Deepak Perwani does not necessitate any introduction in the fashion industry. In Deepak Perwani New Eid Collection 2019 for Men and Women, you can find lovable spring womanhood, bright use of colors and obvious contrasts. His collection is extremely wearable and reasonable in price. It’s a well-renowned brand across the world and one of the first ones to come in mind especially on occasions like Eid. They have been in the industry for quite some time bringing us minimalist and modern contemporary designs.

There are subtle but vibrant colors strengthen by lovely embroidery and trendy motifs and stunning prints. The philosophy of the brand – To go get the world and a bit more if needed. This Eid collection has some exciting new designs that you will not find anywhere else. The quality of the material used is unmatchable and very refined. You would feel the difference when you try one of these stunning dresses. It channels your inner beauty and enhances your look substantially.

Deepak Perwani Eid Dresses For Women 2019 With Price

This year’s Deepak Perwani New Eid Collection 2019 for Men and Women showcases some amazing blend of colors. You will find yourself wanting everyone from this range of lighter tones to darker ones. An interesting use of patterns on the printed clothes is just what you need to look ravishing formally at daytime and fancy embroidery to look even gorgeous at evening gatherings.

All the designs are specially made to cater to the Pakistani and Desi community all over the world. Adhering to the values and norms in the Pakistani society, the dresses exhibit the true traditional culture in a modern way that leaves a very memorable impression on your mind. You can not keep this collection out of your mind once you see it, you know you just have to have it! Because that is how great these are.

The lighter shades mainly include off-whites, dull shade of gold with a blend of beige to lemon and mustard hints of colors along with light blues and peach. Moving on to the darker shades, you will see beautiful work done on red and darker tones of blue and purple extending to patterned and self-printed outfits. Did you check the Maria B Digital Prints Summer Collection? This is amazing you would see how beautifully every color has absorbed digital print in all outfits whether 2pc or 3pc.

One thing that “The House of Deepak Perwani” does not compromise is on quality. You will be sure to get value for your money. Their target market is not only limited to the elite class but now their affordable range of attire is easily made available to everyone who is looking for a dress that is worth it! If you want to see his Lawn collection click here, Zeniya Lawn Summer Collection By Deepak Perwani. So, the wait is over now, you can see the complete range of Deepak Perwani New Eid Collection.

Check out the following Deepak perwani designs for ladies with prices 🙂

deepak perwani white embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani aqua embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani white embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani shocking pink for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani red embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani cadet blue embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani blue embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-
deepak perwani beige embroidered for eid
PKR 14,000/-

Take a look at few brief descriptions of some trendy dresses by Asim Jofa this year. So you may get to know about your selected outfit.

Dazzle White

Effortlessly set the trend for luxury style with this must-have embroidered crochet jacket with crepe inner. A mint green crepe slip gives good volume and style to your outerwear. The cost of this dress is PKR 14,500/-.

Deepak Perwani Dazzle White Attire For Eid

Color Blend

Cool breezy summery digital printed tunic is looking mind blowing. As warmer days have arrived, there is no better dress than to wear Stylish tunics. Pairing Tunic dress with belts and unique accessories make this attire even more stylish. The cost of this dress is PKR 5,200/-.

Deepak Perwani Color Blend Dress For Eid

Tres Chic

Cool and stylish cape with pullover style top gives you slim and edgy look. You can wear this overly trendy dress with levis fitted skinny jeans, straight printed pants and with trousers as well. The worth of this dress is PKR 5,800/-. For more stylish dresses, you can check Best Stylish Summer Dresses For Girls

Deepak Perwani Tres Chic Dress For Eid

Eclectic Top

Very edgy and trendy striped top is looking breathtaking. This color looks adorable with black, gray, maroon and deep blue. Not wear this color with neon and beige shades. The price of this dress is PKR 7,200/-.

Deepak Perwani Eclectic Top For Eid

Elegant Rust

This organza Summer eid wear kurti with gold straight pant is perfect for girls as well as for women. I think this is a perfect and appreciative color that enhances the snugness and elegance of any dress. The golden sandal is perfect to freshen up this warm color during the eid. The cost of this dress is PKR 16,500/-.

Deepak Perwani Elegant Rust For Eid


Embroidered cape style dress detailed with pearls on edges of the sleeves. The Ombre trend is spreading from clothing to hair to nail art and trust me it looks fabulous. This style gather all the ideas and color that comes with Alkaram summer lawn for eid collection, making this trend a perfect deal for Eid festivities. The worth of this dress is PKR 18,500/-.

Deepak Perwani Empyreal Outfit For Eid

Deepak Perwani Evening Delight

Peach Organza jacket style shirt with silver belt and lace patterns. The slim silvery belt pattern and chiffon long women jacket are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The price of this dress is PKR 18,500/-.

Deepak Perwani Evening delight For eid

Heavenly Blue

Stylish Kurti for girls with screen printed daaman. This Blue Color Kurti can be worn by young girls with straight white and black pants. The cost of this dress is PKR 7,800/-. For more kurtis, click on this link Rang Ja Trendy Kurtis For Eid

Deepak Perwani Heavenly Blue Kurti For Eid

Lavish White

Beautiful screen printed shirt with zari work. Zari is a complex art of weaving gold and silver threads. The designs are so beautiful that apart from the fiscal value attached to these threads. The fabric also gets an overall rich and sophisticated look. The price of this dress is PKR 7,800/-.

