The one royal and divine name is Gul Ahmed fabric. Since half a century, the brand has marked label in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Like its tagline that says “Superbrand of Pakistan,” Gul Ahmed is performing very well for years, and its performance totally goes with its tagline. With its name, quality, reliability, innovation, and customer love, Gul Ahmed is touching the heights. The brand is the epitome of excellence. It has now got much fame at international level too. They have not only marked in Pakistan but abroad too. Along with so many outlets in Pakistan, they also have some in abroad, and that is the source of honour for them. They emerge in the fashion market as an icon of lush style, decency, and creativity. From the production of cotton yarns to home linen and fashion fabrics, now this brand is also focusing on the stylish and latest women wear trends too.

So, ladies, Gul Ahmed is a full package brand for you. It is the symbol of styles which decorates your personality and your home too. The brand releases fashion line of finest clothes for women every year. They have got the exquisite collection of summer, mid-summer, fall and winters in 2018 too. With the change of weather and cold breeze, every other brand has released its winter collection. So, how can Gul Ahmed stay a step back? They have also launched Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection 2018 for the very first time in 2018. This winter collection is so magnetizing and mesmerizing and when you will see the collection, you will surely be spellbound. The assortment is so fresh and amazing. In their collection, they have shown up

  • Digital prints
  • Block prints
  • Simply printed stuff
  • Embroidered stuff

The stuff on which they make their winter dresses is cotton, khaddar, karandi, linen and corduroy. As we all know that winter season comes for a very short time in Pakistan, so ladies cater every possible option. They buy fewer dresses but of good quality and unique prints. So, for that matter, Gul Ahmed is the best choice. Because of its eye-catching collection, decent colour combinations and attractive prints ladies usually can’t resist buying.

Latest Black and White Winter Collection by Gul Ahmed 2017


 Gul Ahmed Black and White Winter Collection 

Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection 2018 are so catchy, and I personally loved it. The best thing about the brand is that its price range is also affordable. Some prints range till PKR Rs 5000 to PKR Rs 6000 which is not affordable for everyone. But then, there are other designs and single shirts too whose price range starts from PKR Rs 1000 and varies till PKR Rs 2000. That’s quite affordable, to be honest. Moreover, the designer brand has used very peculiar colour schemes and combinations in the winter dresses collection.

The mix and match of black and white will suit the lady of every age group. They have dresses in light tone colours for aged ladies, and then they also have shocking and bright colours for young girls and working women. All young girls, ladies and working women, you can give a quick look to the winter collection 2018 by Gul Ahmed on our fashion blog. We have gathered all the best designs for you to give a look. Just see them, choose the best for you and then rush to an outlet. They have also got an easy option for you which is the possibility of Gul Ahmed’s e-store. You can now buy the stuff online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Give it a glance and look beautiful wearing Gul Ahmed.

Elegant Black and White Winter Collection by Gul Ahmed 2017

Gorgeous Black and White Winter Collection by Gul Ahmed

Ravishing Gul Ahmed Black and White Winter Dress

Beautiful Black and White Winter Attire by Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Black and White stylish apparel for Winter

Black and White classy casual wear Gul Ahmed attire for winters

Black and White Winter dress by Gul Ahmed

Latest Black and White winter designs by Gul Ahmed

Lovely Black and White Winter Collection by Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Black and White Winter Dress

Casual wear Black and White Winter dress by Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed's Black and White 2-piece Winter dress

Gorgeous Gul Ahmed Black and White Winter Apparel

Black and White elegant dress by Gul Ahmed

Dazzle Up Your Black & White Outfits With Amazing Styles

You may have go-through all these Black & white stunning designs but now we are going to let you know something different. You must be thinking What else we are going to tell you? Apart from these designs let me add one thing here first, that everyone loves to have at least one or two designs in black & white and these prints would be useless if you will not get stitched them in perfect style. We usually opt Shalwar Kameez style, Long shirt with different pants but fashion doesn’t end with these two basic traditions. You can mould your black and white outfit in unique styles. In this section, we are going to let you know how to dazzle up your elegant prints with stunning stitching. Take a look

  • Andrakha Style

Stitched your desired monochromic black and white outfit with Andrakha style. Wear tights or pants along with this. It would give you stunning appearing and you can have this at formal gatherings or for casual wear in the office. Try out this one to give you graceful personality this winters.

Andrakha Style for Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection

  • Droplet Sleeves

These days droplet sleeves are in fashion. If you have bought your favourite black & white collection then you can choose droplet sleeves for your outfit. It will look superb on you with V-Neckline. Style up yourself this winter with such elegant style for all kind of occasions.

Droplet Sleeves Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection

  • Open style A-line frock

You may have come across several designs who have open style shirts but you can choose your favourite black and white outfit for this stunning design. Open Style with A-line frock looks good as you can see in below picture

A-line Frock for Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection

  • Y-neckline for Short Kurta

Design your favourite monochrome outfit for this amazing Y-Neckline kurta. Short frocks and short kurtas are in trend these days. College-going girls love to adorn themselves with short kurtas. Ladies can have this style for office or for different casual styles

Y-Neckline Short Kurta Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection

These are the amazing apparels by Gul Ahmed Latest Black and White Winter Collection. Although you have go-through amazing styles as well that will help you to tailor your outfits in your styles. Perfect tailoring would enhance your personality and you can flaunt your favourite outfit anywhere among gatherings. Give yourself a stunning look by having these monochromatic prints by Gul Ahmed 🙂

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