Ittehad Textile is a name that is known to every Pakistani woman out there. It is one of the leading textile brands of the fashion and textile industry that has given a big share in catering to the ever changing demands of women every season for so many years. And to carry on their great work, they have presented us with the House Of Ittehad Latest Winter Dresses 2014-2015 that is their Royal Embroidered Series. House of Ittehad is actually a project of the Ittehad Group of Textiles. Ittehad has not only launched beautiful collections for women but also for men along with home accessories and fashion accessories. The reason for their success is the positive feedback and response that they have received from their customers on such a huge scale.

Their designs have been loved by all. And the fact that they use high quality fabrics woven to perfection justifies their success and demand quite well. This collection includes three piece and four piece suits that have been carefully selected and designed to give you a full and complete look to brighten your days and evenings. The price of the three piece suits are PKR 3295 whereas the four piece suits cost PKR 3265. And the fact that it is not too expensive allows it to be available for a very large number of women who are considering to buy affordable yet high end dresses each season. Every single suit is adorned with beautiful prints, a lovely combination of different complimenting colors, intricate embroidery and gorgeous embellishments. And this is what makes this line perfect for not only casual wear but it will also prove to be the perfect choice for party wear.

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Ittehad Latest Winter Dresses For Women 2014-2015

Laden with vibrant and lively colors like purple, red, pink, orange etc, the detailed handiwork has been beautifully incorporated in winter fabrics like Khaddar and Linen. This collection has been launched with the latest styles and cuts keeping with the trends of this winter 2014. This line is an amazing end to this year to keep yourself warm and classy. One of the best things about House Of Ittehad Winter Collection 2014-2015 Royal Embroidered Series  is that it not only consists of one type of the prevailing trends these days but it is actually an assortment of various types of traditional fashion with a contemporary side to it.

From palazzos to straight trousers, from shalwars to chooridars, from long shirts to medium lengths, this collection has it all. Its like a little timeline of the recent fashions that have going about around the country over the past few years. The use of different shades of colors has been very smart considering the styles that they go with. You will find loads and loads of contrasting and complimenting colors on each and every one of the dresses. They have not only cleverly used the classic combinations of colors quite well but have also experimented with a few new ones nicely that give a very royal vibe to this collection even though it does not fall in the category of fancy clothing but more on the casual and party wear side. Have a look!

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