Cute Small Tattoo Designs with Meanings for Women

Mostly people are very conscious about sizes; they don’t want large and prominent enough things to get it on. Here we are talking about small tattoo designs. Some people are willing to get a small and meaningful tattoo that takes slight place on the skin but at the same time look trendy and stylish. In my view, cool small tattoo designs are best especially for ladies. Before getting a tattoo, you should know the meaning and significance of the tattoo you are about to get on. Get a tattoo is a painful procedure and it is permanent at the same time that is why people want to get a stylish, cool, and meaningful tattoo altogether. By keeping this thing in mind, I brought some very cute small tattoo designs with meanings for women. Beauty is the primary quality of women so get best tattoo designs with meaning is the perfect tattoo style.

Here I am bringing some most attractive small tattoo ideas for ladies with implications, especially for women from all over the world. Only to give you best options if you are looking for pretty small tattoo designs with meanings to get it on. Scroll down to these amazing short meaningful tattoos to choose your perfect meaning tattoo.

  • Feather

Feather has a very broad history due to its significance and implications. It also signifies beauty, color, and exceptionality. Usually, a single feather denoted loss and failure but when we see it in the broad aspect, it also means luck and good wishes.


small feather tattoo on back


small feather tattoo on neck


small peacock feather tattoo on finger


small feather tattoo on shoulder


small feather tattoo on wrist


small feather tattoo on ankle


small feather tattoo below ear


  • Sun and Moon

Sun and moon is the most recognized form of art. This symbolic icon of Moon represents perpetuity, energy, time with no end, insight and magic. There are varieties of tattoos of the moon. Even, though, the sun is the symbolic icon that means giving of life, shine, and brightness. It signifies fertility and rebirth as it gives shining light to the world.


small moon tattoo design on wrist small moon tattoo design on neck small moon tattoo design on hand small sun tattoo design on back small sun tattoo design on back 01 small sun tattoo design on shoulder small sun tattoo design on shoulder 01

  •  Rose

Rose tattoos can be varying for both men and women. All genders can get a rose tattoo at their body parts. This beautiful symbol of art is very popular. Rose is the symbol of love, the beauty of soul, strength and passion towards anything or person. Though you can get the black and white rose, but some rose color carries it own meaning. White mean for innocence and calm, black is the color of sorrow, loss, and deep grief.


small rose tattoo design on back neck small rose tattoo design on tummy

small black rose tattoo on ankle


small rose tattoo on finger


small black rose tattoo on inner wrist


small red rose tattoo on middle finger


small rose tattoo behind ear


small rose tattoo on back shoulder

  • Musical Notes

Music is the soul of the human. This symbol signifies pleasure and great passion. Musical note art implies a human passion and love for music. This design is very famous in the music community and people who belong to music. Musical notes can make us feel divine, free and alive.


small musical note tattoo design on back ear 01 small musical note tattoo design on back ear small musical note tattoo design on foot

musical note tattoo on inner wrist


musical note tattoo on inner finger



musical note tattoos on ear


musical note tattoos on fingers

  • Birds

This tattoo design has varieties of forms and shapes. Usually, bird represents freedom, life, and peace. It is the most beautiful art symbol among young generation. You can get inked in the colorful and black bird. It also implies hope, but peacock signifies beauty and color of happiness.


small birds tattoo design on arm small birds tattoo design on wrist

small bird tattoo on hand


small bird tattoo on ankle


small birds tattoo on back shoulder


small birds tattoo on inner wrist


three small birds tattoo behind ear

  • Stars

The most modern art symbol all around the world is a star. Both men and women recognize this symbol. It symbolizes real spirit, faith, and also having different beliefs by many different religions related to the sky. It is the symbol of light surrounded by the superficially boundless darkness.


small star tattoos on wrist


black small stars tattoo on arm


colorful small stars tattoo on foot


three small stars tattoo on inner wrist


small stars tattoo on back neck


small stars tattoo behind ear


small stars tattoo on finger

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