In our today’s article, we will focus on common causes and remedies for hair Loss in females. This article is going to be very beneficial for all those ladies who are facing hair fall. We will discuss the best hair loss treatment for women in this article. Women always face so many problems in daily routine. Among all those problems, loosing hair and gaining weight is the mainstream. These two problems make women worried.

Hair loss is considered a big loss according to ladies. There are so many reasons, natural and artificial both due to which women faces hair loss issue. But you don’t need to worry anymore, because there are many female hair loss prevention tips to cope up with this issue and get your healthy hairs back. Scroll down and get to know about why does hair fall out and what are the main causes of thinning hair. Mentioned below are the common causes and remedies for hair loss in females.

Over Stress

Every other lady around the world is suffering from emotional, mental and physical stress. The events like divorce, broken relationship, family dispute or death of close ones, all these effects women very deeply. They keep on thinking and remain in stress for so long that it effects their health and the major effect is seen in the form of hair fall. The remedy to this cause is just stop over thinking and keep yourself busy in positive tasks which you love doing. Keep doing exercise and such tasks which raise your metabolism rate and keep you active and strong.



1 out of 10 women are suffering from anemia. All the women between the ages of 20 to 50 years are more prone to anemic diseases. Anemia disease occurs because of iron deficiency in body. Lack of iron is directly linked with lock deficiency. To avoid locks deficiency due to anemia, you just need to take iron supplements and you will get your hair back in few months.



When women face stress, they rush towards taking anti-depressants. Avoid them ladies. They are source of so many problems. The major problem is hair loss because anti-depressants leads to hair loss. So, stop taking them right now to have healthy locks and healthy lifestyle.


Crash Diet Plans

Sudden weight loss because of crash diets or anxiety badly effects hair. Ladies go crazy about losing weight and they start following crash diet plan which effects their body. Crash diet plan leads to lack of various nutrients from body which causes lock loss. So, stop following crash diet plans, if you want to lose weight just go with clean eating.


Chronic Diseases

The rate of chronic diseases like diabetes and psoriasis is increasing in ladies day by day. Especially diabetes rate is increasing. Diabetes effects circulation system of body due to which nutrients reach later to the upper part of body. These diseases shed locks so get problem medication to avoid any type of deficiency especially of locks.



It is the hyper state of disturbance of thyroid gland. This gland controls the metabolism of your body, so if this gland is not working well, then there are chances that your body health gets affected. First negative impact of hypothyroidism is seen when you start seeing more amount of broken locks in your comb or brush. It is the time to get best medication to stable the level of thyroid.


Post Pregnancy

90% of ladies face hair loss after child birth, this rate is increasing. After the birth of child, when hormones get back to normal phase, they result in falling of locks. This is temporary phase so don’t get worried you will get your locks back soon.


Protein Deficiency

It is one of the biggest reasons of hair loss. As we all know that our mops are made up of a protein called Keratin. I hope you better imagine what will happen with your mops once you lack protein in your body. So, increase your intake of protein enriched foods like fish, chicken and eggs. You will get healthy mops soon by these foods.


Over-Styling and Straightening

The girls or ladies who get their hair straight daily with iron rod, they lose their locks in very less time. All they left with is thin layered hairs which look weird at times. So, stop daily straightening and take care of your hairs by oiling them once or twice a week.


Polycystic Ovaries

This cyst is due to the change of sexual hormones in female body. Along with several other problems, polycystic ovary leads to hair fall and then loss. You need to check your doctor and diagnose hormonal imbalance in your body to cope up with this disorder.

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