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Blue eyes are the most common eye color that most American has. Even if it is the most common, you can still make it appear like it is a rare one by taking into consideration some eye makeup ideas and eyeshadow for blue eyes. To make them appear different or emphasize its great color, all you have to do is to know which colors you should have on your makeup set. Knowing that simple information is the key for achieving the look that you are trying to make your eyes appear. The look of whole personality shines with the glance of beautiful eyes.

Eye Makeup Ideas & Tips For Blue Eyes: The Color

  • Emphasizing the gorgeous color is all about choosing the right color. The awesome color includes the eyeliner, eye makeup up, and other makeup components that will highlight the color of your eyes. To start with, for your office look, the color that you must apply should be in shades of brown, lavender, rose, and all neutral shades. These colors are ones that look good and complement well on blue eyes. For the evening makeup shades, your makeup set should have gold, turquoise, metallic silver, and icy pink to achieve a dramatic look and a bit of flair.
  • As for the other makeup components like mascara, you can apply dark blue ones together with a charcoal eyeliner. Applying tones of dark blue can also help in bringing out the natural blue of your eyes. Other than that, you can also consider these colors as eyeshadow ideas for blue eyes: grey shades, gold, camel shadow, chocolate brown, and a white shadow. You can also choose from the colors Khaki colored-shadow and bronze.
  • On the other hand, the color selections of eyeliners that look best for your eyes are all shades of brown, purple in light shades, camel, taupe, gray, silver and lavender. These eyeliner color selections help in emphasizing and even making your eyes look bluer. If you want your eyes to stand out, then all you have to do is to shop for makeup that has all those colors.

Make Your Eyes Pop

  • As for the eye makeup ideas that can make blue eyes pop, all you have to do is to apply a white eyeliner, pluck and wax your eyebrows, put a concealer under your eyes to emphasize them and add some shimmer by applying sparkly yet light eye shadow.
  • You have just read some tips that will help you decorating the most important part of face. These are some of the things that you have to do to emphasize the color of your eyes. Once you completed your makeup kit with all the right colors from the eye makeup ideas for blue eyes mentioned, there is no doubt that you will just look more gorgeous.

Eyeshadow Ideas For Blue Eyes (Gallery)

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