In the inflation-laden world of today, it is extremely important for companies in every industry to offer products that are not too expensive and provide good value for the money that they are charging. Affordability is one of the most important factors that buyers consider when they go shopping. Even a small price difference can mean the selection or rejection of a product. And since there are even more substitutes and alternatives available in the market today in comparison to the previous years, the buyer would not think twice before switching to another brand if they feel that they are getting a better deal out of it.

There are basically three things that matter to consumers; price, quality and aesthetics. And even though it is very difficult to check all three boxes for brands when they are producing, some do it flawlessly and those are the ones that make it big. If the customer is not getting enough value for their money, the product is not worth it. When it comes to industries like fashion and textile, this proves to be true even further. For a brand to create something beautiful that is also high quality and easy on the pocket is the real challenge. Many fashion brands have been attempting to do their best and others are trying and some feel that if their product is aesthetically beautiful and high quality, it gives them the right to charge whatever they want and the customers would happily buy it but that is not the case.

Elegant Summer Dresses For Women 2015 By Shariq

A fashion brand that has been producing high quality beautiful clothing for women from the past  forty five years seems to be doing quite well at this feat. The brand we are talking about here is Firdous Textiles. It was founded four and half decades ago in the year 1970. And this brand has made its presence known in the industry since then. They have over 15 retail outlets in various major cities of Pakistan where all of their latest collections are featured and showcased for sale. They have 14 retail outlets in Pakistan. Their mission is to satisfy their customers to the fullest by giving them great quality designs that are highly affordable and in tune with the latest fashions in the industry. Striving for customer satisfaction has pushed them a long way into the world of success and customer loyalty.

The products offered by Firdous Textiles includes Loose Fabric, Home Textile, Fashion Apparel, Men and Women Footwear and accessories like Clutches and Bags. Firdous Textiles is highly affordable in comparison to other brands in the market. Firdous Textiles is one of the largest textile brands in the country. All their creations always keep with the latest trends and are focused on the requirements of their customers. This season, Firdous Textiles New Summer Collection 2015 Volume 3  brings us the latest volume from their summer wear line. These designs truly capture the essence of the brand. The third volume is just as stunning as the previous collections from the summer range if not more. Have a look!!

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