Motifz Latest Party Wear Winter Dresses 2019 With Prices

Motifz has made its name in Pakistan’s fashion industry over the past couple of years. They have been able to accomplish so much because of their reliance on the essence and originality of art in its true form and they have successfully transferred exactly that when it came to creating something amazing in clothing. Motifz latest party wear winter dresses for women 2019 have readily kept up the rapidly changing fashion industry and all its trends by enabling themselves to evolve with time and by fostering and delivering the innovative ideas in terms of aesthetics that got them started in the first place. All their creations reflect the perfect fusion of colours, needle and thread.

Motifz repeatedly continues to surpass the elite expectations of their ever-growing customers not only in Pakistan but also outside the geographical boundaries. Motifz caters to a diverse segment of society from the demands of masses to those of niches. They produce clothing which is well suited for a variety of occasions, especially high-end formal wear, semi-formal wear and also casuals. And to make things even better, they also offer to make customized clothing suited to your needs and requirements.

In this designer party wear collection for winters, we can see that they have gone for colours like blue, pink, brown and grey. They are all enriched with intricate embroidery which is adding a lot of grace and charm to it. Motifz is most popular for their designer embroidered and digitally printed fabrics that have always been exquisitely designed. The fact that they have been providing innovative quality products for over ten years is what has helped them in achieving the position that they are at now. This brand has entered the race of becoming a major player in Pakistan’s Embroidery Industry. You can also check here latest stitching styles of Pakistani dresses.

Motifz Party Wear Linen and Karandi Dress 2018 With Prices

Motifz unstitched collection for fall-winter 2019 highlight the essence of keeping the new designs infused with some traditional styles. They have proved their abilities as they provide the best product in terms of quality and fashion. They also have proved themselves capable of understanding the diverse and different requirement of various age groups and they know when to change and what to change to adapt to the changes in the industry as a whole. You can just not resist yourself from buying their dresses once you have a glance at their collection.

Motifz takes pride in their state of the art production facility that holds a hundred embroidery machines that facilitates the application of fifteen embroidery thread colours. Six digital printing machines that allow the application of up to sixteen million colours and a hundred more renowned stitching machines along with related equipment. And so, they are equipped with the latest designed and punching machinery system.

Motifz has always tried to stay updated on the current trends and developments in the international market and mould themselves accordingly to fit those criteria. They exclusivity has greatly been achieved thanks to their strong grasp on originality. Each one of their collections is crafted using unique colours and hues along with sequencing and embroidery.

Motifz has always given a lot of importance and thought to customer feedback as valuable as it is. They have kept the demands and desires of their customers in mind and have launched a collection ranging from knee-length shirts to long gowns. You can pair them up with tulip pants or straight trousers or even bell bottom pants according to your own style statement. And so, this helps them in achieving customer satisfaction.

From the start of the production, till the end product is delivered to your door, Motifz takes great care in not only quality assurance but also in packaging and deliveryMotifz embroidered crinkle chiffon dresses just further add to their amazing collections each season. This beautiful line of winter party wear dresses is priced at PKR 5,490/-. Look Good, Feel Good in these vibrant and stunning dresses by Motifz. Grab the attention of everyone in any party through one of these classy yet modern dresses. You have a whole new set of options for the release of this line that will make you look your best this winter season!

Pink floral Party dress by motifz winter wear
PKR 5,490/-
Embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
PKR 5,490/-
Mint Green party dress by motifz for fall
PKR 5,490/-
Brown embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
PKR 5,490/-
Rich Floral designed dress by motifz for fall parties
PKR 5,490/-
Red Embroidered dress by motifz for fall parties
PKR 5,490/-
Embroidered Linen Party Dress by motifz for fall
PKR 5,490/-
Tea Pink Long Frock by motifz for winter parties
RS 5,490/-
Black Embroidered dress by motifz for winter parties
RS 5,490/-
Floral linen party dress for winter by motifz
RS 5,490/-
Short Front Open dress by motifz for fall parties
RS 5,490/-
Blue and Dress by motifz for fall parties
RS 5,490/-
Motifz bottle green embroidered winter party dress
RS 5,490/-
Motifz winter yellow tassel dress with harem pants
RS 5,490/-
Motifz grey winter party dress with bell bottom trouser
RS 5,490/-
Motifz jumpsuit with short gown for winter party
RS 5,490/-
Motifz party wear short gown style dress for winters
RS 5,490/-
Motifz party wear winter dress with flared trouser
RS 5,490/-

Motifz Exclusive Top Trend

Do you want to know what’s in Trend By Motifz? Well, Motifz has something exclusive this season. their Crinkle Chiffon Embroidered variety is on the market to give yourself standout appearance. You can wear these outfits for weddings, kitty party or family gatherings. Motifz is known for high-quality prints and embroidery that you won’t find anywhere. Intricate embroidery on the outfits and studded tassels are enhancing the appearance of dresses. So if you haven’t gotten these stunning dresses for upcoming wedding season then probably you are missing something. Let me tell you, people, one thing, these outfits are not that much experience as people are scared of lavish brands. Motifz is one of those brands who is considering people of all classes, everyone can afford these stunning designs. So get the best one trendy for you. Check out Following

Spanish-Pink Embroidered Chiffon By Motifz

Buff-Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Bone Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

White Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Turquoise-Green Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Ming Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

Jet Black Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon

This winter, brace yourself for the latest and up to date designs by motifz. They have gone for beautiful and intricate embroidery with embellishments on the border of the shirt and of the dupatta. Their collection shows that they have a strong fashion sense as we can see in their innovative and unique designing.

From short A-line frocks to long length shirts to gowns, this variety is perfect for any party occasions, depicting a true style statement and meeting the class of the modern era. So, ladies, don’t miss your chance to pick from these fabulous masterpieces. For further details, visit their outlet or their official website.

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Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses 2019

Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dress 2019 are available from the platform of BestStylo. Trends tend to find their way back into our heart every few years. Some trends last longer than others and some do not. Some we want to keep on following while some we do not. The Pakistani fashion designers keep delighting us with new designs and styles every season. As the competition rises every year, every season, designers have brought some new and unique designs that have left everyone amazed. May it be the top designers in the industry or the fresh new entrants, Pakistan is not short of talent in every field out there.

Grey Wedding wear Gown Collection

Every year, you get to experience and see the trends shifting and extending. One trend has surely become more of a stable fashion style now and that is long, lovely gowns. You’ll find them everywhere these days, at parties, casual gatherings, formal functions, weddings and so many more occasions. As it has been seen, women prefer wearing longer shirts and dresses since they are more graceful and elegant. And these full-length dresses are not only loved in the Middle East but it has been part of the western culture for hundreds of years, especially on formal events like evening parties.

Full-length gowns in so many styles are favorite around the globe. And the rich culture of Pakistan makes it all the more interesting. Looking at the gowns that have been trending in the market lately, we have tailed gowns, straight ones, front-open gowns, gowns with jumpsuits, bottom V-shaped gowns, loose-fitted gowns and so much more. Women have started experimenting with colours more now, which has given them the liberty to try out combinations that they thought were risky before.

