Every girl loves nail paint and doing different creation with nail colours and experiences on her nails. Not a single girl don’t love painting and designing her nails. A few years back girls only paint their nails with the help of single nail colour. Now with the advancement of the fashion trends, girls have known so many new creative ideas to design their nails in different ways. Among the interests of females, nail art is now famous for clothes, shoes, and hairs. More girls are taking the interest in different type of nail art.

Kitty Nail Art

They want to decorate it with the matching dress. There is a new concept of Do It Yourself (DIY) colouring art. This idea is gaining much popularity among ladies especially girls.A Few years back girls go to beauty salon to get their nails painted in creative ways. But now they can do all this creative stuff at home and make their hands look beautiful. There are so many techniques by which painting art can be done at home with low cost. In our today’s article, we are going to help all beginners to learn how to do nail art at home.

Get to know about Nail Art Techniques

Best stylo is going to let you know about three main techniques. Those are:

  • Transparent tape
  • Bobby Pin
  • Nail Art tools

As shown in the image below is some of the tools are used for this purpose. Before going to know these ones in detail let me tell you what do you need to do first? Take a look

  • Gather all essential stuff that is going to be used in this shade
  • Properly foil your nails, buff them and then moisturize
  • Now make the base coat and keep the tool or bobby pink or tape with you,that you will use for making the creative design.


Nail art with transparent tape

At first, we are going to let you know how to do nail art at home by using transparent tape. It is the amazing way to do creative colouring and designing on your claw. The most important step is the cutting of the transparent tape, and it depends on the design you choose for the decoration of your claw. After that cut the tape carefully according to the design because the whole look depends on the claw design depends on the accurate cutting of tape. You can see the fabulous and superbly crafted claw styles and designs we have added to the article. All these designs are so graceful about tape nail art designs. You can choose the best one for you and without wasting time try it today at home. You can have this art for Summer Nail Art Designs and numerous DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas

yellow Nail tap art Red and blue Nail tap art

Purple and Black Nail tap art

Multi Color Tape Nail art Design

Trio Color Nail Art Tape

Ferozi Tape Nail Art Design

Golden and Purple Nail Art Design

Tri-color Tape Nail Art Design

Glittery Nail Art Tap Design

Dual Color shades Tape Nail Art Design

Nail Art with bobby pin

At second, the other technique is the use of bobby pin for making creative designs. Bobby pin is considered very useful here. The round tip at one side of the bobby pin is very helpful while decorating your claws. You can make any circular design and some other too with the help of bobby pin. You need to handle this with care otherwise whole design will turn into a great mess. The images below consists so many fabulous designs to paint claw. You can decorate your claw from any design that is shown below. All these are appealing designs you can have any of them. Try out this technique Nail Art Designs For Eid or Winter Nail Art Designs

Laces Bobby Pin Design

Tri-color Bobby Pin design

Pink Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Dual Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Baby Pink Bobby Pin Art Design

Shocking Pink Bobby Pin Art Design

Peach Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Orange Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Orange and Black Bobby Pin Art Design

Dual Color Bobby Pin Art Design

Nail Art with nail art tools

Now the third technique is a use of nail art tools. An art kit available in the market for this purpose. But instead of buying an expensive kit you can try the first two techniques that are cost-effective. If you are very fond of decorating nails with exclusive designs only, then purchase the equipment. Otherwise, you can make many attractive designs only by using first two techniques. We have also gathered few designs that can be drawn using the nail kit. If you have that kit with you, then you can make these styles too. Nail art tools would help you to design your nails to get rhinestone Nail Art Designs and Ombre Nail Art  

Floral Nail Art with tools

Square Nail Art with Tools Pink Floral Nail Art Design with tool

Cool Pink Texture Nail Art with tools

Cheeta print texture Nail art with tools

White Floral Nail Art Design with tools

White Floral and petal Nail Design with Tools

Dotted and Mickey Nail Art with Tools

Red Floral Nail Art Design with Tools

Black Heart Nail Art Design with Tools

Have you checked these ravishing designs of nail art? these designs would leave everyone spellbound and if you ladies haven’t tried yet then what are you waiting for? These design techniques would go well with all types of amazing designs that you want to have on your nails. Get the best one for your nails and this could happen only when you are nail art lover. If it is your ultimate desire to make your nails a centre of attention then do try these methods you gonna love these 🙂

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