The big trouble and fun for ladies is makeup, Am I right ladies? The major step of makeup is perfect base at which you apply further cosmetics on the face. The truth is using face cosmetics accurately means endowing energy setting up your face for cosmetics and in beside precisely applying your base, concealer, and powder. To do makeup perfectly is an art and primarily using base is the major part of it. But do not bother ladies, we are bringing here very easy tutorial of how to apply foundation base makeup perfectly step by step picture guide.

Some basic things that all women should know are our skin condition can change contingent on a few things. That is the reason we may have a time of days where our typical skin is oilier than regular or the outside conditions may have influenced our skins appearance incidentally. A decent case of this is if maybe we have been on vacation, or swimming, these could bring about our skin to feel somewhat dryer than ordinary. This situation implies that when we are setting up our face for cosmetics we may need to modify our typical routine to accomplish a faultless glance. Now follow these all steps below accordingly to get perfect foundation makeup look.


We can’t stretch the significance of dealing with your skin, because the better skin you have, the fewer cosmetics you’ll require. Put resources into healthy skin items like serums and SPF- rich lotions that work with your skin sort, applying them subsequent to purifying will dependably be your first stride with base cosmetics. For this, you should cleanse your face with good face cleanser. Keep it in your mind that cleanser should be according to your face skin type. In case, you are carrying dry skin then select the hydrating cleanser, but if you have oily skin then prefer the cleanser that is without oil. Cleanse your skin entirely and then wash it with fresh water is the essential step of applying base makeup. Make certain to use in clearing, upward movements to advance tight + taught skin.

Hydrate Your Skin


The first thing you need to do is picking the right shade of foundation for you. There are significant varieties of foundations out there: mousse, powder, matte, tinted creams, gel, and fluid also the stack nonpartisan conditioned shades. I’ve known a few ladies to contrast discovering the ideal base makeup, so here’s a tip on discerning The One: Match your foundation to your neck and decollete so it will mix better all over. When you have one that possesses all the necessary qualities, apply over your face with your fingers, a base brush, base makeup sponge or any way that makes it simpler to mix while upkeep item.

Apply Foundation On Face


Then apply your concealer totally under the eye and down toward the focal point of your face in an upside-down pyramid shape and mix it by tapping your ring finger over the item and squeezing into your skin. The warmth from your fingers will help liquefy the concealer and blend all the more actually with your base shade. Your concealer ought to dependably be a shade or two lighter than your base. The gentility is going to smooth and light up the presence of your skin and lift your whole face.

Apply Concealer Under Eyes


Now the time is to define and enhance your face features with the base makeup. Apply a darker contouring base under the cheekbones and on both sides of nose edges. Further contour below your jawline, and near hairline at your forehead.

Face Contouring

Now simply blend both shades of foundation you have applied on. Blend all edges of shaded parts softly and contoured it well to give it a natural look.

Blend Foundation Properly


In case you have lighter skin, search for one that is opalescent though you have darker skin go for a brilliant highlighter. While you need to up the dramatization regardless of what your skin tone go for a shining highlighter.

Highlighting Face Features 01

Highlighting Face Features 02


Set It: Using powder over any fluid cosmetics is going to keep your base makeup set up. Work this progression into your routine on the off chance that you need a dependable look; however skip it in case you’ve dry skin tone.

Use Face Powder to Set Your Base


Become flushed: Finish your base makeup cosmetics by adding a blush of shading to your cheeks with reddening. Locate the correct spot to breadth it on for your face shape and make sure to blend it very well. You are all done with base makeup now.

Apply Blush On

Base Makeup Final Look

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