Black Party Wear Collection

Why go on with the same old boring combos when you can make dressing so much more fun? Blacks and whites are a classic colour that blends in so well no matter whichever fashion comes and goes. However, there are some colours that are not commonly worn by women. And mostly, we see a pattern of similar coloured clothes when we take an occasion in mind. Let’s take a look at the best party and wedding wear collections by top Pakistani designers.Well, that is about to change because you are going to love the stunning fusion of colours in the Pakistani party and wedding wear gown dresses 2019 for women.

Latest Gown Style Dresses 2019 In Pakistan

This year, the designers have gone for a ravishing combination of both soft and warm colours. You can see the lovely vibrancy of hues throughout their collection of latest party and wedding wear gown dresses 2019. Elan stylish and fancy gowns were proposed by the designers this year have beautiful embroidery infused with the essence of modernity by adding embellishments and the high consistency of quality is what assures that you can always count on this brand to make your day.

Wearing long gowns of HSY Bridal Collection or for party wear never go out of fashion and give contemproary appearence.This is an amazing blue gown having intricate embroidery and fine detailed work throughout the gown thus creating a royal and regal look.

party and wedding wear long gown dress

This beige coloured gown with beautiful embroidery throughout the gown looks ravishing when wore with blue shaded green dupatta. The sleeves of the gown are filled with adorable sequins work giving a glitzy look.

Beige wedding wear gown Collection

This breathtaking bridal gown has detailed embroidery. The designer has added a lot of sequins and chandi work which is making it more dramatic and dapper.

Have a look at the bridal lehenga choli dresses

Dull Gold fancy wedding gown

Deep V-necked gown with huge motifs looks really royal. You can wear it with a maxi or with a long shirt to create a sophisticated look.

See here latest maxi dresses and anarkali frocks.

Royal blue gown over maxi for parties

Red frock shaped long gown can be your perfect choice for wedding wear. The gown is overall embellished with fancy work and intricate embroidery on the neck and hemline.

Check more Tena Durrani New Bridal Dresses Collection.

Fancy Bridal Wear Red Gown for Wedding

This fully embroidered floral gown looks heavenly when wore with palazzo pants or huge flared pants. The gown has beautiful meshwork of tilla, sequins, and embroidery.

Also, check out the latest collection of boutique style fancy dresses

Full embroidered fancy gown dress

Dull orange gown with hand embroidery on the entire gown is giving an elegant look. You can pair it up with palazzo pants and short shirt to go to any party or even on a wedding party of your friend.

Heavy embroidered Gown for wedding occasions

This design is a tasteful blend of royalty and grace with a touch of modernity. The cape of the gown has intricate embroidery and is further embellished with buttons. You can wear this dress on formal gatherings.

See here Pakistani cape style dresses.

Light shaded gown with Short shirt

This off-white gown is perfect for party wear as it has light embroidery on the sleeves and intricate patterns on the entire gown.

See some other party wear dresses for more ideas.

Off white gown for party wear

This peach coloured gown with finely detailed embroidery further enhanced with sequins, nakshi and beads look amazing. You can wear it with straight cigarette pants or capris. It is perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Fancy Peach gown for wedding party

Orange coloured gown with geometrical patterns is a must have on those casual days where you want to go for a simple yet modern and trendy look.

For evening parties, take a glimpse of Maria B evening wear dresses.

Orange gown for casual and party wear Green coloured gown with front open looks really adorable on the short shirt and you can wear it on regular days when you are going out to a job or any office gathering.

green casual wear gown style dress

Looking for something chic and stylish? Then you should definitely go for this dual shaded gown with beautiful patterns on the border and the intricate embroidery on the entire gown.

gown dress with loose trouser for party wear

This grey coloured embroidered gown looks extremely dapper when it is contrasted with the deep orange shirt. You can wear it for any formal occasions and parties.

Embroidered gown dress for party wear

This super stylish silk gown with black patches and embroidery on the border gives a very elegant look. You can pull this look on any party.

See more silk dresses by designer Sobia Nazir.

latest Silk gown for party wear

This floral embroidered white gown looks luxurious and you can wear it on occasions like engagement or Nikkah ceremony. This gown is worn best with bright coloured lehenga.

Also, check out the latest designs for bridal engagement dresses.

Bridal gown with lehenga for walima

Pastel colored short gown on shirt and trouser gives a classy look. It has geometrical patterns on it and you can wear it on any party.

Watch here the new collection of Pakistani party wear dresses and frocks.

Pastel colored short gown for party wear

This soft-toned short gown on a long shirt and straight trousers gives a sophisticated look. You can wear it for any girly gatherings.

stylish party wear gown dress for girls This fresh and vibrant coloured gown speaks voluminously. You can wear it with plain white shirt and trousers to create a chic and classy look.

Colorful floral gown dress for parties

Digital printed gown on the knee-length shirt and trouser looks simple yet versatile and you can rock this dress on casual days where you want to remain in your comfort zone.

Embroidered party wear gown style dress

What a lovely dress it is! Dull gold dress with the cut-work and embroidered dupatta. All the ladies can pull off this look on the weddings.

fancy long gown dress for wedding function

Just look at this elegant bridal look. The latest cut-work is used on the gown and sleeves which have given it a traditional touch.

wedding wear gown dress for bridals

Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses 2019 are really trendy. From wedding parties to straight regular days, you can pull them off with any look. Get your favourite one today and give yourself a promising look on any eve 🙂

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Pakistani Knee Length Short Frocks with Capris 2019

If you want to wear new and stylish dresses you have to update yourself with the latest fashion trends. Nowadays Pakistani Knee Length Short Frocks with Capris 2019 are common in our society, especially among teenage and young girls. They are very enthusiastic in this regard and they don’t want to miss out any fashion trend. Our fashion industry has been revolutionized a lot in past few years. We can see an amalgamation of the Western wears in our traditional Eastern designs. Unique cuts and careful selection of colours have made our Pakistani designers best across the world of fashion industry. They have proved their expertise at the international level. Marvellous work speaks about the effort of designers that they put to grab the customers attention with best end products.

Detailed embroidered net beige short frock

Frocks are one of the traditional wear among other outfits but when we decrease their length these frocks come in a range of traditional modern wears. This touch of modernity is also the main cause of their popularity in new generations. The pairing of these frocks with capris is giving a new touch to the modernism. It is a fascinating combination which not only aspires Pakistani girls but it is also famous in neighbouring countries.

Dark brown embroidered short frock with blue capri

You would look extremely smart with a modest look. This attire can be worn with versatility when adorned with various tailoring applications. If you want to select any stylish knee-length short frock with Capri for an upcoming event or if you are having a little bit confusion about it then don’t worry. Here is a complete guide for you regarding latest short frock styles and stylish Capri designs.

Pakistani Knee Length Short Frocks with Capris 2019

Here I have put down my little effort to give you detail idea about know Pakistani Knee Length Short Frocks with Capris 2019. There are lots of stitching styles using a variety of techniques to transform a simple cloth in a perfect attire to wear. Latest Pakistani knee-length frock style is quite common these days which can be worn as formal, semi-formal and casual wear. These frocks suit best on any birthday celebration, friend’s gathering, hangouts, and even on wedding functions. A little effort can give your entire look a ravishing one, you can grab everyone’s eye in the event. Besides the selection of perfect outfit, other adornments like a handbag, jewellery, heels, hair accessories and Gorgeous hairstyle must compliment the overall look. These all combinations will adore you with the chic and modern look.

