Gul Ahmed Stunning Fall-Winter Collection 2023 For Women


‘Gul Ahmed’ has a great name in Pakistan Fashion Industry which is well-liked and preferred not only in Pakistan but also across the world. It always delivers top quality fabrics with distinctive and newest styles. Due to its eye-catching prints and color combinations, it has successfully and progressively made its brand significance year by year. It’s textile mills has attained authority in the global and household markets by means of its fine quality merchandise, brand collateral and client dedication and enthusiasm.

Gul Ahmed has confirmed that they are the real frontrunners regarding ladies attire brand around Pakistan. It has recently unveiled its tremendous series for Winter Wear 2023 which includes various varieties named as Cashmere Digital, Corduroy, Pashmina Shawl, Viscose, Silk Velvet, Printed Khaddar and Embroidered Khaddar Collections. In all these Collections, Gul Ahmed offers different sort of fabric having premium designs together with appealing color schemes.

Gul Ahmed Stunning Fall-Winter Collection 2023 For Women

This fabulous Winter Collection is now available in all outlets of Gul Ahmed worldwide. You can also buy the dress of your choice online via the official website of Gul Ahmed. The price of all outfits ranges between 4000-5000 Rs. Most of the dresses in these series are stitched while others are un-stitched. All assortments are magnificently designed with embroidery, ornaments as well as lacework. The costumes are specifically manufactured not only with respect to the winter season, but you can also wear or use them on various events or parties. I’m damn sure these remarkable series are absolutely loved by all fashion lovers. Hurry up! Rush to your nearest store and grab your favorite piece until the collection becomes finish. See the gallery below and get amazed just like me!

  • Cashmere Digital

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  • Corduroy

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  • Embroidered Khaddar

01102013033155_786 01102013033701_786 01102013060931_786 01102013063214_786 01102013075604_786 01102013120315_786 02102013013327_786 02102013013616_786 30092013064915_786 30092013070120_7861

  • Printed Khaddar

01102013035203_786 01102013040612_786 01102013041050_786 01102013045617_786 01102013050400_786 01102013061149_786 01102013062244_786 02102013023752_786 02102013024753_786 02102013025459_7861

  • Pashmina Shawl

01102013010747_786 01102013021534_786 01102013051441_786 01102013122608_786 01102013123421_786 01102013124321_786 30092013072657_786 30092013073519_786 30092013082027_786 30092013083031_7861

  • Silk Velvet

30092013034221_786 30092013051257_786 30092013052045_786 30092013052531_786 30092013053123_786 30092013053549_786 02102013052503_786 02102013053104_786 02102013053548_786 02102013054124_786 02102013054536_786 02102013054933_786 02102013055323_786 02102013055323_786 02102013060028_786 02102013063200_7861

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