Christian Dior was a French fashion designer and the founder of the one and only Christian Dior which is now owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A. LVMH is also a French multinational label that came into being after a merger for multinational luxury and fashion goods in the Louis Vuitton fashion house. Christian Dior, a luxury goods fashion house, thus became one of the 60 prestigious subsidiaries of LVMH of which they also have the main holding. The talent and the man Raf Simons became the creative director of Christian Dior and he is the one who is behind all the amazing collections we get to see by Dior including the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2015 Ready To Wear Dresses For Women. This collection was mainly inspired by the astronaut jumpsuits and the like.

Simons was successfully able to incorporate and showcase his idea across this collection. This type of work is the reason he has always stood out and apart owing to his historical references, ideas and codes. His idea and inspiration for this line has flown flawlessly through these nightgown dresses, Bermuda shorts and long coats. Simons is all about ‘inventing the future by reinventing the past’. He has always been exceedingly great at combining all these contrasting bits and piece together to form a masterpiece and that is also what he has exactly done this time. You will find yourself scrolling through the timeline of centuries when you have a glance at this collection. These hybrid dress are truly genius and a refreshing break from what you mostly get to see.

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When asked about this collection from the creative designer for Dior himself, he responded by saying that he wanted to create something modern with a blast from the past to it, an interesting twist. He delivered a new attitude with high quality and comparatively low prices in this line which totally delighted the people. Simons was able to give a new vibrancy to these ready to wear dresses by juxtaposing bits of the past across various decades and incorporating them flawlessly. He reactivated and energized components and features from the past by pushing them forward in the time now and ahead. Forward-thinking fashion energized with elements from the past and in turn, those elements were reactivated.

He made the looks from the past three centuries turn new and appealing! But reactivating and reinventing the past was not all that he did in this collection. He also brought in new exciting ideas that you may have never possibly seen before. And this sense of fashion is what keeps these collections full of life. So, you won’t only the past in the future in this one, but also enjoy the creation of exquisitely magnificent dresses. These outfits by Dior for women were a stunning historical reference thriving in the now and the future. May it be the color combinations, the simplicity, the uniqueness or the familiarity, Dior never fails to distinguish itself from the rest. So, go and grab one of these because now it is attainable!

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