Dark brown embroidered short frock with red banarsi capri

Dazzle up yourself with Short Frocks

Frocks are most commonly known Asian wear dresses and are liked by women of all ages. Our weddings are incomplete without it. There is a range of frock styles that you can wear with modern capris. Dazzling colours look so fresh and give an indication of spring. Floral prints in frocks are most famous among girls. They can be further embellished with laces, patches, stylish waist belts, fancy motifs and sequences. The fabric used in frocks stitching matters a lot. Women like to wear chiffon, georgette, crepe, silk, pashmina and net in frocks.

Black embroidered net short frock with heavy patch

Frock Styles & Fabric

There are various styles to add flares, umbrella style frocks, straight maxi style and also with wide ghera and large volume. The Capri can be of plain stuff or a variety of other options are also available like banarsi, linen and cotton fabric. Banarsi cloth is available in a printed form which gives the fanciest look to your outfit.

Pear green short embroidered net frock with banarsi pink capri

Short frocks pairing

Well, there are several other ways to pair your short frocks you can pair it with:

How would short frocks look with capris?

If you want to pair your simple short frock with light work with the banarsi Capri having silver or golden print believe me you will look super gorgeous. Capris can be further enhanced by buttons in a line at bottom line or by sticking heat sensitive fancy stickers. For a selection of both, frock and Capri always select that stuff which suits your look and will give you feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable with your dress you can never enjoy the function at its best and regret it later on. So be careful in this regard! Take a look at Latest Pakistani Party Dresses and Frock Designs you will get to know about different combination of frocks

Dark Yellow U-shape neckline with purple banarsi capri

Some Glimpse of Trendy Short Frocks

meet your desire of having beautiful appearance then hurry up and go shopping of short fancy frocks and pair them with stylish capris. Knee length frocks will give you dazzling look. You can search and look for their provided catalogues. They mostly include designer outfits which are available at affordable prices. Take a look at our gathered collection

Grey embroidered short frock with button capri

Black dotted short frock with printed trouser


Green embroidered frock with bell sleeves

light pink andrakha style short frock with embroidered trouser

Casual red printed short frock with black trouser

Light yellow net embroidered short frock with green banarsi

Printed red short frocks with wide sleeves

Off-white embroidered net short frock with V neckline

Light orange embroidered with blue capri

Bottle green jacquard printed short frock

These were the designs that are gathered just to give you trendiest idea of selecting short frock for any event.Keep on looking latest short frock collection that has been exhibited by leading Pakistani designers in different fashion shows and fashion weeks. Check out the fashion magazines they provide complete information about the dresses with prices and about outlets at which they are available. Visit famous designer outlets and you will get a better idea of the quality of designs 🙂

Check out the following Collections 🙂

Pakistani Party and Wedding Wear Gown Dresses

Latest Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Collection

Needle Impressions Stylish Party Wear Dresses

Natasha Couture Party Wear Beautiful Saree Collection

Latest Party and Wedding Wear Pakistani Waist Belt Dresses 2019

Women never settle for less when it comes to their dress on special occasions like parties, weddings, etc. Latest party and wedding wear Pakistani waist belt dresses 2019 are the best option for them to meet crave of looking gorgeous. Previously, they used to wear shalwar kameez with different styles with changing trends. Now, frequent changes have occurred in those simple outfits. We can see the fusion of Western with our traditional Eastern cuts in casual, formal and in informal wears and wearing dresses with waist belt is also among this combination. These unique mixed are liked by Pakistani women belonging to every age group. You can wear such outfits on birthday parties, farewells, wedding functions and even on friend’s get to gathers.

Your dressing sense matters a lot. It reflects your choices and the way you keep pace with the latest fashion trends. Wearing a belt with your boring attire will transform it completely to have an attractive look.  Get such versatile belts that will go with a few dresses and they must be economical. Finding the right belt to compliment your dress may give you a hard time. Always try to find such pieces which will give your outfit some shape and visually attractive look. The most popular option to use belt is to add flares in the ensemble and it is best-needed definition to your attire, especially in the loose one. For figure-flattering, the silhouette waist belt is the best choice and this small piece will go well with day event and also a night out.

Enthralling new Pakistani waist belt dresses 2019 are proof of creativity of our talented Pakistani designers. These designers have brought the best products to their clients after lots of hard work and dedication. They make our money worth spending on attractive attires with outstanding embellishments. Belts are counted among such women accessories which never run out of fashion and you can wear them all around the year regardless of the seasonal variations. You are free to pair your single belt with different dresses to make them look chicer. It can be incorporated in any of your fashionable attire easily. There is an open choice to select straps of different eye-catching colors having thread work, gemstones, beads, and pearls beside the simple ones.

Pakistani Designer Party and Wedding Dresses with Belts 2019

There are remarkable styles of wearing waist belts with Pakistani dresses. You can also have skinnier look by careful selection and wearing it in proper style. Frock is always liked by young girls and they look more beautiful when classy waist belt is used along with it. There is a variety of such stylish straps like knotted waist belts are much into fashion and they look so fashionable with frocks giving you Barbie look. You can tighten your belt around the body of the frock. Using belts will make you more bold and confident and you can easily carry it out with your choice of dress anytime.

Chain waist belts have a unique formation. Must give it a try at your high school party or family wedding with an alluring maxi style dress and make others wonder at your magical look. The flip lock waist belt is awesome to wear with a beautiful floral skirt. Your jeans and shirt will also go well with it. You can select it for formal wear. Braided waist belts always look so unique and royal. These braided waist belts are simply the best choice to wear with a simple dress. It can change the complete look of your outfit. Brides also have a choice to pair braided waist belts with enchanting bridal wear on their big day. Amazing color schemes and designs on these belts also go perfect with amazing gown dresses.

Printed belts will make you more smart and young. You can select lion print, floral print or belts with varying patterns like a block print, lining, zigzag, wavy and many more. We can see alluring kurtas and tunics trending these days. These formal wears will look so elegant when you will tighten printed belts with them. Enjoy your beautiful day with such a beautiful look! Thin metallic belts can be used with cardigans, blazers and even with long coats. These belts will not only make you more stylish but will also keep your dress at the place. Quality of belts matters as for casual use. You can also buy different buckles with a single belt. Alternate use of stylish buckles will keep you in benefit economically.

Scroll down and take a glance at the showcased collection of Pakistani belt style dresses 2019 and select any one of these for your upcoming party or wedding event. I hope you people will find them interesting.

allechant party wear net frock paired with ribbon belt

belt with jump suit and long coat

crop top party wear lehenga with simple belt

designer long wedding dress with waist belt

elegant red frock with golden waist belt

grey long off-the-shoulder dress with waist belt

leather waist belt for party wear abaya

pakistani waist belt dresses wedding wear

party wear short gown style frock with belt

party wear waist belt dress with tulip shalwar

peplum top tightened with waist belt and maxi skirt

royal blue net maxi with bow shaped waist belt

yellow waist belt dress with bell bottom trouser

light color maxi dress with floral waist belt

simple waist belt on printed straight maxi

party wear jump suit with tassels style belt

luxurious floor length belt frock with red floral embroidery

elegant wedding wear dress with narrow belt

black net cape style dress with golden waist belt

simple party wear waist belt frock with straight trouser

pink tunic with elastic belt paired with straight pants

short wedding waist belt frock with tulip shalwar

There is an array of party and wedding wear Pakistani waist belt dresses 2019  which can complement your overall look but all you need is a careful selection. It is a right of every girl to look beautiful and you can grab others attention by pairing belt with your dress. Must think about this brilliant and easy idea if you want to make your own fashion statement. So, give it a shot and buckle up your waist with a belt this season! 🙂

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Mausummery Formal Wear Luxe Pret Collection 2019

You may have come across several brands and might be looking for something ravishing in Pret. If you got fed up from other brands and scouring for something new, then BestStylo is presenting Latest Mausummery Formal Wear Luxe Pret Collection 2019. You can have these dresses for any occasion. The Mausummery latest luxurious collection 2019 can be worn casually or formally anywhere. Get ready, we are going to let you know latest attires for your big day. Mausummery has introduced all kind of embroidered and printed collection in their latest Pret collection. If you are looking for classy and elegant color combinations, then don’t waste time and grab your favorite piece for any festive occasion.

