knee length frocks can make you look so young. Different websites are available for online shopping. You can search and look for their catalogs provided. They mostly include designer outfits which are available at affordable prices and are also a safe method of home delivery. 

If this method does not work, look for latest collection of frocks with capris 2019 exhibited by leading Pakistani designers in different fashion shows and fashion weeks. Fashion magazines are also working a lot on this aspect. They provide complete information about the dresses with prices and about the outlets at which they are available. Visit famous designer outlets and you will get a better idea about the quality of products. Have a good day!! 🙂

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