How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly – Detailed Steps With Pictures


One of the first things you notice when you meet someone are their eyes. And that is exactly what holds your attention. You may find brown eyes looking back at you, or green, blue or just beautiful black eyes. There are a number of things we can do to make our eyes more captivating. There are a number of makeup tips that almost all women know. One of the very first eye makeup mostly start off by is applying eyeliner. It usually does the trick to make your eyes look more defined and beautiful. But is there something else you can do that won’t require a lot of time or effort to enhance your pretty eyes? Yes, you can! And that can easily be done by applying eyeshadow.

Now girls mostly dread the task of putting on eyeshadow because they assume they would not be good at it or would not know how to apply it perfectly. Well guess what, girls? There’s a first time for everything. By the time you are done reading How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly – Detailed Steps With Pictures, you will find yourself flawlessly applying eyeshadow once you practice as described here. Lets start!

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Step # 1: Wash Your Face Properly


Start off by washing your face properly. Make sure you get rid of any residual make up or anything else from your face. Then apply a mild moisturizer to your face and massage it gently on your skin.

Step # 2: Apply Concealer Around Your Eyes


The next thing you need to do after applying moisturizer is apply a bit of concealer if you feel the need. If you do, you will apply it on the top of your eyes and right above your eyelids. Then dust it off with a little powder.

Step # 3: Apply Primer On Your Eyes


Moving on to a very important part, you would need to apply some primer on your eyes, especially your eyelids. These first three steps would ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place and lasts longer.

Step # 4: Select the Base Color


Once you have applied the primer, you need to decide a base color for your eyeshadow. Remember that the base color is always one of the lighter tones like off white, cream, beige or a lighter shade of any color that you wish to apply.

Step # 5: Apply Lighter Base Color On Eyes


Apply the base color you have chosen from the eyeshadow pallet with the help of an eyeshadow brush and pay special attention to the application around your eyelids. Also, be careful not to get any eyeshadow fall on your cheeks or under your eyes.

Step # 6: Apply Darker Base Color On Eyes


Then you will go for a darker shade to pair up the base with. You may go with a darker tone of the base color that you chose or you can opt for a different one depending on the look you are going for. Since this is for beginners, we’ll hold off on experimenting with different shades for now.

Step # 7: Wet the Eye Brush Slightly


From the application of the chosen color this time, you will wet your brush slightly with rosewater or even water, whatever is conveniently available for you. After wetting the brush you will put eyeshadow on it and start working it on your eyes

Step # 8: Apply Your Eye Shadow Color


To do this, you will take the brush and start by applying the color to the outer corners of your eyes and you would need to do this slowly so that it does not end up near or over the eyelids. You can also add a dash of white/silver/off white shade in the inner corner of your eyes to pop them out a little.

Step # 9: Apply Eyeliner Neatly


Once that is done, you can go on applying this shade by putting a little more eyeshadow just above your eyelashes. Then take some eyeliner and neatly apply it on your eyelids. Make sure it is applied evenly on both sides. .

Step # 10: Apply Mascara On Your Eyelashes


Finish it off by applying a double coat of mascara on each of your top and bottom eyelashes to complete the entire look. Make sure the mascara is applied properly and doesn’t stain.

Once you have perfected this task, you can feed on your imagination and play around with more colors. You can also go with different styles incorporating a number of shades and you can also add some black to further intensify your eyes.

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