Makeup can sometimes do a miracle with your face. Everyone does not have all the perfect features. Some have small eyes and small lips while others have too round or too thin nose. This is where you need makeup to play its role in making your nose look smaller. Instead of using makeup to make you look a puffed pastry use it to enhance your features and to modify them so that you can get a close to perfection look. Too round or fat muzzle does not look magnificent on the face; you can use simple makeup tricks like contouring to make your nose look thinner. Here are some basic steps of how to make your nose look thinner with makeup; with these easy steps you can easily make your nose look smaller with makeup.

Step # 1: Apply Foundation

The best way to start making your muzzle thinner is by applying foundation. You can implement it at the end as well, but it is better to use it in the beginning to have a clear idea of the final results that you will get after contouring.


Apply Foundation On Nose

Step # 2: Use Contour Powder or Cream

Next step in making your nose look thinner is, you will have to take a contour powder or a contour cream to draw a thin line on both sides of your muzzle. You can also use a 2-3 tones darker foundation as well. For the beginners, it is best to use powdery products instead of cream as they are easy to handle.


Use Contour Powder or Cream

Step # 3: Draw Line According to the Requirement

Not all the types of nose contour require a same direction in which the line could be drawn. If the muzzle is wide overall, you will have to make a line along the nose starting from the nape of the nose to the end of the brow.


Draw Line According to the Requirement


Sometimes people have even a wider bottom of the nose; in that case, you should make an outward line at the nostrils.


Draw an outward lines at the nostrils


If the tip of the nose is broad, then draw an inward arrow-shaped line with concealer to make your nose look thinner.


Draw an inward arrow-shaped line

Step # 4: Use a Highlighter

Get the highlighter brush and cover it with, either a liquid or powder highlighter, depending on which one you can handle easily. Then highlighted a line in the center starting from the forehead and ends at the tip of the muzzle. In case you have a wide bottom, avoid using a full line of the highlighter.


Highlighting Nose

Step # 5: Blend the Lines

You can use a clean brush or a sponge to blend these lines separately so that you get a subtle look and no fine sharp lines at all. Try to keep it natural with a thorough blending.


Blend the Lines

And it’s all Done!

You will get a perfect look of thinner muzzle using just a simple trick and without spending any money on reshaping plastic surgery. Just for a little bit of fine tune, try using makeup to cover up the slight defects of your muzzle. Using simple makeup technique and by adding a little bit of makeup, you can make your nose look thinner. Through makeup, you can quickly cover up your little bit defects in features.


Contour Nose - Final Look


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