MON AMOUR Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Mausummery is the brand of exquisite color combinations with elegant panache. All dresses are made of high-quality fabric and 100% quality work that is the proof of our dedicated team. They are transforming their efforts in attractive handwork. You will see eye-catching embroidery on each dress by Mausummery. If you haven’t tried yet then don’t waste time and add your favorite piece to your wardrobe.

OH LA LA Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Mausummery Ready To Wear Formal Dresses 2019

Mausummery is one of Pakistan’s excelling lawn brand. In its Journey of 17 years, Mausummery has huge admirers who are preferring them as the top choice. Yup, it’s true, Mausummery has created an everlasting relationship with their clients. They have successfully got the attention of not only Pakistani Customers also they have become the heartthrob of all the Pakistani community across the globe.

Mausummery is a brand of class and no one can keep their self by having these classy prints. If you want to add a class in your personality, then this one would help you to grab the attention among several in gatherings. For standout appearance, Mausummery would be a perfect choice. Let’s have a look at the elegant and classy designs by Mausummery. Must check Mausummery Cambric Ready to Wear Collection.

  • In The IVY

Golden Embroidered Ferozi shirt of net is all set to give you stand out appearance. Sleek Light coffee shade trouser is adding compliment to your personality. V-embellished Neckline with Front and Sleeves is enhancing the appearance of your dress. Grab this outfit at PKR 4,950/-. Also click at Jannat Nazir Party Wear Drseses

In the Ivy Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • Sprinklez

Do you love vibrant colors? If you are in love with such bright colors, then Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection 2019 is having a shocking Pink dress. This dress would give the luxurious appearance. You will love the net ready to wear shirt. Embellished gala patch with Daman border is grabbing the attention. Get this piece at PKR 4,650/-. If you haven’t checked out Gul Ahmed YOLO Digital Singles Collection, then don’t forget to give a try to this amazing collection as well.

Sprinklez Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • Merci

This 4-piece dress has become the heartthrob of Mausummery Ready to Wear Collection 2019. Everyone is looking for such lavish dress. It contains Boat neckline along embellished gala patch with front and sleeves. Plain Chiffon dupatta would also increase your prettiness. If you really want to add elegance factor in your dresses, then give a try to this outfit. This dress is available at PKR 5,950/-.

Merci Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • French Macaron

Light baby pink jacquard ready to wear 4-piece attire is having something different for you. Check out the embellished Gala patch with sleeves is giving the classy touch to your personality. If you haven’t decided your dress for your anniversary or kitty party, then don’t waste your time on other brands and just give a try to this one. This one is available at PKR 5,950/-. Try out Pakistani Boutique Style Dresses

FRENCH MACARON Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • Sweet Aqua

For all the white lovers, this attire would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Net shirt along with boat neckline, with embellished sleeves and Daman border, is making this beautiful dress which is called sweet aqua. This outfit is available at PKR 4,650/-. Hurry up choose your favorite size and add this to your wardrobe. Check out Pakistani Bridal Shower Dresses

Sweet Aqua Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • Chic

For chic appearance, this chic ready to wear 2-piece suit has everything. Embroidered front side with plain back and Boat neckline is the specialty of this chic outfit. In summers, these type of colors rejuvenate your appearance and you prefer such colors for summer parties. You are away from this outfit in just PKR 4,450/-. Don’t forget to try Pakistani Party and Wedding Gown Dresses

Chic Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

  • Iris

Beautiful sky blue floral embroidered 2-piece dress is gaining the center of attention this season. Check out the detailed embroidery on the front side with a boat neckline and with organza patch. Grab this outfit for the standout appearance of you in Eid gathering, parties or any occasion. You would love to have this outfit for a wonderful experience. This outfit is available at PKR 5,250/-. Check out Nishat Linen Luxury Formal Collection

Iris Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Some Other Dresses From Mausummery Pret Wear

Orchid Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Mimosa Chic Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Moda Bella Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

That's Vogue Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

MRS.MANNEQUIN Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Sleek Chic Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection

Check out the above ravishing designs that are all set to give fabulous look in parties or any other occasion. Looking for luxurious attire, then I don’t think so, you will get something best than Mausummery. Grab your favorite outfit from your nearest outlet of Mausummery or order online through their website 🙂

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Latest Crop Top Lehnga Designs for Brides 2019

The wedding day is a big dream for every girl. She has lots of plans in mind for the pre-wedding shopping, her outstanding outfit, superb jewellery, Cinderella-like sandals, fabulous makeover and all other things must be perfect. In this era where everyone wants to keep pace with the new fashion trends and wants to look better than other, a bride has to look awesome and grab everyone’s attention. It is the natural desire of a girl to look better and beautiful than others and she must. After all, it’s her big day! Selection of wedding dress is something which requires a lot of search, time and effort. Get to know about Latest Crop Top Lehanga Designs for Brides 2019 in this blog!

Red Embroidered Crop top lehnga

The colour, style, motifs, cuts, season, and other embellishments have to be kept in mind while selection. When we think about the wedding dress, the first thing which clicks our mind is “lehenga”. We can never neglect its popularity and our unique connection to this bridal wear. It has always remained under the spotlight for centuries. The reason is the traditional importance of this attire. We can never neglect our connection with our norms and values. Our weddings are incomplete without a selection of lehanga on at least single function.Do check New Barat Dresses For Brides

Dark Green with Embroidered Golden top for brides

When it comes to the colour selection of bridal lehanga, red is a foremost. yes, It may be blended with other combination of hues. Other colours like maroon, orange, gold, plum, mustard yellow, ivory, silver, emerald green, blue, pink and magenta also look very attractive. Careful balance in contrasting and matching colours is actual art of designing marvellous bridal wear collection which speaks about the art of our talented designers. Designers played best with the embroidery and fancy work to bring their new magical crop top lehanga collection for brides. Embroidery, zari work, tilla work, beads and pearls, using unique motifs and cutwork on borders have recently been used in new designer lehanga collection.

Purple lehnga with embroidered beige top for brides

Fancy Crop Top Lehanga Designs

The latest bridal lehanga collection has brought different styles and cuts in simple lehangas. Among these are also Latest Crop Top Lehanga Designs for Brides 2019. These lehngas with cropped tops are inspired by subcontinent culture and are famous in Pakistan and other neighbouring countries alike. The exquisite embellishments and high-quality fabric have an outstanding quality of this unique bridal wear.

