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BestStylo.com | March 29, 2020

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Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Ready To Wear Dresses For Women | BestStylo.com

Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Ready To Wear Dresses For Women

Who hasn’t heard of Chanel and who doesn’t absolutely love it? It’ll be hard to find someone on this planet who might. Carrying on the respectfully feminist and feminine touch, Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Ready To Wear Dresses For Women  was a beautiful message for women all over the world. And this is one of the many reasons why Chanel has effortlessly maintained its position as a top fashion house for decades and decades. This particular collection takes you to a typical Parisian Boulevard. Karl Lagerfeld created something exceptional with that talented mind of his and showcased a very rich variety of outfits that brought this fashion walk to life. With a daring and lively impression right from the beginning of this show, it showed us the independence, modernity and activeness of women in an amazingly confident way.

There was a perfect balance between the masculinity and femininity of this bold and beautiful line. This adventurous yet elegant and classy line depicted the beauty of modern women that refuse to conform to the stereotypes of our society. There are so many vibrant colors used to add some glam to these formal dresses which are just the right choice for fashionable professional women. Even though the styling and design has incorporation of a bit of menswear, the underlying base of all the dresses remain feminine and absolutely chic. Colors like pink, green, blue, orange and blue went stunningly well with floral prints and this entire theme was flawlessly carried through each and every one of these mod dresses. And how can we forget Chanel’s iconic colors? White, black and navy proved to be the base and foundation of this ready to wear range.

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From all the color combos to all these gorgeous cuts and designs, you’ll find yourself reeling through the late 60’s to this date. This collection had a sense of freedom, humor, fearlessness and playfulness to it. The showcase of this unique collection was actually done through a street protest rather than a ramp walk on the fashion runway. The dresses were not the only different element of this whole thing, the fashion accessories by Chanel was a mix and match of marvelous pieces portraying the self expression and individuality of women. And talking of accessories, they were more on the whimsical and quirky side, also complimented with Chanel bags and sweater to complete the look.

Though the shoes were practical and inspired by menswear which went quite well with the whole feel of the show. To further reinforce the entire theme of the show, so many well-worded and interesting banners were displayed through the entire street walk. The designer Karl Lagereld has been playing his part in the support of women rights his whole life in many different ways and that also carried through this collection. And to create dresses and outfits of all size and shapes for women will only add to the cause of making them feel more empowered, liberated and independent. So, enjoy going through this inspiring collection and pick something out for yourself!































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