‘Lip Gloss’ is a item used mainly to provide lips a shiny appeal and delicate color. “DIY Super Easy Homemade Natural Pink Lip Gloss”  is all about how to make your own natural pinkish lip gloss easily at home. I personally made it for myself, its simply awesome! I just love it. Its so simple and I adored the approach my lips seemed and felt after I produced it.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Pink Crushed Blusher
  • Orange Crushed Eyeshadow
  • Neon Pink Shade
  • Vaseline
  • Spatula
Things You'll Need
Things You’ll Need


  • Step 1:  Add shattered blusher and shadow in any kind of jar or bottle.
Pink Crushed Blusher
Pink Crushed Blusher
Orange Crushed Shadow
Orange Crushed Shadow
Crushed Shadow & Blusher
Crushed Shadow & Blusher in Container


  • Step 2:  With the help of spatula, nicely break up this shadow and blusher until it becomes powdery.
Crush Shadows
Powdery Shadow & Blusher


  • Step 3:  Adjust the shade as required. You can use a neon pink color in the above mixture as I added.
Neon Pink Shade( for color adjustment)
Neon Pink Shade (for color adjustment)
Final Color
Final Color


  • Step 4:  Put Vaseline in any other container.
Vaseline in Jar


  • Step 5:  Add small amount of final shade you made in a Vaseline and mix. Add gradually until you acquire a desired color.
Mix Vaseline with Final Color
Mix Vaseline with Final Color


  • Step 6:  Finally cover and secure. That’s all you have done!
Apply on Lips
Apply on Lips
Finished Look
Finished Look


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