The top on lehanga can be kept with full or half sleeves according to your personality, likes and even according to climatic conditions. You can select any fabric of your choice; it may be Satin, Chiffon, Organza, Georgette, Silk, Crepe, or Velvet. Lehanga must look cosy when paired with the top.

Bottle Green lehnga with top for brides

Top Selection for Lehnga

The colour scheme of fabric and the assortments made on it are very much important in giving a final look to your attire. Using contrasting colours in top and lehanga is the best option. The top can be of deep and dark colour while lehanga can be of light colour. In another way, the top can be of light colour with dark coloured lehanga having heavy embellishment with diamondties, beads, pearls, applique, gota, dabka and zari work.

White embroidered Crop top lehnga for brides

Lehnga Selection for Tops

Crop top lehanga styles are also varying depending on your choice. Unique cuts and little effort on your attire will make people remember it for ages. Wedding Lehngas can be of tail style or have a cut alongside. Large volume lehanga with crop top look amazing and adds glamour to the overall look of the bride. If you are going to be a bride must order large volume crop top lehanga!

Light green embroidered Crop top lehnga for brides

What Sort of Jewellery would fit best with Crop top Lehnga?

Nowadays according to latest trends and styles, girls like to wear matha Patti, jhoomar, chokers and nose pins on their wedding day. These all assortments are just perfect to give you a royal look on your big day. The ethnic wear crop top lehanga is best to shop for your wedding for a classy look. Do check Latest Bridal Makeup Trends For Pakistani Brides which is just to increase your classy appearance with ravishing jewellery items and makeup styles for amazing crop top

Grey top with peach lehnga for bride

It can be paired with long net dupatta having embroidery or bordered with contrasting strips having pearls, stone and sequence work. Using tassels with lehanga will boom the creativity of your attire. You can use fancy, tassels with gold wiring and shining beads which will add up to the overall fascination of lehanga with a crop top and it will look more unique.

Light Brown embroidered top with coffee lehnga

High heels look classic with lehangas and are suited for looking more confident. High heels will add a grace to your walk and will give you chic look when you will walk on-ramp on a way to stage. Selection of fancy but elegant heels will compliment your dress and will throw an everlasting impression on the viewers.

Mint Green Crop Top Lehnga for brides

A glimpse of Crop Top Lehngas- Hard to eyes off

If you are looking for mind-blowing designer crop top lehanga collection 2019, here are some images. These will not only inspire you but will also make you realize the amount of hard work these designers have put in bringing the unique designer combinations. The top bridal crop top lehanga designs 2019 consist of alluring patterns which will make you pay a handsome amount to become a centre of attraction on your wedding day. Enjoy!

beautiful crop top bridal lehangadesigner crop top bridal wear lehangabridal red crop top lehenga with fallGrey crop top lehenga with large volumecrop top white party wear net gown with simple patchvelvet top with heavy embellished lehanga having sequences floral lehanga with bridal crop topcrop top fish tail lehengafancy crop top lehanga for mehndi bride golden crop top lehenga with bead work royal blue crop top with heavily embellished silver work lehenga white cropped top lehanga for bridesgolden crop top lehanga with silver motifsgeorgette bridal orange cream crop top lehenga with cut work at bottomgolden crop top lehenga with orange borders and dupattagreen ethnic pakistani bridal designer wear crop top lehenganet embroidered brown and hot pink bridal crop top lehangagold and off white brocade wedding crop top lehengagreen designer punjabi bridal lehenga with crop toppure net embroided lehenga with embroided dupata and heavy crop top

These were the amazing designs that are all set to give you gorgeous appearance on your big day! Don’t forget to have beautiful hairstyles along best finish bridal makeups for standout appearance. Don’t forget to select the best designer outfit that can easily be carried by you. Make your big day amazing with these inspirational designs 🙂

Check out the following collections for sprucing up Your appearance:)

Latest Pakistani Dresses and Frocks for Wedding Parties

Latest Elan Bridal Dresses and Gowns Wedding Collection

Pakistani Knee Length Short Frocks with Capris

Zainab Chottani Latest Winter Silk Collection Party Dresses

Latest Pakistani and Indian Designer Party Dresses 2019

When it comes to South Asia- We all need a reason to party and buy party dresses! Yes, Desi Women are like that ! Parties keep our lives buzzing and we are excited every time we get an invite. This article is about some Latest Pakistani and Indian Designer Party Dresses 2019 that you can wear this season.

Got a party invite in hand and not sure what to wear? Keep scrolling and you will know what you can wear on Parties of 2019! No doubt, a woman’s mind is full of questions that make her think of ways she can look charming.

This year’s collection is about few important party dresses:

Latest Pakistani Designer Party Dresses 2019

Regardless of whether young ladies and women let it be known or not, but rather it is the most profound desire of every one of them to look prettier than others. Inside the heart, each other young lady gets envious of the reality if some other young lady or woman look more delightful than her.

Indian and Pakistani young ladies are constantly known to be acclaimed with regards to the styling and design of the identity. They are constantly one number head then each other in looks, identity and appeal. Indian and Pakistani dresses are constantly known to be acclaimed for the way that they configuration bulldoze and most sleek and one of a kind gathering dresses for young ladies 2019 and ladies.

indian party wear red frock for girls

indian party wear long maxi dress

pakistani party wear long tail frock for girls

indian party wear frock style dress

indian party wear net frock designs

pakistani party wear frock with churidar pajama

stylish long indian party wear frocks

embroidered frock designs for pakistani girls

hem two are popular on the planet for outlining remarkable, lovely and better than average gathering dresses. The best Pakistani and Indian originator party dresses for ladies will dependably give you delightful and rich look.

There are different sorts of gathering dresses styles which are adored by young ladies and women in Pakistan and India. For the most part, we have found that decision of the females of these two nations additionally matches and most recent patterns in gathering dresses likewise remembers on changing by keeping same calculates both nations. These days, the latest pattern in formal dresses is short shirt length with tight pants or cigarette pants.


indian maxi style party dresses for ladies

pakistani long flared pary wear frocks

fancy jacket style party wear indian frockskalidar embroidered indian frocks for party

pakistani party wear stylish frilly frocks

Stylish Designs of Party Dresses & Frocks 2019 for Women

When we see few years back, we find the fashion and trend of a short shirt, but it’s back on the action now with more zeal and charm. Females in both the countries love this new style that will add beauty to their formal look. It has been found that short length gives you very sober look, and it does.

Along with this new trend of a short shirt and tight trousers, girls and ladies are still following the old trend in both countries. They are still wearing long shirts and frocks with Churidar Pajamas. It is one of the most alluring formal dressing of the times which is still not out of the fashion. There are many types of frocks which are designed according to the event like casual, party wear, semi-formal or formal.

pakistani long floral dresses for party

red maxi style party dresses for indian girls

pakistani long netted frocks for party

indian party wear frilly frocks with open shirt

pakistani anarkali style party wear dresses

fancy stylish indian party wear dresses

indian embroidered anrkali frocks for party

The best thing about frocks is that they can be designed in various unique style, and even simple frock will give you the decent look. In our fashion blog, we have showcased many styles of party dresses you can select any of them and get them stitched, or you can buy them from designers. Choose the one you like the most and wear it for the upcoming party and get the maximum eyes attraction. Have fun!!

pakistani party wear frocks with churidar pajama

pakistani velvet frock designs for party

pakistani long tail style dresses for party

indian embroidered party wear suits

indian long fancy netted frocks for party

stylish party wear frock designs for girls

indian long party wear dresses for women

pakistani double shirt party dresses for girls

flairs party wear beautiful dresses for girls

zahra ahmad party wear pakistani dresses

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Latest Collection Of Fancy Dresses in Pakistan 2019

2019 has been so far a year of glamour, uniqueness, and elegance. New varieties of designs and color combinations have been discovered, some old designs have been adopted again and a few mix and matches are also tried out by the designers. This year fancy wears launched by every designer to give ladies a unique appearance through their alluring designs and colors. Latest designs compel us to grab our favorite one for the center of attention in every event and festival. So if you are thinking about what to buy for the upcoming wedding of your loved ones then in this article, we are going to let you know Latest Fashion Fancy Dresses in Pakistan 2019Embroidered Floral Net Shirt


Which one is In or Out from 2019?