Deepak Perwani Lavish White Eid Attire

Pearl Girl

Blue organza pearl embellished shirt with printed trouser. These pearl decorated dresses are the best expression of your impressive taste. The worth of this dress is PKR 26,500/-.

Deepak Perwani Pearl Girl suit For Eid

Sweet Berry

Beautiful bright red kurti with subtle beige colored embroidery and printed daaman. I am completely in love with the color combination of red and beige. And aren’t this red embroidered kurti is absolutely fabulous? The worth of this dress is PKR 7,800/-. For more eid wears, see Satrangi By Bonanza Eid Collection which is grabbing the attention of everyone in upcoming eid season.

Deepak perwani Sweet Berry Eid Dress

Deepak Perwani The Abstract

The cool breezy summery abstract printed tunic is looking ravishing. Deepak Perwani Pret Eid Collection 2019 Catalog will be the considerable present for the style notable others who like to wear shocking and amazing dress outlines. The cost of this dress is PKR 5,500/-.

Deepak Perwani The Abstract For Eid

Deepak Perwani Eid Dresses For Men 2019 with Price

Not only the Women’s Collection is amazing but also is the Men’s on this occasion! The Deepak Perwani New Eid Collection for Men 2019 includes Men Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas with fashionably half ban collars which look just as stylish. The use of color tones in these dresses is quite decent because it’s hard to find the right shade to match the weather and your suitability. There are variations in length that you can choose for according to your taste and liking. The fitting and size are another one of their finest points that makes you feel like it was made to fit you perfectly!

This not only includes a wide variety of colors to choose from but also various patterns and slight embroidery designs. What are you looking for? Many of the ready to wear clothes are sold out by this point, only a few days from Eid. And the brand is swamped for orders from all over the world. So, make sure you grab what you love from this comfortably gorgeous wardrobe range and make your Eid bigger, brighter and better. Want to look uniquely beautiful? This is definitely what you should go for them. This is one fashion brand that won’t let you down!

Black Cotton Shalwar Kameez

This ordinary and simple Shalwar Kameez look more good for an elegant look. This is the best choice for Summer eid. The worth of this dress is PKR 6,000/-.

Deepak Perwani Black Cotton Eid Shalwar Kamiz

Boski Shalwar Kameez

Are you fed up of wearing simple Shalwar Kameez? To give your attire a stylish twist, designers have introduced waistcoats in the fashion market. Men look more trendy and fashionable in these type of dresses. The price of this dress is PKR 31,000/-. Fore more shimmery design wear, you can check Latest Sherwani Designs For Men  that would be a perfect choice this festive occasion

Deepak perwani Boski Shalwar Kamiz Eid Wear

Kameez Shalwar With Plain Waist Coat

Waistcoats are becoming popular among young fashion lover boys and men. Boys who want to stay updated along with the style can grab this fashion piece from any Deepak Perwani outlet. The cost of this dress is PKR 6,000/-.

Deepak Perwani Eid Kamiz Shalwar With Plain Waistcoat

Deepak Perwani Off-White Karandi Kurta

This pure karandi kurta looks perfect on this eid. Light summer color kurta will attract both boys and men of all ages. You can pair this kurta with white and black shalwars. The worth of this attire is PKR 6,000/-

Deepak Perwani Off-White Karandi Eid Kurta

White Kameez Shalwar

White color depicts purity, innocence, and simplicity. This apparel is suitable for the men and boys of all ages. As it’s white so young boys can wear any type of sandal or Peshawari chappal with this holy dress. Best Designs Of Casual Shoes For Men Latest Collection are also gathered for you so check out the designs in which you get the various designs that would fit best with the attire. The cost of this dress is PKR 6,000/-.

Deepak Perwani White Kameez Shalwar For eid

White Cotton Shalwar Kameez

If you want to look confident, then your first priority should be your appearance. Deepak Perwani is creating high-quality shalwar kameez and kurta collection for boys and men both. So, don’t waste your precious time and money on other brands because Deepak Perwani is here with the most fashionable and trendy outfits for eid 2017. The price of this attire is PKR 6,000/-.

Deepak Perwani White Cotton Shalwar Kamiz For Eid

White Kameez Shalwar With Black Waist Coat

Black and the white color combination is timeless. These two colors are paired together for ages and rocking the whole elegance of the person. This attire can be carried by grooms on their Nikkah and Engagement functions and on Eid too. The cost of this dress is PKR 31,000/-.

Deepak Perwani Shalwar Kameez With Waist Coat For Eid

 Check out the following few awesome designs of Deepak Perwani for men with prices.

Deepak cadet blue boski shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 6,950/-
Deepak elegant boski shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 6,950/-
Deepak maroon boski shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 6,950/-
Deepak Boski linen shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 6,950/-
Deepak Boski linen shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 6,950/-
Deepak olive boski shalwar kameez for eid
PKR 16,500/-

These are the stunning Eid designs for men and women by Deepak perwani. If you people haven’t selected your favorite attire then get ready Deepak Perwani New Eid Collection 2019 for Men and Women is in the market now. Grab your desired one and look marvelous this eve 🙂

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