Are you looking for the best option to wear at a party or wedding event? Then this blog would be a great option for you to figure out what is in fashion for 2019. So get ready and grab your favorite piece to give yourself a glamorous appearance. The best style has gathered Latest Fashion Fancy Dresses in Pakistan 2019 to give you a detailed idea about fancy attires. we are covering everything in this article from fancy frocks to lehngas, Capes, Embroidered trousers and much more.

Fancy Frocks

Frocks have always been a stunning option to wear at weddings or elsewhere. This season frocks are not at all out of fashion and they are allowing ladies and girls to stand out in any gathering. However, along with the traditional designs of frocks, it has been seen long and short frocks both are in fashion either people are opting short one or a long one for an exquisite addition to their wardrobe. The frocks are being seen with stunning and delicately embroidered waistbands. These are an attractive addition to the existing frock collection to give you irresistible look. Do check best stylo special collection of Latest Pakistani Dresses and Frocks for Wedding Parties

allechant frock
A ravishing Allechant frock.
Pink Embroidered frock waist band
A gorgeous frock with an elegant waistband.
Short Net Off white fancy frock
Gorgeous Off-white Short Frock with Dotted Red Border
Deep Blue Shot Fancy Frock
Deep Blue Shot Fancy Frock
Plain Yellow Short Net Frock
Plain Yellow Short Net Frock
Light Purple frock waist band
Elan frock along with a waist-band.

Fancy Lehngas

Lehnga is also a great option nowadays. There are a variety of options to wear lehenga choli or beautifully embroidered long open shirts with lehengas. Both options would look charming in their own way. The sparkling waistbands are also going to give the glamorous look that you want to look like a diva at any gathering or event. Take a look at Needle Impressions Stylish Party Wear Dresses

Pink Embroidered Lehnga with net Dupatta
Pink Embroidered Lehnga with net Dupatta
Erum Khan exquisite lehnga.
Erum Khan exquisite lehnga.
waist band
A gorgeous Pink lehnga with a waist-band.

Straight Shirts with Pants

There is nothing more comfortable yet elegant than a straight shirt along with a straight pant. It gives the sophisticated and classic look without having to worry about the long flare like in frocks and lehngas. The choice is yours depending upon the length of the shirt as the sophisticated long shirts are also in fashion and the gorgeous short shirts will also help you steal the show! Choose your favourite colour and get ready for the event or party which was on the awaited list of yours.

Grey Embroidered Shirt with Straight Pants
Grey Embroidered Shirt with Straight Pants
A sophisticated straight shirt and straight pant.
A sophisticated straight shirt and straight pant.
straight shirt & pant
Ayesha Ahmed glamorous outfit.

The short and long shirts both are in trend. It comes with a variety of options for you to choose and decide which one will look good on you. You can pair your straight shirt with fancy cigarette pants or a stylish flapper pant or maybe with a traditional shalwar. Moreover, a new and classy option has also been added to tulip shalwar/pants. They are in a tulip shaped from the bottom and look really fancy for any wedding function.

White Net Embroidered Shirt with Straight Trouser
Beautiful Embroidered Shirt with Floral pants
Embroidered Net shirt with Straight pants
Embroidered Net shirt with Straight pants
short shirt & pant
Gorgeous Short Pink Shirt
long shirt & pant
Long Embroidered Shirt
Embroidered Pink Shirt & Shalwar
Embroidered Pink Shirt & Shalwar
Tena Durrani flapper
A Tena Durrani flapper

Fancy Gown

Another stylish option to wear is the fully embroidered gowns with simple inner to go with. Here as well, the gown can be worn with different styles. You can have a short shirt underneath and a full-length straight gown or maybe a full-length frock-type gown to enjoy the loveliness of both the designs. You can even have a frock underneath and a slightly short length of your gown, it also gives the illusion of a lehenga and you can enjoy both.If you want that your gown should be simple then you can always choose a straight pant with it as this option never goes out of the question.

Embroidered Body and Grey Gown with Waist band
Embroidered Gown with Waistband
A beautiful gown by Maria B.
A beautiful gown by Maria B.



A Tena Durrani gown.
A Tena Durrani gown.
Ayehsa Ahmed frock-gown.
Ayesha Ahmed frock-gown.

Fancy Capes 

A relatively new design introduced this season is the capes. They give you the chic-look by mixing the western style with an eastern embroidered touch. However, the capes look captivating in short lengths only and can be paired with a straight pant or a flapper to look more glamorous. The capes can also be designed as a gown with front open or a regular cape.

These cannot be made more eastern than this as they do not go along with a dupatta as all of the previous designs go.However, the cape shaped dupattas can go with any shirt and pant. You can make your cape dupatta fully embroidered and wear it with a simple shirt to give yourself a classy look and of course to get rid of the worry of settling your dupatta now and then and enjoy the event to the fullest. Take a look at latest fancy collection of Latest Pakistani Cape Style Dresses Designer Collection

Charismatic Purple Cape
Aqua Blue Cape
A Beautiful Net Cape
Orange cape dupatta
Voguish Orange Cape

Fancy Net Dupattas

Net dupattas will make your look most gorgeous lady in the event. Simple net dupattas are also a wise option but a net dupatta with embroidered border will definitely give you the chance to be in the spotlight. They are light-weight and classy at the same time, what more could a girl wish for!

Detailed Embroidered Net Dupatta
Detailed Embroidered Net Dupatta
Maria B. net dupatta
Maria B. net dupatta

Embroidered Bottoms

This season, the fancy outfits are full of dazzling and magnificent embroidery that is all over the outfit. The embroidered bottoms are the classiest thing this season. Be it your straight pants or tulip pants or flappers, you got to have them embroidered if you want to look noticeable in the party. You can either go for the fully embroidered bottom of your pant or light embroidery till the hem of your shirt.

Detail Embroidered Pants
Detail Tussle pants
Fancy bottom details
Stunning Detail embroidered pants
Net Bottoms
Purplish Net Bottom
Yellow Embroidered Trouser
Glamorous Touched Trouser

Quick View Of Pakistani Fancy dresses

Purple Fancy dress

Pink Fancy Dress for Wedding

Long Red Fancy Frock

Fancy Green Shirt with lehnga

Short Blue Shirt with embroidered sleeves

These ravishing fancy designs this season have made us forget all the previous fashion ideas. Everything in this seasons fancy wear collection has blinded us with the spark and shine of its uniqueness and enchantment. But you should always remember whatever you go for it should be according to your comfort and ease. Do not go for something which is being worn by everyone but you need to wear something that you love and want to wear. Feel confident in what you wear and smile and laugh wholeheartedly, this will make you the prettiest among all 🙂

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Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Collection 2019

Shalwar Kameez is considered as the most elegant dressing among the South Asian Countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Trends have been changing every year but Shalwar Kameez is successfully keeping itself  a constant choice for ladies. Similarly, year 2019 has brought some amazing shalwar kameez designs for everyone to carry at festivals, parties and also formal dinners. Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Collection 2019 consists of dresses that depicts pure culture and traditions of the people. Moreover, Desi attires not only depicts the traditions but it also assists in promoting the cultural heritage of the state. Celebrities are day by day becoming a source of inspiration for the common people by wearing exquisite and decent shalwar kameez on religious festivals.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Grey Outfit

Indian Women have always cherished wearing Shalwar Kameez and pajamas. Moreover, Patiala shalwar, Saree, Churidar Kurta, Anarkali long and short frocks are favorite attire among Indian girls. These dresses can be used for casual as well as for party wears by using laces, embroideries, jamawar and unique cuts. These elegant cuts and styles are sewed in every dress of Sobia Nazir formal wear. Yes this is right you would see amazing designs including fancy shalwar kameez among different type of long and short frocks. Dont forget to grab your fancy wear from Sobia Nazir because they know what you all are looking for.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Fancy Pink outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Designs 2019

We have gathered some amazing Indian Party wear Shalwar Kameez Collection 2019 which is getting recognition everywhere and already named as the most elegant and admirable attires. Every girl wants to look gorgeous and ravishing among the huge crowd but to look confident, you must need to go for best attire. Therefore, Shalwar Kameez is the best attire to give yourself astounding and stunning appearance.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Grey Net Fancy Outfit

If you are looking for party wear shalwar kameez then numerous brands would pop up to your mind but after taking suggestions from friends and family only two or three brands have potential these days to give you people a desired attire. Among those brands Jannat Nazir Party dresses are famous and affordable. So Indian fancy shalwar kameez are available here similarly as you want. Cuts and embellishments are done as per your choice. You can trust them for any occasion because they are the one who can make you ladies center of attention.

In this blog further we are going to illustrate the brief description of all Indian party wear shalwar kameez and few glimpses of collection as well. Stay tuned and don’t miss a single dress that has been collected on everyone demands.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Golden Attire

Do click the Pakistani and Indian Party Dresses that we have covered just to give you people an idea what is going on these days in both countries regarding fashion and are we following the trends in right manner? Do share your thoughts with us in following comment box 😉

 Stylish Indian Fancy Shalwar Kameez Collection 2019

Pink and Orange Indian Party Dress

The dress is designed for party wear and the fabric is semi-cotton. Orange colored dupatta and patiala shalwar adds elegance to the dress. You can carry the dress with high heels and Stylish Jewelry Collection that will give you glamorous and outstanding appearance

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Pink Patiala Outfit

Green Shalwar Kameez For Party Wear

The dress is decorated with lovely embroidery and is paired with the beautiful matching dupatta. Patiala Shalwar over short shirts are sold like hot cupcakes among the girls. Earrings will also aid in adding beauty to the details. 

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Punjabi outfit

Beige Shirt With Patiala Shalwar

The ravishing attire is specially designed for the party wear. Green patiala has red floral embroidery to give you a fancy and astounding look on party. The light colored shirt with patch work on neck and bottom will make you look as beautiful as pearl.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Beige Outfit

Brown Floral Embroidered Silk Dress

The dress is totally designed according to the latest style and demand of the customer. The beautiful dress is paired with brown silk patiala that is specially designed for comfortable wear and the embroidered floral work adds to the beauty of the dress.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Embroidered Silk Outfit

Maroon Patiala Shalwar Suit By Natasha

The dress is designed with resham embroidery paired with the elegant patiala and dupatta. In this hot summer season, the alluring, fresh and radiant colors with unique prints are comfortable and modish to wear. See here Natasha Couture Indian Shalwar Suits for latest ideas by none other than Natasha who is well known Indian designer

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Red Outfit

Pink and Purple Punjabi Patiala Suit

The dress is specially designed for party wear and the fabric is raw silk. The matching dupatta and patiala shalwar with round bottom shirt and laces add style and gives magnificent appearance.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Blue & Pink Outfit

White Jodhpur Print Embroidered Dress

The beautiful shirt is three-quarter sleeved with the elegant embroidery around the neck. Andhra Cotton is the fabric of this Jodhpur’s alluring shirt. The attire can make a person to look gorgeous due to the perfect combination of radiant colors and embroidery and that’s how this dress actually looks like!

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez White Outfit

Desi Tilla Work Shalwar Kameez

The super gorgeous sleeveless shirt is loaded with tilla work to add glamour to the attire. If you are fancy dress lover, you will definitely adore this desi tila work shalwar kameez. It is ready to wear attire that can present you with magnificence.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Tilla dress

Shocking Pink Kameez With Blue Shalwar

Mostly Ladies prefer the decent Kameez Shalwar and this dress is one of them. This dress comprises the elegant raw silk shirt of shocking pink color with alluring jamawar shalwar in blue color. The elegant combination is outclass for the party wear.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Pink Dress

Black Shalwar Kameez For Party Wear

Black is not a color, it’s an attitude! Older one, but this is still the favorite style of every lady. It gives perfect look specially to the girls with thin figure. The white polka dots on shalwar adds up style to the elegantly designed attire. This outfit is incomplete if you haven’t done smokey eye makeup so make sure you are going to do justification with this dress 🙂

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Black and White Outfit

Fancy Party Wear Shalwar Kameez

This attire speaks for its beauty itself! The magnificent royal work on the shirt with silk shalwar adds glory to the wearer. Moreover, embroidery on the vibrant color adds up to the stylish look. If you ought to wear fancy dresses, then have a look on Indian Umbrella Frocks and Churidar Suits

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Fancy Outfit

Embroidered Party Wear Shalwar Kameez

It is a decent party wear dress designed for a perfect dress up. This elegant and enchanting embroidery will make your look adorable on the parties. This party wear makes you truly graceful and amazing. Do try our Simple and beautiful khussa collection with this outfit 🙂

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Embroidered Outfit

Shocking Pink Shalwar Kameez For Girls

It’s a pleasing to eye outfit for the young girls to own the crown of beauty queen at parties. The magnificent colors will definitely add glow to the entire attire. To have an idea of more Shalwar suits, you can simply check this Punjabi Patiala Shalwar Kameez Designs .

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Pink & Grey Outfit

Aqua Blue Party Wear Shalwar Kameez

This marvelous and elegant Chanderi dress is traditional and the beautiful blue and purple color add elegance to the design. You must go for it to make yourself look wonderful on any kitty party!

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Blue Attire

 Jacket Style Party Wear Shalwar Suit

The alluring orange and green dress has a mirror worked jacket, embroidered with needle work in skin colored specially designed for party wear. Chic attires for the women and girls are designed by the various great designers keeping in the taste of this modern age. 

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Jacket Style Outfit

Patiala Shalwar with Chiffon Sleeves Shirt

As shalwar kameez is easy and more comfortable to carry for girls and women; chiffon sleeves with short shirt gives a very attractive look.

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Navy Blue Dress

 Dull Gold Shirt with traditional Red Shalwar

As shown in the picture, the dull gold shirt with embroidery on the neck gives a pure traditional look to this outfit. Red shalwar is the perfect option for combination with dull gold. Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Beige Outfit

Few Glimpse of Indian Party Style Shalwar Kameez

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Pink Dress

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Floral Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Royal Blue Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Blue Jacquard Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Off white Dress

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Floral Pink Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Shocking Pink Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Grey Outfit

Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez White Attire

These are the stunning designs of Indian Party Wear Shalwar Kameez Collection 2019. Dont forget to grab your favorite attire and share with us in following comments. Various Pakistani and Indian designers are showcasing elegant designs of Shalwar Kameez and making your events superb. Be a center of attention of every function by wearing these fancy dresses. It will give all ladies an elegant appearance 🙂

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Latest Stylish Frock Designs for Girls

Indian Wedding Lehengas and Gowns

Latest Fashion Cigarette Pant Suits

Latest Pakistani Party Dresses and Frock Designs 2019

Being up to date and stylish is the basic priority and ultimate choice of every woman of this modern age. Women usually opt such dresses that give the super classy look and stylish. Fashion is radically and incredibly changing day by day. Pakistani ladies are always keeping an eagle eye in the changing of fashion trends. Girls love to change their appearance as per latest trends and styles. Designers keep the latest trends and demands in view while designing new trends so we shouldn’t be worried about trends whatever they design they will keep all age groups in their consideration. Latest Trends Of Tulip Pants In Pakistan 2019 consist of chic bottoms which is proudly launched by the designers to impress the population of women.

Tulip Pants embroidered with off shoulder kurta

With the arrival of these pants, we cant say that Shalwar Kameez or Patiala shalwar kameez suits is out of the fashion. Numerous styles and designs have given the bottom a new look and whatever you wear with this either straight shirts, short frocks and waist-belt frocks it will look superb on you. Traditions and customs create a beautiful combination in Pakistani fashion so the effort of designing tulip pant is specially done for the ladies who love to wear cultural wears. The previous trend of simple shalwar is slowly fading away from Pakistani fashion industry but designers are introducing latest trends to revive this fashion.

The latest fashion has brought stylish pants like loose-fit pants, flappers, cigarette pants, ankle fit pants, stylish capris, party palazzos and last but not least, Tulip Pants. Also, you can make yourself look attractive and mind-blowing by pairing elegant tulip pants with any frock, short or long shirt, kurti or round-bottom shirt.

Trends Of Tulip Pants with motifs

Stylish Designer Dress With Tulip Pants

We are going to introduce you to the Latest Trend of Tulip Pants in Pakistan 2019 along with its Cutting TutorialTulip pants are usually a combination of light and elegant shades. Adorable, pretty and versatile features of tulip pants are making them trendy. Tulip Pants are a blend of perfection and modernity. One can go for embroidered tulip pants or can choose beads or pearls for the pant to pair it with fancy dresses. If you want to be a center of attention of the function then do check our collection of fancy dresses and pair your favorite attire today with these pants, Nobody can deny wearing the trendy Tulip pants for both formal and semi-formal use.

In this blog, we are going to let you know latest designs of tulip pants with cutting method because for ladies this one is the biggest problem to understand the stitching style so we are going to make this easier for you by showing some cutting patterns. Stay tuned to this blog and choose your favorite style today 🙂

Tulip Pants with simple and floral lawn kurta

New Designs Of Trendy Tulip Pants

The following collection exhibits some ready-made casual and fancy tulip pants that are comfortable to wear. You can explore bundle of awesome designs with embroidery and vivid shades below. The embroidery on tulip pants looks amazing. Party and casual wear dresses are mostly paired with tulip pants now. These pants can be made of any stuff and color of your choice. 

Tulip Pants with waist belt frock

Only the appearance of the attire is sufficient to come along one with the opinion of wearing this elegant pant. Ladies can carry the tulip pant by wearing stylish khussas that will add beauty to your attire. The curiosity for its cutting and designing is reaching the top so scroll down and get to know what else we have gathered for all the fashionistas 🙂

Tulip Pants with Kaftan Style Golden Shirt

Tulip Pants for Young Girls

Tulip Pants in White Cotton

Tulip Pants with Fancy Long Shirt

Tulip Pants with Designer Wear White Dress

Tulip Pants for Girls by Kayseria

Tulip Pants with Off white Loose Tunic

Tulip Pants with Knee Length Shirt

Tulip Pants Jamawar with Fancy Short Frock

Tulip Pants cut work with White Apparel

Tulip Pants Shirt with White Tulip Shalwar

Tulip Pants Purple Fancy Attire

Tulip Pants with Digital Shirt

Tulip Pants with Peach Embroidered Tunic

Tulip Pants with Embroidered Net Attire

Tulip Pants with Jacket Style Dress

Tulip Pants with Short Length Tunic Frock

Tulip Pants with Heavy embroidery peach dress

Tulip Pants with Printed blue dress

Tulip Pants with Green Jamawar short shirt

Tulip Pants with Blue casual wear dress

Tulip Pants with Short Shirt Tulip Pant Style with Short Kurti Tulip Pants with Yellow Dress Tulip Pants with Fancy Dress

How To Stitch: Tulip Pant/Shalwar Cutting Tutorial Step By Step

Let the latest trend of tulip pant reside in you for some time that you can cherish wearing it and you may change it when you want to. For this reason, here we are giving you easy method to cut your pant and stitch it to make it tulip pant because we want you to know all about the latest trends of Pakistani Fashion and to follow it. Follow the steps one by one and have a look on the images too. Let’s begin the tutorial with the first step. 🙂

STEP 1: Fold the Piece of Cloth

First of all, double fold the entire cloth from which you want to stitch your tulip pant. Overlap both the corners of the rectangle down to the bottom and make the difference of 2 inches. Measure and cut the piece of cloth according to your own measurement.

Step 1 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 2: Cut the Piece of Cloth further

The upper side of the cloth will be the top of the tulip pant and lower will serve as the bottom of the tulip pant.

Step 2 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 3: Cut the Front Pattern and Stitch it in Angle

Cut the front pattern of the cloth from the center on the central measured line. After cutting, stitch the side from this area. Repeat this step to both of the lengths of pant at an angle. 

Step 3 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 4: Give Shape to the Crotches

Add 5 inches to the waistline and make the shape of the angle lines in the ankle according to the following images. 

Step 4 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 5: Match the Cloth Pieces together

After flipping both pieces, stitch them on the side of the already cut back pattern. Match crotch areas and sides as shown in the image below.

Step 5 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 6: Do as Mentioned

Overlap the front piece after stitching it as shown in the figure.

Step 6 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 7: Stitch the Pant by adding Waist Elastic

Now both crotches is ready, you are just required to stitch both of them together with the help of a waistband of elastic.

Step 7 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

STEP 8: Done!

Your tulip pant is ready to wear. You can make it look like that of the picture by giving an invisible stitch to the front pieces as shown in the image.

Step 8 - Tulip Pant Cutting Tutorial

We hope that you have enjoyed having a look at the Latest Trends Of Tulip Pants In Pakistan 2019 and you also have learned the cutting tutorial to make one for yourself. Go get one for yourself and make sure you are worthy it too. 🙂

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